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myuu discord bot guide and command list

Myuu is a Pokemon Discord Bot that’s a biiiit different from your usual ones. Unlike PokeTwo, and PokeRealm which aim to be Pokecord clones and PokeMeow which tries to be its own thing, Myuu works to replicate most of a real Pokemon game experience complete with gym battles, regions, throwing Pokeballs, and lots and lots of battling (perhaps even, too much)!

The bot advertises itself by saying you just use .menu and don’t need to memorize any other commands…but there’s a bit more to it than that. Here I’ll run through all commands in Myuu and how to make the best use of them. I’ll also explain the strategies you’ll need to win the game!

Myuu Guide Updates

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Myuu Quickstart

Myuu is not like Pokecord. Pokemon will not randomly spawn. Instead, you’ll use the .menu to travel to different routes (try .route 1) and battle pokemon to level up. You can also throw Pokeballs to try and catch Pokemon. Use the Bag & Items menu to buy new Pokeballs and the Box menu to manage your Pokemon.

Your goal is to unlock more of the world to catch and battle Pokemon in; Gym Leaders unlock 3 more routes after being defeated and defeating the final Gym in a region unlocks the next one.

Battles are simulated pretty accurately to real Pokemon, closer to Pokemon Showdown than PokeCord—but probably still not quite as accurate. IVs, EVs, natures, Status Effects, Items and more are all accounted for.

Where to play Myuu

Myuu can be played in it’s official server  or by inviting the bot to your own server. Just type .menu to start a tutorial for how to play and battle. Tell the bot in the tutorial that @SirTapTap#3775 sent you for a bonus! Then you may use .pksetup to define its channels, if using your own server and don’t want it to spam up a chat channel.

Myuu Command List

Text commands can be directly used to skip using the .menu feature. For common actions this can save a lot of time. For clarity, I’ll run through the commands in the way the game presents them through the menu.

Most actions only work on Pokemon in your current team. Pokemon are referred to directly by name unless stored in a box, in which case they’re referred to by their box row/column combination like a1 for the first slot. Only one Pokemon of each species can be in your party, probably due to the refer-by-name thing.


Voting gives you a 1 hour 2x XP boost (reported at the top of the battle screen), a few diamonds and PKC based on your voting streak. It’s best to focus your grinding against wild pokemon in this one hour window! The game is pretty grindy otherwise. I recommend getting an EXP Share All and Lucky Eggs as soon as possible. By Gym 6-8 their cost should be pretty easy to absorb.


All commands related to your current battle team of 6 Pokemon. Use these to prepare for battles.

View your team, levels, and Badge progress. Basically a trainer card.
.mypkinfo <Pokémon>
Check a pokemon on your team for level, moves, stats, IVs/EVs, ability and more information.
.learn <Pokémon> <move>
Learn a new move for a Pokemon. Use .moves <pokemon> to see what’s available.
Move Keys seem to be very rare drops from .route battles.
.swap <position 1>, <position 2>
Swap the order of your Team. Pokemon 1 will always start the battle, so it’s the most important one to keep in mind. The rest don’t matter much as you can call them out manually when switching.
.swapmoves <Pokémon> <position 1> <position 2>
Swap the position of two moves from your Pokémon
.pkname <Pokémon> <nickname>
Nicknames a Pokemon in your team.

.release <pokemon>

Releases a Pokemon on your current team. If your boxes are full and you have lots of duplicates, this will help you save on space if you don’t need the extras.

Battle & Trade

Forgive the messiness of this section, it’s being worked on.

A general battle tip: The AI is not quite Pokemon Tier, and will sometimes use moves that have no effect against the active pokemon. This makes defensive type advantage particularly strong. This is particularly useful against Gyms which have a guaranteed main typing and are relatively difficult.

Kanto Strategy

Your 2x XP will run out after beating Koga (the 5th gym leader), perhaps confusing as it says it ends “up to the 4th”. This makes route 15, the last route before Koga, a very good place to grind your pokemon up to at least level 36-40. Soon after you should be able to afford the EXP Share All, which will reduce the grind burden again and things will be smooth, just save your first 15,000 PKC in Myuu for that.

Note that Lucky Egg works for EXP Share All users too! Each Pokemon requires its own egg, but Pokemon not taking part in the battle get their 50% XP increased by the egg they hold.

If your team is level 40 and not weak to Psychic or Fire, you can leapfrog Sabrina and Blaine’s gyms with the same team after such grinding, minimizing the impact of the reduced XP earned. By route 24 after Blaine, you’ll be earning as much without 2x XP as you were with it!

After beating the 8th gym leader, you actually have to beat them all again to unlock the next region and Route 25. The rematches are extremely difficult with level 50+ pokemon for the first 4 and 60+ mons in the last 4, higher than you can quickly grind to. They also use competitive item and move setups and full teams of 6 pokemon. Expect lots of Life Orbs and Leftovers. If you don’t know what to use, Life Orbs are fairly cheap and very effective on most non-stall pokemon.

The final battle will be against the Champion (you skip the Elite 4 since you do the gym rematches I guess), who has Pokemon level 70+.

Note the ingame Pokedex is broken and treats “seen” as “caught”. The “caught” pokeball indicator will thus show up every time you fight any Pokemon after the first. Check your Box to see if you’ve actually caught something for now.

