Makai Wars English Guide, Character Info, & Translations

Makai Wars English Guide by Sir TapTap

Makai Wars (魔界ウォーズ ) released on Android and iOS (in Japan only)  in February! As a huge fan of Disgaea I started a guide to both get you started quickly and also detail the more intricate details, all without knowing Japanese. The guide will be expanded over time as new info comes in. As always, you can donate to my Patreon to support my guides!

Makai Wars is a simplified Strategy Roleplaying Game much like Disgaea (and half of NIS’ other games), and it’s Asagi’s very own game! For real this time! No really, stop laughing!


Feel free to ask questions or share info in the comments below or chat in the  Makai Wars channel in my Discord server!


See the Spreadsheet or skills list for the latest character info.

Guide Updates

What The Heck Is Makai Wars?

Makai Wars (魔界ウォーズ) is a long-running gag in the Disgaea/NIS community. Originally it was announced as a PSP game for E3 2004 and Asagi was to be the protagonist. It was a no-show. It was later re-announced as a PS3 game, which also never materialized.

Since then Asagi has shown up in a majority of NIS tactical games making cameo appearances, usually searching for her game, Makai Wars. She even got a full “Asagi Mode” side story in Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood (yes that’s a real title).

Finally, in the fateful year of our Overlord 2018, Makai Wars is a real thing and Asagi didn’t lie about it being her game; though it’s basically a Disgaea spinoff title featuring her. It’s a mini-SRPG playing like a simplified version of many of NIS’s other titles, specifically Disgaea.


Game Info

Title: 魔界ウォーズ (Makai Wars)
Platform: Android & iOS
Language: Japanese
Release date: 2018-02-15 (Android)
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software and Clover Lab
Price: Free with IAP/Gachapon
Genre: SRPG
Filesize: 520MB (installed and updated)
Cloud Save: Yes, must set up CloverlabID
Always Online: Yes, persistent internet connection required
Gambling element: Yes (standard character Gachapon a la FateGO etc)
Battery Drain: High

If you’re just curious and not curious enough to download a Japanese app, you can see some standard gameplay of Makai Wars here.

Makai Wars Quickstart Guide

Big word of warning here; this is not a text-light game. With the use of Google Translate’s image translate feature (Android Version, iOS version), experience with past NIS titles, and a healthy dose of highly scientific trial-and-error, you’ll probably be able to play this game.

It will not be easy at first, but it’s fully playable as long as you’re willing to forgo the story. Even with Google Translate you’re unlikely to be able to enjoy the story without quite a bit of extra effort. If you’re searching for other, native language resources for the game, note the title is “魔界ウォーズ” in native japanese.


Heads up – Yes, this is a free to play mobile game and yes, there is a gachapon. If that’s a problem for you I strongly recommend not bothering especially if you cannot read Japanese. But if you just want to take a quick peek, you can try out Makai Wars for free of course

But for those who want to dive in headfirst like me, here’s how to get started. First you’ll be greeted by some Japanese menus, the intro isn’t too hard to work your way through but here’s an English translation of the first menus just in case:

The Makai Wars Intro Menus

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Makai Wars it will ask you to agree to the Terms of Service (check the box). Generally, pressing the Red button is Back/Cancel and the Blue button is Accept/Continue. Keep Accepting from the start and name your account (8 characters only).

Eventually you’ll have to download about 40MB of extra data to start the tutorial. Be warned that later you’ll have to download another 400MB of data after the tutorial to actually start playing. I recommend starting Makai Wars on WiFi for that reason.


You’ll get a little story sequence (which you can skip if you don’t know Japanese) and the intro will play. Turn your device on it’s side to see the intro in full 16:9 and turn your volume on if you can/like.

Before we start playing Makai Wars will give you a free Gachapon roll of 4 characters; three 2★ rarity characters and a special 3★. To use Disgaea terms, 2★ characters are “Generics” like Female Warrior and Prinnies, while 3★s are Story Characters like Laharl and Flonne.

The 3★ characters you can get in the tutorial gachapon are listed below. A few characters can only be earned in regular gachapon pulls, not this free one.

Tutorial Gachapon possibilities

You can see a current list of characters here (in japanese). Anyone in that list in Red cannot be gotten in the tutorial gachapon. Additionally Etna is a 20 day login bonus, Asagi is given for free, and Freya is given as a preregistration bonus (to all players); none of those three characters will be in the first Gachapon pull, but you’ll get them all free (eventually, in Etna’s case).

Famous characters that are in the gachapon:


  • Laharl
  • Seraphina
  • Almaz
  • Rosalina
  • Killia
  • Artina

You can reroll the tutorial gachapon as many times as you like by pressing the red button on the left after the draw. Shoot for a 3★ character you like, but remember no amount of spins will get you more than one 3★, and there will be plenty of draws for generic 2★s later.

After you get your starter characters a battle starts. The tutorial is basic SRPG stuff that any Disgaea fan should be most familiar with. Don’t worry about your actions in the battle, it’s very easy, just move forward aggressively and you’ll finish it in a few minutes tops.

After the tutorial you’ll get your first login bonuses; a total of 600 Gems, enough for two extra character Gachapon pulls to start filling out your ranks. From here you’re on your own (for now), just try to experiment and have fun! Some basic menu translations have been posted here to get you started.

Reroll First Gachapons

If you hate yourself enjoy min-maxing Gachapon rolls, a method was discovered to re-roll the first two gachapon rolls with the extra 600 gems you get early in the game without re-downloading the main game.

If you enjoy Shiny Hunting in Pokemon give it a shot for the 3★s of your dreams, personally I wouldn’t bother.

Cloud Save

There’s a cloud save option in the Settings menu you should set up as soon as possible (the two phones and the arrow). Tap the top button to make a new CloverLab account or make one here, then log into it in the game to start using cloud saves. All that’s required is an email and a password no other info.


This will protect your data if your phone is stolen by a Prinny or mistaken for a Sardine by an overlord. If you forgot your CloverLab password (hint; save it in your browser’s password manager!), you can reset your cloverlab ID here.


To contribute see our Spreadsheet of Characters; thanks so much to everyone who’s helped out from the Discord server!

