Food Fantasy Complete Guide & All Recipes

Food Fantasy Guide

Food Fantasy has released globally for iOS and Android, a surprisingly complex and well-produced RPG/Restaurant Simulator. Here’s how to get started and deal with each of Food Fantasy’s features (which can be pretty complex!).

I streamed Caviar pulls and more!

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If you’re playing the Taiwan, Japanese, or Chinese release of Food Fantasy the ingame information may be slightly different, mostly timing of updates. This guide is not meant for those versions, but if you’re an English-reading player playing those versions of Food Fantasy, much of this info should still help.


Game Info

Title: Food Fantasy
Platform: AndroidiOS
Language: Japanese, English
Release date: 2018-07-24
Developer: Elex
Price: Free with IAP/Gachapon. No ads.
Genre: JRPG/Restaurant Simulator
Filesize: 1.3GB (installed and updated)
Always Online: Yes, persistent internet connection required
Gambling element: Yes (standard character Gachapon a la FateGO etc)
Battery Drain: High

The Rate-Up Scams

Player beware! There be no ethical F2P here.

So Food Fantasy has a “mercy” mechanic like many gachapon games; basically after X number of pulls without success, you’re guaranteed a character of Y rarity. In the past, this meant that spending 6,000 embers on a limited banner would guarantee the banner ultra rare. This way players could be sound in their decision to pull and never waste potentially hundreds/thousands chasing a single drop.

Elex started removing this mechanic on “extra valuable” banners without warning. The Double Scoop (ultra low rate) and Toso (popular, limited unit) rate ups in the last rate ups have missed this event, which is not cool.

For those of you who doubt the mercy mechanic exists (it does), here’s a set of chinese gacha pull videos that show the mercy mechanic in play.

Let the devs know on Facebook to voice your concerns, and consider leaving a 1 star review. Devs like this never change without overwhelming feedback. Be polite, be civil, but be clear and firm.

I went over this in more detail in my latest livestream of Food Fantasy.

Elex also apparently moderates the only subreddit for Food Fantasy(a major conflict of interest) and moderators have repeatedly removed posts about the mercy mechanic issue (including mine!). A post about the Doublescoop rate up was also removed earlier.

Food Fantasy Events

Current time-limited events for Food Fantasy are announced when you open the game, and can be confirmed from the Events tab on the main menu (simple enough).

Important note about events: If an event seems extremely unfair, let the devs know on facebook. They have corrected events in the past (in fairly impressive time) when fans are vocal about their concerns. Food Fantasy is very whale-focused especially with certain events, but they do respond to non-whales and such, but they have to know something’s wrong to fix it.

Caviar Events

Rate Ups

Caviar appears to have full mercy, everyone I’ve asked (except one, possible troll) has gotten Caviar within the usual 6,000 embers mercy window. Caviar is extremely good due to activating Milt’s linked skill, which heals 8400 HP total (over 10 seconds) at level 21.

Seaweed is a not particularly amazing (nor terrible) Crowd Control soul. Vodka/Mooncake/Yuxiang likely beat her for most players. Foie Gras/B52/Peking Duck definitely beat her.

The Raindrop pool isn’t worth pulling on, Raindrop is very bad, though the rate for Sanma isn’t bad. Caviar is the main event.

Pull Rewards

There’s a standard get-item-per-pull event on. Get the Mirrors first for Fallen Angel enhancing.

Crystal Spending Event

The gem spending event is just a waste, ignore it. It’s just there to encourage whales to burn stuff.

New Skins

Quality skins for two low-quality souls, Cold Rice Shrimp and Zongzi were added to the shop menu for a limited time. Cold Rice Shrimp is also added to the summon pool permanently.

15 Days Of Sign In

Time: From creating your account until 18 days after

Get Brownie, a special Brownie Skin, and some other goodies by logging in daily 15 times in the first 18 days.

New Player Benefits (Foie Gras)

Time: From creating your account until 20 days later. Complete this quick or you’ll lose it!

For the first 20 days after you start playing, you’ll unlock daily challenges for smaller rewards, and if all 9 days worth of challenges are completed, you’ll get Foie Gras, an UR Food Soul. There’s a “benefits” button on the main menu you can track this in.

Don’t expect to finish each ‘day’ of challenges in one day though; they unlock day by day but don’t have to be completed until the 20 days are up. The challenges can be pretty tough when first unlocked, so just focus on steady progress through Food Fantasy to make sure you can achieve them.

The challenges are a pretty good way to learn Food Fantasy too, so while you can’t unlock everything the day you unlock it, keep them in mind and try to complete them as you can, both to learn Food Fantasy and to earn your UR!

Expired Food Fantasy Events

None of these events are currently active, and may not be active again. They’re left here for historical reference.

Index & Video Guides

Feature Specific Written Guides

Food Souls List & Searchable Info Table

Guild Guide

Restaurant Guide

Video Guides

Full Food Fantasy Guide Playlist

Food Fantasy Restaurant Guide
Food Fantasy Delivery Orders Guide
Food Fantasy Cooking Talents/Skill Tree Guide
Food Fantasy Airship Guide
Food Fantasy Guild Guide
How to beat Treasure Chests in Food Fantasy

Food Fantasy Quick Tips

General Food Fantasy Tips
  • The tutorial is very long, but Food Fantasy is surprisingly complicated. It’s okay to ignore the story should you choose, but you’ll get going faster if you pay attention to the UI walkthrough.
  • Don’t forget to tap the ? icon next to “main story mission”; there are sidequests to take on for extra rewards that aren’t listed elsewhere. Very easy to miss.
  • Food Fantasy crashes quite a lot at the moment, so it’s a good idea to have a cloud save just in case
    • Tap the player icon in the top left of the main menu, then tap Account to link either a Facebook or Google Play/Gamecenter account to save your game in the cloud
      • Use the “switch” button on the left of this menu to download an existing save, for example when loading Food Fantasy on a new phone
      • Once saves are set up, they’re automatic and more or instant
  • You can get extra Soul Embers (gachapon points) by sharing the results of a spin or other things. You only get one share reward every few (4?) days You actually need Facebook/Whatsapp/Line installed on your phone to attempt to get them, as an irritated TapTap found out
  • It’s easy to forget what all Shards/Materials/etc you have, tap the Vault icon at the main menu to see. With 15 shards you can Ascend a character (this isn’t done automatically, as it is in some gacha games)
  • Random fact, you regenerate about 486 stamina a day, enough for 162 sweeps, about 40 to 54 dishes
  • Make sure you frequently stop into the Restaurant to Prep meals, you won’t get much idle money/tips/etc without lots of food ready.
  • Eventually staff run out of “freshness” and must be removed from active duty until it’s recovered
    • Ice Arena restores freshness (Character Level 16), as does “feeding” the Food Soul when they’re active in the RrestaurantIce Arena sounds like the best way to restore freshness at the moment
  • Many restaurant features are locked behind Character Level (such as Decorate). You won’t be able to fully experience Food Fantasy if you don’t explore the Combat/Missions as well to level up and get ingredients and so forth
  • Make sure to do the Tasks in the bottom row of buttons; you get small loot boxes which can have character “shards”, with enough shards you can summon a character you don’t have (or improve one you do have)
  • Food Souls are specialized for Combat or Restaurant staffing. If skills are listed (and the Freshness meter goes over 100) when selecting them in the staff menu, a Soul is designed for Restaurant use
  • Dine and Dash customers (evil spirit over their heads as they stand on the table) will block a table until you defeat them in combat. If you see one, clear them out quickly.
  • After 3-star clearing a combat mission in Food Fantasy, you can “sweep” a level to instantly get it’s rewards (but no Food Soul experience)
    • Sweeps are a great way to quickly use up Stamina that would otherwise go to waste if you don’t have much time to play
    • Sweeps are also useful when your Character Level is capping your Food Soul level, so you can get player XP quickly
  • You don’t get experience for losing, so grind on a lower level stage first
  • Food Souls can’t level up higher than your Character Level (visible on the top right of the main menu)
    • If all your food souls are maxed out and you can’t progress, try Sweeping to get Character Level experience so you can resume leveling up Souls
  • Note that some Food Souls are designed for battle (often these have active skills), and some are designed for Restaurant staffing. You’ll find restaurant staff much less effective in combat
  • The ingame “reviews” for levels often note which levels are the best for grinding each material, though I’ve listed the ones I’ve found in the Ingredients section below
I can’t get Food Fantasy in the app store!

Some users can’t find Food Fantasy in the play store, not entirely sure why. You can try downloading it with QooApp on Android if you don’t have it. On iOS, if it’s not in the store you’re pretty doomed.

Food Fantasy Recipes List

Unlocking Regional Recipes

In Food Fantasy there’s 3 regions, each with its own recipes. At first you’ll only be able to make the recipes from your home region (selected during the tutorial). You can confirm which region you’re from in the Research page under Refine.

Once you’ve completed all recipes in your region (Around level 57) you can make dishes from the other regions. Developing recipes outside your region will always fail before this point.

Recipes always only require one item of each type to develop. See Ingredients below for where to find each ingredient the fastest.

You might see recipes shared in chat or reviews ingame; these are less helpful than you’d hope, since they might be for a region you can’t access yet.

Light Kingdom Recipes

Just here for recipes? Food Fantasy is a complicated game! Check the Table of Contents for the guide when you’re done to learn more about it!

These recipes will not work if you have not unlocked Light Kingdom Cuisine.

  • Stir-Fried Potatoes
    • Potato (1-3)
  • Braised Pork
    • Pork Belly (1-6)
  • Braised Eggplant
    • Eggplant (2-7)
  • Sautéed Lettuce
    • Lettuce (3-1)
  • Carrot Bread
    • Carrot (3-5)
    • Bread (4-4)
  • Cucumber Egg Stir-Fry
    • Cucumber (2-2)
    • Egg (5-2)
      • Note: Egg Stir-Fry can be prepared in extremely large batches which is great for setting up for AFK
  • Black Pepper Beef
    • Beef Tenderloin (5-6)
    • Green Pepper (6-6)
  • Sautéed Mushrooms
    • Shiitake (6-8)
    • Mushroom (7-3)
  • Egg Fried Rice
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Rice (8-2)
  • Salmon Fried Rice
    • Salmon (4-2)
    • Rice (8-2)
    • Onion (9-5)
  • Onion Fried Rice
    • Rice (8-2)
    • Pork Loin (9-2)
    • Onion (9-5)
  • Bacon Fried Rice
    • Carrot (3-5)
    • Rice (8-2)
    • Bacon (10-3)
  • Braised Octopus
    • Green Pepper (6-6)
    • Octopus (11-4)
  • Risotto
    • Cheese (6-2)
    • Rice (8-2)
    • Cream (11-7)
  • Butter Bread
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Butter (7-8)
    • Flour (12-2)
      • Best Fame food for Light Kingdom, and best gold rate of the Fame foods
  • Emerald Roll
    • Cabbage (13-5)
    • Spinach (13-6)
  • Corn Pie
    • Corn (11-2)
    • Starch (13-9)
  • Toffee Apple
    • Starch (13-9)
    • Apple (15-1)
  • Pineapple Fried Rice
    • Rice (8-2)
    • Pineapple (14-3)
  • Chicken Soup
    • Shiitake (6-8)
    • Whole Chicken (16-6)
  • Mango Pudding
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Milk (12-5)
    • Mango (17-3)
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
    • Cream (11-7)
    • Milk (12-5)
    • Strawberry (18-1)
  • Red Bean Pudding
    • Milk (12-5)
    • Red Beans (19-5)
  • Kung Pao Chicken
    • Diced Chicken (16-5)
    • Peanut (19-3)
  • Pumpkin Pie
    • Honey (14-6)
    • Pumpkin (20-5)
    • Rice Flour (20-7)
  • Sweet Yam Buns
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Purple Yam (21-3)
  • Steamed Cod
    • Tofu (10-6)
    • Cod (22-2)
  • Steamed Unagi
    • Shiitake (6-8)
    • Eel (22-5)
  • Garlic Lobster
    • Rock Lobster (23-5)
  • Crab Hotpot
    • Shiitake (6-8)
    • Tofu (10-6)
    • King Crab (24-2)

Sakurajima Recipes

Just here for recipes? Food Fantasy is a complicated game! Check the Table of Contents for the guide when you’re done to learn more about it!

These recipes will not work if you have not unlocked Sakurajima Cuisine.

