Grow RPG Σ (Sigma) Solution Guide & Walkthrough

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Grow RPG Sigma is/was an Android port of EyezMaze’s delightful Grow RPG with added achievements, unlockable ‘figures’, and a whole new Sigma mode!

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Grow Sigma Ending Solutions

Like all Grow games, click the items to “use” them, the order in which they’re used affects the outcome. A specific order is required to “win” or see the endings.

To keep things fun, spoilers are staggered, so you can see which item to use first/last to help use process of elimination to figure things out, rather than simply looking at the whole list and spoiling it all in one go. If you know the first item, there’s much less possible mistakes to make.

Normal Ending

Grow games usually have at least one secret ending. As far as I can tell, Grow RPG Sigma Mode only has one sending. If there’s a secret, let me know in the comments so I can add it!

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5

Download Grow RPG Sigma

Grow RPG Sigma was sadly removed from Android stores, but you can still download and play the APK File to play it. I’ve played the one from APK Pure myself, so it should be safe.

You can play it on PC with Nox Player (or any other Android emulator of your choice). Or naturally, on almost any Android phone.

Google Play Achievements

Here’s a guide with the Android achievements information for now:


Here is my Let’s Play video with the first ending from the original Grow RPG:

Let's Play Grow RPG: A Puzzling Adventure
Watch this video on YouTube.

You can also see a full playthrough with the Sigma Mode Ending here:

Let's Play Grow RPG Σ | Mobile-exclusive Sigma Mode!
Watch this video on YouTube.


Thanks to Logan Skowron on YouTube for letting me know Sigma Mode exists!

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