Genshin Impact How To Play Co Op

genshin impact co op how to guide

Co Op in Genshin Impact isn’t available by default, but you unlock it pretty quickly. It has some funky restrictions and requirements, so I’ll detail all you need to know about Co Op in Genshin Impact for PC, PS4, and mobile devices.

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Unlock Co Op In Genshin Impact

To unlock Co Op you must simply reach Adventure Rank 16. Keep clearing Story and Character quests and you should reach 16 before too long. If you still can’t play Co Op after unlocking the feature, you’re probably in a Story Quest, complete the quest to play.

You can start Co Op at any Domain with the Create Match button, or simply use the Co Op button on the Paimon menu if you are out in the world. Rather than hosting a game and inviting players, you join another player’s game. Be sure to add some Friends ingame to have people to co op with, it is very useful for Boss and Domain grinding.

Co Op play is cross-platform but you must be in the same server region.

What To Do In Co Op

  • Explore the world of the Host (World Level, unlocks, chests are all based on the Host)
    • Items picked up by any player disappear to other players; eg if you mine some Ore, it will be gone to the other players so be considerate
  • Challenge Abyssal Domains for Weapon/Talent/etc enhancement items
    • Each player can pay Original Resin to get Domain rewards. If one player is out they won’t get their rewards, but other players still can.
    • Note in Domains only 1 of each Character can be used across the party. Choose a good team based on which Domain it is, the suggested Elements work well.
  • Fight Monsters, Map Bosses, and Ley Line Outcrops
    • Each player can choose to pay Original Resin to get Ley Line Outcrop drops. Other world drops can be collected by any player
  • Daily Commissions can be done as well

Co Op Limitations

  • You must be in the same server region
  • You cannot join a game in a higher World Level (lower is fine)
  • You cannot start or progress in most Quests
  • You can’t pick up Oculi, open Chests, or offer Oculi to the Statues of the Seven. The Host player can still do all of these, and it appears you get a small amount of Mora when they open chests.
  • You can’t use ingame Shops at all
  • You can’t play Spiral Abyss
  • You can’t use the same character as another player in Domains (out in the world it’s fine)
  • You’re limited to 1 or 2 characters in Co Op mode
    • In 4 Player Co Op each player can only pick 1 character
    • In 3 Player Co Op, the Host can pick between 2 characters, everyone else gets 1
    • In 2 Player Co Op, both players can pick between 2 characters
    • Open the Party menu to switch characters in Co Op. By default, you use the first character in your Party, not the character you selected before starting Co Op mode

“Currently Unable To Enter Another Player’s World”

If you get an error message saying you’re Currently Unable To Enter Another Player’s World, it’s because you’ve started but have not completed a Story mission. It won’t tell you what mission it is if trying to match from the Domain menu, but if you try the Co Op button in the Paimon menu it will tell you the mission name.

Open Quests in the paimon menu to look for the quest it tells you to finish (it doesn’t have to be a main story quest—it can be random things around the world!) then complete it to unlock Co Op mode again.

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