  • Baked Potato
    • Potato (1-3)
  • Grilled Pork Belly
    • Pork Belly (1-6)
  • Cucumber Salad
    • Cucumber (2-2)
  • Boiled Lettuce
    • Lettuce (3-1)
  • Mushroom Yaki
    • Mushroom (7-3)
    • Butter (7-8)
  • Beef Tartare
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Beef Tenderloin (5-6)
  • Tamagoyaki
    • Carrot (3-5)
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Shiitake (6-8)
  • Omurice
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Rice (8-2)
  • Salmon Sashimi
    • Salmon (4-2)
  • Shogayaki
    • Pork Loin (9-2)
    • Onion (9-5)
  • Bacon Bites
    • Bread (4-4)
    • Cheese (6-2)
    • Bacon (10-3)
  • Cold Tofu
    • Tofu (10-6)
    • Best Fame food for Sakurajima
  • Grilled Corn
    • Corn (11-2)
    • Cream (11-7)
  • Vegetable Tempura
    • Eggplant (2-7)
    • Shiitake (6-8)
    • Flour (12-2)
  • Takoyaki
    • Octopus (11-4)
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Cabbage (13-5)
  • Creamed Spinach
    • Cream (11-7)
    • Spinach (13-6)
  • Apples and Cream
    • Cream (11-7)
    • Apple (15-1)
  • Baked Pineapple
    • Pineapple (14-3)
    • Honey (14-6)
  • Chicken Skewer
    • Green Pepper (6-6)
    • Diced Chicken (16-5)
  • Fried Chicken
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Whole Chicken (16-6)
  • Mango Smoothie
    • Cream (11-7)
    • Mango (17-3)
  • Strawberry Smoothie
    • Cream (11-7)
    • Milk (12-5)
    • Strawberry (18-1)
  • Peanut Crisps
    • Milk (12-5)
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Peanut (19-3)
  • Cod Fillet
    • Butter (7-8)
    • Starch (13-9)
    • Cod (22-2)
  • Piglet Daifuku
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Red Beans (19-5)
  • Pumpkin Muffin
    • Honey (14-6)
    • Red Beans (19-5)
    • Pumpkin (20-5)
  • Yam Dumplings
    • Rice Flour (20-7)
    • Purple Yam (21-3)
  • Unagi Don
    • Rice (8-2)
    • Eel (22-5)
  • Lobster Sashimi
    • Rock Lobster (23-5)
  • Crab Sashimi
    • King Crab (24-2)

Gloriville Recipes

Just here for recipes? Food Fantasy is a complicated game! Check the Table of Contents for the guide when you’re done to learn more about it!

These recipes will not work if you have not unlocked Gloriville Cuisine.

  • French Fries
    • Potato (1-3)
  • Crispy Pork
    • Pork Belly (1-6)
  • Salad
    • Cucumber (2-2)
    • Carrot (3-5)
    • Lettuce (3-1)
  • Eggplant Roll
    • Eggplant (2-7)
    • Potato (1-3)
  • Smoked Salmon
    • Salmon (4-2)
  • Roast Beef
    • Beef Tenderloin (5-6)
  • Cheese Bread
    • Bread (4-4)
    • Cheese (6-2)
  • Mushroom Soup
    • Shiitake (6-8)
    • Mushroom (7-3)
    • Butter (7-8)
  • Fried Rice Cake
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Rice (8-2)
  • Pork Burger
    • Lettuce (3-1)
    • Bread (4-4)
    • Pork Loin (9-2)
  • Bacon Tofu Wraps
    • Bacon (10-3)
    • Tofu (10-6)
  • Grilled Calamari
    • Green Pepper (6-6)
    • Onion (9-5)
    • Octopus (11-4)
  • Popcorn
    • Butter (7-8)
    • Corn (11-2)
  • Shortbread
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Butter (7-8)
    • Milk (12-5)
  • Minestrone
    • Cabbage (13-5)
    • Spinach (13-6)
    • Starch (13-9)
  • Pineapple Juice
    • Pineapple (14-3)
    • Honey (14-6)
      • Best Fame food for Gloriville
  • Apples Crisp
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Apple (15-1)
  • Chicken Pizza
    • Diced Chicken (16-5)
    • Cheese (6-2)
    • Flour (12-2)
  • Roast Chicken
    • Whole Chicken (16-6)
  • Mango Wrap
    • Cream (11-7)
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Mango (17-3)
  • Fruit Salad
    • Pineapple (14-3)
    • Apple (15-1)
    • Mango (17-3)
  • Strawberry Mousse
    • Strawberry (18-1)
    • Cream (11-7)
  • Peanut Pie
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Peanut (19-3)
  • Pumpkin Soup
    • Milk (12-5)
    • Pumpkin (20-5)
  • Hotteok
    • Milk (12-5)
    • Red Beans (19-5)
    • Rice Flour (20-7)
  • Cheesy Yam
    • Cheese (6-2)
    • Purple Yam (21-3)
  • Fried Cod
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Cod (22-2)
  • Fried Unagi
    • Egg (5-2)
    • Flour (12-2)
    • Eel (22-5)
  • Baked Lobster
    • Cheese (6-2)
    • Rock Lobster (23-5)
  • Crab Salad
    • Lettuce (3-1)
    • King Crab (24-2)
Lost Cuisine Recipes

These are locked behind Side Quests (tap the ? icon on the main menu next to Main Story Mission). Instead of developing them, they are immediately unlocked upon finishing a side quest, and must be unlocked in order.

Their requirements must be completed after accepting the quests, so make sure to accept them right away. The side quest to unlock a dish may not appear until it’s completable (e.g. the level you have to clear is unlocked).

  • Calamari Skewer
    • Make 5 dishes of any kind (Research Tab)
  • Garlic Oysters
    • Make 5 Calamari Skewer (Research Tab)
  • Grilled Prawns
    • Make 8 dishes of any kind, after they’ve been upgraded to Rank C
  • Pickled Salmon Head
    • Clear Parisel (Hard Mode) 1-1
      • Hard mode is unlocked via other side quests
  • Tomato and Eggs
    • Clear Secret Forest 1-3
  • Steamed Mushrooms
  • Spaghetti
    • Complete 2 Delivery orders in the Gloriville area
  • Har Gow
    • Develop the menu 2 times
  • Gold Cake
    • Finish all daily Missions
      • This includes the (initially unlisted) Showdown requirement, which needs Player Level 23
  • Mixed Greens
    • Clear Parisel 4-2
  • Stir-Fried Mussels
    • Serve 100 customers at restaurant
  • Mushroom Alfredo
    • Collect 15 Low Grade Screw
  • Cha Sui Bao
    • Make any 10 Dishes
  • Spinach Noodles
    • Challenge Parisel 6-2
  • Mint Pineapple
    • Character level 34
    • Complete 5 Light Kingdom delivery orders
  • Apple Sangria
    • Level 36
    • Turn in 10 Spinnach
  • Braised Lamb
    • Level 38
    • Go into battle with a Control Cooking Talent
  • Mushroom Chicken Stew
    • Level 40
    • Beat Spring Valley 9-2
  • Matcha Cake
    • Level 41
    • Defeat 20 Dine and Dash customers
  • Cappuccino
    • Level 42
    • Collect 50 Mint
  • Fruit Tea
    • Level 44
    • Finish today’s daily missions
  • Lemon Pie
    • Level 45
    • Develop the menu 3 times
      • Failed developments still count, just make anything
  • Meat Zongzi
    • Level 47
    • Clear Spring Valley 12-2
  • Stuffed Lotus Root
    • Level 49
    • Submit 20 Lemon Pie dishes
  • Lotus Root Stir-Fry
    • Level 50
    • Complete 10 deliveries in Nevras region
  • Black Fungus Congee
    • Level 52
    • Collect and turn in 10 Advanced Seasoning (Skill Seasoning)
  • Sanma Shioyaki
    • Level 54
    • ?
  • Steamed Crab
    • Level 56
    • ?
  • Crab Rice Cake
    • Level 58
    • Complete 15 Deliveries in Sakurajima
  • Curry Crab
    • Level 60
    • Develop 50 Grade A Dishes
  • ?
    • Level 62
  • Bamboo Stir Fry
    • Level 68
    • Clear Secret Forest 1-3
  • Orange Goose
    • Level 68
    • Defeat Dine and Dash customers 20 times


Delivery Chests
Perfect Chest

Obtained by: Delivery Missions (1-2 normal, 4x speedy public delivery)

~50% 10 Cooking Talent Points
~10% 1 Vodka Shard & 1 Steak Shard
~25% Coffee Sjard
~25% Plum Juice Shard

Restaurant Task Chests
Common Box

Obtain: Lower tier reward from Restaurant Tasks. I recommend you go for Exquisite Chests instead, though these seem to have better rates for Advanced Seasoning.

100% Gold, Beginner Seasoning
(Rarely) Intermediate Seasoning
(Rarely) Advanced Seasoning

Exquisite Box

Obtain: Higher tier reward from Restaurant Tasks.

Usually Gold, Beginner Seasoning
~15% Hamburger Shard x5
(Rarely) Intermediate Seasoning
(Extremely Rarely) Advanced Seasoning

Exploration Chests
Firefly Dark Box

Obtain: Weaker, Green-tier reward from Exploration. Note: These will be titled things like “Firefly Dark Box” or “Snowfield Dark Box” depending on which area you travel to, but it’s the same item far as we can tell. I’ve named them all “Firefly X” since the firefly cave is in all regions of Food Fantasy.

Small Soul Fruit
Blue tier Seasonings (dishes)

Firefly Treasure Chest

Obtain: Better, Blue-tier reward from Exploration.

Small Soul Fruit
Blue tier Seasonings (dishes)
Taiyaki Shard
Nasi Lemak Shard
Magic Bottle
~(50% chance of getting 1 Taiyaki and Nasi Lemak shard, and one Magic Bottle in the same chest)

Fireflies’ Thanks

Obtain: Purple tier reward from Fallen Angel exploration floors.

Large Soul Fruit
Purple tier Seasonings (for dishes)
Taiyaki Shard
Nasi Lemak Shard
Magic Bottle
~(50% chance of getting 1 Taiyaki and Nasi Lemak shard, and one Magic Bottle in the same chest)
~1% chance of getting Yoghurt Shard (level 10+)

Firefly Lost Item

Obtain: Orange tier reward from Exploration past level 15. Getting past 15 is pure luck, but after this point all bosses will drop these extremely valuable chests, which are the best way to get Yoghurt.

2 Yoghurt Shards

Ingredients List & Locations

Here’s where to get all ingredients in Food Fantasy. Each ingredient has one location they’re guaranteed to drop, and 2 locations they drop as a rare drop; I’ve only listed the guaranteed drops. They’re sorted in order of when they’ll be obtained, though not every region’s cuisine can make use of each ingredient the moment it’s unlocked.

  • Potato (1-3)
  • Pork Belly (1-6)
  • Cucumber (2-2)
  • Eggplant (2-7)
  • Lettuce (3-1)
  • Carrot (3-5)
  • Bread (4-4)
  • Egg (5-2)
  • Beef Tenderloin (5-6)
  • Cheese (6-2)
  • Green Pepper (6-6)
  • Shiitake (6-8)
  • Mushroom (7-3)
  • Butter (7-8)
  • Rice (8-2)
  • Pork Loin (9-2)
  • Onion (9-5)
  • Bacon (10-3)
  • Corn (11-2)
  • Octopus (11-4)
  • Cream (11-7)
  • Flour (12-2)
  • Milk (12-5)
  • Cabbage (13-5)
  • Spinach (13-6)
  • Starch (13-9)
  • Pineapple (14-3)
  • Honey (14-6)
  • Apple (15-1)
  • Diced Chicken (16-5)
  • Whole Chicken (16-6)
  • Mango (17-3)
  • Strawberry (18-1)
  • Peanut (19-3)
  • Red Beans (19-5)
  • Pumpkin (20-5)
  • Rice Flour (20-7)
  • Purple Yam (21-3)
  • Cod (22-2)
  • Eel (22-5)
  • Rock Lobster (23-5)
  • King Crab (24-2)

Restaurant Mode


The Prep button is how you make food. It’s generally good to make large batches of the highest quality food you have, but if you’re out of food and customers are waiting, you might make just a few dishes at once to quickly place food before they leave.

Dine and Dash

Dine and Dash customers stand on the table after eating and have a black “devil” icon over their head. Tap them to get the option to fight them, which you must do to clear the table for later use.  You get minor rewards for this.

You can, though I have no idea why you would, ask for help for this, but they’ve been extremely weak in my experience.


For maximum Skill Seasoning efficiency, level your Restaurant (M) Food Souls to level 29 to get their skills to the highest possible level that doesn’t cost Intermediate Seasoning which is much rarer.

Rube’s Mischief

These cute little ghosts reduce the rate of visiting customers by 10% for one, 15% for two, and 20% for three. They can be chased away with Rainbow Gloves (a waste), or you can request Help.

After Help is requested, an icon of a Rube will appear in the friends list (the tab on the extreme right of the Restaurant menu). Friends can then visit your restaurant and clear the Rubes for you, and get tip coins for their effort. Rubes return daily, so clear your friends and request help as they reappear.

Staff Ignoring Customers

Due to a bug Waitstaff sometimes appear to ignore customers and won’t serve them after you’ve visited friends’ restaurants, etc. If this happens, leave the restaurant menu and come back in and all will be well again.

