Mighty Gunvolt Burst Guide, Boss Weaknesses, & DLC Characters

Mighty Gunvolt Burst Guide

This is a guide for Mighty Gunvolt Burst, the Mighty Gunvolt sequel for Nintendo Switch & Nintendo 3DS! Mighty Gunvolt Burst is a Mega Man style platformer that, at $10, is one of the best ways to spend money on the Switch!

Leave any questions or missing info you may have in the Comments section below and I’ll get to it when I can!



Boss Weaknesses & Strategy Guide

I don’t have a recommended boss order, though I find the Mine stage and boss particularly easy to start with, especially without an Element.

I’d hold off on Water Works or Radio Tower as starting stages due to frustrating bosses and lots of instant death traps in both.


Ground Digger (City)

Weakness: Shock

A standard easy boss, the biggest things are to be sure to jump before it hits the ground after leaping to avoid being stunned and to walk away from him when he fires homing missiles then walk over/under them and toward him to let them zoom past you. Continuing to run away as the missiles start to reach you will usually leave you cornered, running towards they’ll all shoot past you.

Pyro (Oil Platform)

Weakness: Press


This fight is mostly a bull fight, jump over him before he gets too close, stay in the middle of the screen in case he leaps at you or uses the “fire punch” which comes at you from the opposite wall after he strikes the left/right wall.

At half health he’ll go invincible, note you can use the buster to shoot down some of the flames coming from the wall during this attack (larger buster shots make this easier). After the wall stops shooting fire, hide in the corner from his Nova attack, then the bull style attacks resume until he dead.

Cryosphere (Water Works Bureau)

Weakness: Heat

This will be your least favorite boss solely due to the ice crystals he defends himself with. Don’t fight him without Heat since he’ll block half your shots anyway.


His crystals are the only real issue but they’re a big one. You can’t shoot them down but you can “erase” them by being hit with them. If one hits you, you can absorb all the rest without taking extra damage if you wait to shake off the ice until they’re all gone. However he’ll always regenerate his crystals pretty fast after half or so are gone.

Rush in and make your shots count, if you have enough HP just stand directly inside his hitbox and take the hits to hurt him without being frozen.

If he blocks all the shots you can have onscreen at once (3 by default) you have to wait for the shots to slowly careen off screen before you can shoot again.

Dynatron (Power Plant)

Weakness: Slicer


Her attacks are pretty easy to dodge, so her main trick is that she floats in the air half the time. Ekoro (or GV with double jumps) can take her down extra easily by circumventing this.

If she shoots the little stick-on shocker on you, you can shake it off by moving left/right rapidly. When she lands it’s time to play jump rope, so stand a person-length or so away from her and shoot but be ready to jump.

At half health she’ll do some fancy kicks on the ground. Very easy to dodge and tempting to stand still and spam her with shots, but she does a surprising amount of damage if these attacks hit. If you’re under half health I would suggest avoiding it.

Seismic (Mine)

Weakness: Impact

Battalion (Military Base)

Weakness: Freeze


Pretty easy once you’ve learned where it’s safe to stand depending on how he aims his gun while he’s on the ceiling. Ekoro or Gunvolt (with double jump) can make extra quick work of him due to being able to shoot him on the ceiling. Aerial Action for all characters will make it a bit easier to dodge his attacks.

At half health he’ll split apart. First he’ll fire four missiles along the ground, just spam shots and they’ll be destroyed. Then a drill will home on you and his gun will fire at you. The gun will only lock in position after the trill starts moving, watch for the gun to move as it’s cue; if you stand directly under it it’ll fire without a movement cue, but the timing is the same.

After the above he’ll turn into an invincible canon on the ground, spawn a ninja in the middle of the screen, and shoot while you’re dealing with the ninja but shooting the ninja as fast as possible will leave you plenty of time to jump. After this make sure to make quick work of him, as unlike most bosses he’ll repeat his very long invincibility mode attack if you leave him alive long enough.

Aviator (Radio Tower)

Weakness: Analyzer

Brandish (Highway)

Weakness: Smash

Countershade (Capitol Building)

Weakness: Shock


An easy but very slow paced boss. He’ll appear wherever he wants to appear at regular intervals on the floor, wall or ceiling. Stand behind him on the floor to deal large amounts of damage. A jump can reach him from the wall. On the ceiling he’s usually unreachable without proper Aerial action/homing shoots.