NameTypeSkill 2Skill 3Passive 1Passive 2Strategy/Notes
AsagiFire, Gun, Female, WalkingMagical Bazooka - 1x3 line AoE, Knocks back one space, CD 4 (max CD 2)Assault Dancing - 3x3 Around Asagi, 25% chance to stun (max 35%), CD 6 (max CD 5)Hero Properties - Gain 30% (max 50%) attack boost when ally diesIndomitable Spirit - 15% (max 30%) chance to survive a killing blow
EtnaDark, Spear, Female, WalkingSexy Beam - Heart shaped AOE, base 30% (max 40%) confuse chance (CD 4, max 3)Chaos Impact - High damage, base 35% (max 50%) Burn chance (CD 6, max 5)Dignity of a Genie - Acts as all elements; all incoming attacks are not very effective, all outgoing attacks are super effectiveFlat devil Jealousy - Base 20% (max 30%) extra damage against same sex (female) targetsEtna will never be taking weakness damage and has very good skills. Female attack boost may be more relevant in PVP than SP quest.
LaharlFire, Sword, MaleOverlords Wrath - Cross AoE, 35% (max 50%) chance to burn targets for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)Meteor Impact - 3x3 AoE arround Laharl, 20% (max ?)chance to stun CD 7 (max CD?)Counter - Counters with skill 1 when attacked by adjacent enemyMeteor Impact has a 15% chance to ignore 50% of enemies defence
FlonneLight, Staff, FemalePower of Love - 3x3 AoE surrounding Flonne that heals allies for 30% HP and removes debuffs, CD ?Flonnezilla - 3x3 AoE 15% chance to stun for 1 turnAura of charity - When Flonne is KO'd, Heal all allies by 25% remove debuffs and increase attack by 15% for 2 turns?
Fallen Angel FlonneDarkCross Shape, CD 5 (max CD 3)3x3 Grid infront of Flonne with a 15% (max 30%) chance to stun for 1 turn, CD 7 (max CD 6)5% (max 15%) ATK boost for each ally alive
Heals all allies by 5% (max 15%) when using skill 2
AdellFire, Fist, MaleCrimson Blaze - Single Target attack, Reduces target defence by 25% (max 50%) for 2 turns, CD ?Vulkan Blaze - Single target attack, 30% chance to stun, CD ?When an ally falls, Adell heals 3% hp, and gains 15% attack and speedSpeed Star - When Adell's Speed is higher then targets 25% chance to increase targets wait time by 10
RozalinWater, Gun, FemaleRose Thorns - Single target attack, reduces enemy speed by 25% (max 35%) for 2 turns, CD 3 (max CD 2)
Rose Liberation - 3x3 AoE around Rozalin 30% (max 50%) chance to confuse targets for 2 turns
Queen's Confidence - When Rozalin kills a enemy heal 20% (max 30%) and reduce her wait time by 35 (max 50)Queen's Aura - Increases male party member's ATK and DEF by 10% (max 25%)
AxelDark, Fist, MaleMy Heart Shakes - Single target attack with 30% chance to paralyze for 1 turnLove Dynamite - 3x3 grid in front of AxelShining Charisma - Increases drop chance of rare or above ranked itemsAbundant Power - 5% attack boost for alliesDark Ticket Only
MaoDark, Sword, MaleShine Beam - 1x3 lineVasa Aegrun - 3x3 AoE infront of Mao with chance to confuseThe Genius' Experiment - When attacking 20% chance to clear 1 enemy's buff
Guard Breaker - Decreases enemies defense within 2 squares by 5%Dark Ticket Only
RaspberylWind, Tome, FemaleD-Rule 1: Morality - 3x3 grid infront of Raspberyl, CD 5 (max CD 3)D-Rule 2: Volunteer - 3x3 surrounding Raspberyl, Boosts allies ATK and DEF by 35% (max 45%), CD 6 (max CD 5)D-Rule 3: Ecofriend - All Allies 4% (max 8%) Damage CutAll enemies within 2 squares have 10% (max 20%) Status resistance down
AlmazLight, Sword, MaleRunning Crosses - Single Target attack, Boosts SPD by 25% (max 50%) for 1 turn, CD 4 (max CD 2)Summoned Sword Dance - 3x3 Grid infront of Almaz, CD 7 (max CD 5)Heal all allies 4% (max 10%) when Almaz critsDeals 25% (max 50%) extra damage to dark enemies
SapphireIce, Axe, Female1x3 LineHeals all allies within 2 spaces of Sapphire by 25% (max 35%) removes negative effects, CD 6 (max CD 4)Increases ATK by 5% when hit up to 10 times, resets per waveGives a shield worth 5% of max HP when recieving a critical hit
SalvatoreFire, Gun, Female, WalkingDamageKnockback up to 4 SpacesATK+5% for all allies within 2 SpacesAll Enemies -10% Speed for first 2 TurnsSuper OP for arena due to slowing enemies down. Can replace Sera/make great synergy with her when speed is needed
ChamplooFire, Fist, Male
ValvatorezDark, Fist, MaleBloody Hole - Around Valvatorez, CD 4 (max CD 2)Tyrant Flughude - Hits in a cone shape starting as a 1x3 then expanding to a 1x5 column
Revive! Sardine Power! - Revive on death once per wave with 25% HPProof of Vampire - Heal for 5% (max 15%) Damage Dealt
FenrichFire, Fist, Male
ArtinaLight, Staff, FemaleBoosts all allies ATK by 50% (max 80%) for 2 turns (max 3 turns)3x3 AoE infront of Artina that boosts her SPD for 2 turnsBoosts allies SPD by 4% (max 10%)Increases HL dropped from enemies by 5% (max 15%)
FukaTree, Axe, FemaleBomb-Bat-Stic - Single Target Attack, 25% (max 50%) chance to stun target, CD 5 (max CD 3)Pringer Kaiser-XX - T Shaped Attack, CD 7 (max CD 5)
At end of turn, clear all debuffs and status ailments on FukaDream Girl - Decrease damage by 25% (max 50%) when recieved Critical damage
DescoLight, Female3x3 Grid infront of Desco3x3 Grid infront of Desco with a chance to seal enemy skill 3 for 1 turnEvery turn Desco gets a 4% crit chance that maxes at 40%, resets every waveWhen Desco drops below 30% HP CritDMG increases by 70%
Des X3x3 AOE CT4 max CT2True Godly Weapon Z - 3x3 Around her, seal skill 2 with 100% chance CT6 max CT4Increase attack 10% every turn max 10 time, reset every wave, max 20% every turnLethal Weapon Z - When hp is 30% or less increase CritDMG 70%, max When hp is 50% or less increase CritDMG 100%Dark Ticket Only
KilliaWater, Fist, MaleExploding Tiger - 1x3 line, 80% (max 100%) chance to blind targets for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)Avidya Holy Water - Single Target attack, Decrease enemy defense by 25% for 2 turns and knockback, CD 6 (max CD 5)Revenge Boost - Decrease wait time by 10 (max 20) when attackedDestructive Demon - Increase attack by 25% (max 50%) per enemy beaten, resets when wave changes
SeraphinaLight, Gun, FemaleBalor Gaze - All Allies 30% (max 50%) Speed Boost for 2 turns, CD 4 (max CD 3)Battle Orchestra - 1x5 Attack that has a 30% (max 40%) chance to reduce enemy attack by 25% (max 35%) and knocks back 1 spaceQueen's Privilege - Has a 10% (max 20%) chance to get another turn after doing any skill
No other passive
UsaliaLight, Axe, FemaleFlatty Dance - Single Target Attack with 25% (max 35%) to paralyse Target for 1 turn, CD 4 (max CD 2)Prinnical Meteor - 3x3 Around Usalia knocks back targets 1 space, 20% (max 35%) to stun targets, CD 5 (max CD 3)Cute Pose - Decrease enemy ATK by 15% (max 25%), when 2 enemies are adjacent Usalia her DEF increases by 75% (max 100%)Anti-Bully Aura - 44% (max 66%) chance to nulify enemy team attack damage
MajoritaDark, Staff, Female5x1 Line, 35% chance of lowering target ATK by 20% (max 35%) for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)
Draugr King - 3x3 Grid Infront of Majorita, CD 7 (max CD 5)
Revive once with 25% (max 50%) HP and a 15% (max 25%) DEF boostWhen afflicited with a status there's a 45% (max 65%) chance of giving the attacker the same status
ZerokenWind, Fist, Male, WalkingExploding Fist - Single Target Attack, CD 4 (max CD 2)Hellfire Shot - Single Target Attack, Knocks back target 1 space, CD 5 (max CD 3)Something about a 30% (max 60%) crit chance boostI think if his speed is higher then opponents he gets a 35% (max 50%) attack boostIf passive and everything is correct he is basically a glass cannon able to run in and deal massive damage to one target
Red MagnusFire, Fist, Male1x3 Line, CD 4 (max CD 2)Cross shape, CD 6 (max CD 4)20% (max 50%) when attack enemies adjacent to Red MagnusTakes 20% (max 50%) less damage when attacked by a enemy adjacent to Red Magnus
Void DarkDark, Spear, MaleSingle Target attack, CD 4 (max CD 3)Damages enemies within 2 spaces of Void Dark, CD 6 (max CD 4)15% (max 33%) chance to paralyze attackerWhen Defeating an enemy Steal any buffs target had
Summer JudasIce, MaleDamage
Has a 40% chance to stun for 1 turn
When using skill 1, 10% chance to reduce skill 2 and 3 CD by 2
Gets 3% ATK for each surviving ally, Gets 15% DEF for each fallen AllySummer limited unit, not in main gacha
Summer RosalinDark, FemaleReduces Targets SPD by 25% for 2 turns
Heals allies 35% (max 45%) CD 7 (max CD 5)
Takes 10% less damage from light enemiesHeals 4% HP of all Dark allies when she passes her turnSummer limited unit, not in main gacha
Summer AlvitrFire, FemaleDamage
Takes 10% less damage from water enemies
Has 100% crit chance against water enemies
Summer limited unit, not in main gacha
Summer AsagiFemaleCan knock back enemies 3 spacesDamage
15% chance to confuse when attacking a enemy with a lower SPD statGets a 10% SPD boost for 2 turns at beginning of each wave
Summer limited unit, not in main gacha
Summer RandgridrFemaleBuffs a single ally's SPD by 45% for 2 turns
Has a 25% chance to blind targets for 1 turn
Reduces CD of all skills when Randgridr defeats a enemyMale allies get a 4% SPD boostSummer limited unit, not in main gacha
Summer ValvatorezMaleDamage
Heals 5% when passing turnDeals 25% extra damage when target has less then 30% HPSummer limited unit, not in main gacha