Food Souls & Character List

Note that “summon codes” are not real, the gachapon odds are listed ingame and are correct. Tapping the buttons in the summoning menu is “just for fun” and does not affect who you get in any way.

Random info I wanted to include, when a Food Soul’s skill deals a percent of their attack plus an absolute amount of damage, the formula per skill level is as following:

Skill Level 1/11/21
Linked AOE: 60% 75% 90%
Energy AOE:  40% 50% 60%
Single Target: 100% 120% 140%

Many characters not actually in the Gachapon even if otherwise, but for certainty I’ve noted where there’s a special method to obtain a character.

Character List Spreadsheet, or use the below table. Tap a row to expand info. Try searching for a dish name to find a character to match with your leftover Exquisite dishes.

NameRarityTypeBasic SkillEnergy SkillLinked SkillLinked WithFavorite FoodFallen AngelObtain MethodsGatcha Rate
B-52URMagicPurgatory Green Flames - B-52 unleashes fire from his cane, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 20 extra damage, also increasing damage received by all enemies by 10% for 3 seconds.Fixed Point Attack - B-52 unleashes even more fire from above, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 142 extra damage, with a probability of stunning all enemies for 5 seconds.Super Fixed Point Attack B-52 unleashes even more fire from above, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 254 extra damage, with a probability of stunning all enemies for 3 seconds.BrownieGrilled CalamariWarrior Spirit, InugamiTip Store, Medal Store0.61%
Bamboo RiceURStrengthWarder - Bamboo Rice wields his machete to deal [100% Atk] damage to the nearest enemy unit plus 20 extra damage, also reducing the target's def by 10% for 3 seconds.Colorful Bamboos - Bamboo Rice's dense hair envelops his body as he leaps into the enemy's camp and whirls around, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 315 extra damage, also reducing their Def by 15% for 5 seconds.Super Colorful Bamboos - Bamboo Rice's dense hair envelops his body as he leaps into the enemy's camp and whirls around, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 378 extra damage, also reducing their Def by 20% for 5 seconds.Beggar's ChickenCorn PieSpiked Snail, Queen ConchTeam Up (Hard)0.61%
Boston LobsterURStrengthCrab Claw Hammer - Boston Lobster whacks the nearest enemy, dealing [100% Atk] damage plus 40 extra damage. When the target's HP is less than or equal to 15%, it triggers a slaying effect, causing the target to die instantly.Scissors Guillotine - Boston Lobster suddenly shows his strength, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the nearest enemy plus 482 extra damage, also increasing Boston Lobster's Atk by 15% for 10 seconds.Super Scissor Guillotine - Boston Lobster suddenly shows his strength, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the nearest enemy plus 578 extra damage, also increasing Boston Lobster's Atk by 20% for 12 seconds.Spicy GlutenBeef TartareSpiked Snail, Queen ConchShard Fusion0.05%
CaneleURMagicThe God's Ringing - Canele closes her eyes and begins to meditate, dealing 40% damage per strike to all enemies, plus an extra 17 points of damage.Mourners' Mourning - Canele begins to chant a hymn, dealing 40% damage per strike to all enemies, plus an extra 157 points of damage. Also resurrects all dead friendlies, giving them 30% health and 30%.Saints' Mourning - Canele begins to chant a hymn, dealing 60% damage per strike to all enemies, plus an extra 188 points of damage. Also resurrects all dead friendlies, giving them 50% health and 50%.MacaronSteamed CodHamsteroGuild ShopNot in Gacha
Cloud TeaURSupportWhispering Flute - Cloud Tea plays her flute, restoring 31 health points to the friendly unit with the lowest health and making it immune to all skill attack damage for 2 seconds.Mirage Cloud - Cloud Tea summons a shroud of mist, shielding all friendlies to absorb up to 60 points of damage over 3 seconds and allowing other friendly Food Souls to gain 50 points of energy.Red Bean PuddingHamstero, SpectraAirship rewardNot in Gacha
Crab Long BaoURDefenseCrab Shield - Crab Long Bao summons his good companion the Giant Claw Crab, who will block 40 points of damage directed at Crab Long Bao for 3 seconds.Chopping Flying Angles - Crab Long Bao flings giant pincer crabs nonstop, dealing 100% damage to the nearest enemy plus 378 extra damage, also stunning the target for 3 seconds.Super Chopping Flying Angles - Crab Long Bao flings giant pincer crabs nonstop, dealing 120% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the nearest enemy, plus 453 extra damage, also stunning the target for 3 seconds.Long BaoKung Pao ChickenShard Fusion (Same Rank)0.23%
Double ScoopURMagicTwins' Heart - Double Scoop attacks with full force, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk as damage to the enemy with the highest Atk plus 58 extra damage.Frozen Arena - Double Scoop uses cold air to attack all enemies, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies, plus 186 extra damage. At the same time, the enemy's Atk Spd is reduced by 30% for 5 seconds.Super Frozen Arena - Double Scoop uses cold air to attack all enemies, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies, plus ??? extra damage. At the same time, the enemy's Atk Spd is reduced by 40% for 5 seconds.VodkaMango SmoothieRum Dumpling, AizenShard Fusion0.05%
Foie GrasURMagicSwan Light - Foie Gras brandishes her scepter and carries out a charm attack on the enemy, causing all enemies to fall into a charmed state for 1 second.Heaven Ruling - Foie Gras calls for her scepter to attack all enemies, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 196 extra damage, also increasing damage received by all enemies by 25% for 5 seconds.Super Heaven Ruling - Foie Gras calls for her scepter to attack all enemies, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 196 extra damage, also increasing damage received by all enemies by 30% for 5 seconds.EscargotMango WrapSakura Spirit, InugamiShard Fusion0.62%
GingerbreadURDefenseSilent Cross - Gingerbread's shield can withstand anything, allowing her to absorb up to 40 points of damage for 3 seconds, with a probability of stunning one random enemy unit for 2 seconds.Shimmering Christmas - Gingerbread brandishes her sword, emitting a radiance that increases her Atk and Def by 5 and 30% respectively for 10 seconds, while the enveloping light makes her invulnerable for 3 seconds.Unagi DonGhosternShard Fusion (Same Rank)0.23%
Peking DuckURMagicFleeting Clouds - Peking Duck blows smoke from his pipe towards all enemies, reducing their Atk Spd by 20 points for 3 seconds, also silencing all enemies for 3 seconds.Flame Strike - Peking Duck spins his pipe in his hand, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 311 extra damage.Super Flame Strike - Peking Duck spins his pipe in his hand, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 389 extra damage.YuxiangSweet Yam BunsGhostern, OrochiShard Fusion0.61%
Raindrop CakeURStrengthFalling Flowers - Raindrop Cake opens his umbrella and begins spinning it, striking the enemy 3 times with normal attacks. Each attack will increase attack power by 30 and recover 1 points of energy.Rain Away - Raindrop Cake opens his umbrella and throws it into the air dealing 40% damage to all enemies and bonus 211 damage. Will also charm the enemy for 3s.Crab SaladPoor Spirit, Uke MochiEventLimited Gacha
TosoURStrengthRoyal Magic Blade - Toso attacks an enemy group, causing the enemy group to inflict 40% damage to itself in addition to 11 additional damage, at the same time clearing all enemy unit buff effects.Rakshasa - Toso transforms into a rakshasa, causing the nearest enemy to inflict 100% damage to itself in addition to 219 damage, and causing this target 40 points of damage a second for 6 seconds. All friendly units recover 3 points of energy a second for 4 seconds.Super Rakshasa - Toso transforms into a rakshasa, causing the nearest enemy to inflict 100% damage to itself in addition to 262 damage, and causing this target 48 points of damage a second for 6 seconds. All friendly units recover 4 points of energy a second for 4 seconds.Tortoise JellyCrab SashimiChappybara, TsuchigumoEventLimited Gacha
Black TeaSRMagicDouble Shots - Black Tea uses her revolver to hit a critical part of an enemy, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the enemy target with the lowest HP percentage plus 56 extra damage.Flower Blossoms - Black Tea leaps up and takes aim at all enemies from the sky, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 248 extra damage.Super Flower Blossoms - Black Tea leaps up and takes aim at all enemies from the sky, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 560 extra damage.MilkHotteokRocketero, Uke MochiStory, Daily Missions, Hard ModeNot in Gacha
Bonito RiceSR
BrownieSRMagicCritical Time Out - Brownie warms up his weapon as light beams begin to gather, causing each of his next 3 basic attacks to deal 24 extra damage.Fire Cannon Extinguisher - The front tip of Brownie's weapon unleashes a blazing beam of light, followed by nonstop bombardment of the farthest enemy unit, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 411 extra damage.MinestroneRabbert, Orochi15 Days of Sign In0.98%
ChocolateSRMagicRomantic Flower Shower - Chocolate throws his roses into the air, increasing the Atk of all teammates by 4 for 5 seconds, with the probability of increasing the Crit Rate of all teammates by 0 for 5 seconds.Sweet Breaths - Chocolate releases a sweet smell to lure all enemies, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 150 extra damage, with a probability of stunning the nearest enemy for 3 seconds.Super Sweet Breaths - Chocolate releases a sweet smell to lure all enemies, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 95 extra damage, with a probability of stunning the nearest enemy for 3 seconds.CoffeeSaladChappybara, Uke Mochi0.98%
EggetteSRMagicGolden Flash - Eggette summons a flash of light, causing the most distant enemy unit to self-inflict 100% damage plus an additional 28 damage, while at the same time causing the unit to be Silenced for 1 seconds.Sticky Torrent - Eggette summons a flood, causing enemy groups to self-inflict 40% damage plus an additional 217 damage, while at the same time silencing all enemy units for 2 seconds.Thick Torrent - Eggette summons a flood, causing enemy groups to self-inflict 60% damage plus an additional 260 damage, while at the same time silencing all enemy units for 2 seconds.Mango PuddingCucumber Egg Stir-FryDaily Sign In rewards1.50%
EscargotSRDefenseSticky Strike - Escargot deals [100% Atk] damage to the nearest enemy plus 10 extra damage, also decreasing the nearest enemy's def by 2 for 4 seconds.Sleepy Strikes - Escargot enters a sleepy state, giving himself a 180-point shield for 7 seconds, and also causing himself to fall asleep for 5 seconds.Mushroom SoupCimeter, Spectra0.97%
GyozaSRDefenseJingling Coins - Gyoza sprinkles a handful of coins, recovering x points of health, continuing to recover x points of health a second for 5 seconds.Financial Protection - Gyoza summons a wave of financial resources, becoming invincible for 5 seconds, while falls into a deep sleep for 5 seconds, recovering x points of health a seconds for 5 seconds.Super Financial Protection - Gyoza summons a wave of financial resources, becoming invincible for 5 seconds, while falls into a deep sleep for 5 seconds, recovering x points of health a second for 5 seconds.TangyuanSalmon Fried RiceCatus Spirit, Orochi0.98%
HamburgerSRStrengthSkateboard LeapSkateboard AttackSuper Skateboard AttackSteakCrispy PorkKoi, TsuchigumoMedal Shop,. x5 in Restaurant chests0.97%
