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gamindustri font

Style has a big impact on a game’s tone and perception, and one of the strongest ways a game can create that sense of style is with it’s own font. Hyperdimension Neptunia has a unique, in-universe font we’ll just call the Gamindustri Font (keep reading for a download link too!).

The font was prominently featured in the first Neptunia game and its promotional works:

Large holograms spell out "Area C" etc in HDN1 Planeptune
Large holograms spell out “Area C” etc in HDN1 Planeptune

The planeptune font, behind Neptune, spelling out "Are you ready for Program execution?"
Is your body ready?

This font has been featured in later games to a lesser extent.

The font used in an Engrish arcade machine error message
Some of the arcade machines in Megadimension display this delightfully Engrish error message.

A promotional image of Nepgear from Mk2 featuring the Gamindustri font

The CPUs have their name written in their wings in this font as well.

Purple Heart's wing with Neptune written on it in Gamindustri font

The anime features this font even more heavily; it’s used just about everywhere as if it was the main alphabet of Gamindustri.

The font used in the anime

This font has been mostly consistent in each appearance (I have found only one exception, and it was a minor variation). After examining its appearance across each game and anime episode, I’ve collected all letters and digits in the font (as well as a couple of symbols). The whole font (letters and digits) is as follows:

Gamindustri font, a blocky "retro" looking font with sharp 45 and 90 degree angles.

An unusual quirk of this font is that it’s mostly fixed width except for spaces, which are half the width (this can be seen in the arcade screenshot above).

How is this font used in-universe? It looks to be ornamental actually: it’s only found where it’s meant to grab attention, and the one place where it’s used as the body text is some old arcade machines in Zerodimension. The exception to this is the anime version of Gamindustri, where as mentioned earlier it seems to be used just about everywhere instead.

Download the Gamindustri Font

Want style up some Neptunia fan work? Here’s a True Type Font of Gamindustri! It’s not exactly the best font for long-form reading, but it has a stark style for titles and headings.

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