My Oasis – Relaxing Sanctuary: Game Guide

My Oasis Relaxing Sanctuary Game Guide

My Oasis is basically an AbyssRium clone right down to the low poly aesthetic. But hey, it still looks good and (so far) plays well. If you’ve played AbyssRium (especially with the help of my guide!) you know how all this goes for the most part.

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Title: My Oasis
Release date: 2017-?
Platforms: iOS, Android
Developer: Buff Studio
Genre: Idle Game/Clicker
Price: Free to Play with ads & In App Purchase
Always Online: No
Gambling Element (Gachapon/Loot Boxes): No


Guide Updates

My Oasis Game Updates


Gameplay & FAQ

Tap stuff, upgrade stuff, relax. Nothing much can go wrong in My Oasis, but there’s still ideal ways to play it. A major change from AbyssRium is My Oasis has a reset/prestige system.


I’m still exploring all the best methods, but an important general tip is there’s not many wrong ways to play these games; if you can buy it, especially with Hearts, it’s rarely a bad investment, and you’ll get those Hearts back in no time. Just tap, upgrade and enjoy at the start. Strategy and so on comes in later.

My Oasis is focused largely around the idea of “prestiging” or resetting the game to lose temporary progress in favor of “permanent progress” that makes future games faster, it’s a fairly popular way of designing Idle/Clicker games on mobile. This means you’ll often feel like you’re hitting a brick wall but probably just need to reset. The Oasis is randomly generated so you’ll have something new to look at every reset, so it’s not so bad.

Resetting earns Remembrance Shards (puzzle pieces) which you’ll spend on Treasures. Any treasure you buy will also permanently upgrade your Hearts earning rate, so there aren’t really any extremely poor choices. When in doubt pick what sounds best and read the Treasures section below for suggestions.

Cloud Saves

Cloud saves appear to be manual and likely only save per-platform. Manually use the Cloud Save option in the Gear menu before deleting My Oasis.


Attendance system

You get 20 gems daily for logging in online, and can double your reward by watching an ad, of course. You may have to close the app and reopen for the calendar icon to show up on a new day.

Treasure Chest

Another feature ripped straight from AbyssRium, a treasure chest dumps in the middle of the Island every once in a while. You can watch an ad to open it.

Possible rewards: Hearts, 20 gems

Voices of Nature

The animals will sometimes have an ellipsis (…) over their head. Tapping them will give you a large-ish amount of Hearts and some uplifting words.

Weather effects/Notes

Play notes in the proper order to change the weather or time of day. Tap the Weather icon in the top right to see what Chords or weather effects are available. Notes are played at the bottom of the screen, and more notes are unlocked as you progress through My Oasis.

Weather appears to be cosmetic, but it may affect what variety of life/biomes appear on your Oasis. This needs more research.

You unlock new Notes at 50, 150,250, 350, and 450 Oasis levels. They’re permanently unlocked once you get each note for the first time.

Sometimes you will be prompted to repeat songs to get extra Hearts. Tap the music icon then repeat the song. It doesn’t seem that super worth it, so if you’re tone deaf it’s not a big deal. You can also watch an ad in the Bonus tab to have it just show you the notes.

Songs List

Time and Weather can be set independently by playing these songs. Some songs are hidden and only given by the Voices of Nature.


c e f g

f d e c

a d f e f g


g e c e g

f g f d e

c a g d f a b

Secret Songs

Secret songs are still cosmetic only, but they’re only revealed to you by the Voices of Nature.

Aurora (only works if it’s already Nighttime)

c’ e g b b d e c’

The c’ notes unlock at level 450

Rainbow (only works if it’s already Daytime)

d e a d a g


Tap the Eye icon for My Oasis to take you on a little guided-camera tour of the Oasis, good to relax with.


Tap the Menu icon in the top left to access the upgrades menu. There’s a notification here when there’s anything new unlocked. You can also choose how many times you upgrade per-tap, so you don’t have to tap 100 times if an upgrade has fallen behind.

My Oasis

The primary upgrade tab, this has all your major skills.