HotdogSRStrengthInk SplattersArtistChicken SkewerKoi, Tsuchigumo0.97%
Laba CongeeSRSupportRed Beans Attack Ghost - Laba Congee throws her basket into the air removing all charms & negative effects from her allies and healing her allies for 23 HP.Congee of Thousand Homes - Laba Congee waves the plum branch in her hand, restoring 177 HP to all teammates and continuously restoring 30 per second to them for 3 seconds.Mixed-Flavored Congee of Thousand Homes - Laba Congee waves the plum branch in her hand, restoring 212 HP to all teammates and continuously restoring 36 HP per second to them for 3 seconds.TosoEgg Fried RiceOrochiEventNot in Gacha (yet)
Mango PuddingSRStrengthCrystal MissileSpecial AmberSuper Special AmberYogurt, Orange JuiceApples and CreamMedal shop0.97%
Matcha RiceSRSupportUnreleased
Milk TeaSRSupportUnreleased
Moon CakeSRStrengthMoonlight BaptismMooncake FlywheelSuper Mooncake FlywheelDouble ScoopButter BreadCimeter, SpectraMedal ShopNot in Gacha
Napoleon CakeSRMagicVictory ContractSniper HawkeyeSuper Sniper HawkeyePastel de NataStrawberry MousseFirst IAP reward0.98%
Pastel de NataSRStrengthGolden SpiralsSpinning AttackSuper Spinning AttackNapoleon CakePiglet DaifukuForker, SpectraShard Fusion, Airship0.98%
Pineapple CakeSRMagicDream FireworksBrideDream BrideEggetteSauteed LettuceBread Knife, Specter1.50%
Red WineSRStrengthSwords AllianceBlood SacrificeShadowy Blood SacrificeGingerbreadFried CodUke Mochi, Purple Dumpling0.98%
SaladSRSupportBlessing in DisguiseRunaway VegetablePumpkin MuffinRabbert, Uke Mochi (Enhanced)Hard Mode0.98%
Salty TofuSRMagicPlayful Love - Salty Tofu summons forth seasonings and sprinkles them all over teammates, raising their Atk by 3 points.Crazy Great Flavor - Salty Tofu summons a portion of douhua with which to assault the enemy dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 253 extra damage.Super Crazy Great Flavor - Salty Tofu summons a portion of douhua with which to assault the enemy dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 301 extra damage.Sweet TofuBacon Fried RiceGreen Dumpling, TsuchigumoTeam Up Aizen HardNot in Gacha
Sanma ShioyakiSRStrengthAutumn Maple ChopMirror OffSuper Mirror OffTempuraVegetable TempuraCatus Spirit, InugamiAirship, Shard Fusion0.98%
Seaweed SoupSR
SpaghettiSRStrengthCrimson Spike - Spaghetti stabs enemies with his enormous fork, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to a random enemy plus 20 extra damage, while also splattering spaghetti sauce dealing 15 damage per second to all enemies for 3 seconds.Twilight Invasion - Spaghetti brandishes his fork, dealing [40% Atk] damage to all enemies plus 107 extra damage, also stunning all enemies for 3 seconds.Super Twilight Invasion - Spaghetti brandishes his fork, dealing [60% Atk] damage to all enemies plus 107 extra damage, also stunning all enemies for 3 seconds.Foie GrasCod FiletUke Mochi (Enhanced), Purple DumplingGuild ShopNot in Gacha
SteakSRDefenseFlame ChopMoon Cracking ChopSuper Moon Cracking ChopRed WineBacon WrapChappybara, Uke Mochi (Enhanced)Perfect Treasure (Delivery)0.98%
SukiyakiSRDefenseDon't Come CloseGame ShockSuper Game ShockUme OchazukeCold TofuAmazake, Rum Dumpling0.98%
SushiSRStrengthSoulUnder the Banner of SamuraiSuper Under the Banner of SamuraiSashimiEmerald RollGhostern, OrochiTip ShopNot in Gacha
Sweet & Sour FishSRMagicNight Light - Sweet & Sour Fish Swings her lantern around from her side, its radiance increasing the Atk of all teammates by 4 points for 5 seconds.Tranquil Heart - Sweet & Sour Fish raises her lantern and swirls her tail, unleashing a wave that deals [40% Atk] damage to all enemies plus 94 extra damage, also charming all enemies for 3 seconds.Tranquil Heart as Mirror - Sweet & Sour Fish raises her lantern and swirls her tail, unleashing a wave that deals [60% Atk] to all enemies plus 112 extra damage, also charming all enemies for 3 seconds.Cloud TeaPumpkin SoupAizen, Bread KnifeUnreleased Team Up Hard, EventNot in Gacha
Sweet TofuSRSupportSweet BubbleRock and Roll FirstSuper Rock and Roll FirstSalty TofuBacon BitesWarrior Spirit, InugamiShard FusionSuper Low
TangyuanSRSupportBlessingAltogetherSuper AltogetherMoon CakeStrawberry Ice CreamFanged Snail, Queen ConchAirship, Shard Fusion0.98%
TiramisuSRSupportHealing LightProtecting GoddessSuper Protecting GoddessCoffee, ChocolateShortbreadHermit Crab, Queen ConchAirship, Shard Fusion0.97%
Tortoise JellySRMagicFragmenting Dark Stone - Tortoise Jelly summons black gravel with his wand, dealing 15 damage to the enemy unit with the highest Atk, also putting the target into a deep sleep for 1 seconds.Hallow Land - Tortoise Jelly summons massive amounts of black gravel with his wand, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 80 extra damage, also putting them in a deep sleep for 2 seconds.Super Hallow Land - Tortoise Jelly summons massive amounts of black gravel with his wand, dealing 60% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 96 extra damage, also putting them in a deep sleep for 3 seconds.???Braised EggplantGhostella, TsuchigumoTeam Up Tsuchigumo HardNot in Gacha
UdonSRMagicWhimsical - Udon controls her noodles to strike her enemies. Dealing 100% damage to the closest enemy. Plus an additional 39 damage.Trickster - Udon controls her noodles to bind her enemies. Dealing 100% damage to the enemy unit with the closest damage. Plus an additional 309 damage. Also stun the target for 3s.Super Trickster - Udon controls her noodles to bind her enemies. Dealing 120% damage to the enemy unit with the closest damage. Plus an additional 370 damage. Also stun the target for 3s.SukiyakiUke Mochi (Enhanced), Warrior Spirit
VodkaSRMagicSnowy EaglePolar Snow BurialSuper Polar Snow BurialB-52TakoyakiRed Dumpling, AizenPerfect Treasure, Medal ShopNot in Gacha
WontonSRStrengthSpiritual Warrior - Wonton summons a dumpling spirit to attack the farthest enemy target, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk as damage plus 25 extra damage.Soul Flame - Wonton deals 40% damage to all enemies plus 78 extra damage, also weakening their Atk by 5 for 5 seconds. Meanwhile when he makes his next 5 basic attack, his Atk will increase by 10 each time.Super Soul Flame - Wonton deals [60% Atk] damage to all enemies plus an extra 94 extra damage, also weakening their Atk by 5 for 5 seconds. Meanwhile when he makes his next 5 basic attacks, his Atk will increase by 15 each time.Tortoise JellyPumpkin PieRocketero, Uke MochiAirship, Shard FusionNot in Gacha
YogurtSRSupportPoison Milk - Over-fermented yoghurt can be very dangerous. Yoghurt attacks the farthest enemy target, dealing 33 per second for 3 seconds.Sweet and Sour Purification - A large amount of Yoghurt surrounds the team, with its sweet and sour flavor restoring 220 HP for all team members, also removing any negative effects they might have.Super Sweet and Sour Purification - A large amount of Yoghurt surrounds the team, with its sweet and sour flavor restoring 264 HP for all team members, also removing any negative effects they may have.SaladChicken SoupHamsteroExploration, Shard Fusion (Same Rank)Not in Gacha
Yunnan NoodlesSRMagicMushroom YakiUnreleased
YuxiangSRStrengthFire Bathing LadyFire BurningSuper Fire BurningPlum JuiceMango PuddingRum Dumpling, AizenHard Mode0.98%
CoffeeRMagicAwakeFragrance TorrentSuper Fragrance TorrentMilkCheese BreadSakura Spirit, NekomataPerfect Treasure4.13%
ColaRMagicWater Tide - Cola uses liquid to hem in the enemy target with the highest Def, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 115 extra damage, also decreasing the target's Def by 5% for 2 seconds.Free Burst - Cola kicks cans at his enemies, dealing 40% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to all enemies plus 58 extra damage, while also dealing 30 damage per second to all enemies for 3 seconds.PopcornPrajna, Fanged SnailTeam Up Uke Mochi HardNot in Gacha
Cold Rice ShrimpRStrengthRisottoBulimia, Red DumplingTeam Up Tsuchigumo Easy/NormalNot in Gacha
CrepeRStrengthTornadoFan DanceApple CrispSpecter, ForkerHard Mode4.13%
DorayakiRMagicOut of the BlueDora TopSuper Dora TopSushiShogayakiAmazake, Red DumplingHard Mode4.13%
JiuniangRMagicWine BlastWine BombSuper Wine BombCold Rice ShrimpToffee AppleBulimia, RabbertTip Shop4.14%
Long BaoRMagicSmall Cage AttackSmall Cage Bouncing BunsSuper Small Cage Bouncing BunsCrab Long BaoStir-Fried PotatoesAmazake, Purple DumplingMedal Shop4.13%
MacaronRMagicColor BombRainbow RaysSuper Rainbow RaysCrepeFruit SaladBulimia, Rocketero4.13%
MilkRSupportSuper Milk BottleMilk ShowerSuper Milk ShowerBlack TeaFried Rice CakeKoi, PrajnaStory4.13%
Miso SoupRSupportColorless SkyBuddha-CentricInvoluntary BuddhaSanmaGrilled Pork Belly4.14%
Nasi LemakRDefenseCoconut BombIron Fan DefenseSuper Iron Fan DefenseMango PuddingPineapple JuiceCatus Spirit, NekomataExploration treasureNot in Gacha
OmuriceRStrengthOtaku ReinforcementLove PowerSuper Love PowerOrange JuiceCucumber SaladBulimia, HamsteroTip Shop4.14%
Orange JuiceRMagicOrange FlameOrange ImpactSuper Orange ImpactNasi LemakSmoked SalmonSpecter, CimeterMedal Shop4.14%
Plum JuiceRSupportAcid AttacksCool & RefreshingSuper Cool & RefreshingZongziCarrot BreadPuffin, ConchiPerfect Treasure chestsNot in Gacha
SakeRMagicWine in BottlePrincess from the MoonSuper Princess from the MoonYellow WineBraised PorkSpecter, Bread Knife4.13%
SakuramochiRMagicSakura OathSakura DanceOmuricePoor Spirit, Nekomata4.13%
SashimiRStrengthBig CarpKanagawa StreamSuper Kanagawa StreamTaiyakiBaked PotatoSpiked Snail, Conchi4.13%
Spicy GlutenRStrengthRelentless WhippingSpicy TemptationSuper Spicy TemptationBoston LobsterFrench FriesGhostella, PrajnaMedal Shop4.13%
TaiyakiRStrengthFestival CelebrationFlag SlashSuper Flag SlashDorayakiTamagoyakiExploration treasure4.13%
TempuraRDefenseWar Soul's RoarHigh Heat BoxingSuper High Heat BoxingMiso SoupSalmon SashimiHermit Crab, Conchi4.13%
Tom YumRDefenseSonic PunchSwing KickRoast BeefAmazake, Rum DumplingHard Mode4.13%
Ume OchazukeRMagicTeacupEnlarged PlumsSuper Enlarged Plums???Boiled LettuceGhostella, PrajnaTip Shop4.14%
Yellow WineRStrengthDrunkard's Real IntentionCross Cutting Thousand TroopsSuper Cross Cutting Thousand TroopsJiuniangBraised OctopusPoor Spirit, Nekomata4.14%
ZongziRStrengthOne Sword One BodyShooting SwordsSuper Shooting SwordsTangyuanSauteed Mushrooms4.13%
Hawthorne BallMStrengthRock Candy FlameHawthorn StickPineapple Fried RiceGreen Dumpling, Red DumplingTip Shop, StoryNot in Gacha
JelloMSupportSweet and Sour GelatinIdol PowerGrilled CornTip Shop0.46%
PancakeMStrengthForceful Head Hammer - Pancake slams his head into the nearest enemy target, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 36 extra damage.Whirlwind Kick - Pancake continuously attacks the nearest enemy with flying kicks, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage plus 167 extra damage.Black Pepper BeefGreen DumplingTip Shop0.46%
PopcornMMagicCorn BombMeteor ShowerRoast ChickenRabbertTip Shop0.47%
PuddingMMagicPudding ShieldCaramel SpewPeanut CrispsGhostellaTip Shop, StoryNot in Gacha
SandwichMMagicBlack Spades ImprintCard MagicPeanut PieForkerTip Shop, StoryNot in Gacha
SkewerMStrengthThunder Fire Needle - Skewer hurls a fiery moxa pole, dealing 100% of the Food Soul's Atk stat as damage to the nearest enemy target plus 20 extra damage. Also deals 10 damage per second for 3 seconds.Spicy Cooking - Skewer cooks her special hot and numbing cuisine, using the flavor to awaken the hidden potential of her team members. Raises Atk by 6 points for all team members for 3.5 seconds.Onion Fried RicePuffinTip Shop0.46%
Strawberry DaifukuMSupportBroken ArrowJoy ArrowCrab HotpotGreen DumplingTip Shop (Unreleased)Limited Gacha
ToastMDefensePork BurgerUnreleased
Rarity and Stars

