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mothergunship guide

Mothergunship is out now for PS4, PC, and Xbox One! You can buy it for PC here or digitally for Xbox One/PS4.

I’ve been having a blast with it so I’ve started a guide to share some important info and tips! I’ll be expanding it over the next few days/weeks, so feel free to suggest info, tell me what I’m missing, or ask questions in the comments!

Mothergunship Essential Tips


The game is a “roguelite” meaning it has progression systems between runs; you lose the currently held gun parts but nothing else upon dying. This means you’re always moving forward and at most you “lose” a short play session’s worth of progress, rather than starting over from the beginning.

This makes Mothergunship much more accessible for those who haven’t played many Roguelike games, but don’t think it won’t get harder as you go along! But generally, don’t be afraid to experiment and learn by doing, since there’s very little to lose.

Note that not all features are unlocked from the start; progress through the main story missions to unlock various features like the ability to spend Experience, the Smugger’s Shop, Endless Mode etc.

Experience (purple diamonds) are used to level up your mech between levels, and can raise your jump count, movement speed, HP, hazard resistance, energy cap, energy recharge rate, ability to find secrets, and resistance to landing stun.

Coins can be used inside or outside of a level; inside a level Coins buy very cheap gun parts that are often critical to surviving and progressing through the map. After a level, extra coins are added to a total from which you can buy (very expensive) guns in the Smuggler’s stop.

Gun Parts can be gained from shops inside levels, and are kept as long as you beat the level. Gun parts are never dropped randomly or found in secrets; only shops.

Gun Parts are the only thing in the game that can be ‘lost’, but you only lose what you found in the level, plus anything you decide to take along. By simply not taking a favored gun on a risky mission, you can avoid losing it. Even if you do lose a good one, you can potentially get it back from the Lost and Found part of the Smuggler’s stop (for a fee, of course!).

There is (for some ungodly reason) a limit of 100 gun parts, so after you pick up too many gun parts, you’ll have to sell some.You’ll never be unable to pick up a gun part and lose it instantly; at the end of a mission you pick which parts to sell.

Kiting and dodging

Kiting (the practice of running around enemies to avoid their shots) is critical in this game (it is a bullet ballet after all). Certain enemies have limited ranges, unusual bullet arcs, or limited turning radiuses. 

Large cannons in particular you can often stand directly behind and hit, other enemies you’ll have to circle strafe around to keep them from hitting you. 

It’s often best to clear out low-HP smaller enemies before engaging in a strafe-down with a larger, high-HP enemy. You can only keep track of so much at once, and the difference in health can be quite large.

Room Clearing

A room is considered “cleared” once all active enemy robots are defeated. You’ll know this is the case when the music subsides; invincible hazards like certain types of turrets will stop firing too. Passive hazards like lava/saws/etc will continue to do harm however.

Unusually for a game of it’s type, clearing a room in Mothergunship is generally not needed (hug a door and it will open), allowing you to escape rooms you feel are too dangerous or tedious. Clearing a room is only completely required if you want to access the shop in that room. Of course, skipping rooms like this can leave you under equipped for later, harder rooms, but it can be a very worthwhile gamble.

Also unusually, some rooms can be “re-activated” by visiting a different area (usually another floor) that has a different set of enemies that spawn in. As always, you can simply leave the room via a door if you don’t want to deal with the extra spawned enemies.


The game features “secrets”, little areas hidden in walls. When close enough, blue hologram squares appear over the wall, and when ever closer, the secret opens up. Inside may be a Health, Jump, or Energy upgrade. Secrets will never have Coins or Gun Parts. Much like Doom, hugging every wall after clearing a room is a good way to find many secrets. 

Secrets are never necessary but can be some essentially free bonuses. Again like Doom, the secrets you got vs the total amount is tracked at the end of the level. Having a high jump count and (obviously) the Secret Radar mech upgrade will help you find secrets more easily. 

Building Guns

The point of the game is (arguably) to build some crazy guns, so there’s actually far fewer restrictions on making guns than you’d expect. As long as the gun barrels point forward and all the pieces fit together, you can make anything.

