Gnog Trophy Guide

GNOG Trophy Guide

GNOG is a game best played purely for fun the first time, so I strongly recommend beating the game before you read another word! And play it in PSVR if you can! That said, this guide has all info you need to finish up the trophies after you’re done.

All trophies are Bronze, and there is no Platinum trophy. If you have issues unlocking trophies, be sure you’re on the latest patch (at least 1.03) as it fixes a trophy bug. There are no DLC or PSVR exclusive trophies, missable trophies, or anything to really worry about.

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Let's Play Gnog: Vibrant, Playful Point & Puzzle with Giant Robot Heads!
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Regular Trophies

These trophies aren’t hidden, and will be awarded simply for progressing through the game. They’re unmissable and nothing to worry about, just beat the game once without worrying about trophies.


Beat the level HOM-3. Ditto for the following 8 trophies.

Head of the Class

Beat the game.

Secret Trophies

These are the only trophies you’ll have trouble with, don’t try these until you’ve beaten the game! The game is more fun played purely for fun and mopping up the trophies will take no time at all after you’ve beaten it once.

Unboxing Expert

Unlock every level.


Level: HOM-3

Leave no trace. Don’t get caught while helping the thief. Just don’t reveal him until you’ve solved the puzzle in the top and second to top areas. You can mess up the code puzzle as many times as you’d like, it doesn’t count against this. Don’t visit the ground floor without disabling the power in the basement. Doing all of that and stealing everything you should get this.

Frog Frustrater

Level: FRG-Y

Please don’t bother the amphibians. Click the frog as it sits on the bed many times until you get the trophy.

Acclaimed Chef

Level: EATER

Keep the kitchen clean. Make food right the first time. Follow the instructions carefully: 50% power, 60% time, 3 berries on the left, 5 berries on the right, and use both canisters from the mantle.

Chocolate Cheater

Level: CANDY

Watch what you eat. Get the Chocolate head’s code right the first try. Just return to level select if you mess it up. The order is:

 X X X X
 X X X
Class Clown

Level: LAB-O

Daydream at the blackboard. Spin the blackboard a lot and you should get it. Try leaving it flat as well.

Worm Hunter

Level: LOG

Leave No Worm Behind. Eat all the worms first try. Only click on the stump once the worm has popped up and you’ll eat it every time. Reset by exiting the level if you mess it up.

Strong Stomach

Level: VORT-X

Test the astronaut for space sickness. Let the astronaut rotate on the arm outside for many rotations until the trophy pops.

The Aquatic Life

Level: SUB-01

Discover what lurks below. Send the diver to the very bottom of the level until you see a strange creature on the display.


Level: PURP-L

Experiment in the studio. Use every possible knob and button in the level on both sides of the face. Make sure you get all the purple columns and the two reels on the front.


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