Characters are given standard Gachapon game rarity tiers: Ultra Rare (UR), Super Rare (SR), Rare (R), and Mundane (M). Mundane units are actually about as rare in Gacha as Ultra Rares, but a “free” copy of each is also given via the story (for most? or possibly all of them).

Rarer characters have lower appearance in the Gachapon and also better stats.

However by getting shards from duplicates or rewards from various activities, you can add “stars” to each character, up to 5 stars each. An UR will almost always beat an R, especially of the same type, but a 3 star R vs a no star UR is possibly a different story.

When team building it’s important to consider team synergy, rarity, and stars. A team of 5 UR Strength-type units might sound great on paper, but a more balanced team with more Support and Defense is likely to surpass it.

Fondness & Feeding

Normal food: 7 Fondness
Favorite Food: 21
Exquisite Food: 21
Exquisite Favorite Food: 70 Fondness


Teams are how you put together your characters for combat, orders, and Exploration. There’s also separate teams for defense/attack in the Showdown, and Daily Trials which aren’t listed with your teams.

The first three Team slots are unlocked by character level. The last three can be unlocked by Diamonds, for 100, 200, and presumably 300 diamonds.

Teams will often need to be changed around during the story levels, as some levels require brute strength (Treasure Chests), while some require heavy defense and healing to avoid KOs.

Obtain Methods

Unlike most Gachapon games, Food Fantasy has many different ways to get Food Souls; several characters aren’t actually in the summoning pool at all and can only be obtained with ingame achievements/grinding.


Most, but not all Food Souls can be obtained in Summon tab, the standard gachapon in Food Fantasy. Odds are listed in game (tap the question mark icon). No, the buttons in the summon do not affect the odds, they are purely cosmetic (confirmed by the developers).

Duplicate summons award 15 shards for that character instead, which can be used to ascend the character. UR duplicates give 25 shards instead.

R/SR/UR: Most souls (see the ingame odds for a list)

Limited Summon

Some events have special gachapon pools with adjusted rates, often with an exclusive character. Limited Summons for exclusive characters usually have a “Mercy” mechanic on the banner UR unit; this unit is guaranteed to be given somewhere between 6000-8000 soul embers worth of pulls.

SRs/non mainline Food Souls do not have the mercy mechanic. This is why it may seem like the SR with the higher rate is pulled less frequently than the UR, because the SR does not have a bonus rate.

Tip Shop

UR: B-52
SR: Sushi
R: Ume, Omurice, Jiuniang
M: All normal M Souls, Strawberry Daifuku (unreleased)

Air Ship

The airship brings 2-4 R and SR shards each time it’s send off, from a limited pool. At level intervals the Air Ship gets harder to send off but brings back more shards, up to at least 4 SR shards at level 66.

The main event here is Cloud Tea, an UR support that’s exclusive to Air Ship.

R: Almost everyone but Cola and Cold Rice Shrimp
SR: Most people in the Shard Fusion pool. Notably Sweet Tofu, Wonton, Sanma, Tangyuan, Yoghurt
UR: Cloud Tea

Hard Mode

Hard Mode is the easiest ways to get shards for specific food souls, though the pool is rather limited. Each 3 sweep of a 3 * completed Hard Mode level should net you 2 shards for the represented character.

Hard Mode is one of the best ways to spend Stamina and you can get some very powerful food souls early on this way, so always keep up on it. It’s also a great way to get extra shards for Shard Fusion.

R: Tom Yum, Milk, Crepe, Dorayaki
SR: Black Tea, Yuxiang, Salad, Mooncake

Shard Fusion


Shard Fusion allows you to take 5 (Rank Up) or 3 (Same Rank) shards of one rank and fuse them for another, totally random, shard. The shard pool is limited, and furthermore the Rank Up and Same Rank pools are different as well.

There’s no way to influence which shards you get, so you simply need a very large sum of shards to fuse. Min-maxers prefer to fuse every shard for everyone they don’t use (occasionally shooting themselves in the foot), and others prefer to aim to 5 star every character before wasting any shards in fusion.

Be reasonable and find a balance between the two that works for you; certain characters aren’t good and have very high drop rates (Salad), so they’re pretty safe to fuse even if the base soul isn’t ascended. Harder to find shards of still poorer characters are more of a judgement call, I tend to play it safe and ascend those myself.

Fusion list is WIP

Rank Up Fusion List

SR: Sweet Tofu, Wonton, Sanma, Tangyuan
UR: Peking Duck, Foie Gras, Boston Lobster, Double Scoop

Same Rank Fusion List

Same Rank Fusion includes the Rank Up possibilities, plus a lower rate of these additional Food Souls

R: Basically everyone but Cola
SR: Yoghurt
UR: Crab Long Bao, Gingerbread, Bamboo Rice

Food Fantasy Tier List

So, I hate tier lists and this isn’t exactly a tier list, but you can think of it as one if you like. Bowing to society pressure to help you out, here.

As a gachapon game, strict, traditional tier lists are largely irrelevant in Food Fantasy except to extreme whales who can actually have 3+ stars on UR characters, limited characters, whale Airships to get Cloud Tea early etc.

Instead, I’ve noted which Food Souls are particularly suited to certain tasks in Food Fantasy so you can focus on these and not miss a good thing, thinking they’re just another FS.

Anyone omitted from this list is likely not particularly relevant, but may still be perfectly fine depending on your situation; for instance a 4 star Escargot, if you somehow magically got one, would beat a 0 star gingerbread or 5 star Tomyum. But that’s almost certainly not going to happen for a great majority of players in a timespan where he would be relevant.

And of course Food Fantasy is an ever-changing game, so it’s highly possible characters may rotate in/out of this list in the future. Power Creep is definitely a thing.

General Notes

Who is best is incredibly situational depending on what you’re doing, who you have, what level you are, and how many stars your characters have. As a general rule, someone with two to three stars from a lower rarity beats a character from a higher tier with 0 stars. So think of it like a 0 star UR Support as being beaten by a 2 star SR Support, or a 5 star R support.

You may well have a use for people not on this list; I for example ran with Chocolate and Brownie up to level 40 since they were my earliest 2 units. If you get an UR or 2 star SR before you have many other URs or higher level SRs, odds are they may have some use on your team even if they’re not in a “tier”.

But after level 60 or so and the amount of pulls that the average F2P player will be able to have (plus fusion, hard mode grins events, so on), the following souls tend to be the most relevant.

UR Souls

Most UR souls are actually basically worthless for the vast majority of players in the long term. While early on they are very good and you should be glad to have them, the ascension/stars mechanic means that URs will flag behind lower tier, higher ascended Food Souls due to the level cap/base stat multiplier.

Beyond level 60, URs with no stars will rapidly be outpaced by SR cards with stars. Limited event URs are all but impossible to get to 2 star and beyond (more or less necessary for them to be relevant) without spending hundreds/thousands of dollars, so you should more or less ignore them.

Though again, everything is situational and if you pull an UR before level 60 it’s highly likely they’ll be quite good for quite a while. Remember that roughly 2 stars on a lower tier makes up for the difference in tier, so once you have multiple 2 or 3 star SRs, it might be time to replace your URs unless they have stars.

URs You Can Actually Use

There’s 3 main URs that basically anyone can use due to extremely common Shard drops, so if you get one of these, they’re very likely to stay relevant.


Obtain: Summon, Showdown Shop, Tip Shop
Class: Magic, Crowd Control

Quite possibly the only food soul F2P players will ever 5 star, B-52 is given a healthy supply of shards through the tip shop and medal shop, so if you pull him early on you’re in a really good spot, even if he’s one of the “worst” URs comparing all of them at 5 stars.

B-52 deals solid damage to the whole enemy party, has a 50% stun on his energy/linked skill, and increases the damage they take with his basic skill. He’s an invaluable Crowd Control and earns his place in almost any Catacomb/Showdown/Story mode fight. Single target damage dealers like Sanma will outclass him in Guild/Disaster boss however.

Though he links with Brownie, this is only relevant if you pull him early on and your 2 star brownie from the 15 Days of Sign In event is one of your better units still.

Foie Gras

Obtain: “Benefits” event, Summon, Shard fusion (Same Rank or Rank Up)
Class: Magic, Crowd Control

Like B-52 and Peking Duck, Foie is made for Showdown, easy to ascend, and a solid CC all around.  Make sure to get her in the Benefits event, and after that her shards are very common in Shard Fusion. She’ll probably be your highest star UR after B-52, if you get him early.

She’s a very random chance based character, but she’s the only one who can spam a full team confusion debuff against the whole enemy party with her basic skill. Confusion is particularly great in Arena, since it can help a stronger team tear each other apart, and Peking Duck is particularly nice to confuse due to his high attack speed, guaranteeing he’ll attack once or more in the duration.

Foie is also highly relevant to later Catacombs and Story missions as she can turn the overpowered DPS of said enemies back on each other. She pairs with Escargot, but he’s not necessary unless he happens to be your best defense unit anyway. Foie’s basic is the main event anyway.

Peking Duck

Obtain: Summon, Shard Fusion (Same Rank or Rank Up)
Class: Magic, Crowd Control

The more or less undisputed king of Showdown as it currently is and Crowd Control in general, Peking Duck has amazing attack speed, infuriating full-team silence, and, well that’s all he really needs.

If you get him he’ll practically win all your Showdown matches and he’s still a great help in Catacombs as well, and his damage isn’t bad either. His shards are extremely common in Shard Fusion so if you pull him you’re set for life.

He pairs well with Yuxiang for debuff spam. Note a particularly high level Resolute Fallen Angel (+10 or higher) can be better for him than a Brave, like Foie.

URs You Might Use

These are URs that may or may not be useful depending on your luck. With at least one star all of these are pretty great, but without shards they’ll probably be overtaken for most non-whales.

Bamboo Rice

Obtain: Summon, Fusion (Same Rank), Team Up (insanely rare drop in Hard team ups)
Class: Strength, Single Target DPS

With a defense-cutting debuff, Bamboo Rice can add a lot of damage in Guild/World Boss, or in most situations really. He’s a great, simple attacker with great skills that wins out in single target DPS against almost anyone due to the defense cut.

As with most people in this category, it’s just really hard to ascend him. His rate for fusion is low (and UR same rank only to boot), and his rate in Team Up is so low they may as well not include him; players go months without getting a single shard.

Crab Long Bao

Obtain: Summon
Class: Defense, all purpose attack/defense unit

A strange but effective mix of Crowd Control/Defense, Crab is a better Steak that stuns enemies too, but his skills don’t focus on defense. However, his base defense is so high (especially with stars) that it’s not usually a big deal. A CLB with over 1000 defense can stand in the way of just about anything even without heals.

Like most here, his downfall is the difficulty of getting shards; at 0 stars, a 4 or 5 star Steak can handily replace him.


Obtain: Summon, Shard Fusion (Same Rank UR)
Class: Defense

The best pure-defense food soul in Food Fantasy, if you can ascend her. Her skills are amazing especially her defense buff (just about the only percentage based defense buff in Food Fantasy!).

Like Crab Long Bao, her shards are very hard to come by and you’re likely to end up using Steak instead long term unless you can keep ascending her.


Obtain: Event

Pizza is a treasured Food Soul featuring the highest base attack stat in Food Fantasy and carrying a unique skill; blocking healing. This can make nearly-impossible Catacombs levels clearable. He also just does great damage and doesn’t require any setup to be useful (though Cassata helps), so you can slot him in anywhere much like Sanma.


Obtain: Limited Summon
Class: Strength, Single Target DPS/Team Buffer

A limited UR, Toso is as hard to ascend as the characters in the “Whale Only” lists, but she’s actually so good that she might be useful for quite a while even at one star due to her energy skill helping your whole team, and a critical link for Laba Congee for World Boss.

She’s the queen of World Boss with her buff clearing and Laba Congee link, and she’s not too shabby (though rather squishy) in Showdown and other contexts. Her energy boost skill is great and multipurpose; she should lead any team she’s in to help the other Food Souls cast their energy skills early and often.

Whale Only URs

You’re almost certainly not going to have a use for these characters, but if you’re insanely lucky or a whale and you get these to two stars or more, these can be amazing. But you’re probably not gonna.

Boston Lobster

Obtain: Shard Fusion (Rank Up), Gachapon
Class: Strength, Single Target DPS

If you’re going to reroll for anyone (off a limited banner), it should probably be Boston Lobstah and his dismal 0.05% pull rate. With several stars he’s among the best single target DPS in Food Fantasy and invaluable in many formats. He’s got an OHKO finisher on his basic skill and crazy stats, but again, 0.05%.

If you manage to pull him his shards are actually not insanely rare in shard fusion (SR->UR), but without that first lucky pull he’s unlikely to see much use.

Double Scoop

Obtain: Shard Fusion (Rank Up), Gachapon
Class: Magic, DPS

Basically the UR version of Black Tea with way better stats, Double Scoop is an amazing DPS at 3 stars or above for guild/disaster boss, but not a lot of use otherwise. But with 0.05% pull rate and multiple stars required due to being insanely squishy, these bros are more or less whale-only. If you’re rerolling, Lobster has more uses and the same ultra-rare rate.

Cloud Tea

Obtain: Air Ship
Class: Support

With a weak heal (though it adds energy), insanely long time to summon/ascend, Cloud Tea isn’t particularly viable and as of right now, only whales even have her (let alone ascended) on Global Server anyway.  Neat idea but not practical.


Obtain: Guild Shop
Class: Support

Like Cloud Tea, she’s got a unique idea going for her (reviving Food Souls!), but it’s estimated to take approximately two years to get enough guild points to purchase her.

Limited Whale Only URs

Batten down the hatches matey, only the whaley-est of whales whale in these waters!


Obtain: Limited Summon
Class: Support

Requires stars and Caviar to be truly good, meaning multiple stars for multiple limited pool URs are necessary. Thar she blows, maties; the white whale.

