Genshin Impact: How To Link Accounts

GEnshin Impact How To Link Accounts Guide

Genshin Impact released this week and there’s a variety of ways to create and link an account to your credentials. You only need one method, even just a username and password, to play Genshin Impact. However, if you’re concerned about losing your password it’s useful to link as many methods as you can.

I decided to make this quick little how-to as it’s a little confusing at first, I had to ask someone how to change credentials myself. Feel free to share other Genshin Impact tips and ask questions in the comments! I can make more guides based on what questions people have.

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Genshin Impact: How To Link Accounts
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Creating Your Account

It doesn’t matter which method you use to create your account at first (except for PS4 users! PS4 is not cross-save), so don’t be afraid to use Username, Mobile Phone, Email, or anything else. Just create an account and play through some of the intro until you can open the menu.

If you create an account and have second thoughts about using that email/twitter account, don’t worry, you can link a different method and unlink most account methods. So if you put in an email and want to use a different one, don’t abandon the account, just change the link. You cannot change Username however.

Link or Unlink Genshin Impact Accounts

Note you can’t link a method to 2 accounts: you must first log in to the linked account, add a second link option to that account, then unlink the mobile/email/google/etc account. Usernames cannot be unlinked.

To change your account links, go to the Paimon menu, the icon at the top left of the main UI:

genshin impact paimon menu

Next go to the Settings menu from the Gear icon:Genshin Impact settings menu

Now open the User Center:

User Center

In here is the Linked Accounts menu, press any of these buttons to start linking the relevant accounts:

genshin impact linked accounts menu

Genshin Impact Account Link Options

Here’s all the methods to link your Genshin Impact account and help keep it safe. Note each third party account/email/etc can only be linked to one account, so if you make an account using one of these methods then try to link a new account to that old third party account, you won’t be able to.

There’s no major benefit to linking more than one account type, it’s just to help you keep access to your account if you forget your password. You’ll need to verify your account (password, email, text) to link a new method, but once linked you’ll only need to provide one set of credentials to log in on any device.


A standard Username and Password is the lighest way to set up your Genshin Impact account, but if you forget your password it can be a problem. If you use a Username, I recommend linking at least one of the  other methods below as well.

Note your Username is not your User ID (the “friend code” you add people to in game) nor is it your character name (which can be changed at any time). It doesn’t need to be memorable or relatable to other people, it is only to log into Genshin Impact.


I’d recommend linking at least an email in case you forget your Genshin Impact password. You’ll need to input your email, and get a verification code in your inbox when linking Email.


You can link your mobile phone number instead of an account code, like email they’ll send you a code (via text) to input.

Game Center, Apple ID, Google

I STRONGLY recommend that you do not bother linking with Google or Apple accounts. They are responsible for almost every problem people have and cannot be used on other platforms. They are useless.

From an iOS device, you can link your Game Center and/or Apple ID account. These can’t be linked except on iOS. You don’t need to link your Game Center to play on iOS, it’s just another way to log in, and one that doesn’t work on PC. Note linking mobile accounts doesn’t prevent you from playing on PC, you just can’t use this account when logging on via PC, you must add a non-Apple/Google account link to log in on PC.

Similarly Google accounts can only be linked and only be used on Android.

Note if you want to play on PC as well, you need to link a different account method to play your account on PC. It’s okay if you already created the account using Apple ID/Game Center/Google, just add a second kind of login. If you already have a different method linked, there is no reason to link a Mobile-only account unless you’re worried you will lose access to all of your non-mobile account options.

PS4 Accounts

Characters/accounts made on PS4 have to stay on PS4, so you can’t link your PSN account to your Mobile/PC character. It is not “cross save” on PS4.

You can still cross-play with other players using your ingame UID. You cannot link any other kinds of accounts or unlink PS4 accounts; your PS4 account is your PSN ID, no ifs, ands, or buts. This also means you cannot log into  to redeem codes on PS4. PS4 accounts do not have a MiHoYo account to log into at all.

Please stop joining the discord to ask how to link PS4 accounts, the answer is still “you can’t” period.

Can I Play On PC?

