How to import Japanese Estival Versus saves to the Localization

The English Estival Versus title screen with Share Data selected

If you’re like me and imported the Japanese release of Senran Kagura Estival Versus AND bought the localized release, you might have been disappointed your old save file didn’t work in the English release. Well, it turns out you CAN import that save data, we just need to use the cross save feature! Here’s a quick step by step guide, this should only take a minute.

Note that you still need to have the Japanese copy of the game to do this with, your save file alone can’t be imported, we need to use the Cross Save functionality ingame to export and import.

Also since this is cross save, you can import a Japanese Vita version’s save data into the US PS4 release or whatever you like.

So first we load up the Japanese game. We’ll switch between JP and ENG O/X confirmations so try not to press the wrong buttons.

Select this at the main menu, it’s “Share Data”.

First play Screen Shot 2016-03-19 11-26-54

Pick the top option here, “Upload Save Data”. Download is the lower one.First play Screen Shot 2016-03-19 11-26-51

Load up the save file you want to import. It won’t be erased or anything. We can only upload one save at a time, if you need multiples for some reason. First play Screen Shot 2016-03-19 11-27-02

If you’ve used the Cross Save feature before, it will show you the old save data and you’ll have to press O to confirm you want to overwrite it.First play Screen Shot 2016-03-19 11-27-14

Once you see the following screen you’re done!First play Screen Shot 2016-03-19 11-28-23

Now load up the English/localized copy of the game. Same steps here, but they should be easy enough to follow without instructions really.First play Screen Shot 2016-03-19 11-30-20

Download Share Data this time.First play Screen Shot 2016-03-19 11-30-22

It’ll show you a confirmation with the stats of the save data you downloaded.First play Screen Shot 2016-03-19 11-30-49

Don’t forget to save it in a new slot if you already started the game. You’ll probably want to play the whole story over again to see all the story and humor after all.First play Screen Shot 2016-03-19 11-30-52

And you’re done!First play Screen Shot 2016-03-19 11-31-08


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