Sacred Tome ZettaDark, Tome, MaleZETTA BEEEAM - 3x1 Line, CD 5 (max CD 3)Tome of Omnipotence - Single Target attack 45% (max 75%) chance to seal target's skill 3 for 2 turns, CD7 (max CD 5)Seal of Aggression - When attacking with skill 1 there is a 20% (max 35%) chance to seal targets skill 3 for 1 turnOverlord's Vision - Reduce damage from adjacent enemy by 15% (max 25%)Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
Overlord ZettaFire, Fist, MaleZETTA BEAM!!! - 3x1 LineTrue Omega Drive - Single Target attack
30% (max 60%) chance to Ignore half enemy's DEF when using skill 3
When Zetta's HP is higher then targets increase ATK by 20% (max 50%)Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
PramIce, Staff, FemaleFreeze Prophecy - Cross shape, 30% chance to bind targets for 2 turnsIce Dragon - 3x3 grid infront of Pram25% chance at start of each turn to boost all allies ATK by 10% for 2 turns25% chance to boost all allies SPD by 4% for 1 turn at end of each turnPhantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
PettaDark, Tome, FemalePetta Beam - 1x4 LineThe Aisle of the End - Heal ally for 40% HP, CD 7Time Accelerator - when Casting skill 3 there's an 80%(max 100%) chance to reduce all allies skill 3 CD by 1A Gift from the Future - Heal 8% (max 15%) hp when passing Petta's turn
Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
MaronaWind, Staff, FemaleMiracle Time - 3x3 AoE with a 25% (max 40%) chance of sealing skill 3 for 1 turn, CD 6, (max CD 4)Psycho Burgundy - Cross shape, CD 7 (max CD 5)Get 5% (max 15%) extra mana at end of stage
Gives all allies a 20% (max 33%) ATK and DEF boost when an ally is defeated
Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
AshIce, Sword, Male
Big AoE, DamageBig AoE, Damage
15% chance to survive a killing blowGets a 75% ATK boost when below 50% HP
Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
AlexLight, Axe, Male
Single target attack, 25% chance to paralyze for 1 turnSingle target attack, knocks back 1 space20% chance to paralyze when using skill 1All light allies get 10% ATKPhantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
SalomeDarkSingle Target heal, Heals for 40% HP20% chance to confuse and blind targets for 2 turnsAll enemies within 3 spaces gets a -10% (max -20%) debuff resist
Lowers all enemies crit chance by 20% (max 40%) within 3 spaces
Phantom Brave limited unit, not in main gacha
FreyjaIce, Bow, FemaleIcicle Rain - Cross AoE, CD 5 (max CD 3)Area Heal - 3x3 Around Freyja healing all allies by 40% (max 50%), CD 7 (max CD 5)Blessed Tsukkomi - Decreases Surrounding enemies DEF by 10%Fruit of Blessing - At start of Freyja turn remove 1 status effect from allies within 2 spaces
PandoraDark, Staff, FemaleGuard Up - Buff all allies DEF by 25% (max 40%) for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)Brilliant Gift - 3x3 AoE, CD 7 (max CD 5)Solid Fortress - Pandora's DEF increases as HP decreases
The Last Gift - When Pandora is KO'd, Heal all allies by 15% and reduce their wait time by 15
SurtrFire, Sword, Female
Flame Blast Blade - Cross AoE, CD 5(max CD 3)Maken Levan of Flame - 3x3 AoE Grid in front of Surtr with a 50% (max 100%?) chance to burn for 3 turns CD 6 (max CD 4)15% (max 40%) chance to reduce CD of skill 2 and 3 by 2 when using skill 3No other passive
UnutFire, Fist, Female
Yan Burst Prison Boxing - Single target attack, CD 4 (max CD 2)Asura Senju Palm - 3x3 Grid in front of Unut with a 15% (max 30%) chance to stun, CD 6 (max CD 4)Allies within 2 spaces get a 5% (max 15%) SPD boost
Acceleration of Anger - Decrease wait time by 10 (max 20) when attacked
OdinLight, Spear, Male
Ray Lance - Single target attack, CD 4 (max CD 2)Divine Spear Gungnir - 3x3 grid infront of Odin with a 15% (max 30%) chance to stun for 1 turn, CD 7 (max CD 5)Protective Clothes - When attacked 30% (max 60%) chance to reduce damage by 20% (max 30%)God of War's Ambition - when attacking with skill 1, 20% (max 40%) chance to reduce other skills CD by 1
ValkyrieLight, Sword, Female
Tri-Feather - Single Target AttackFinal Ray - 3x3 Around Valkyrie with a 25% (max 50%) chance to confuseAt start of every turn, Valkyrie heals 5% (max 10%) HP and cancels one debuff
When attacking with skill 1 25% (max 50%) chance to cancel 1 enemy buff
SusanooWater, Sword, Male3x1 Line infront, CD 5 (max CD 3)Straight Line forward and behind, Reduces Targets Speed by 15% (max 30%)4% (max 8%) Damage Cut for all allies3% (max 10%) Def buff for every ally alive, 15% (max 25%) ATK buff for each ally lost
HildrFire, Axe, FemaleExplosive Smash - Single target attack, 30% chance to paralyze enemy for 1 turn3x3 Grid Infront of Hildr
Every enemy Hildr Defeats boosts her ATK by 15% (resets each wave)
Attacking with skill 1 has a 50% chance to stun
MistIce, Staff, Female
Freezing Gale - 1x3 line, 80% chance to bind targetsAbsolute Zero - 3x3 grid infront of Mist with a 65% chance to bind targetsGuardian of Fog - Increase allies DEF by 5% when within 2 squares of Mist
Illusion of Fog - Ignores enemy shields
YggdraWind, Spear, FemaleRapid Growth - Increase all Allies ATK by 25% for 2 turns
Solar Beam - 3x3 Grid infront of Yggdra with a 30% chance to inflict burn for 2 turnsWhen Yggdra waits, she heals 5% HP
At start of Yggdra's turn remove one debuff from all allies
OlrunLight, Sword, Female
Lightning Blaze - 1x4 Line, 20% chance to stun for 1 turnWhite Nova - 3x3 grid infront of Olrun
Every enemy defeated heals Olrun by 10% (She doesnt need to defeat them)
Attacking with Skill 1 has a 15% chance to remove enemy buffs
SleipnirWind, Spear, Male3x1 Line, CD 5 (max CD 3)
Increase SPD of all allies by 5% (max 15%)
JudasDark, Sword, MaleMoonlight Bliss - Single Target attackDimension Slash - 3x1 line, 20% (max 50%) chance to stun for 1 turnDangerous Aura - ATK increases as HP decreases, and survives a killing blow once per waveSinister Implications - Attacking with skill 1 has a 20% chance to extend? all enemy debuffs 1 turn
AlvitrWind, Bow, FemaleSingle Target attack, CD 4 (max CD 3)10% (max 15%) regen to all allies for 3 turnsWhen Alvitr crits, she gets a shield of 10% (max 25%) of her max HP
At start of Alvitr's turn, 15% (max 25%) chance to reduce all allies skill 2 CD by 1
RandgridrDark, Gun, FemaleCross Shape, Debuffs ATK by ?
3x3 Grid infront of RandgridrInstant Reload - 10% chance to attack after using skill 1 up to 3 times
Dark Ticket only
VerdandiFire, Tome, FemaleGrants a 30% DEF buff for 2 turns
Heals allies for 25% HPRandomly grant a shield worth 5% of the ally's max HP at start of turn25% chance of lowering a random ally's skill 2 CD by 1 when passing turn
HeigrotIce, Gun, Male
has a 80% chance to bind for 2 turns
40% chance to reduces target's attack by 15%Enemy's crit percent drops to 0 when Heigrot is hit by a critical
30% DEF for defeated allies
ThrudLight, Axe, Female
3x3 around Thrud, 15% ATK boost to allies for 2 turns, CD 6 (max CD 4)3x3 grid infront of Thrud, has a 15% chance to paralyze for 1 turn and burn for 2 turns, CD 6 (max CD 4)ATK increases by 50% (max 75%) when HP drops below 30% (max 50%)
Act again if enemy killed had a status effect
Percival40% chance to bind for 2 turns, knocks back 3 spacesAoE damage
When Percival crits they get -10 wait timePercival's crit chance increases when their health lowers
Boosts ATK by 50% for 3 turnsAoE damageWhen Afflicted with a status effect gets a 50% ATK boost
When skill 1 crits burns for 2 turns
TsukuyomiWaterApplies a -10% (max 20%) ATK debuff to all targets, CD 5 (max CD 3)Heals all allies for 25% (max 40%) and applies a 10% (max 20%) DEF boost, CD 7Reduces all enemies ATK by 10% (max 25%) for 2 turns
Takes 10% (max 20%) less damage from dark enemies
MedjedLight, Staff, Female1x5 Line with a 25% (max 35%) chance to confuse for 2 turns, CD 5 (max CD 3)5x3, knocks back 5 spaces, CD 6 (max CD 4)Takes 20% (max 50%) less damage from enemies skill 3, Survives a killing blow onceWhen Below 5% (max 15%) HP reduce skill 3 cooldown by 4
AthenaLight, Spear, Female3x3 Grid infront of Athena with a 15% chance to blind for 2 turns, CD 5All Allies recieve a 10% DEF Buff, adjacent allies recieve BarrierGets 5% DEF for each alive ally
When hit by a critical heal 15% (max 25%) HP
RotaLight, Sword, FemaleX-Shaped attack that has a 20% chance to paralyze for 1 turn. CD 5 (max CD 3)
X-Shape attack, CD 7 (max CD 5)15% (max 25%) chance to dispel enemy buffs when attackingHeals all allies for 4% (max 10%) when defeating an enemy
Halloween AsagiWind, Gun, Female1x3 Line, knocks back 3 spaces, CD 4 (max CD 2)Oddly spread AoE, Debuffs targets ATK by 20% (max 40%) and SPD 30% (max 50%), CD 6
Skill 3 CD -2 when attackedWhen using skill 3 make a shield equal to 10% of max HP
Halloween exclusive unit, not in main gacha
Halloween SeraphinaDark, Gun, FemaleCross shape, 50% (max 70%) chance to daze targets, CD 4 (max CD 2)
3x3 Grid, CD 6 (max CD 4)(unsure) Gives surrounding units 50% (max 100%) attack boost for one turnHalloween exclusive unit, not in main gacha
Halloween MistFire, Staff, Female80% (max 100%) chance to burn in a 1x3 line in front, CD 5 (max CD 3) 3x3 Grid, CD 6 (max CD 4)Heals for 10% (max 20%) damage dealtDeals 44% (max 66%) extra damage to enemies at full healthHalloween exclusive unit, not in main gacha
Dark AsagiDark, Gun, FemaleDark Bazooka - 1x3 Line Attack, knocks back 1 spaceKilling Darkness - 3x3 surrounding Asagi, 25% (max 45%) chance to blind targets, CD 6 (max CD 5)
Acts as all elements; all damage taken is not effective, all damage dealt is super effective30% (max 50%) increased damage against enemies with a statusShards Obtained in Asagi Episodes in SP Quests