Milt needs Caviar for her linked heal to truly out pace others’, and her basic while interesting primarily just gives energy to your tank. This will either help your tank survive or, if their energy skill deals damage like CLB, help do damage, and it’s rather situational unlike Toso’s full-party skill spam.

Fun fact: Milt is fish semen. It’s a semen/eggs joke. Highest maturity game.


Obtain: Limited Summon
Class: Defense

As above pairs with another event limited UR. Collection tier for anyone not looking to piss away a few thousand dollars on fake internet points. Unreleased too but probably soonish.

Raindrop Cake

Obtain: Limited Summon
Class: Strength

Beyond the undisputed worst UR in Food Fantasy in all his glory. Like all Souls he’s fine if you genuinely have nothing better, but almost any SR on this list will handily outperform him at similar star levels.

SR Souls

For non-whales, SRs in Food Fantasy are really where it’s at. After a few months of play you should naturally pull/grind the great majority of these and even have quite a few stars on many of these. Since an SR with some stars beats an UR with none especially at level 60+, these will generally be your bread and butter after early game.

F2P Saviors

These are your SRs that you’re guaranteed to get lots of shards for in Food Fantasy, either through hard mode, medal shop or other means.

Black Tea

Obtain: Story, Daily Missions, Hard Mode

Boring but effective, Black Tea will carry you through much of the story due to her easy to find shards and solid critical rate. Her skills don’t do anything fancy, but until you have several SR souls at 2* or higher, she’ll likely be the best you’ve got.

She also pairs with Milk, significantly improving her healing skill. Since Milk is the best healer early on, you’re likely to be using Tom Yum, Milk, and Black Tea in almost every fight for a while.


OBtain: Summon, Purple Restaurant Chests, Showdown Shop

Hamburger is not actually that good, but if pulled early he can be ascended before just about anyone else. When other SRs have as many stars as Hamburger it’s probably time to say goodbye however.


Obtain: Hard Mode, Air Ship, Showdown

Mooncake will likely be your second 5 star SR unit, she’s incredibly fast and has a nice conditional OHKO on her Energy skill. She’s otherwise slightly plain but most other food souls will have to put in a lot of work to top a 4 or 5 star Mooncake.

She’s particularly great for Guild Boss due to Tangyuan linking with her; using the linked shield will totally negate Fireballs and makes surviving to the end easy.


Obtain: Summon, Hard Mode, Air Ship

Great in Showdown but only with Peking Duck. Otherwise, she’s a perfectly serviceable and easy to ascend SR, nice to fill in holes in your team if she’s all you’ve got when Silence is useful.


Obtain: Summon, Perfect Chest from Deliveries
Class: Defense, Attack/Defense

Savior for people tired of using Tom Yum, Steak is initially pretty bad as his skills focus on dealing damage rather than heal/protect himself. His trick is he’s easy to ascend due to Deliveries, and with high enough defense he’s very useful to add damage to the party which most other defenders in his class can’t do.

When Steak is 4-5 stars (do your deliveries!) and over level 60 he’ll outclass most UR defenders unless they have a star or more.

Steak is basically a much easier to ascend Crab Long Bao. Gingerbread and CLB will still outclass him with sufficient stars, which you likely won’t have.

RNG Dependant SRs

These SRs are some of the best characters in Food Fantasy, though if you’re unlucky you might not see (or ascend) them for a while. With long enough play, even F2P players are likely to get most of these though.


The best single-target damage dealing soul in Food Fantasy, Sanma is an absolute beast. If there’s only one enemy, Sanma is almost always recommended to bring. Early on he’ll save you from Treasure Chests, and late game he’s critical for Disaster Boss and Guild Boss. Miso Soup also links with him, which is similarly critical in Guild and Disaster bosses. Bonito Rice also links with him nicely.

He’s less relevant in Arena/Catacombs and some Story levels, since he has no Crowd Control capabilities.


Cassata is Sanma but with less pure damage, but his energy skill deals partially Damage over Time. Since DOT ignores defense, this means he can deal more damage, especially to high defense enemies, than Sanma even with equivalent Attack.

However, Cassata is a limited character, meaning you’re almost certainly going to have less stars on him than Sanma, if you have him at all. But if you do, especially if you have Pizza, try him out.


Obtain: Summon, Shard Fusion, Air Ship
Class: Support

The savior of Guild Boss, Tangyuan’s energy/linked skill completely blocks all damage for 3-4 seconds. This allows her, when linked with Mooncake (who is good already) to completely prevent incoming damage from Fireballs in Guild Boss.

Like most other SR supports, she has trouble beating Milk in a healing fight otherwise, unless she’s got some stars on her and ideally Mooncake is in the party. Without Mooncake, her invincibility might not block major incoming attacks. Her shards are moderately abundant fortunately, so she’ll likely be one of your highest ascended SR healers.

Laba Congee

Obtain: Summon (Unreleased), Event
Class: Support

Along with Toso, Laba Congee is the queen of Disaster Boss, dispelling Aluna’s stun and attack debuff, greatly increasing your party’s damage. Her basic heal hits the whole party and clears all debuffs, and her energy skill, while it has a long windup, is quite strong in it’s healing as well.

When linked with Toso Laba Congee’s energy skill becomes amazing, and should completely restore your whole party’s HP in Guild/World boss. She’s still worth bringing to Disaster Boss without Toso in most cases, since she removes the extreme (50%?) damage debuff that Aluna casts. The spell is never dispelled automatically, so Laba effectively doubles the rest of your party’s damage.

Even outside Disaster boss, Laba can find some use especially with stars and/or if you use Toso in your party.

Sweet Tofu

Obtain: Summon (extra low rate), Shard Fusion, Air Ship
Class: Support

The best non-whale healer in Food Fantasy, Sweet Tofu simply has the best healing skills, particularly his Basic which helps top off HP worn down from AOE hits.  He’s hard to summon, but once you have him shards are moderately common via Fusion. He’s the only SR healer that outclasses Milk even without stars.

His link is unfortunately bad (Salty Tofu is…not good), so Laba Congee can actually out heal him if linked with Toso. Sweet Tofu doesn’t need a link however so if you want a no-brainer healer that can slot in any team and any situation, Sweet Tofu is the go-to.

Bonito Rice

Obtain: Limited Summon
Class: Defense

Designed for Disaster Boss, Bonito Rice clears enemy’s buffs, but it takes a lot of defense for him to beat Tom Yum at holding back Aluna. It’s unlikely non-whales will find much utility for him in the long run.

Even with his sweet Sanma link, he’s just too hard to get shards for unless you’re lucky. Outclassed by Tom early on, Steak later on, or by Caviar/CLB/Gingerbread with enough stars.


Obtain: Summon
Class: Defense

The best SR tank, but also extremely hard to get. It’s likely Steak or even Tom Yum will outclass him unless you pull him early and often. His invulnerability and self-heals are very legit if his stats aren’t too low.

R Souls
Miso Soup

Easily the most out-of-left-field Food Soul, Miso Soup is an incredibly powerful, incredibly situational food soul. He can deal the best single-target DPS in Food Fantasy with his basic skill. The trick with Miso is Damage over Time ignores defense, meaning Miso’s basic skill deals pure attack damage ignoring defense, which almost no other Soul can do.

His link with Sanma is critical; by linking you can avoid casting his heal, which lets him deal more damage by casting Basic Skill instead. In addition, he’s just always useful in situations where Sanma is also critical. His heal is also a full twice as good with Sanma in the party, should you need it.

Since his gimmick requires a pure attack Fallen Angel, he’s effectively worthless in any situation that would require he have HP/Def lines: Catacombs, Showdown, and much of Story Mode. The problem is in these cases he can often be OHKO with pure Attack, and if you don’t have pure Attack on him, his gimmick is rarely worthwhile, especially if Sanma is not in the party.

He also targets random enemies with his basic, making him ideal for single-target fights.

Tom Yum

An impressively good R defender that beats basically everyone in the SR tier before 3 or 4 stars. Due to being able to grind for his shards in Hard Mode stages, Tom will be your boy unless you get an UR defender very early on or your Steak or other SRs hit 3 or 4 stars.

He self-heals which makes him invaluable in the Aluna Disaster Boss fight, and his low HP stat actually helps in that situation. He’s so good you should almost certainly bring Tom Yum for World Boss unless you know what you’re doing. An offensive Defense unit (steak, Crab Long Bao) can beat him with ~1000 defense though, since they’ll take so little damage.


If you were planning to use almost any healer in Food Fantasy I have some bad news; due to the ease of getting her shards, her link with Black Tea, and her simple and effective skills, Milk is almost the only relevant healer in Food Fantasy until you get Sweet Tofu (who can beat her even without stars) or Laba Congee (better linked/with some stars, or when debuffs are a thing). Tangyuan can be very useful too.

3 stars on a non-Sweet Tofu/Laba healer is about the only time you should consider them over Milk unfortunately, or 2 stars on an UR (non-whales are exceedingly unlikely to ever see a 2 star UR support).

The Rest

Anyone not listed here can pretty safely be considered “Collection Tier”. They’re not necessarily worthless unless you have a full roster as it is, but there’s not much worth saying about most of them for now.

Food Fantasy Gameplay


Food Fantasy’s Daily Reset is at midnight UTC. This resets daily rankings, daily sign in rewards, and all other once-per-day things in the game. It’s best to play just before and after the Food Fantasy reset to get the most goodies out of the game, assuming your play times line up.

Getting Soul Embers

Like any Gachapon game, one of the most wanted currencies is whatever the Gacha uses. You can use Soul Embers to summon at 150 embers per summon. There appears to be no bonus to summoning 6 at a time vs one, unlike certain other Gacha games.

Almost everything in Food Fantasy gives soul embers to some degree, even completing normal stages can give one (three on hard stages). Completing Side Quests and Rewards is generally the best way to get them, as are any time-limited events that happen to be playing.

Embers are the sort of thing you get more based on how long you play rather than how well, so don’t focus extremely much on grinding for them unless you have a reward to reach. You’ll get more from maintenance, ranking rewards, and events just by playing Food Fantasy.

Cooking Talents

Cooking talents increase in price by a significant amount (20%?) each time you buy a level within their tree. It doesn’t matter which level of which skill is bought; if you buy 10 skills in the Damage tree, the cost will always be the same for the next upgrade you buy, no matter which it is.

This means it’s very important to not spend points on underperforming skills; they permanently raise all other prices. However, the Damage and Support trees come with passive skills that require you to max all other skills in the tree first anyway, so it’s not as big a deal there since you will eventually, after many months, want them all max anyway.


Damage skills are the best early on, but eventually become near-useless late game. Since skill tree cost increases are separate, there’s no reason not to invest in these early on anyway, plus they have good passives (eventually, after several hundred thousand Cooking Power).

Straight Cut & Blade Chop

The best skill early on, Blade Chop deals a respectable absolute amount of damage and instantly defeats targets under 15% of their max HP. Ideal for Treasure Chests and boss stages.

These are eventually outclassed by Increase Energy when your units’ skills are reliably dealing more damage.

Cross Cut


Dark Cuisine & Super Dark Cuisine

Great for chests, these reduce defense and deal damage based on current HP total. Eventually outclassed by Increased Energy in most cases.

Grilled BBQ/ Grilled Purgatory

The Grilled tree is pretty solid early on and does decent damage to the whole enemy party. It’s secondary next to Blade Chop however, and Increase Energy will more damage later on.

Later on you can upgrade it to Grilled Purgatory which instead does up to 10% current HP damage then 1% total HP damage per second for 5 seconds. It’s fantastic for Chests and pretty good for high HP targets in general.


The Support tree is more like the Healing tree, but it has defensive boosts as well. You should go for the invincibility half of the Support tree last, as it’s much less good than the healing skills.


Heals the unit with the lowest HP by 45% plus an 80% chance of a 1% heal over time for 5 seconds.

One of the best early skills to get, this will save your butt many, many times in the no KO, no Healer, and no Defense stars.

Precise Seasoning

Heals up to 30% of all allied units’ HP. A very good AOE heal.

Note even after you unlock Divine Seasoning, you can still take this skill along too, to have two AOE heals.

Divine Seasoning

For the same energy cost as Precise Seasoning, you restore up to 50% HP and clear all debuffs. Extremely important for Inugami. The best healing skill in Food Fantasy, since it’s percentage-based, it’s often more practical to take this skill instead of a Support Food Soul in catacombs or Story levels later on.

Melt & Mold

Revive 3 random units and restore 40% of their HP. Pretty good in theory, but very often it’s preferable to heal first (even taking along both full-party heals) since once you’ve started losing members it’s possibly already too late.

Keep Fresh & Always Fresh

A rarely relevant stepping stone to Zero Degrees. Shields the lowest HP member for up to 3.5 seconds. Usually Seasoning is a better choice.

Zero Degrees

All friendly units are invincible for 3 seconds. Not bad, but not very good compared to other skills. May be useful if you’re being OHKO by a skill and cannot use Tangyuan’s linked skill.


