Genshin Impact: List of Active Promotional Gift Codes

Here’s how to redeem Promotional Codes/Gift Codes in Genshin Impact to get Free Primogems and other items. There’s not many active codes yet, and codes tend to expire so look for them every once in a while. The ones so far haven’t been super lucrative, but hey, free stuff is free stuff.

Got codes I don’t have? Share them in a comment!

Updated 2020-11-10: New codes!

Genshin Impact Gift Codes

50 Primogems, 3 Hero's WitYesGENSHINGIFT
(Maybe after maint?)
30 PrimogemsYes?genshinMHY0MgenshinMHY0OgenshinMHY0I
30 Primogems
5x Adventure EXP
60 Primogems
10,000 Mora

How To Input Promo Codes

First you need to go to the Redeem Gift page on Note that the redeem page URL is different per-language, I’ve linked the English one. You’ll need to log in to your character, I recommend linking a Username/Email to your account first.

You can only log in to redeem gift codes with Email, Username, Facebook, or Twitter account. PS4 characters can’t get Gift Codes at all (but they get separate PS4 exclusive bonuses in their mail instead).

genshin impact how to redeem codes

Once you’ve logged into your mihoyo account you can just input the code, I’ve got all the known ones below.

After inputting the code, you’ll immediately get a Mail ingame to claim your reward.

Redeeming Genshin Impact Codes on PS4

You can’t.

Connect PS4 Account to Genshin Impact Website

You can’t.

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