Characters Outside Typical Gachapon

Certain “boss” characters and other characters are not included in the “main” gachapon. They include:

  •  Dragon
    • Requires Dragon Ticket
      • 250 Tokens in the Token store
  • Kitsune
    • Requires Kitsune Ticket
      • 250 Tokens in the Token store
  • Dark Type generics
    • Requires Dark Tickets
      • Only one is in the main game, in Chapter 4.
      • Two more can be bought as part of the Dark Package the game currently sells.
      • This means it’s nearly impossible to get dark units.


Before you do anything in the game, set up your cloud save as per above! Alright? Good.

General Strategy

AI Manipulation

The AI works in certain generally predictable ways.

Weakest Target Priority

If all else fails, you can physically block a unit from pathing to your weakest character; units can’t walk through tiles where an enemy is, so you can form a wall preventing the quickest (or only) path from your enemy to the unit they want to target and they’ll instead focus on who’s in range.

Team Attacks

Much like Disgaea, Makai Wars has Team Attacks. Team Attacks are indicated by red exclaimation icons, and if your formation is right and the red mark is seen, a team attack will always execute.


Team attacks add ~10% of the damage from each additional party member. Elemental weakness/resistance is accounted for separately for each team mate. Amusingly, allies affected by Sleep will still join in Team Attacks.

Melee Team Attacks

Ranged units will join in Melee team attacks. Ranged units at melee range will not use this formation. Oddly, while Sword and Spear units both use the Melee team attack formation, Sword units will not join a Spear team attack and vice versa, but ranged units will join both.

A unit on the single tile on the opposite side of the enemy from the team attack initiator will join in to (so in this case, on top of the imp).

Ranged Team Attacks

Non-ranged units will not join in on Ranged team attacks.

Makai Wars: Gun team attack grid

Back Attacks

Hitting an enemy from behind will do 50% extra damage. Both regular attacks and skills can be boosted by this, unlike Team Attacks which are regular attacks only. Back Attacks are always preferable to Team Attacks if a choice must be made.

Back Attacks with ranged weapons can hit from any tile behind the sprite, even if it’s diagonal. Since characters can only face right or left, it’s easier than you might think to pin a character in a state where you can move behind them and get a back attack.

A melee unit directly above/below a unit has a pretty good change of getting a back attack next turn unless the unit moves two tiles away; the AI usually doesn’t bother to do this.


HP: Obviously, HP is how much damage you can take before a KO.


Attack: Damage dealt is determined by Attack only in Makai Wars, rather than different weapons using different stats in Disgaea.

Defense: Reduces damage you take. Each Defense point is worth several HP points in terms of survivability.

Speed: In addition to deciding turn order, units with enough speed (usually due to speed boosting skills or equipment) can “lap” slow enough enemies, acting more than once per enemy turn. Speed’s effect is hard to measure, and it does not appear possible to get more than two actions per enemy turn and it’s incredibly difficult to do so consistently. Speed is a very important stat that is unfortunately almost impossible to gauge the value of meaningfully.

Range: Range of normal attacks. Usually 1 for Melee units and 2 for ranged attackers. Some units increase in Range upon +2 Awakening levels (gachapon duplicates), usually ranged weapon units like bows/staves. Note range 1 normal skills deal more base damage than ranged units (about 20%).

Move: How far the character can move per turn. Always starts at 2, but some units increase Move upon +2 Awakening levels, usually for melee range units. Feather accessories and Boots with specific Enchantments can have +1 Move as well.

Sex: Annoyingly, a character’s sex is a stat which occasionally impacts a few characters’ passive skills. Characters are either male, female, or very rarely neuter (neutral looking enemies are still usually) male. A unit’s sex is fixed and has no affect outside of specific skills such as Etna’s attack boost against female units, and you have no control over the sex of your enemies so it largely exists to randomly reduce the effectiveness of said skills. But said skills are rare and it shouldn’t often make a meaningful difference.


There’s elemental effects and five elements: Fire, Water, Tree, Holy, and Darkness. Every character is associated with an element, and all damage that unit deals is of that element.

Tree beats Water beats Fire beats Tree, making a rock paper scissors effect, while Holy and Darkness are mutually weak to each other. There is no same-type resistance; Fire attacks deal weak damage to Water but normal damage to both Fire and Tree. For some reason, Dark Generic characters are excluded from the standard Gachapons.