The Control tree is kind of the “these didn’t fit anywhere else” tree, and is a mishmash of largely unremarkable or incredibly niche skills. It has no passives either.

However, it has two of the best skills, one incredibly situational and one incredibly multipurpose. You should go for Increase Energy and a single level of Pan, everything else is basically wasted points.

Increase Energy/Restore Energy

Note this skill is referred to by two different names ingame, because the localization was created by 1,000 monkeys and a single typewriter.

Easily one of the best skills in Food Fantasy, Increase Energy gives 50 energy (half a bar) to all units when maxed. By Nervas you should have this skill maxed and it will pretty much always beat any skill in the Damage tree in terms of damage potential.

Time casting of Increase Energy well to get the most out of it; it will not “roll over” any extra energy if a character’s bar is already full when cast.

Up defense

Raises defense by up to 200% for 3 seconds. Not as good as the 3 seconds of invincibility fro Zero Degrees, but necessary to get Increase Energy.

Up Damage

Another subpar buff necessary to purchase simply because Increase Energy is good.

Pan & Hot Pan

A situational but useful skill, Pan stuns the enemy for up to 3 seconds. This basically lets you cancel a boss’s skill in Story Mode levels even when you fail an interrupt (cast it just after Interrupt Failed appears).

There’s no need to level this up at all, as even the base 1 second is enough to cancel the skill cast and that’s the only value this skill really has.

Titanium Pan

Stuns all enemies instead of just one. Not worth the points.

Powerful Cleansing & Clean N Scrub

Removes debuffs for as few as one to as many as all enemy units. I have not come across a situation in which this is useful.

Magic Mushroom & Holy Mushroom

Confuses a random target for up to 100% of the time, for up to 5 seconds. Terrible considering confusion only works well against large groups (it’s useless against a single target) and there are food souls who confuse much better.

Fallen Angels


Much like Pokemon, Fallen Angels have a set “personality” which buffs stat lines of a specific type. The bonus is always 50% (and unlike pokemon, no stat is decreased), and the bonus only applies to the stats on the Fallen Angel, not the equipping character’s stats.

  • Brave – Attack Bonus
  • Cautious – HP Bonus
  • Staunch – Defense Bonus
  • Resolute – Attack Speed bonus
  • Lively – Critical Rate Bonus
  • Meticulous – Critical Damage Bonus
Which Fallen Angels To Use

Don’t bother raising White or Blue FAs unless it’s super early on. Only purple ones truly matter. Also, favorites don’t matter below enhancement level +10, so Tsuchigumo/Uke Mochi Enhanced are some of the best all-around FAs.

A good set of beginner Fallen Angels to work towards is 4-5 pure Attack, Brave fallen angels (a few HP lines here and there are tolerable too). Then at least one full Defense, Staunch FA (for Disaster boss), one full HP Cautious FA (for Story/Catacomb/Showdown tanks).

I try to have one of each Brave FA per purple type for favorites, and it’s worth it to have one Cautious Uke Enhanced/Tsuchigumo. After that, it’s good to have some half attack, half HP brave/cautious FAs for catacombs; eventually you need a crazy amount of HP to survive. This can help in harder story levels too.

Resolute FAs are less relevant, but it’s okay to have one; Laba Congee and Peking Duck are the most important FS that use Attack Speed in Food Fantasy, so consider making a full attack speed Orochi (their favorite).

You do not need Lively or Meticulous FA, fuse them into others.

Daily Trials

Experience Bottles

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Enemies are immune to normal attacks; bring lots of characters with good, full-party skill damage. Support with damage Cooking Talents.

Spirit Reincarnators

Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Monsters are immune to skill attacks; bring strong attacking Food Souls and use Cooking Talents that buff your Food Souls rather than direct damage.

Seasoning Supplies

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Use only attack souls, ideally with at least 2-4 Linked Skills. Spam damage skills and talents just after the boss heals. If the timer gets too low he’ll OHKO your party one by one. It’s just a DPS gate.

Appearance Coupons

Saturday, Sunday

The only standard way to get Appearance coupons to unlock skins! Bring high defense and good healing souls, don’t worry about dealing damage at all. After most of the time is up, the boss simply leaves and you get your reward.


Reward: Medals, Showdown Points

Showdown is the PVP mode of Food Fantasy, unlocked around level 25.

Showdown is auto-battle even with linked skills (no Cooking Talents can be used), so all that matters is your characters and their stats and synergy as a team. A Defense and Support unit are very much required, as you won’t last long against any team without them. Otherwise, pick your strongest units for each position. I usually go with 1 Support, 1-2 Defense, and 2-3 Magic/Strength.

You can set your Fighting Team and your Defense Team independently of your usual Teams menu, so choose wisely. Your defense team will likely be about the same as your attack one, since it’s all auto battle anyway and there’s little reason to pick a different strategy.

You’ll be paired against other people of your rank, not necessarily close to your Total Power (a rough measure of team strength). You can choose to fight people with a lower Total Power for a potentially easier time, but also look at the team makeup for characters that may cause you problems.

Showdown rewards 100 Medals/Flames for the first 15 matches a week (1,500 total), then after that the medals are ostensibly awarded by the “difficulty” of the team, ranging around 10-22 medals each, with a median of around 18.

Your first daily win gets an extra 50 Medals, and there are sidequests and the “activeness” rewards that give you extra medals on top of your wins. To maximize returns check sidequests as soon as they’re completed to get the most medals out of the least number of fights!

Delivery Orders, Exploration, Air Ship


Rewards: Loot chests, Cooking Points, Fame

Later on (beyond Character Level 24) you can level up your vehicles with Building Materials, starting with Steel and Low Grade Screws. This reduces delivery time by a flat amount.


Rewards: Talent Points, 3 Rare shards, 2 SR shards (rarely, 1 UR cloud tea shard), Airship Points

The airship will request 4-8 “crates” of specific items that are random each time. Orders get more complicated as you level up, and once completed you must wait 8 hours for the next order. You can confirm the next airship’s requests before it arrives by tapping the Airship icon to see what you should farm for.

The airship can request:

  • Cooked dishes (most common)
  • Raw ingredients
  • Blue tier Seasonings (soy sauce etc)
  • XP vials

You can use Diamonds to speed up the airship’s return or replace items you can’t currently crate up. I don’t personally recommend it; as always I recommend saving Diamonds for permanent unlocks not paying down timers.


Rewards: Building Materials (Steel, Pine Board, Hollow Brick), Seasonings, Nasi Lemak Shards,

Exploration is unlocked after level 24 and requires sending out a Team (much like Delivery, but doesn’t require a delivery vehicle). This is the most consistent way to farm for Steel/Wood materials for upgrading Restaurant Level. Current Explorations can be checked via the Orders button on Main Menu.

You can send out one team per Map, so for example one team in Gloriville could explore for Wood while one in Light Kingdom looks for Steel.

Once finishing the first “floor” of an area, you can optionally explore deeper for higher rewards (at a higher freshness cost). This is why it helps to bring multiple members; Number/level of party sent on exploration doesn’t appear to affect success rate, but it does split the reduction of Freshness across all members.

Fallen Angels can be encountered, but they’re very low level so even teams of level 10 characters can beat them. Fallen Angel areas must manually be chosen on the explore screen, they won’t surprise you. They come with an extra purple/epic chest which gives an Epic tier seasoning, along with the same chance for Taiyaki/Nasi Lemak shards and a Bottle that other chests have.

Other Rewards

Occasionally you’ll get rewards in the Mail tab, usually compensation from the devs for bugs/regular server maintenance. A notification will say if there’s anything to collect, as always.

Main/Side Quests

Surprisingly easy to miss, tap the (?) button on the Main Menu screen to open the Quests screen. This is how you advance the main story once the Tutorial is finished, and also provides lots of side quests.

Side quests can be essential for gaining Character Level experience as well as various resources and unlocking Lost Recipes, so check it often and immediately accept all quests (there’s no downside to taking on a quest, even if it takes while to finish). There’s no limit on quests you can accept. Many quests unlock other quests in a line.

Level Up Bonuses

Upon hitting certain levels (10,15, 20, etc) Food Fantasy offers you small premium packs of bonus items. For the first 12 hours after hitting that level, they run at a discount (around 50-60% each). You can still buy the items after the 12 hours, but the price goes back to “normal”.

The rewards aren’t super amazing, but they’re generally better than what your money will otherwise buy. The first couple are very cheap and not too shabby ingame, so if you buy anything they’re a good choice. But Food Fantasy is hardly unplayable if you go purely Free To Play, so don’t feel too bad if you miss the discount.

Daily Rewards

Tap the Daily button (unlocked around level 15) on the main menu to see daily tasks. These are recommended to clear as you can get some free shards, Freshness fruits, and other goodies for rather easy tasks. You get extra bonuses for how many tasks you complete, so try to complete all tasks, then open every “picnic basket” at the top as well.

Stores & Currencies


Gold is the primary currency and used for various purposes. You’ll often have more gold than you know what to do with unless you splurge heavily on Restaurant decorations so don’t feel bad about spending it.


Diamonds are the standard “premium currency”, meant to be bought directly with money though various Rewards ingame give you some. Due to it’s lax localization, Food Fantasy calls Diamonds “Magic Gems” or “Crystals” in a few places, but it’s all the same item.

The best early use for Diamonds in Food Fantasy is expanding your Team and Fallen Angel Purification slots. This lets you purify more Fallen Angels and send more teams on exploration/delivery at once.

Personally I always recommend against paying down timers/refreshing daily inventories/etc with Diamonds, as with any mobile game; these are generally whale-hunting methods trying to get you to pay lots in small batches without realizing how the cost adds up, and ultimately you don’t get a lot out of them. Save up for the permanent, diamond-only rewards, the rest will all come in time, and this is a slow/long game anyway.

Tips (Tip Store)

Tips are used exclusively in the Tip Store, under the general Store menu. Tip store refreshes regularly and can be refreshed with diamonds (though I recommend saving them for other uses).

The Top Store is  primarily for unlocking/upgrading Restaurant-related Food Souls. All Food Souls offered here have skills or higher Freshness to help them in the Restaurant. In my opinion, the Soul Embers here are overpriced relative to the Shards.

Tip Store has the following items on rotation:

  • Beginner Seasoning
  • Soul Ember (10)
  • Hawthorn Ball Shard (M)
  • Pancake Shard (M)
  • Sandwich Shard (M)
  • Pudding Shard (M)
  • Skewer Shard (M)
  • Jello Shard (M)
  • Jiuniang Shard (R)
  • Omurice Shard (R)
  • Ume Ochazuke Shard (R)

Medals are earned in Showdown, as well as sidequests/rewards related to Showdown. It’s the best way to get shards for certain characters and refreshes regularly like the Tip store.

  • Long Bao Shard (R) x3, x5
  • Spicy Gluten Shard (R) x3, x5
  • Orange Juice Shard (R) x3, x5
  • Hamburger Shard (SR) x1, x2
  • Mango Pudding Shard (SR) x1, x2
  • B-52 Shard (UR) x1


Guilds require Player Level 32 and cannot even be seen until then; it will be a main menu option, impossible to miss. For a quick video overview, watch…my quick video overview.

Once you reach level 32 you can apply for guilds or create your own (most players should join one rather than creating). Note guilds are one of very few things that are server-tied in Food Fantasy, so Light Kingdom players cannot join Gloriville guilds.

Guilds are groups of Food Fantasy players that work toward common goals and reap some rewards for their contribution. Guilds start with a max of 20 players each, earning 10 more slots per level, so it’s important for guilds to keep active or they will level slowly.

Inactive players should consider joining more casual guilds, as active guilds will be harmed by players not doing their daily time (it only takes 10 minutes tops to contribute anyway).

The Guild’s most exclusive features are the Guild Boss (and unlockable Guild Pet, which has stat bonuses in story missions) and the Guild Shop, which contains an exclusive skin and two sets of exclusive Food Soul shards. Without a guild you will not get those bonuses.

You can chat in the guild lobby, but the guild chat system is very bad and it’s recommended to use a Food Fantasy-focused Discord server or something else outside Food Fantasy itself if communication is critical. Send DMs to guild mades if you want to be sure they read it, the guild chat’s backlog is brutally short and you cannot currently switch your default chat from Global to Guild.

Guild Participation Checklist

Guild participation in Food Fantasy is very simple and should take under 10 minutes at the most, which is why active guilds will often boot players not making the effort. The daily things you should do in your guild:

  • Play Food Fantasy daily (players idle more than a day or two are usually kicked)
  • Build 10 times daily (Gold)
    • Optional: Build with Building Coupons earned from events, or gems if you like. But the 100k gold contribution is all most non-whale guilds will expect
  • Fight the Disaster Boss
  • Fight the Guild Boss (Event tab in guild)
    • Optional: Your guild might set an expected damage per guild boss and kick under-performers
  • Feed the Guild Pet (if any)
    • Guild Pet is unlocked by beating a Guild Boss
  • Before the reset, check which Guild Missions have been completed and get all rewards. If any missions weren’t cleared, consider working toward that goal more tomorrow.
    • Optional: Check the guild shop for daily items you wish to buy (Spaghetti shards, etc)
Guild Store

The Guild store is where you exchange Guild Money for items. The shop resets at irregular 14 hour intervals like the Showdown, meaning effectively two buying attempts per day. Guild Money should be saved for Spaghetti shards, the first unique item the shop has. Then Canele, if you want to shoot for the moon, or Spirit Reincarnators, as this is one of the easier ways to get them in Food Fantasy.

