Welcome aboard Sik, a new Neptunia focused guest writer

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When I started this site I didn’t plan on bringing other writers on board, but plans always change. So today I’m announcing two changes.

First, this site will be somewhat of a home for Neptunia information, as I’ve found it frustratingly difficult to scrape together information on what’s a fairly popular series (for it’s budget/pedigree). These stories will be collected under a new top level menu item for Neptunia. I’ll keep making import guides and covering the release of new games in Japanese, as well as guides once (or before!) the English version hits western shores.

Second, welcome aboard guest writer Sik, who will be assisting in writing about Neptunia!

Sik is a Genesis Homebrew Game developer from Argentina and artist who does lots of Neptunia art, it so happens. Some of his stuff is on itch.io as well.

Sik will post here under his own name, starting with an upcoming piece on how localizations changed (or didn’t change) assorted names. We also plan to aggregate some interesting but scattered coverage like interviews with developer teams.

Look forward to more Neptunia content from me and Sik, and potentially others if anyone signs on.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome aboard Sik, a new Neptunia focused guest writer”

  1. Hello, I have a question about Abbysrium. “I upgrade Coral whenever the upgrade cost for the first level in a set of 25 costs only about as much as one or two taps” Can you explain this a bit more in depth, for some reason I can’t really understand it? Thanks!

    1. I mean when Tap Vitality (multiplied by Song of the Moon if you have it) is worth the cost of the next upgrade. I’ll try to find some better way to phrase it.

      Was the comment section on the guide missing or anything btw?

        1. ohh hey do you think you could add me on Facebook so i can see your abbysrium? its totally fine if not, I just wanna see how cool it is

      1. ohh hey do you think you could add me on Facebook so i can see your abbysrium? its totally fine if not, I just wanna see how cool it is(:

        1. It’s pretty boring right now since I put everything away for candy farming. I’ll probably make a YouTube video soon to show off all the Christmas fish like I did on Halloween though! It’ll be at YouTube.com/sirtaptap .

          I only added people on Facebook for the spadefish tbh lol. None of my friends play so I ignore that feature. Prefer Twitter anyway

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