Login Bonus

There’s a login bonus as usual, with the first week getting two sets of rewards. The daily rewards are still pretty good even after the first week.  You’ll also unlock Etna by claiming the login bonus for 20 days.

Daily Missions

There are 6 daily rewards you can claim by completing Daily Missions. They’re not a huge deal but you might as well claim the free stuff if you can, and most you’ll do simply by playing the game anyway. Daily Missions roll over on the same timer as the Daily Login Bonus, midnight Japan time.

  • Upgrade weapons 3 times
    • Reward: 2000 Mana (Green spheres)
  • Use 50 AP
    • Reward: 10 Rubies
  • Clear 3 quests
    • 2,000 Hell
  • Complete all other daily missions
    • 20 Rubies
    • Does not include the 50 AP “time bonuses”
  • Play during 12:00 and 15:00 Japan time
  • Play during 18:00 and 21:00 Japan time
    • Reward: Sandwich (50 AP Refill)

Differences from Disgaea

If you’ve played Disgaea (or any SRPG) you’ll have a good basis for understanding how to play. Here’s some key differences that Veterans will notice:

  • The battlefield is much simplified and characters always have a normal attack and two skills
    • Skills recharge over X turns, rather than having an SP cost
    • Characters have inherent skills based on who they are, no learning/transfering skills
  • Stats are more straightforward; Attack appears to always affect damage, rather than Fists using 50% Strength 50% speed etc.
  • Facing will affect damage  but not accuracy, and you cannot directly edit facing). Direct rear attacks only, not side attacks, deal extra.
  • There is no “defend”, only “skip turn”
  • Asagi actually has a game
  • Elements are now an inherent property of a unit, so a Fire unit is always weak to ice and all units have elements
  • There are still different equipment types, though weapon type appears to matter less than it normally would
  • There is no throwing or height differences etc.

Leveling & Evolution (Level Cap)

Levels can be earned from Green Experience earned every stage, or purchased with Hell at a rate of 1 Experience per 1 Hell. Leveling with Hell is best saved for when there’s a wide gap between a new character you like and your regular team, so you can skip grinding.

Evolution means upgrading the Level Cap. Evolution is a process that will raise the ★ ranking of your character and their base stats as well. Once a unit’s Orange Experience meter is full and they’ve reached their current max level (60/60 for example), they can be upgraded to the next ★ by using Hell.

Evolution is basically always worth it, as only characters you actually use will ever hit it, it’s pretty cheap, and not evolving means your character is basically “stuck” stat-wise.


2★->3★: 10,000 Hell
2★->4★: 25,000 Hell
4★->5★: 50,000 Hell
5★->6★: 100,000 Hell

After reaching 6★ you’ll no longer need to earn Evolution Points. Additionally you’ll be given 5 Sandwiches, 1 Red Orb, 100 Rubies, and 1 Evolution Experience Booster for each character that reaches 6★.


Awakening is achieved either by getting a duplicate character in Gachapon (immediately raising that character’s Awakening level), or by spending Awakening Stones (the rainbow gems for Generics, or special per-character stones for Story Characters).

Awakening gives a small percentage boost every +1 awakening level, and either +1 Move or Range every +2 Awakening Levels.

Thief+2 gains +1 range
Female warrior +2 gains +1 move
Status Effects

Various characters can inflict status effects with passive (usually counters) or active skills. When used right many status effects can be devastating and deny their targets entire turns worth of action.

Sleep: Unable to act for duration of effect.  Attacking a sleeping character will wake them up. Amusingly, sleeping characters will join Team Attacks.

Stun: Unable to act duration of effect. Attacking a stunned character will not bring them out of it.

Paralyze: Same effect as Stun.

Confuse: Will attack a random target with regular attacks only for duration of effect. They can target allies, but may will still target the enemy team if they’re in range. Attacking a confused character will bring them out of it. Confusion is best used when an enemy is in their attack range but not an ally; if only one target (or only enemies) are in their range, they’ll attack what’s in range rather than moving toward your characters. Confused targets may also simply not act if nothing is in their immediate range.

Blind: Adds a 50%(?) miss chance on all attacks for duration of effect. Blind no longer stacks.

Bind: Able to attack but not move. Most effective on short-range characters as it can make them completely waste turns if they cannot hit anything.

Burn: Character takes damage worth 5% of their total HP each turn while under the effect. Stacks with Burn/Poison, and if multiple stacks are present damage will be dealt multiple times per turn. Fire element characters can still be burned.

Poison: Same effect as Burn.

Regen: Same effect as Burn, but heals instead of hurts.

Skill Seal: Locks use of a character’s Skill 3 (their strongest skill) for the duration of the effect. Does not affect Cool Time count.

Shield: Shield adds an invisible health bar worth a certain percent of the unit’s total HP (dependant on skill), usually imparted by a passive skill. This invisible health bar will be depleted before your main health bar, showing 0 damage (and not removing the buff icon) if an attack is sustained that does not deal enough damage to “knock out” the shield.

The shield’s HP is not restored unless another effect that would impart Shield occurs; heals still go to your real HP. Unlike other de/buffs, Shield lasts until the invisible HP bar is depleted, amount of turns has no bearing on it’s effect.

Buff/Debuff: Many effects will raise/lower defense/attack/speed/critical percentage for a turn or two. All buffs/debuffs stack their effect (not duration) if multiple of the same type are inflicted on the same target. This can make a single unit extra powerful/extra worthless if properly stacked between their turns. A target with Speed debuffs stacked may miss several turns.


Gachapon pulls will only give 2 tiers: 2 star and 3 star. Only 3 star pulls will be “Story” characters (Laharl, Flonne etc.). The likelihood of 3 star pulls in general is 8%, though the exact percent per-character can be viewed (in Japanese) inside Makai War’s gachapon menu. Stats are subject to change at any time and thus won’t be listed here.

There is no benefit to rolling 10 characters instead of 1 at a time, other than spending less time.

Duplicates exist – Duplicates are “fused” with the one you already have for +1 Awakening level, giving a stat bonus.

Generics can be of different elements so you could get, for example, a Fire Female Warrior and an Tree Female Warrior. For some reason, Dark type generics are not currently in the regular gachapon pool.

The gachapon has a “mercy rule” where if you don’t get a 3★ character in 50 rolls (a very unlikely, but possible, event), your 51st roll is a guaranteed 3★ and you’ll get 100 Summon Stones to awaken that character as well. This counter is not shared between “banners”, so you’re unlikely to ever hit the limit on any gachapon other than the regular one (and only if very unlucky).

Friends List

With a recent app version update (not just the ingame update), a new Friends List was added to the game.

The Friends tab is on the main menu, the person icon under the gift box. Tap it to see three taps, people you’re following (blue), your followers (red), and your own info.


Characters can be loaned from the Team/Formation select screen before going into battle (the little “friend” icon right of the formation icon). You can only loan one character per battle.

After fighting a battle with a “random” loan, you’ll be asked if you want to follow the player (the blue button is “yes”).

When loaning, double check the equipment of your loaned unit; players loan their starred or “favorite” unit, but they may not necessarily be geared for battle (especially since the feature just launched).

To lend your units, simply set your favorite unit to who you want people to be able to loan. Loan your strongest unit or a popular/limited character so people will have more reason to loan it out to get more follows/likes (unclear if these have real rewards yet).

Loans can help “carry” you through more challenging stages, but there are limits to what a single character can do for you.


I’ll get icons for these in a bit. This list isn’t exhaustive of uses, so if I’m missing something please let me know!

Hell, Makai Wars Currency Hell

Used to buy levels for units in place of Experience and upgrade Formations.

Mana in Makai Wars, a green sphere Mana

Mana is used to upgrade weapons.

Rubies, premium currency in Makai Wars Rubies

The standard lesser-premium Currency, rubies are mostly used for the standard Gachapon at a rate of 300 per single-character pull.

Sandwich, heals 50 AP Sandwich

+50 AP, will exceed the AP cap temporarily so AP is never “wasted” from these. Eat by using the “items” (sandwich/clock) icon on the main screen.