When he spawns hearts one will always be real and the other two fake; the real one will flash green just as it lands, and if you’re colorblind the 2 fake hearts will blink as if fading from existence before they explode. Countershade will spawn just above the real heart and heal himself slightly if you don’t take it.

When he spawns fruits they’re all fake, just avoid them. His other shots are pretty easy to avoid and telegraph their direction. He’s not very tricky for a sniper other than the heart attack honestly.

At half health he’ll use a laser sight and shoot the screen. It’s entirely cosmetic, just makes it slightly harder to see what’s going on. On Hard mode the amount of the screen covered is much larger.

Beck (Gateway)

Weakness: Shock

Unless your health is very low, it’s generally not worth it to even attempt to dodge Beck/Gunvolt/Ekoro, just mash fire directly into their face and they’ll go down long before they can deal enough damage to you. Despite how late in the game they are, they’re the easiest bosses in Mighty Gunvolt Burst.

Gunvolt (Gateway)

Weakness: Press


Briar Guardian (Subspace)

Weakness: Heat

Don’t let it’s minor resemblance to Yellow Devil trick you into thinking it’s even slightly hard. Just shoot all 6 spheres (3 on each side) to retract the spikes protecting the core. The ceiling/walls will hurt you if you touch them here.

You can beat it in one cycle with Heat if you mash fast enough and either keep taking shots while it’s jump rope time or just take a hit or two to finish it up.

Plasma Legion (Distopia)

Weakness: Shock

The worst boss, kind of like your standard Wily machine that’s really hard to hit. Climb the missiles to hit his face, but if you have Ekoro or Gunvolt’s Arial Action you can hit him much more freely. Be sure to use it’s weakness since it’s such a boring slow fight. Jump on the missiles and don’t shoot/bump into them or you’ll miss them.

If he points his shoulder rail guns towards the ground, stand as close as you can next to him to avoid a high damage attack.

At half health he’ll split in two and you’ll have to climb the missiles and shoot in opposing directions but otherwise it’s the same fight.

CopyBeck (Cyberspace Coliseum)

Weakness: Smash


Teseo (Cyberspace Coliseum)

Weakness (Head): Impact

Weakness (Self): Freeze

Now he’s really getting huge!

Pretty tame for a jump-shoot platformer style Final Boss fight, if you survived the boss rush you’re well on your way here.

All his attacks are highly telegraphed and easy to avoid, just step to the other side of the screen before they fire. When Gunvolt/Beck shows up as a sidekick it’s time to shoot the needles that fire from either direction. Spamming normal shots will keep you safe here as GV/Beck cover your back.

At half health he rises up. Note that the flashing orange chat messages toward the end of the transformation sequence hurt; just jump over them.

Now he’ll start dropping spools of thread on you. You’ll want to let his spools pile up in a staggered formation so you can jump on part of the lower spool then jump on the higher spool to get a clear shot directly at him. With Ekoro or Gunvolt’s Arial Action you can get a much easier shot at him with only one or even no spools.

After his head’s health is gone he’ll drop to the ground, dropping another set of spools. Jump on the spool and hammer him with Freeze ammo. With Freeze but without Shot Damage customization he should go down in only two rounds, or one with high Shot Damage.


  • Welcome to the VR World
  • The Mightiest of All
  • We Are Mighty
  • Oversurge
  • Up The Ante
  • Super Sprinter
  • Up Close And Personal
  • In Your Element
  • Not Even A Scratch
  • Full Marks
  • Elation
  • Euphoria (Secret)
  • Trance (Secret)
  • Paradox
  • Primed and Ready
  • Geared Up
  • Get Equipped
  • Fully Decked Out
  • Sticking With It
    • Complete all stages using Slot No. 1
      • Easiest with Gunvolt or Ekoro since they can use Astrasphere or invincibility respectively
  • The Large City
  • Waves of Oil
  • In Charge of the Bureau
  • Electric Velocity
  • Curving Through The Mine
  • Meager Base Infiltration
  • Bouncin’ Off The Tower
  • Hungry Highway
  • Spread Across the Capitol
  • No Time Wasted
  • Credit Where Credit’s Due