For some reason people seem very confused about this—if you are not playing on PS4, your character can transfer between PC and Android/iOS at any time, you can play on both platforms flawlessly without reinstalling, restarting, ‘transferring’ saves etc.

You just need to link any account method EXCEPT Google/Apple/Game Center. Use a username, email, Twitter, Facebook, or mobile phone number, then just log in to both devices using accounts linked to the same character.

If you’re on PS4 your character is permanently tied to your PSN account and cannot be changed ever.

Should I use Bluestacks to play on PC?

Goodness no!! I’ve seen this asked several times, Genshin Impact has a native PC version that will perform a dozen times better than emulated Android, please download the native version instead.

Logging out of Genshin Impact

This is another slightly confusing one; there are two buttons that ask if you want to Log Out on the title screen. The one to the left with the “power” symbol is to close the game. The one on the right with the “leaving through a door” icon is the Log Out button.

Click the right button to log out of an account to switch accounts or if you’ve made an account in error and want to use other credentials.

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18 thoughts on “Genshin Impact: How To Link Accounts”

  1. So I signed in with my Apple ID and I’m now in AR 48, is there a way I can change it into a mihoyo account without loosing my progress? (-.-). Using an Apple ID has caused me to not be able to use redeem codes and such…

    1. You can redeem codes ingame now, but just follow the instructions to add things. You don’t really need to “change” anything just go to the user center and add more than apple id

  2. I read over the guide and it makes sense but im still confused on how to add a secondary log in. Since I can’t log in with my apple id on the official website how do i link the accounts?

    1. You have to add a login method that works on the site to your account, the instructions are in the guide (they basically are the guide). You don’t need to log into the official website anymore more or less now though, but I still highly recommend linking an email or phone aswell

  3. I’m playing on PC and usually signed in using do I link it to my mobile phone?

    1. It should be very clear from the guide…you can literally just log in with facebook on your phone. Link means that login IS your account

  4. Hello, apparently ive forgotten the password for my Username account login, and i was thinking, if i login my username to another account (email account) will i have the option to keep my username account progress or does the email one overwrite it?

    1. If your account was already linked, logging in with email will literally just log into your single one account. If you didn’t link, you have to talk to their support

  5. Hello, I started my account on PC, and now I would like to play on the same account with my phone. I logged in on my phone with the same account that I use on PC, but it gave me a new save game. When I go to user settings it says my email is linked.

    I’m trying to be careful with this since I have played on PC for 10’s of hours and don’t accidentally want to link my new shitty phone save to my PC.

    Do you know the way for me to get my PC save on my phone?

    Thank you

    1. Logging in with the same account will always log you in with the same account. If you picked Apple ID or Google ID, it is NOT the same as the email login even if it’s the same email. I strongly recommend always logging in with username or email and never using the google/apple logins.

      1. That’s exactly the thing do, I DID log in with the same email/user name no apple ID or any other funny business, and my progress has not carried over..

  6. This is helpful — but I’m missing the Paimon button on my iOS app. I started the game with AppleID but thought it would be nice to cross-save my progress on the PC version. Problem is, the PC version doesn’t have Sign In With Apple, and I don’t see a way to link my existing progress (such as it is) with Facebook or Twitter, even after starting a new character under Facebook. Any ideas?

    1. You have to advance through the tutorial to get the paimon button. You can sign in with your PC credentials on iOS, apple/google/PS4 aside, all link options can be used on all platforms.

      Don’t start new characters, just log out and log in with the same credentials. If you signed in with Apple ID on iOS, you need to add a non-apple link like email or facebook

  7. Hi how can I unlink my google account in android? i just want to link every account into one

    1. Not sure if you can unlink google. I mistakenly logged in with my google account on android and don’t seem to be able to use it on my real account

    2. Found it, you gotta log in to the google account, link something else to it, unlink it from google, then log into your other account and link the google account

      1. I’m playing on mobile and used one of my google play account, played until AR 37… I unlink it from the mobile ans now lost it. Is there a way I can retrieve it?

        1. You can’t unlink the last link method. If an account is only on a google account logging into it with google is the (only) way to retrieve it. If you linked a different account method then removed the google method you have to log into whatever that was. If you can’t figure it out talk to their support

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