 Skill Orbs

These level up a unit’s skill by one level. Red is for Active skills, blue is for Passive skills. They’re pretty rare, so use them sparingly and/or for people who you’re absolutely sure you’ll keep on your team; either grinding-focused characters or your favorites.

  Rainbow Potion

Rainbow Potions add Orange Experience which allows a character at level cap to exceed it’s level cap and add a star to it’s rarity.

Orange Clock Makai Wars Experience Boosters

The Alarm Clock items boost Experience (green) or Evolution Points (orange) by 50% for a limited time. Best used with the weekly SP Quests that give huge amounts of EXP.

Diamonds (White Gems)

These are the premium currency, and are mostly used for a special 3★ Guaranteed gachapon (press the arrow key at the gachapon to see the diamond-only option). They can be used in place of Rubies wherever they are used.


Formations are unlocked through Story progress, and come with both a formation (duh) of your units, and respective stat buffs for each character in each formation slot. Formations can be upgraded with Hell (coins) to increase the stat buff.

Change formations at the “team select” screen before starting a mission, and upgrade them from the same screen with the blue button at the far right.



There are eight weapon types: Sword, Axe, Fist, Spear, Staff, Bow, Gun, Book.

They are all largely identical except each type of character can only equip one type of weapon; there is no changing weapon types like Disgaea. Also unlike disgaea, weapons do not use different attack stats or imbue different ranges; range is set by the character not weapon, and Attack is the only stat used to calculate damage.

Rather than having alternative types of weapons like other gear slots have, each individual weapon boosts a random stat: Attack, Defense, Critical Percent, Critical Damage, or Speed. This bonus stat increases with enhancements along with Attack. A weapon with no visible bonus has Attack as it’s bonus and will have higher Attack than other weapons with different bonuses.

Since you can only take 5 people with you in battle, you’ll need at the very most 5 of each weapon unless you have a lot of users of X weapon and like to hold different weapon “focuses” (crit chance, attack, defense etc).


There are four types of armor, all of which raise Defense plus bonus stats:

Breastplates: Boosts Defense by more than usual
Helmets: Boosts Def and HP
Gauntlets: Boosts Def and Attack
Boots: Boost Def and Speed

Boots are rarer, and are notable for having a (rarer still) chance of having +1 Move as an Enchantment effect. This Enchantment hasn’t been observed on other gear, and is very rare even on boots. To try and find it, farm many boots from the Armor SP quests, then upgrade the equipment to +6 to see if +1 Move is on them. If you’re feeling bold (or it’s already a good set of enhancements you want to keep) you can go to +9, but at/beyond that point the mana cost gets very high. It does not appear possible to get more than +1 Move on a single boot.


There are six types of accessories:

Muscle: Boosts HP
Bracelet: Boosts Attack
Necklace: Boosts Defense
Earring: Boosts HP slightly and Speed
Feather: HP, +1 Move
Glasses: Attack and Critical Percent

Accessories provide a much smaller boost than Armor or Weapons. They’re often more useful for their enchantment pool than their base effects.

Earrings can only be found at the SP quests that cost 7 AP or more (4 Stars and up). The feather and glasses items are found at SP quests that cost 9AP or more (6 stars and up)

Magic Stones

Magic Stones (sometimes called Gems) act as an “accessory” slot and you can equip up to 3. Magic Stones can affect almost any stat and have three separate qualities.

Color: Color determines Set Bonus.
Effect: Exact stat that they buff, this determines per-level upgrades
Enchantments: Like other gear, every 3 levels on a Magic Stone will add a random bonus to almost any stat. Rare/Legendary magic stones have better enhancements.

Magic Stone Set Bonus

Set bonuses give 10% extra stats for 2 of the same color and 20% for 3 of the same color, with the exception of Status Resistance (unknown) and Criitcal Damage (20% and 40%). Here are the colors and what stats their set bonus affects:

Pink: HP
Orange: Attack
Green: Defense
Blue: Speed
Purple: Status Resistance
Red: Critical Rate
White:  Critical Damage

Note that a magic stones’ Effect is unrelated to its Color, so a magic stone with a color that buffs HP might give Attack as it’s Effect. Likewise, a Color set’s percentage bonus will still effect a unit even if all those stones don’t actually include that stat; the unit’s stat total will be buffed, not the stone’s.

Geo Symbols

Geo Symbols are hidden away in the “prinny camp” icon along with the In App Purchases, but Geo Symbols are bought with Mana. Geo Symbols act as a full-team permanent (but slight) buff rather than their usual Disgaea function.

Each upgrade level adds +1% of a stat (+1 point in case of speed) to certain effects. Note their color matches the Gem color for each stat as well, so they’re easy to remember. In the order presented in the menu, they are:

Pink: HP
Orange: Attack
Light green: Defense
Light blue: Speed
White: Critical Damage
Red: Fire Attack
Dark Blue: Water Attack
Dark Green: Tree attack
Yellow: Holy Attack
Purple: Dark Attack

Geo Symbols costs rise as they’re upgraded, making the earliest levels the best and safest investments. I personally upgrade them fairly evenly and prefer upgrading gear to +9 before upgrading geo symbols, but the effects are worth it long-term. Geo Symbol costs increase as such:

5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 75,000, 100,00, 250,000, 500,000



These are the main levels of the game and unlock various items as you progress. Go through as much of the story as you can first before messing with too much else. Story Levels cost AP to replay, but are free the first playthrough.

Once a story Chapter is complete, you can play a harder “purple” difficulty by pressing the lower right blue button at Stage Select. There will be a second set of missions with new completion rewards and Stars to earn.

SP Quests

SP Quests are special missions you can do a few times per day in exchange for AP and have specific rewards to help you focus your progress.

SP Quests have three types: Equipment Quests, Timed Events, and Character Episodes

Equipment Quests

These are the standard SP Quests that give a specific type of reward.

The first Equipment Quest is unlocked by reaching a point in the Story Missions (the end of the first chapter I think?). Each following quest is unlocked by beating other SP quests and unlocking more levels of each.

  • No bonus (but helps unlock other SP quests)
    • Cat Mecha boss
  • Weapons 1 (Swords, Spears, Bows, Fists)
    • Slumber Cat Boss
  • Weapons 2 (Axes, Guns, Staffs, Books)
    • Shroom Boss
  • Accessories (Glasses, Necklaces, Muscles, Feathers, Earrings, Bracelets)
    • Wood Golem Boss
  • Gems
    • Kitsune Boss
      • Rank 7: 8 AP,  Water type, 3654 XP, 25 Evo, 909 Rank points, 1300 Hell, 1900 Mana, one 4*-5* gem
  • Gems 2
    • Dullahan Boss
      • Dullahans have the highest XP per AP spent in the SP quests

Equipment SP quests drop bonuses based on the following stage order:

5AP-7AP – ?
8AP 1: 3★  to 5★ (rarely)
8AP 2  4★  to 5★  (more common)
9AP 1: 4★  to 6★  (rarely)
9AP 2: 5★  to 6★
10AP: 5* to 7* equipment

10 AP SP quests appear to be the only method to get 6 star/7 star equipment.

SP Quests can also drop random “premium” items at a low chance, including:

  • 20-30 Rubies
  • Large extra amount of Hell/Mana (10,000, 20,000, 75,000)
  • Evo Potions (any size)
  • XP vial (any size, element of the boss, 1-3 at a time)
  • Tokens (the kind trading in characters give), 1 at a time
  • Rainbow stones (very small numbers, very rare)
Weekly Timed Events

These events occur on specific weekdays only, and you may only complete Weeklies 3 per week. This means unlocking the highest level of each quest will take a couple weeks, so unlock while you can. Failing an event will waste your AP but does not reduce the amount of times you can complete that event for the day.

Times are all in Japanese Standard Time, not your local time. To see what time/day it is in Japan, use this clock.