  • Difficulty affects score significantly
    • S ranks are significantly easier to obtain on Hard
      • That is if you can beat the levels without much difficulty; play on Normal first unless you know what you’re doing
  • Burst Combos are one of the biggest separators between an okay and great score
  • Different levels vary significantly in ease of S rank
    • Some levels will require near flawless Burst combos while others can be S ranked merely by not losing lives or doing anything particularly wrong
  • Taking damage doesn’t directly affect score
    • A completely no damage run will get a score bonus, but 1 hit and 100 hits are otherwise the same
    • Dying will cost 300 points each retry, and more relevantly cuts your burst combo and adds time as well
  • All food collected but not eaten adds to score for different amounts each. Fruit is always worth the time to grab score-wise.


CP has no upper limit. You can expect about 3,000 CP from a minimal playthrough that collects few +CP treasure items, and about 8,000 CP from a playthrough that collects them all. Additional CP can still be earned by beating enemies and collecting CP gems (I have 12,000 on my “main” file without incredible amounts of grinding)


Characters have moderate differences between them, including certain Customize items that can be found that alter abilities.


Origin: Azure Striker Gunvolt (3DS, Switch, PC)

The Good Boy is back and his sexy, sexy, unsafe-for-western-eyes exposed midriff isn’t even censored! Don’t let the kids see.

Aerial Action: Double Jumps, up to 3. Extremely useful for both platforming and finishing bosses faster, as “float too high to hit” is a very common bost tactic. I recommend using at least one as soon as you unlock it.

GV has Septimal powers much like in the Gunvolt games, though they’re nerfed very heavily. They cost SP to cast, which recharges over time, and have a cooldown after use.

Astrasphere (1SP): Heavily nerfed from Gunvolt, this deals minor damage but can still be useful due to it’s moderate range around you and the fact that there are no invincibility frames so it’ll chip extra health off a boss.  It also gives you a very nice couple seconds of invincibility as you activate it. The higher the Burst combo, the longer this lasts.

Luxcalibur (2SP): Spawns a large sword in front of you to do damage. Again not nearly as boss-murdering as it is in GV. Highest Burst combo results in higher damage.

Voltaic Chains (3SP): Damages the whole screen. Higher Burst combo results in higher damage.

Crashbolt: Lightning strikes where you stand. Costs no SP. Tricky to use.


Origin: Mighty No. 9 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, Wii U)

Clearly intended to be the star of the show, Beck has different (purely visual) effects for each of the boss’s weapons and his sprite changes color with them just like Mega Man.

Aerial Action: Air Dashes, up to 3. We Anime now! My least favorite Aerial action but it can be useful to dodge a few things or make some tricky jumps.

Beck’s Shot Type doesn’t really matter but some shots are Medium sized by default and can’t be Small, so they’ll force you to use a bit more CP. This doesn’t matter if you wanted a Medium or Large shot size anyway. Just pick the visual/sound effect you like the most.

DLC Characters

All of Mighty Gunvolt Burst’s DLC characters cost $2 (or equivalent) and have major changes to their basic shot and “support” ability (like Beck’s Skills), but largely play through the same stages against the same bosses.

Since there’s now 7 characters and only 8 save slots, note that on Nintendo Switch you can create a second profile  to play Mighty Gunvolt Burst. The new profile will have totally separate save data (even for single save file games like Breath of the Wild) but will have access to the DLC your main account owns.


Origin: Gal Gun (Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC)
Exclusive pixel stickers: 126-154
Only has 50% of usual health to make up for her unique skill.
Video Character Guide

Ekoro can be earned for free by transferring save data from the Mighty Gunvolt Burst demo!

Unique Skill: Goddess’s Blessing

Ekoro’s active skill doubles her damage and makes her invincible. All shots will also trigger Burst at any distance just like using the Power Up item. It can be activated starting at 50% change; it will have double duration at 100%.

This makes for an incredibly useful skill for both speed and score, letting you slip past annoying stage elements, Burst targets at long range with ease, and make easier work of many bosses.

This makes Ekoro the high risk, high reward character with less health but an extremely useful skill. As a result she’s one of my favorite characters easily.