Note that skills upgraded with Gems will persist their level through resets, but you still have to reach the prerequisite Oasis level again to first use the skill again.


Upgrades your per-tap Hearts. Most features in My Oasis are unlocked based on your Oasis level and it’s a primary way of earning Hearts, so it’s a very important thing to upgrade.

The amount of Hearts per tap doubles every 25 levels. Cosmetic things like trees and animals will also start to grow every 25 levels.

Every 250 levels the island will grow and Hearts per tap will increase 10x.

Dandelion Seeds

Upgrades your per-second Hearts. Dandelion Seeds are an active skill and have to be cast to use, press the large X/30 button in the bottom right to cast Dandelion seeds. Seeds regenerate slowly while you tap.

The amount of hearts gained triples every 25 levels upgraded.


Unlocks: Oasis level 100
Cost: 100 Gems
Duration: 2 minutes
Cooldown: 20 minutes
Effect: Automatically tap X times per second for 2 minutes. Basically Volcanic Eruption from AbyssRium. Stacks with Cherry Blossoms.
Upgrade: +4 taps/second each level
Max: Level 10, 50 taps/second, 1,000 Gems total

This appears to be the most efficient skill to upgrade, due to its very low Gem price and the fact that even at level 1 it technically produces more hearts than Nature’s Affection.

Nature’s Affection

Unlocks: Oasis level 200
Upgrade cost: 200 gems
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 40 minutes
Effect: Instantly grants 1400 taps’ worth of Hearts. Basically Delicious Food from AbyssRium. Stacks with Cherry Blossoms.
Upgrade: +400 taps’ worth of Hearts
Max: level 10, 5400 taps’ worth of Hearts (?)

Probably the third best thing to upgrade.

Cherry Blossoms

Unlocks: Oasis level 300
Upgrade cost: 300 Gems
Effect: Increases amount of hearts earned per-tap by 360% for one minute. Basically half of Song of the Moon from AbyssRium. Multiplies both Raincloud and Nature’s Affection.
Upgrade: +60 percentage points
Max: level 10, +960% Hearts per tap (?)

This is probably the second best thing to upgrade since it stacks with both Raincloud and Nature’s Affection, while being only 50% more expensive than Nature’s Affection.

Blooming Nature

Unlocks: Oasis level 400
Upgrade cost: 400 Gems
Effect: Increases per-second Hearts from Dandelion Seeds by 240% for 3 minutes. Basically the other half of Song of the Moon from AbyssRium.
Upgrade: +40 percentage points
Max: level 10, 640% increase

Easily the least important thing to upgrade as it’s very expensive and Dandelion Seeds are overall a poor way to get Hearts anyway.

Resetting My Oasis

Unlocks: Oasis level 500
Cooldown: 30 minutes

A “prestige” system a la Call of Duty and assorted other Idle Games where you trade in your current progress for permanent benefits. You keep permanent items like gems, remembrance shards, and animal slots. Anything bought with Hearts resets.

My Oasis randomly generates your Oasis, so you’ll get a different environment every reset, and you might see some new things each time!

You can choose which type of Oasis you’ll see when you restart:

  • Desert with Volcano
  • Fields with Windmill
  • Grassland with mountain waterfall
    • Costs 500 Remembrance shards (permanent unlock)
  • Snowy Christmas Town
    • Only available to unlock through December 31st
    • Costs an eye-watering 5,000 gems

Resetting gives you a large amount of Remembrance Shards to unlock Treasures. Blessings and Treasures are kept after the reset. You can also get the Remembrance Shards without resetting by spending 500 gems.

The Oasis seems to alternate between the Round and Star shaped patterns each reset. The order of animals each biome gets seems to stay consistent between resets too.


Virtues are like Coral from AbyssRium, they passively harvest Hearts, but by default they must be tapped to collect the hearts unlike Coral. You can pay a certain amount of hearts or gems to unlock auto-harvesting for each one.

