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Finally, a new Neptunia title has released; Super Neptunia RPG! This one’s halfway between a “side” game and a “main” game, having a higher budget and larger story focus than most of the side games, but still some major differences from most of the “main” games.

I’m a bit late on getting together a guide for this one (work’s been a huge pain!) so I’m putting up my framework and I’ll be improving it as I play! Major WIP. Feel free to ask questions and add information in the comments, or contribute to the freely editable Big Spreadsheet of Everything for the game.

Super Neptunia RPG Game Info

Title: Super Neptunia RPG
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC (Steam)
Language: Japanese/English (Audio), English/French (Text)
Release date: 2019-06-20 (English)
Developer: Artisan Studios
Publisher: Compile Heart/Idea Factory International
Price: $50
File Size: 4800 MB
Genre: JRPG

Version Differences:
PS4 version has trophies and Steam version has achievements, Switch version has no Achievements.
On PS4, 2 CGs are partially censored (one cropped, one has extra Censorship Hotspring Mist added), both Steam and switch version are unaltered.
The Japanese version has the same censored scenes, but has Japanese text.

Guide Index

Head up to the Neptunia Mega Guide, which links guides and info for all games.

Super Neptunia RPG Quick Tips

There’s platforming, but you get jump upgrades later on! Don’t frustrate yourself trying to make tricky (and possibly impossible!) jumps early on. If it seems like you can’t get it, you probably can’t–yet. Treasures are often best left for later if it’s not obvious how to get it.

Similarly, quests aren’t always possible the second you unlock them; be patient and progress the story if there’s not an obvious way to do it. Several quests in the first area are impossible at first. As far as I can tell (and as usual for Neptunia), there isn’t much of any missable content so don’t stress.

The maps can be slightly confusing to navigate at first, but there’s ingame maps to all the dungeons to make it easy, just press Select to see them.


The game has more elements and status effects (and resistances) than the usual Neptunia game; it’s closer to Final Fantasy 8 in that regard. Try to cover each element with at least one attack in your formation sets (once you have a full party that is).

Speaking of Final Fantasy, items have learnable Abilities like Final Fantasy 9, so keeping a wide variety of gear to slowly learn abilities will be strategically valuable.

Only Neptune is playable as your lead character. Sorry.

Press Select/equivalent to see enemies’ resistances mid-battle, you don’t have to try blindly to see what works. Speed up battles with L2, but you still have to input attack commands manually or you just get beat up really fast!

The game isn’t very hard, but save and make use of the sweet fast travel the save points offer.


Majorly WIP! There will be very minor spoilers as necessary to explain what to expect or do.


Neptune has Amnesia! Who could have guessed! You can start many side quests in this town, but you can’t actually complete most of them yet. Take them anyway (there’s no penalty, it just adds them to your list).

Run into Westwind Valley and open the map (Select) to see where the Boss is on the map, the red golem thing. Head towards it, you don’t need any grinding or equipment purchases just yet. Just heal with a berry if you’re under 50% HP and you’ll be good.

Note you can’t add the Dogoo to your party in the cutscene, it’s just a joke. Take any quests you see along the way, though you can’t finish most of them now. Talk to everyone with the “new quest” star over their head. Don’t forget you can warp between save points to get around quicker, and the map marks treasure. Worry about advancing the story for now, not completing the maps.

You’ll end up in Lastation Outskirts eventually, and see more story. Now continue into the Volcano and you’ll fight your first boss and get your first party member! The boss isn’t so bad, just don’t forget to heal and you’ll be fine.

Now you’ll need to head back to Lastation City to get a Hunt Quest to learn to use the good ol’ Guild system. Also, a shortcut from Lastation Outskirts to the City is now open, the NPC doesn’t block you.  For some reason being a fugitive doesn’t get in your way at all.

Chrome leaves your party for now, and you’ve got to travel to the second “crystal” then go left and you’ll find it, and two familiar faces, Blanc and Noire! Use Blanc’s magic to beat the Fioro (Noire’s will heal it).

Now we’ve got 3 out of 4 of the main girls! Battles aren’t just mashing Y anymore, how fun. You can get new weapons for them, but you might want to wait until they learn the skills on their default gear first.

To head to Lowee, go to the first Crystal in Westwind Valley, go right, up, then left again.


You can get some quests in Lowee City (up from the starting point of the Twin Mountains map), but the main quest wants you to go left towards the Archive. There will be a basic Ice boss blocking your way, with your 3 girls he won’t be a big deal.

Before you advance in the Archive, be warned you’ll soon be reduced to one character again for a bit. Once you’re inside, you’ll get some story and have to search for yourself; there’s a bookcase in the second area you have to investigate to unlock the next map and progress the story. It doesn’t show on the map as a door until opened.

Once inside you’ll split up for some dumb reason, leaving you with just Neptune, so continue the quest quickly. There will just be some easy fights, and you have to wander around the lower level collecting books for Histy. You’ll get Puddingo here, who will help you jump higher.


I’m making a spreadsheet for equipment, Monster Drops, Quests etc. You can help by editing it directly if you want!




The DLC is only necessary if you really want the game to be extremely easy from the get-go (it’s already easy), or absolutely must have everything. If it’s the latter, I’d recommend not actually using the items until you buy/find similarly strong ones ingame, as they’ll take the (low) challenge out of the game naturally.


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