Unique Skill: High Jump

Ekoro also jumps extra high; it’s not an equipped skill so it costs no CP and isn’t something that can be turned off. It gives her a lot more mobility in some stages making her a blast to play.

Aerial Action

Ekoro can Hover in place or move around while hovering and shoot. Extremely good on certain bosses! You can customize whether you can change direction while hovering, or choose to slowly descend instead of staying at the same height until the hover ends.


Origin: Azure Striker Gunvolt
Exclusive pixel stickers: 166-177
Limited, Preconfigured Shot Options
Video Character Guide

Unique Shot Options

Joule has an interesting mechanic where her Bullet Type actually locks in a variety of other settings. This initially makes her a bit less customizable than other characters, but her shots are also a bit cheaper and have some interesting properties.

Aside from the Tabula Rasa Bullet Type, all of Joule’s weapons have fixed settings for all “bullet” customizations except for: Element, Attack Power, and Duration. Support type skills may be customized as desired.

Here’s a list of all bullet types and their base costs (including the default CP skills, as when making a new customization slot).

A Flash of Azure: 1000 CP

Multi-Universe: 2,200 CP

Iolite: 2,700 CP

Indigo Destiny: 3,300 CP

Vast Circle: 3,425 CP

Reincarnation: 3,600 CP

Stratosphere: 3,825 CP

Tabula Rasa: 1,900 CP (not fixed cost)

Late in the game you’ll get Tabula Rasa which allows you to select anything you like, but the CP cost is doubled. Tabula Rasa makes for an amazing Anthem weapon, but is a major downside otherwise. A Flash of Azure should usually be used.

Unique Skill: Anthem

With Anthem, Joule’s active skill, she will ignore the CP limit and can use any customization. Joule starts with a second customization slot specced out to be an example of this. The CP cost of the slot you use during Anthem will not be counted against you on the Score screen. Your weapon will be returned to what it was before Anthem if your CP isn’t enough to keep using it.

You can make the best use of this by using Quick Change to change into a high-cost customization slot (you will not automatically switch upon using Anthem). You should also be sure to add any new customizations you find like Attack Power, Full-Auto, and Damage Reduction to the slot she’ll be using for Anthem.

Joule’s skill charges just like Ekoro’s; by damaging enemies. It can be triggered starting at 50%, but filling more of the meter will allow it to last longer.

Aerial Action

Joule is also the only character to start with access to an Aerial Action without having to collect it. She starts with Double Jump active in her basic customization, and with Anthem active (or a TON of CP) she can use infinite double jumps.

Mid-Air Jumps
1 Time: 125 CP
2 Times: 800 CP
3 Times: 1600 CP


Origin: Mighty No. 9
Exclusive Pixel Stickers: ?
Video Character Guide

Ray’s Laser increases in damage over time, so while it’s fairly weak to start out with, after a few seconds it will start dealing boss-destroying damage.

Quick swap ray tip from WolfHero:

Using the quick-swap equip feature, you can create two loadouts for Ray to benefit from her Xel Decay’s lowered cost while keeping a higher mobility and lower damage mode without Xel Decay.

Create two Customization slots, one with as much attack power as you can fit and Xel Decay and her melee skill. Then make a second with all the defense or mobility items you wish to use, and swap at your leisure. Since one layout is only for mobility/defense, you still only have to update one slot every time you want to choose element (which is still more effort than swapping elements should take in a Mega Man style game!).


Origin: Mighty No. 9
Exclusive pixel stickers: 155-165
No special shots or unusual restrictions.
Video Character Guide

Call is an interesting and in a way an “easy” character to play, due to her barrier, lack of challenging extra mechanics or downsides, and her robot helpers.

Unique Skill: Barrier

Call can produce a barrier that blocks most shots (but not physical contact with enemies) by holding the Skill button. A visual effect will show each blocked shot. Each segment of her gauge will last up to 1 second. You can use the entire gauge in one go, providing a pretty extended 6 seconds of blocked shots.

Once Barrier is totally depleted it will recharge in about 6 seconds. It will not recharge without being fully depleted, so “waste” the last of your charge whenever you need to refresh it.

Unique Skill: Patch Robots

Call will find 3-4 Patch Robots as collectables in stages (placed manually in special locations in each stage). Patch Robots will follow Call and shoot out in order, one at a time, as Call shoots. They deal damage on contact and can’t be harmed, but they also don’t block shots.

