Genshin Impact PS4 Accounts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Genshin Impact PS4 FAQ cross save, cross play, redeem codes login

Genshin Impact’s PS4 version has created a LOT of questions after my Link Accounts Guide so I thought I’d make a single neat guide to answer all of them in one go.


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Update 2020-11-11: Redeems can now be made in-game, so PS4 can finally redeem codes

What’s Different in Genshin Impact PS4?

To put it quickly:

  • The base game is the same, all areas, quests, single player features are the same
  • PS4 players get an exclusive Wing Glider skin
  • You can add friends and play Co Op with them from any platform if they are in the same region, even PC/Mobile
  • The graphics are set, and loading times are a bit longer than other versions. On the flip side, you don’t have to worry about tweaking settings, it runs the same on every PS4
    • It does appear to target 4K on PS4 Pro
  • The PS4 version has Trophies
  • You cannot redeem Codes from on PS4 or log on to it
    • You can however redeem codes those same promo codes from the Settings > User Center menu
  • You cannot log into PS4 accounts on PC or Mobile. There is NO cross save of any kind with PS4
  • There is no account linking features of any kind, your PSN account IS your Genshin Impact account
  • Your region is your PSN account region
  • You cannot delete your PS4 account of Genshin Impact by any means

How do I Create an Account on PS4?

You just turn on your PS4 log into your PSN account (you are almost certainly already logged in) and start the game. Your Genshin Impact account IS your Playstation Network account, and it is impossible to separate, delete, link, or unlink.

How Do I Play on PC or Mobile with my PS4 Account?

You can’t. MiHoYo officially stated due to PSN infrastructure incompatibilities, PS4 accounts are not Cross Save. If you want to play on PC and Mobile you’ll need a separate account, I recommend just picking a platform and sticking with it.

How Do I Change Region On PS4?

You can’t. Region on PS4 is tied to your PSN account’s region.


How Do I Redeem Codes on PS4?

PS4 can redeem codes by using the Settings > User Center menu.

You cannot log into or redeem gift codes from a PS4 account, use the User Center ingame instead. If you’re getting an “account error” message trying to log into the website, it’s because as far as knows, that account does not exist.

Where Is the User Center to Link Accounts on PS4?

There is no User Center on PS4. There is no way to link or unlink accounts. There is nothing at all you can do about your account on the PS4 version, so the menu option is not there at all.

How Do I Play Co Op On PS4?

This is the one networking case here where PS4 Genshin Impact is exactly the same as other versions of Genshin Impact. Co Op is the exact same and as king as players are in the same server region as you, you can just play. You cannot change server region on any platform.


Will This Change?

MoHoYo specifically said the lack of PS4 cross save is due to “incompatibilities” with Playstation Network so the answer is almost certainly no.

How Can I make An Alt on PS4?

You can make an Alt in Genshin Impact PS4 by just making an alternate PSN account. Every PS4 account is a different Geshin Impact PS4 account by default.

Note this is not an effective way to “reroll” if you want to earn trophies etc on your main PSN account; your alt will permanently be bound to the alternate PS4 account. You can’t delete a character and retry on your main account, once the account is made it is currently there forever (and this is unlikely to change).

How Can I Reroll/Delete Genshin Impact Account on PS4?

You can’t. It sounds like they might even be banning people who reroll and the reroll process (and gachapon) are horrible in general so I don’t recommend it anyway, but you can’t delete or re-link a PSN account once it’s tied to Genshin Impact.


What are the Trophies on Genshin Impact PS4?

Time to go to the classic for that one! They have all the info.

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  1. So one can have two PSN accounts? And thus that would be two separate Genshin accounts? :0 Is that legal?

    1. You can make infinite Genshin accounts. There is no capacity to trade whatsoever (like all gacha games) so there is no benefit to doing so, and thus no rule against it

  2. Do you know by chance if it affects my gameplay in any kind if I change my PSN ID? I really want to change it but don’t want to risk losing my progress by not being able to log into Genshin Impact anymore…

  3. Hey how can i login to another account on my ps4, (like its not from my other profile but from another person)?

  4. This is almost right. You can redeem codes straight from the ps4. You do not have to login to the website. Just go to the in game settings, and you can navigate to the area where you can redeem codes.

  5. Hi. My name is Khoo. I would like to ask about the gift codes. Will mihoyo make a way for PS4 user to redeem the codes in the future?

    1. It’s in the guide, no gift codes work on PS4. You’d have to ask the company about changes not me, but stuff like that is almost always worked out before release not after

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