The only particularly notable items in the store are these:

  • Spaghetti Shards
    • 2 per reset
    • 300 Guild Money
    • Guild level 5 to unlock
  • Summoning Embers
    • 150 per reset
    • 10 GM
    • Level ? to unlock
  • Canele Shards
    • 2 per reset
    • 1200 GM
      • Basically unobtainable
    • Level 8 to unlock
Guild Missions

After Guild Level 2 you’ll unlock Guild Missions. These are goals the whole guild contributes to (without having to try) and are reset with the daily reset.

The guild as a whole gets a moderate boost of XP for each mission completed, and individual guildmates get rewards if the guild completes the mission. An even moderately active guild should have no trouble completing these daily.

Food Fantasy recently updated and the guild missions are different, but clearly explained in the daily tasks section.

Guild Boss & Disaster Boss Strategy

Guild Boss

Please note you can cancel out of a guild boss fight if you’re going to wipe; pause the game immediately and pick “leave” and you can fight it again. This will help avoid underperforming especially if you bring the wrong team.

The guild boss is intimidating but very strategic and not nearly as dependant on team strength as you might think; playing smartly, almost any player should be able to survive to (or past) the final fireball. Level/etc matters greatly for DPS, but should not significantly impact survivability.

The biggest quirk with the guild boss is that defense is also unneeded; the guild boss does damage to your team based on your team’s HP added together and divided by 5; this means the defense stat is totally ignored, and the HP stat is a liability.

If a unit has too high of HP they won’t be healed as quickly (healing is always absolute, not proportional) and the Fireballs may OHKO lower HP characters. Use Fallen Angels to smooth out HP values if necessary (it usually isn’t).

Guild Boss Attack Pattern
Devouring Beast

HP: 80 Million

The Lion guild boss has a 100% predictable attack pattern:

Claw, Claw, Slap
Claw, Claw, Slap
Claw, Claw, Slap

Also, Fireballs at exact timings


Claw is a basic non-fractional damage to your tank (the highest HP unit in the front ‘row’). With two good healers this should be completely ignorable. Note you don’t need a defense unit for this boss; “tank” simply refers to who is targeted first by the AI.


Slap is potentially the most dangerous move, it deals a mere 20% damage to a random unit, and it can also stun or silence them. While totally random it can prevent you from healing during a critical moment (and even waste your energy meter if you cast then get silenced).

If a Slap is about to cause you to wipe, pause the game, leave, and retry. Even with perfect strategy this can be an issue. Since you can know when Slap is coming if you count the claws, you can get a sense of when not to cast, but it might not be worth worrying about since you can cancel and retry anyway.


Roars deal 30% damage plus some lesser Damage Over Time (DOT) to the whole party and will be the primary annoyance in keeping everyone ready to survive fireballs. While you’re still learning the pattern, healing after a Roar is a safe play to make.


Fireballs are what’s most likely to KO your team unless your team composition is really bad or silence steals your win. Every once in a while the boss will nuke your team with massive percentage-based damage via the fireballs. Fireballs come at set intervals and are totally predictable.

Cast your heals just before the timer hits these points, or with Tangyuan just after the times listed.

Fireball Timers
  • 2:57
    • 70% damage
  • 1:47
    • 95% damage
  • 0:57*
    • There’s a 30% damage Roar (not fireball) here just before the final fireball, be sure to heal AFTER it
  • 0:47
    • This is the litmus test; this one does 99% damage and you will absolutely need either full HP or Tangyuan’s invincibility to survive it
    • If your team’s HP isn’t evened out enough, you may be OHKO even at full HP

You can also see the boss’ windup if that helps time your skills instead, but it’s quite brief if you’re not on 1x speed. Remember you can pause and leave to restart the fight if you mess up early, as long as your team isn’t wiped yet.

The Guild Boss is immune to all status effects and is a single target, so most Crowd Control characters are unneeded (but as long as they do enough damage, they can be fine to bring anyway).

Note the current strategy is only for the big lion boi. Future guild bosses may (likely, will) have different strategy and team requirements.

Resetting the Boss

There’s two ways to reset the Guild Boss to make sure you get the most out of your daily attempt.

First if you can see that things aren’t going well before the match is over, you can simply pause and pick “leave”, then restart the fight right then and there.

If the “You Lose” screen is already displaying with the “revive” prompt, you may force close the app and restart Food Fantasy. You can try again as you reopen the game.

Best Guild Boss Team

Toso (Leader), Sanma, Mooncake, Miso Soup, Tanguan

Backup team: Black Tea, your best DPS (Strength/Magic unit), Milk, Miso Soup, Mooncake

Fallen Angels: Pure attack, potentially with some HP lines just to even out HP. HP should be as low and as equal between characters as possible due to the boss dealing percentage based damage.

Here’s a video of the guild boss team in action (courtesy of Chack, an amazing guildmate of ours!), surviving the whole duration of the fight. Note he uses Sweet Tofu for better (but less predictable) healing, Tangyuan is not a hard requirement.

Toso is here for good DPS, and she’s leader so the rest of the party gets their energy skills earlier and more frequently. Guild Boss does not buff itself so she’s not as critical as Disaster boss.

Sanma and Mooncake are here to allow you to link Miso and Tanguan, so you can time your heals. Timing heals is critical to surviving fireballs, you’ll either want full HP before a fireball hits, or time a Tangyuan invincibility to completely negate it’s damage. These two units also deal great DPS in addition to unlocking the links.

Miso Soup and Tangyuan are here to heal and the linked skills let you time your heals well so you’re not knocked out. It’s almost a rhythm game with this boss. Miso surprisingly does great damage as well. You can replace Tangyuan with Sweet Tofu or Milk if you don’t have her or if they heal considerably more damage. As long as you survive to the end you’re doing great.

If using Tangyuan and Fallen Angels are limited, note she doesn’t actually require a Fallen Angel to do her job as long as her skill is linked; she’s there to block fireballs more than heal. Miso Soup does however need a 4 Attack FA, since he does a surprising amount of damage directly.

Note there is no Defense unit included; defense does not work on this boss and higher HP makes it harder to survive.

The Backup team is just composed of characters any player is guaranteed to have or get easily from free sources. Slot in any stronger characters as you please, just note the general 2 healer 3 DPS strategy with ideally 2 linked heals.

Disaster Boss (Aluna)

Disaster isn’t really a unique thing to guilds, but I’ll list info for it here because it benefits guilds.

Guilds are quietly ranked on Disaster Boss performance too, and members of the top 100 guilds in the server will get 100 GM daily, and the top 3 guilds get 200 GM. Make sure to get your Disaster boss runs in daily as well so everyone gets the bonus!

You have 22 hours to get your one try of Disaster in; it expires 2 hours before the daily reset and is fought from the world map. There are gem-only bonuses that can boost your damage but they’re totally optional; make sure you claim the free revive if you’re not using any paid bonuses however.

Best Disaster Boss Team

Toso (Leader), Sanma, Laba Congee, Miso Soup, Tom Yum

Backup team: Mooncake, Miso, Milk, Black Tea, Tom Yum

Fallen Angels: 4 Defense on Tom Yum 4 Attack on everyone else.

Buff: Attack Speed seems to be the strongest buff, if you want to pay crystals.

Here’s footage of the current “best” team in action, surviving the whole duration of the fight. Note the 2* Toso and extremely good FAs, so don’t feel bad if you can’t quite meet that damage; it depends heavily on level/stars/team composition/FAs as always.

Toso and Mooncake are here to clear the boss’s buffs (the buffs visually do not seem to go away, but my damage numbers seem to indicate Cake/Toso are still helping).

Laba Congee is here because in addition to linking with Toso for one of the best linked heals in Food Fantasy, she clears the debuffs on your party, allowing you to deal much improved damage. Falling that, Sweet Tofu is an okay replacement, as is Tangyuan if you’re using Mooncake anyway.

Toso is leader because her energy skill also raises energy for the rest of the party, meaning more and earlier energy skill spam. Failing this, your best damage dealer can be leader.

Tom Yum is here because the Disaster boss does more damage the higher your team’s HP is, but Defense reduces it’s attacks (unlike Guild Boss, who ignores defense). Tom Yum has a narrow health pool and heals himself with his skills, so in concert with the two healers, he puts up an incredible defensive wall especially since he’s very easy to 5*.

Sanma and Miso Soup are here just to deal huge single target DPS, plus Sanma helps Miso link and heal even more. Damage over Time seems to ignore Defense which is part of why Miso is surprisingly good.

The Backup team is just composed of characters every player should have regardless of luck or IAPs, feel free to slot in people from the main team should you have them in the appropriate slot, or your best healers/attackers.

Guild Pet

After beating Guild Boss once, you unlock a Guild Pet, which can be seen in the Ancients tab. It’s a good reason to quickly defeat the Guild Boss. Guild Pets give passive bonuses to the whole guild, and are an extra source of Guild Money/Contribution points.


Dealing damage to the Guild Boss will give Energy for the Guild Pet based on the amount of damage dealt. Enough Energy will raise the Energy Level of the pet, raising it’s combat stats.

It’s currently unclear what Combat Power actually does for Guild Pet, but it’s likely it will be relevant in a future update/event.

Also once Guild Pet is unlocked, the Guild Boss’s HP works differently: it no longer resets once a week, but instead will refill only after it is reduced to zero, at which point it takes 24 hours to rest. Each time it rests, it will “level up” and have more HP, but the strategy and difficulty of the fight is still the same.


Up to 20 times a day each guildmate can feed the guild pet to raise it’s Fullness meter and also earn GM and Contribution points. Raising the Fullness meter adds a small amount to the Guild Pet’s passive effect, 0.1% each level.

It has 4 “favorite” dishes that rotate at random each day, one from each Cuisine type. Favorite dishes give four times the experience/contribution/Guild Money. The best dishes to use are sorted to the top in the interface.

Guild Pet List

Currently Food Fantasy only has one Guild Pet.

Beast Dumpling

Obtain: Defeat Devouring Beast

The basic Guild Pet, it buffs Attack in Story/Hard mode quest stages.

Creating a Guild

Cost: 200 crystals

Creating a guild in Food Fantasy comes with many responsibilities and basically no direct benefits other than being an early member and getting to boss people around. The great majority of players should join rather than creating their guild (at max level, a guild has 110 members, so 1 guild per 50-100 players is about right).

If you do create your own guild you get to pick its name, icon (which you can change at any time), kick/add members that apply, and assign Vice Presidents which can kick and accept members on your behalf.

It’s up to the guild master to determine how lenient to be with inactive members, but note that without active contributors it’s a very slow grind to level up your guild (which harms all your guild members too!) and you may even fail guild daily missions if your team is sufficiently lax.

I’ll note again you get no actual direct rewards for being guild president, you still get the same guild money/etc as everyone else, so really think it over before deciding to make your own.

SirTapTap’s Food Fantasy Guild

I have a guild myself, called SirTapTap with guild ID 1271, Gloriville Server.

I list my guild rules here both so my guildmates have easy access to them, and as inspiration for potential guild rules you might want to enforce. Guilds of course vary in how strict they are about idle accounts/building/bosses, but note that inactive players harm the rest of the guild due to opportunity cost.

Guild Rules
  1. Be level 55 or greater, and in the Gloriville server
    1. Seriously stop reapplying constantly after being rejected
  2. Build w/ gold 10x daily, 200k damage to guild boss daily, fight the Disaster boss daily
  3. Jerk = kick
  4. 3 days of no login/severe underperformance may result in a kick unless expected. Let a guild Vice President know if you’re going to be away/etc
  5. Discord attendance is not required, but preferred. Discord has a reminder bot for daily tasks too


Note that while this isn’t a Food Fantasy Wiki, you can share information and ask questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to help!

Useful Food Fantasy resources:

SirTapTap’s Discord server, Food Fantasy channel

Food Fantasy playthrough videos on SirTapTap’s Youtube

Shard Fusion Spreadsheet

Seasoning/dishes spreadsheet

Chinese Wiki for the original CN release of Food Fantasy. Spoilers abound!

High resolution Loading Screen images (without the loading text)

A guide on best Fallen Angels for specific tasks in Food Fantasy by hazey_sunshine from the discord (and a Patreon supporter!)

Food Fantasy Discord Server

My Discord Server has a channel just for Food Fantasy, with dozens of daily active chatters and hundreds of lurkers, you’re welcome to join!

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