  • Friday: Extra Hell
    • Rank 5: 50,000 Hell
  • Saturday: Extra Mana
    • Rank 1: 5,000 Mana
    • Rank 2: 10,000 Mana
    • Rank 3:
    • Rank 4:
    • Rank 5: 50,000 Mana
  • Sunday: Evolution (Orange Experience)
    • Rank 1:
    • Rank 2:
    • Rank 3: 100 Evolution Points
    • Rank 4: 175 EP
    • Rank5:  Recommended level: 100+
  • Monday: Green Experience (Powerleveling)
    • Rank 1
    • Rank 2: 2,500 EXP
    • Rank 3: 5,000 EXP
    • Rank 4: 12,500 EXP
    • Rank 5: 20,000 EXP
Weekly XP Vial Quests

There’s also a set of Experience Vial dailies now. They only have 3 ranks and are extremely easy. The ranks drop, in order; one to three 5k experience vial, 1-2 5K or 10k experience vials, and one to three 10k experience vials.

  • Tuesday: Fire
  • Wednesday: Water
  • Thursday: Tree
  • Friday: Holy
  • Saturday: Dark
Character Episodes

Makai Wars includes per-character “Episodes” in the SP quest section. They’re not time limited in most cases (time limited events always show a purple timer).

Completing a character episode gives 10 Awakening Stones for that character (1/10th of the way towards a single awakening), as well as 2 XP vials (M) for their type, 2 small Evo vials, 50 rubies, and 10 Large Rainbow Stones.

Regular Episode Quests cannot be repeated to repeat rewards, only specific time-limited events may have grindable rewards.

Note that as long as you have even one summon stone for a specific unit, you can summon them with enough Large Rainbow Stones. So even though 10 stones isn’t enough to summon a unit, it can help you call a single  character you really want. This is a good reason to save Rainbow Stones to summon instead of Awakening units.

The game currently has episodes for the following characters:

  • Laharl
  • Etna
  • Valkyrie
  • Freya
  • Flonne
  • Odin


Menu English Translations

Makai Wars Settings Menus English Translation

Additionally, some basic menu translations for Makai Wars have been posted here! I’m in the process of making some graphics for the main menus myself.

4Koma Comics & Other Translations

/u/noroinohanako has also translated the Makai Wars 4Koma Comics, and has a Github project for corrections/translations of the rest where you can view or help with the translations!

4Koma Comics:


Raw Images to Translate

If anyone has the skills and or time and wants to translate some parts of Makai Wars, here’s some raw image dumps:

The Japanese originals of the 4koma comics (Official site)

IAP Translations
Starter Package
Lunch Box

Items: 2 Sandwich (50 AP), 100 Gems, once a day for 15 days.
Total 30 Sandwich and 1,500 gems.

Dark Set

Items: 2 Dark Ticket, some diamonds

Rank Rewards

Probably the most “worth it” item so far by a lot.

Price: ?
Items: This one adds “achievement” rewards every 10 ranks. If you’re already rank 50 you’ll just get all rewards instantly.

  • Rank 10
    • Ruby x 1,400
    • Sandwich x 5
  • Rank 20
    • Ruby x 300
    • Hell x 50,000
  • Rank 30
    • Blue Skill Orb x 2
    • Red Skill Orb x 2
  • Rank 40
    • Ruby x 300
    • Mana x 500 (thousand?)
  • Rank 50
    • Ruby x 300
    • Awakening Book
Normal IAP

Note that normal IAP for gems, while straightforward, will basically always be the worst way to spend your money; look for limited time/special offers, these are always more effective ways to spend your money (compare gems given in the straightforward IAP tiers to the rewards in almost any IAP pack).

English Skills for Characters

Someone made a nice little site that makes finding skill info easy in english.


The Dark Thief generic has a passive that raises Mana earned.

Artina has a passive that raises Hell earned.

Axel has a passive that increases the odds of getting Rare/Legendary equipment drops (we think).

Stage 4-5-3 (hard mode) is recommended for early (60-80s) level grinding due to it’s extreme shortness, ease, and guaranteed 4* gem drops.


The easiest place to get equipment (up to 4 star) is actually Story Mode. Starting in 4-4-1, hard mode story levels will start to drop 4 star items and they’re beatable at a much lower level than the equivalent SP Quests would be.

Stage 4-5-3 (hard mode) is particularly good for 4 star Gems. The layout is a single Fire Dragon boss, very easily dispatched by any team who can make it to that level. It seems to drop a gem every time and a decent amount of experience (3,000).

Once you need 5* or above weapons, SP Quests start being required. Only SP quests will ever drop 6 or 7 star equipment.


Here’s the rewards you can get per achievement.

Enhance a Gear Item to +15

Reward: 100 Rubies each
Max level: 10

Any type of gear (weapon, gem, etc) works, it’s best to use 1 star items because they’re the cheapest and you can sell them after getting them. Takes around 20,000 mana each item.

Level a character to 120

Reward: Gacha ticket (cycles between all 5 elements)
Max level: 20, then more than 1 character is required to get further tickets

Worth it especially for the Dark Tickets, which are otherwise impossibly rare.

Reach Player Rank X

Reward: 100 Rubies
Max level: 20?

Just a minor bonus for playing a lot.

Clear Daily Mission X Times

Reward: 50 Rubies
Max level: ?

Pretty meh.

Acquire X different kinds of characters

Reward: Hell
Max level: 20, at 100 characters

Traded away gacha dupes still count. A meager bonus so don’t worry much about it.

Beat each level of SP quests

Each set of SP quest has 10 of these, the last two rewards are the most meaningful: at level 9 you get 10 2 star character Rainbow Stones, and at level 10 you get a Gacha Ticket (never a Dark one though).

Evolve characters X Times

Reward: Red Skill Orb
Max level: 20, 100 evolutions

Use Skill Orbs X Times

Reward: Hell
Max level: ?

Pull Gacha X Times

Reward: Blue Skill Orb

Makai Wars FAQ

Q: I’m not earning AP over time!/ The Gachapon loads forever!

A: Update the game, this was a bug in an old version.

Q: I can’t start a mission even though I have enough AP!

This is usually because you have too many equipped items, sell some in the Equipment menu, starting with your worst, least important items.

Q: I keep rerolling the tutorial Gachapon and I can’t get (X)!

A: The tutorial Gachapon in Makai Wars is special and will only return one 3★ character, and it cannot be certain characters like Etna, Asagi, etc.

Q: I get a strange error message that says 504 and a bunch of Japanese

A: 504 is a Gateway Timeout error; basically your device couldn’t connect to Makai Wars’ servers, and the game is Always Online so it can’t continue. This may happen due to server issues at the game’s side, or internet issues at your side. There’s not much to do but keep trying, and try again later if it doesn’t clear up in a few seconds.

Q: How do I get Makai Wars if I’m not from Japan?

A: Japanese VPNs, APKs, stuff like that. There’s a lot of guides out there for similar games. I can’t personally help you there due to grey areas, but Google will probably get you started.

Q: Where is (Character)?

A: If they’re not in Makai Wars but they’re in the title screen graphic, they’re sure to be added soonish. Otherwise, characters will likely be added to the game based on popularity. I’ve only listed characters currently in Makai Wars.

Q: When is Makai Wars coming out in English?

A: Between many months from now to never. There’s no official announcement of when or even if it’s coming at the moment. I asked NISA PR and (of course) it’s not officially planned, but these things are never known until they’re announced.

Arena (PVP)

New in the game is Arena mode, the PVP mode of the game. This game mode earns you special currency (badges/medals) that can be used in a new shop for awards, including a Flonne gacha ticket.

Arena Mode has it’s own Stamina (BP instead of AP) so make sure to spend it and don’t let it go to waste. You get 10 BP total, and they refresh one per hour.

To start in the Arena you’re given a set of 10 extremely low rank opponents (topping out around level 50). To advance in the arena you have to beat them all, which should be easy if you’ve been through the whole story mode.

Arena Exclusive Characters

The Arena shop (with the Geo panels/etc shops in the Prinny Tent) contains summon tickets for 4 exclusive characters. The ticket will summon a random element, including Dark, of the character (for 2* characters).

  • Prinny Ticket
    • 2* unit, same as the ones you fight in story levels
    • 1,000 Medals
  • Disgaea Female Mage
    • 2* unit, basically a better Skull
    • 3,000 Medals
  • Disgaea Ronin
    • 2* unit
    • 3,000 Medals
  • Fallen Angel Flonne
    • 3* unit, stronger/more offense focused version of Flonne
    • 10,000 Medals

How well you rank determines your reward. Due to rankings being based on number of stars earned, it’s possible (and certain) for multiple people to share the top 1 slot. You’re given Arena Medals for your place, distributed a few days after the season ends.