Aping AbyssRium yet again, Virtues’ earning rate gains a 2x bonus every 25 levels you upgrade, so go in batches of 25 when possible.Amount of hearts is doubled every number ending in 25 or 75, while cultivation speed is doubled every number ending in (1)00 or 50.

Virtues aren’t really of much value until auto-cultivation is unlocked. Auto-cultivation unlocks are reset upon resetting the Oasis so spending gems on it is incredibly wasteful.

Virtues also have an all-Virtue multiplier, which is unlocked when all  Virtues have been upgraded to multiples of 50. That is to say once all virtues are level 50 you get a buff, then once all are level 100 etc.

  • Serenity
    • Auto harvest cost: 20A Hearts/10 Gems
  • Unselfishness
    • Auto harvest cost: 240A Hearts/20 Gems
  • Courage
    • Auto harvest cost: 3B Hearts/30 Gems
  • Confidence
    • Auto harvest cost: 39B  Hearts/40 Gems
  • Fortitude
    • Auto harvest cost: 543B Hearts/50Gems
  • Humility
    • Auto harvest cost: 7.9C Hearts/60 Gems
  • Self-Awareness
    • Auto harvest cost: 125C Hearts/70 Gems
  • Caring
    • Auto harvest cost: 2D Hearts/80 Gems
  • Forgiveness
    • Auto harvest cost: 39D Hearts/90 Gems
  • Compassion
    • Auto harvest cost: 795D  Hearts/100 Gems


Little missions you can attempt for rewards. If you fail one you get a partial reward and can’t retake it for a few minutes. If you succeed you get more rewards and can attempt the higher level immediately.

You get Puzzle Pieces even if you fail so you should always attempt these when you can.

Barefoot in the park

Requires Oasis level 100
Time: 15 seconds
Puzzle pieces: 1

Collect hearts by tapping only.

Reward: Hearts and jigsaw pieces.

Picnic in a Flower Garden

Level 300 Oasis
Time: 30 seconds
Puzzle pieces: 2

Collect hearts with tapping and dandelion seeds.

A Journey to Find Myself

Level 500 Oasis
Time: 45 Seconds
Mission: Collect Hearts with tapping, dandelion seeds, and Virtues
Puzzle Pieces: 3

Somewhere Farther Away

The last Journey is, at present, not actually in the game and impossible to unlock.


High level benefits that have an unlock condition and a price in Remembrance Shards (Puzzle Pieces) before they can be activated or leveled. Treasures are not lost when resetting the Oasis, in fact resetting the Oasis is the primary way to upgrade Treasures.

Each Treasure or Upgrade you buy also adds a Hearts per tap (?) buff that increases based on the cumulative number of Treasures you’re acquired and upgraded, starting at 100% and going well over 1,000% eventually. Not sure of the exact formula but it means buying the cheapest upgrade at any given time is a sound strategy as you’ll get a good Hearts bonus even if the effect of the Treasure is otherwise uninteresting.

The total Hearts boost for owning all Treasures is 65.104C%.

Gold Palm Tree
Unlock: Reach Oasis Level 1000
Effect: Oasis Upgrade Cost -2% per level
Base Cost: 150
Upgrade cost: 50% of Base Cost, +20% per level. This is the same across all Treasures.
Upgrade Max: level 20, this is the same across all Treasures.

Desert Water Sack
Unlock: Reach 100000 Taps
Effect: Hearts per tap +5% per level
Base Cost: 200 Remembrance Shards

Honeybee Necklace
Unlock: Reach Dandelion Seeds level 500
Effect: Dandelion Seeds upgrade cost -2% per level
Base Cost: 150

Dandelion Crown
Unlock: Blow Dandelion Seeds 500 times. Note you can blow them even if there’s only 1/30 showing on the counter, which will let you do it much more often.
Base Cost: 200

Water Sprinkler
Unlock: Gather 200 Dandelion Seeds total
Base Cost: 150 Remembrance Shards
Effect: Chance to gather Dandelion seeds +0.1% per level

