How To Block ALL NFT Hexagon Avatar Accounts on Twitter

Cryptobros. Hexagons. NFT Chuds. Buttcoiners. Call them what you will, everyone hates them. What if there were a way to hide them all from Twitter in an instant? Well, you can mute NFT bros instantly with Better TweetDeck’s mute feature!

Author’s Note: Twitter’s API changes have killed some of these methods, and as long as Elongated Muskrat owns the platform, my only recommendation is to stop using Twitter immediately in any capacity.

Thanks to Better TweetDeck which has already added an option to auto-mute NFT Avatars (those people with Hexagon avatars that spam your notifs if you dare mention NFTs). Note that unfortunately since this is a Browser Extension (and for Tweetdeck) it more or less only works on Desktop. If you find a simple solution to auto-mute cryptobros on Twitter, please let me know in the comments!

After installing the Browser Extension (their site has links for Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari), all you need to do is get to the Better Tweetdeck settings and turn on the feature. Find this button at the bottom of your BTD modified

Better Tweetdeck Settings button


And find the Misc section of the General tab, the first tab that opens in settings and check this lovely little button and you’ll mute all NFT avatars (and their users) from the whole UI! Better TweetDeck also has a number of cool features that can improve your Twitter experience, but I won’t go into that here.

This option will Hide NFT Integration on Twitter (Better Tweetdeck)

Now note that this will only hide NFT Avatar users, not users faking a hexagon crop (lol because yes of course you can do that), or Crypto users not using the NFT integration. Also note this is just a BTD mute, the users are not blocked and can still read your tweets; they just won’t show up in your UI. But out of site, out of mind.

Author’s note: I don’t make Better TweetDeck, this is just a little HowTo! Direct any cryptobro rage to [email protected], and any BTD support questions to Better TweetDeck’s support.

Got any other Anti-NFT tools? Share ’em in the comments!

If you want more broad Anti-NFT action, check out No F*cking Thanks on Github by Sam Hocevar.

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