You can see your place before the season ends in the Arena menu.

  • 1-10th
    • 3,000 Medals
  • 11-50th
    • 2,000
  • 51-100th
    • 1,500
  • 101-500th
    • 1,000
  • 501-1000th
    • 750
  • 1001-2000
    • 500
  • 2001-3000
    • 300
  • 3001-5000
    • 200
  • Did Not Place
    • 100


Character Spreadsheet

Character reference (Japanese)

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Tristen – Some miscellaneous info to help get me started – Tier list and character info

/r/Disgaea Various minor info about Makai Wars

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  1. Discovered this game a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying it, but have had an issue for the past several days where the game gets stuck on the ‘Setup game data’ step and refuses to load any further. I hadn’t set up cloud save yet, and I don’t want to lose what I’ve pulled so far. Tried reinstalling the apk but no luck. Any suggestions?

      1. If I want to play on another device but with my account how can I do? Do I just need to log with my QooApp acc or is there a transfer data thing?

          1. Thanks. So I understand that I must do it on my game now. But then to put the game on my other device I must do the same thing again?
            Device 1: click the 2 phones and arrow icon, enter your email and Pw of the cloud thing
            Device 2: download the game, it’s now new game, click on that icon again, enter your email and PW again and tadaaa you have your data?
            Or doesn’t it work like that?

          2. Just before clicking “touch start? That option thing at right bottom?

          3. glad it worked! Same process if you ever need to swap again, no need to do initial setup again. I swap a lot bc emulators on my pc

  2. So during my tutorial draws, I was able to get (at most) 5 three star units. (I declined it though like the idiot I am.) I’ve also had many moments of 2 or 3 three star units showing up.

  3. None of this helps me add units to my current team. Because I cannot for the life of my figure out how. It’s not in the Units tab or on the story quest page.

  4. Has anybody else encountered a game breaking bug where battles will freeze up at the start of an attack animation? I made it through several weeks without ever encountering this problem, but now it happens so often that I’m having trouble even finishing a battle. The game doesn’t completely freeze up, as I can still open the menu and “Give Up”, or go into the options. If I quit the game and come back to resume the battle, it still freezes. What’s most annoying is I lose AP every time I have to “Give Up” on a mission that’s frozen.

    It happens most of the time when enemy archers attack me, but I’ve actually had it happen twice now when Killia does a basic attack.

    edit: I’ve tried 2x speed, and turning off battle animations, and neither one fixes the issue. I have a Galaxy S7.

    1. Yeah usually the bow that causes that. Make sure your cloud save is working (load it on another device if you can), delete and redownload, works for most people it seems

  5. Looks like some Makai Kingdom characters were just added to the game, with Zetta, Pram and Petta being the focal characters. I wish I had 3000 rubies saved up to buy a set of 10 gachas, but I used my last batch on the Disgaea 2 character set (and got Artina).

    1. There’s no bonus for doing 10 at a time, just do them one by one. It’s actually better to do banners that way so you can stop if you get the thing you wanted. Free 1 pulls daily for this event too, info’s all in the Updates section

      1. My bad, I guess I was confusing this with other Gacha games which usually give a guaranteed rare character if you do the 10 pull.

        I just spent my 1500 or so rubies and got nothing. 🙁

        1. Yeah, nothing like that here; had plenty of 10 pulls with no rares (this is, just barely, average in fact; you’d expect about one 3* every 11-12 pulls). Still one of the more generous gachapon games though really, with only 2 tiers and 8% for the highest.

  6. What does the orange experience meter do exactly? I used some potions to boost that meter on Flonne, but I’m not really sure what it does. I maxed it out to 100%. Her main level isn’t maxed out though, so I can’t do the Evolution you mention above.

    1. Orange experience is only for Evolution (they’re evolution points). If you hit level cap you can’t Evolve without filling that meter either.

      It’s not really a big deal in the game though unless you buy lots of levels with Hell (don’t do this, you’ll just run out of Hell to Evolve with), since you get so many rainbow (Evolve points) potions and early on you’ll hit max Evolve points before level cap anyway.

  7. Last week I noticed a screen in the gacha menu that essentially gave me 10 free characters. Did anybody else see or do this? I was wondering if maybe I somehow did pay for it, but I think it was completely free. They were all 2 star characters, and I got 2 awakenings out of it.

    A couple days later I got Flonne in a 300 ruby gacha, I was pretty excited to unlock her. My main party is currently Asagi, Killia, Yggdra, Flonne, and Seraphina. I have a 5 star fist weapon on Killia, so he’s my main damage dealer.

    1. Yeah it’s a free 10 pull gachapon to celebrate 20k downloads. It’s mentioned in the updates section. I should probably add some sort of “current events” heading too.
      That’s pretty lucky, Flonne and Yggdra are considered very powerful characters. Seraphina’s passive is super fun too.

  8. I think the second screen of login bonuses is a release commemoration. I have the first 3 of those now. The first day was 300 rubies, second day was 3 experience potions, and the third day was a gacha ticket. I just got the gacha ticket this morning, and it instantly uses it as soon as you get it. I managed to get the character ピチドラ (Pitira?) from that pull. Apparently she’s a super rare SS jackpot, which is pretty exciting. I’m not sure what her name is supposed to be in romanji though. One site said her name is Yggdra, but I’m not sure how that romanji lines up.

    1. Yeah that’s Yggdra. I’m not sure how the JP name happened exactly but she’s based off Yggdrasil and that’s her name in the localized version of her game (Ragna Quest).

      And yeah there seems to be a first 7 days login bonus and then a single set of continuing ones, I ran out of the first 7

  9. There is a popup message indicating when you attack from behind, so facing does seem to matter a bit. Haven’t measured damage diff.

    Does anyone know when/how arena unlocks?

    1. Oh, huh, never noticed that. I did 890 to one target from the back but 690 to another, but don’t know their stat differences. Same elemental weakness though. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll try and mess with it more!

      Guessing Arena is when the end of the story happens. You unlock more SP quests by beating at least 3 rounds of the prior ones.

      1. Yeah, if you manage to get behind someone it says back attack (バックアタック).

        The blue & red balls are skill level up. Solid color vials are exp for that element color character. Rainbow vials are the orange bar exp for gaining a star (must be max level). Oval gems and the book add a diamond (same as identical gacha). Selling extra characters gets you medals for buying the above stuff in medal shop.

        1. Ah, thanks! Hadn’t been brave enough to sell anyone yet. The books are crazy expensive but I guess in a way it’s nice to have a feature like that. I’ll get screenshots of the other items in soon

  10. Howdy, great starting guide! I’ve been playing for a couple of days, and I’m confused by a couple of things.
    1.) Does anybody know what to do with the geo symbols? I bought a couple, but I’m not sure if they automatically grant the bonuses or if I need to equip them somewhere.
    2.) What are those 3 equipment spots at the end of the equipment list? I figured out the first 3 are weapon, armor, and accessory, but I’m not sure what goes in the last 3 spots.

    1. Geo symbols are all party stats up.

      Bottom three equip slots are for the demon stones (魔石). They give stat bonuses, though the color scheme seems kinda random.

      Favorite/avatar char most likely.

    2. The banner is a favorite selection, it can be toggled by tapping it at character select. I assume it’s your avatar for the arena. Seems to do nothing gameplaywise

  11. I’m confused on the awakening. I was able to awaken one character but no other. It seems to me they all use the same color stone. Do you know any more info about awakening them?

    1. Haven’t been brave enough to mess with it yet. I also thought “fusion” (gachapon duplicates) was like a free awakening but it apparently isn’t. I have my theif at max orange bar but I cant’ seem to do anything but spend those rainbow gems which I don’t want to for a 2*

  12. Hey, awesome guide! I’m trying to revive the sub r/MakaiWars with u/Evolutioneer. Mind if i post a link to this over there?

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