Inner Mirror
Unlock: Have 4000 Virtue Levels total. This requires around 900+ Oasis levels, so it’ll be one of your last Treasures
Effect: Hearts from Virtues + 5% per level
Base Cost: 200

Wheel of Time
Condition: Unlock and purchase all 10 Virtues
Effect: Virtues Upgrade Cost -2% per level
Base Cost: 150

Broken Compass
Condition: Have 30 Journey levels total
Effect: Hearts required to complete a journey -2.5% per level
Base Cost: 100 Shards

Paper Airplane
Unlock: Complete 50 Journeys
Effect: Hearts from Journeys +5% per level
Base Cost: 100

Magical Piano
Unlock: Complete 50 Song of Nature events
This means tap animals that have the Note icon over their heads, then repeat the musical pattern of 3 notes back on the “piano” keys when the main menu is minimized.
Base Cost: 100
Effect: Song of Nature bonus +20% per level

Tiny Loudspeaker
Unlock: Listen to Voices of Nature 100 times
This means tap animals that have the Ellipsis over their heads. You do not have to watch and ads they offer.
Effect: Voice of Nature bonus +10% per level
Base Cost: 100

Starry Pillow
Unlock: Gain Rest Bonus 10 times. You seem to have to close the app for at least a half hour? before you can claim the Rest Bonus
Effect: Rest Bonus + 1% per level
Base Cost: 100

Striped Book
Unlock: Purchase 10 Treasures
Effect: Treasure upgrade cost -1% per level
Base Cost: 200

Cactus Needle
Unlock: Reset Oasis 1 time
Effect: 5% chance to cause 1 * (X) more additional hearts when tapping, where X is the level of the Treasure
Base Cost: 150

Last Piece of the Puzzle
Unlock: Reset Oasis 10 times
Effect: +1.5% Shards per reset per level
MaxL Level 20, +30% Shards
Base Cost: 200


Spend your precious premium currency (gems) on stuff here, or watch an ad for free hearts. Nothing in this menu is very worth it IMO.

You can click this tab and the Shop tab to dismiss the “new ad” notification and it won’t come back unless you watch another ad. I appreciate it when games do this.


Whales beware, ye be hunted here! My Oasis has a range of IAP but none are necessary by any stretch of the imagination.

Here you can watch an ad for 10 gems every 10 minutes, pay $2 to remove “interrupting” ads (but not ads you choose to watch to multiply/earn rewards), or pay money for an assortment of stuff. Not much advice to give here, just don’t go crazy now.

Or if you do go crazy…maybe go crazy on my Patreon funding campaign as well, eh?

Halloween Event

Not much going on honestly; some spooky trees and pumpkins may replace some trees in your Oasis, the Chest is replaced with a spooky pumpkin (and chest rewards are multiplied by 1.5x), the Hearts are Pumpkins (cosmetic only), the Free Hearts ad bonus is doubled. Temporary new Trick or Treat x4 heart bonus for 100 gems (30 minute duration). I’d save the gems for permanent rewards.

My Oasis Bugs

Dark screen and app doesn’t respond to taps after ads/pop ups

Press Back and the screen should return to normal state on Android. Try leaving to home screen and back if it occurs on iOS.


Exploits are essentially helpful bugs. They enable you to progress in My Oasis faster than you should, so some players may not wish to use them, and they’re likely to be patched at any time.

Voices of Nature reset bug

This is a pretty major and useful trick; basically after resetting if you very quickly level your Oasis to the point where there’s some trees/animals, you can get access to a Voices of Nature ellipsis that will give you Hearts based on your pre-reset per tap Hearts instead of your current one. At it’s simplest, right around level 500 when you reset, if you get this trick to work you’ll get around 10D Hearts instantly, letting you upgrade immediately back up to level 500!

Remove Reset Cooldown bug

Oddly, if you set your clock an hour ahead of realtime and play the game while connected to the internet, the Reset Oasis cooldown seems to perpetually be ready. This lets you reset extremely fast and is of extreme value early on as you can gain many treasures very quickly as leveling to 500 becomes very quick with just a few treasures.

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