Red Patch Robot: Shoots straight in front of you quickly and with the longest distance
Blue Patch Robot: Shoots slowly with limited distance, but homes strongly on enemies
Yellow Patch Robot: Shoots quickly with good distance, and after it hits an enemy it will keep looping to hit repeatedly as long as you keep shooting without changing direction. Good for bosses.

If you’re Red Green colorblind the Red Patch Robot has black highlights making it easy to pick from the rest.

They’re mostly helpful, but at high-level play (or some very picky situations) they can be a little annoying as they may break your Burst chain or defeat enemies you don’t want them to.

You can disable the Patch Robots for whatever reason by setting the Awaiting Orders skill to On in Customize, which costs no CP. You’ll still collect Patch Robots, but they won’t attack if this option is on.

Unique Skill: Costume Change

As an extra cool feature, Call can change between her official design and 3 alternative designs from the Kickstarter campaign. I assume the 3 most popular losing options were chosen. Below I’ve listed the ingame costume designation and the letter the Kickstarter assigned each option.

Costumes are purely cosmetic and costs no CP.

No Costume: Call F (this was chosen as the official design)
Costume A: Call E
Costume B: Call H
Costume C: Call A

Aerial Action

Hovering: 150 CP
Slowly decent at a constant rate for up to about 4 seconds. Allows you to cover wider horizontal distances.

Single Mid-air Dash: 250 CP
Works just like Beck’s.


Origin: Azure Striker Gunvolt
Exclusive Pixel Stickers: 185-201
Enemy positions changed significantly
Video Character Guide


Exclusive Pixel Stickers: 202-227
Enemy and Treasure positions changed moderately
Video Character Guide

Kurona’s spear stab is insanely fun.


General Mighty Gunvolt Burst Tips

Editing Customize before starting a level will not add to the timer, only time in-stage is counted. This means you can be well-prepared for the Speedrun challenge.


Unlike most Mega Man style games, Mighty Gunvolt Burst allows a certain degree of “grinding” to victory. CP earned and Treasures collected (parts, pixel stickers) are kept even when quitting a level. This means you can shop around and collect parts and CP from every level even if you’re not quite ready to beat any of the bosses yet, then fight them at your leisure with more and stronger customization options.


You have a surprising amount of liberty to customize Mighty Gunvolt Burst’s Heads Up Display. I personally remove most of it other than health, burst count, and Character Specific HUD (your special attacks) as I find it’s not very useful information.

You can remap the controls as well. Notable only due to how unfortunately uncommon it is.

You can “Reverse” confirm/cancel buttons, which basically makes confirm work like an Xbox or English Playstation layout, with bottom button being confirm and right being cancel. “Normal” is “Japanese” or Nintendo style with confirm on the right.

Pixel Stickers

To get all pixel stickers in Mighty Gunvolt Burst, you’ll have to play as all three characters and complete all challenges. Each character has some unique stickers, so even a full playthrough of one character won’t get them all.

You can use stickers as your character’s “avatar” in the top left, and also to mark each of your Customize slots to keep them clear. It’s a good idea to use the “elemental” looking stickers if you make a bunch of copies varying only by element, for example.

Stickers are otherwise simply cosmetic and symbolic of game completion.


My Playlist of Mighty Gunvolt Bust Video Guides and Playthroughs.

Official Mighty Gunvolt Burst Wallpapers on Inti Creates’ site.

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  1. heh, I have a special tip, use charge shot.
    my loadout is easy to build, if you want an easy time on hard mode just go get the treasures from the maps before you fight the bosses. max the per shot damage on one weapon which you won’t equip by using: homing, spread shot, disperse, type a-type piercing and attack up. max all stats on those things. spark works for this if you are playing beck.
    have another weapon which you minimize the power of your bullets: 0.2 duration, 1 bullet, slow speed. the most useless weapon basically, but max your charge shot, auto, fast. and put all your defensive and utility on this slot, 0.25 damage resist, airial action, knockback resist, insta death resist ect.

    you can 3 shot some bosses and you don’t have to aim, pretty much you can walk into the boss fight and spam your attack button and the boss will die before you even go down to 3/4ths health.

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