Note however that every Barrel and Cap you add will drain more energy per shot; ultimately you might make a gun that only fires one shot per energy meter (but what a shot it will be!). It’s totally up to you what tradeoffs to make, and most stats do not in fact have a cap, so you can have utterly insane multishot, knockback, damage, whatever you like, as long as you have enough parts.


Gun parts have 4 rarity levels, which are reflected in stats (and appearance). What is better about each specific part due to rarity varies. Connectors don’t appear to have different rarity levels. If you’ve played  World of Warcraft, Destiny, or Borderlands you’re probably familiar with these.

  • White (Common)
  • Blue (Rare)
  • Purple (Epic)
  • Yellow (Legendary)

Rare parts are…rarer, though as you progress through the game they seem to be more common (based on the difficulty level of a given room and it’s shop).


Knockback is listed as a negative on gun parts, but can be utterly hilarious useful. With sufficient knockback and rate of fire on your gun, you can aim at the ground and shoot up to fly, or move backwards at extreme speeds.

Knockback is actually a neutral stat, the red/negative sign just means the knockback pushes you back; there’s also positive Knockback (green/plus sign), which will either push you forward or negate some of the negative knockback you’ve accumulated via other parts.

Energy Stream weapons completely ignore knockback, for better or worse.


The basic fist weapon is surprisingly useful; it’s got more range than it might seem like, and does a hefty bit of damage. It can pay to keep using it until you have enough parts to make two particularly good weapons. It actually has longer range than sawblades, too.


Room Types


Two crossed yellow swords is a Challenge room. Challenge rooms have an optional challenge announced upon entering the room, completing the challenge gives extra coins when you leave the room. There is no penalty for failing.

  • Survive X seconds
  • Do not use your left gun for X seconds (good incentive to keep your primary on right)
  • Do not fire for X seconds
  • Kill X enemies in Y seconds
  • Do not take damage for X seconds

Upon clearing the challenge, exit doors will show a trophy icon to indicate you’ll get some Coins inside.


A yellow present box will give you some coins upon opening it, as if you had won a Challenge room, but for free.


A white Die logo on a door means a random effect will occur on the room. Here’s the effects I’ve found this can have on a room:

  • Poison/lava floor room
  • Trampoline floor room
  • 4x coin/xp/health drops room
  • Every enemy drops jump upgrades room

As you’ll learn early on, a red skull (the game’s logo and difficulty icon) means a boss is behind a door. Be ready and maybe check out a shop if your guns are garbage!


Two green flags on a door simply means you can leave the level through that door. If you’re low on HP, remember you can simply open the goal door even if the room is not cleared.

Co-Op Mode

A Co Op mode will be added to the game in the future. It’s not currently ready, but an opt-in Beta will be released sometime potentially soon. Full release planned in August.

Side Mission Types

Completing  a Side Mission will reset the mission you beat to a new one, while failing one will reset all available side missions. Note that unlike finishing a main or side mission, visiting Endless Mode does not reset side missions.


An extra long, extra difficult ship with high coin/experience reward. One of the best strategies is to simply run, especially if you’re towards the end or simply low on health. 

The difficulty raises dramatically each room, so ignore the seemingly lower-than-average difficulty indicator on the mission screen.

They’re coming out of the walls

Game over, man, game over! More of a minigame than anything, this is an odd mission set inside “vents” (big enough to git a giant mech suit) and you only get a flamethrower and your fist. It’s a big maze and your goal is simply to reach the end.

Always appears to have extremely rare loot as it’s mission reward.

Patrol Ship

Basic sidequest for coins/XP. Relatively easy and short.

Surplus Mission

Contractually Obligated Surplus Missions start you off with preset parts that you’ll get to keep if you finish the level. These parts can be very valuable (but not necessarily good together) so these missions can be a great way to stop up on rare parts.

Endless Mode

Endless Mode guarantees your death, meaning you won’t gain any parts from it. However,

Gun Part Stats


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