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genshin impact event guide

Genshin Impact, like every other F2P game ever, has events! Here I’ll keep track of the current events and what you need to do to claim all your rewards. Genshin Impact’s launch events are pretty minimal, so you can do all of them pretty quickly to get your rewards.

If you play on multiple platforms like I do, note the Events red notification dot may come back for no reason after swapping between PC and Mobile. Just opening the menu to check the different tab clears it. The Events icon is, oddly, the Compass on the main UI.

Feel free to share other Genshin Impact tips and ask questions in the comments! I can make more guides based on what questions people have.

Updated 2020-10-01: Launch events added

Events Tab Events

All current Genshin Impact events listed in the Events tab of the Paimon menu.

Test Run

Ends October 19th.
Drops: 20 Primogems, 6 Adventurer’s Experience, 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

A common F2P tactic, this is a “try out” event where you get to play as level 80 max-stat versions of the 3 Rate-Boosted characters in the current limited-pool Wish gachapon. You can play as Venti, Barbara, and Fischl in a short arena and get some very minor (but free!) rewards out of it. You can do this any time, but you don’t get to keep the characters.

Seize The Day

Ends October 13th.
Drops: 300 Primogems, 12 Hero’s Wit, 4 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 5 Sweet Madame, 8000 Mora

Just 7 daily rewards you can claim one after another. Log in each day to unlock the rewards, if you log in but forget to claim a reward, you can just open two rewards the next day. You have about 14 days total to get the 7 days of rewards, so just log in daily and it’s no problem.

Fate Foretold

Drops: Lisa (Character), Kaeya (Character), Prototype Rancour (Weapon Prototype), Favonius Warbow (Weapon)

I don’t know why this is listed as an event—this just tells you the story progress you need to make to get a few main-story rewards. Nothing here is time limited and all you do is complete main story quests to get it. They are useful characters and items however.

People’s Choice

Drops: Xiangling

Get Xiangling (melee fire element 4* unit) for free by completing a combat trial. You must be Adventure Rank 20 to try out for this, but there’s no rush as it doesn’t expire. She’s a decent unit, though since you start with Amber who’s a pretty useful Fire type, it’s not something you need to rush either.

Limited Wish Pool Gachapon

Note you get a guaranteed 5* character every 90 pulls (nine 10 pulls), with what appears to be a 50% chance of getting the rate-up’d 5* unit. If you’re whaling that’s your target (hi whales, have I mentioned I have a Patreon? haha), and if you’re F2P and want to save up for someone you REALLY want, that’s also your target, to save up enough materials to do 9 sets of 10 in a row.

Mercy is every 90 pulls regardless of which pool. This means if you can save up your 90th pull (9th 10 pull) for the limited pool, you have the 50% odds of getting the rate-boosted 5*.

Ballad in Goblets

Ends: October 19th.

This is the current limited character pool gachapon, with Venti (5* Wind), Fischl (4* Electric), Xiangling (4* Fire), and Barbara (4* Water) as the rate-boosted units. Note Xiangling is not limited and is actually a free unit in the Events section (figures I pulled 2 of her and no one else).

Epitome Invocation

Ends: October 19th.

This is the limited weapon pool gachapon with special weapons as the rate-up units. Personally I consider weapon gachapons a whale-trap and recommend ignoring them. Aren’t characters just so much more fun?

Wanderlust Invocation

Ends: Permanent.

This is actually the standard Wish pool in Genshin Impact, which can be recognized by using regular Acquaint Fate items instead of Intertwined Fate. As with all Gachapon games, it’s likely the basic pool will be expanded over time, though only the developers could say when and how.

Note base units are very often “power creeped” out of the metagame and limited units will often be powerful or even relatively overpowered. For now, I recommend saving your Primogems for Limited Pools and just use your Aquaint Fates for this pool.

Pre-Registration Bonus

These rewards are in your Mail tab of the menu.

I see a lot of people thinking they’ve missed the preregistration period and thinking they won’t get the preregistration rewards. A little secret about mobile games and almost all pre-registration bonuses: unless you actually have to pay to pre-order, almost all of these games just give everyone the rewards for the first week or so.

Same here with Genshin Impact, everyone gets some mails that expire in 30 days to celebrate launch, you still get them even if you didn’t register!

Mail Rewards

In addition to the prereg bonuses, you’ll get several rewards in your email over the first few days, mostly Primogems, a little survey (that also gives Primogems). You’ll always get a red notification dot on the Mail menu when you have new mail, so these are pretty hard to miss, just check the game once a day to see what you get.

Games like this usually send out these little rewards every time there’s an update, server down time, new events, social milestones etc, so check every once in a while for freebies.

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