Not all Pokémon will appear in routes by default. Some are hidden and require certain criteria to be met in order to find them.
Thief confiscates an item during battle, but does NOT yield the item after battle or put it in your bag/held item slot. You can only obtain wild pokemons’ items by catching them.
Payday does not appear to give extra PKC.
WIP. Below is just the command list ingame. More info later.
1. .route <Number>
Battle a wild Pokémon
2. .battle/unranked @trainer [Number]
Challenge a trainer to a battle
3. .gymbattle
Challenge a gym leader to a battle
4. .trade @trainer (<Pokémon> <Number>)(<Pokémon> <Number>)
Request a trade from a trainer

Move Keys

Move Keys drop very oddly. They appear to only drop during battle when using Moves. You don’t have to win or complete the battle, they seem to drop after either a specific or random number of Moves are used by you.

Since Move Keys are very rare (I got two in my entire trip through Kanto), be very careful when using them. Not all Move Key moves are actually good. Try to set your Pokemon up the best you can without move keys and use them only to fill in critical gaps in your Moves.

Bag & Items

WIP. Below is just the command list ingame. More info later.

1. .bag
Check your bag, where all your items and Pokeballs are stored. The bag holds up to 999 of each item and up to 10 items per “tier” of bag that’s purchased. If your bag is full, see .buybag.
Purchase 10 more item slots in your bag. The price increases every time
Check your PKC (coins) and D (diamonds).
4. .donate
Check the donate page
5. .items [Sorting Option] [Number]
Check the item list
6. .buy <Item> [Number]
Purchase an item
7. .sell <Item> [Number]
Sell an item
8. .give <Pokémon> <Item>
Give an item to a Pokémon in your team
9. .take <Pokémon> [Item]
Take an item from a Pokémon in your team
Fun tip: Enigma Berries are free at least for now. If you have nothing better for your Pokemon to hold, they heal 1/4th HP when hit with a Super Effective move. Jaboca Berries, Mago Berries, and Iapapa Berries, and the Iron Ball are also free. You can even buy 100 at a time.
Items take up bag space however, so the free items come at a price. Use them early on when they’re useful, then sell them (for 0 p) to clear up space.


Manage Pokemon in storage here, just like mainlike pokemon games. You have to buy more boxes once yours are full, but they’re not too expensive.

WIP. Below is just the command list ingame. More info later.


Check information on Routes or Pokemon. There is no Pokedex as you’d expect in the game, only a (broken) caught/uncaught listing and individual entries. Any pokemon you’ve seen is instantly registered as ‘caught’.

WIP. Below is just the command list ingame. More info later.

1. .pkinfo <Pokémon>
Check a Pokémon’s unique information
2. .routeinfo <Number>
Check which Pokémon can be found in a route
3. .pokedex <Sort option>
Check all Pokémon
4. .pokedex <Pokémon>
Check some general information about a Pokémon
5. .pokedex caught/remain [Number]
Check how many Pokémon you have caught or remain to be caught
6. .moves <Pokémon> [Sort option]
Check a Pokémon’s moves
7. .mvinfo/ability/item/type <Input>
Check some information regarding a move, ability, item or type
8. .natures
Check the effects each nature has


Option 6 from the menu. The Daycare in Myuu, despite the name, is only for breeding eggs. Pokemon placed here will not level up like in mainline Pokemon games.

The ability Flame Body works in Myuu, that is to say Eggs will hatch faster if a Pokemon on your team (not box) has it.


Visually check the daycare for eggs. A little graphic will pop up. If there’s eggs, type .get eggs to collect them.

.raise <pokemon>, <pokemon>

Put two Pokemon into the daycare to breed.

.get eggs

Get any Eggs laid at the daycare.

.get <pokemon>

Remove a Pokemon from the Daycare. There must be an empty slot in your Team. You have to remove both to put in a new pair.


Other commands are somewhat randomly mixed in here, but some are very important. WIP. Below is just the command list ingame. More info later.

1. .fly
Fly to a different region
2. .gift @trainer <Number>
Gift PKC to a trainer
3. .sortbox <Number>
Sort your box
4. .autocorrect
Toggle on/off the in-game auto-correct
5. .notif
Toggle on/off your in-game notifications
6. .privacy
Toggle on/off your in-game privacy
7. .info
Check some general information about Myuu including the timezone
8. .raf
Check your RAF information
9. .skins
Apply a skin to a Pokémon


Skins can be applied by logging in with your Discord account to this site, which also displays all skins and pokemon that have them. Skins cost a hefty portion of Pokediamonds.


Option 8 from the Menu. Only one command.


Shows the actual menu here. There are 4 options, type a number to select the option

  • Set Channel
  • Unset Channel
  • Change Prefix
    • Just changes the command prefix from the default . to whatever you want
      • Even if you change it, the default always works
    • If you have many bots, it’s best to keep a different prefix for each
    • I like to Nickname the bots with their prefix in the name, example Myuu (.menu)
  • View Settings


Option 9 on the menu, but only one command.

.help or .support

Sends a direct message to you with some basic help information, a link to the official site and Myuu’s Discord Server. Report bugs and issues to the official discord (not here, I make the guide not the bot!). Since you have this guide and I already gave you the two links, you probably don’t need this too much huh.


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