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A Normal Lost Phone Walkthrough

A Normal Lost Phone is a short narrative game by Accidental Queens. I found online guides lacking, so I put together a quick, superior one for others.


Most progression gates in the game require finding out a password. I give a vague hint and a spoiler-block with the exact solution for each. Try to figure out as much as you can on your own, it makes it more fun and reveals the story as it was intended.

Wifi Password

Melren’s zip code

Story/gameplay spoilers

Lovbirds: Sam-Thing

A relevant Birthday

Story/gameplay spoilers

Lovbirds: Sam-Thing-Else

A secretive date

Story/gameplay spoilers


Love Letters contain lots of information

Story/gameplay spoilers
Click a link in Sam-Thing-Else’s Lovbirds messages to Phil_free

Forum VIP:

Sometimes the right answer is wrong.

Story/gameplay spoilers
Fail the password prompt 4 times and reset the password via email

Father’s year of birth is 1961. The password you’re emailed is random, so you’ll have to actually enter what you’re given


Sometimes we wish we lived somewhere else, and that somewhere is important to us.


Story/gameplay spoilers
The answer is Covonia’s zip code, found in the weather app. Enter 85922 into the calculator app and hit =.

Steam Achievements

The game’s achievements are very easy, you’ll get most in a normal playthrough, and with a little help the others will come in under a minute.

Bookworm: Open every forum thread on Be You forum (you don’t have to read to the bottom)

Photobooth: Send a photo back to Phil_Free in Sam-Thing-Else’s Lovbirds account. You can send any of the photos from Transpride. Download them from the VIP section of the Be You forum.

Reset: Just immediately reset the phone in Settings without completing the story.

Faster: use the Arrow shortcut to get to the top/bottom of a Messages conversation 10 times.

Free Wifi: Connect to the WiFi (story required)

You’ve Got Mail: Send the draft left in the Email App

Photo Album: download a photo attachment from the Email app.

DJ: Download a music attachment from the Email App

VIP: Log into the VIP section of Be You

Secret Garden: Discover intimate Secrets (open the Diary in the secret Calculator app)

The Truth: Complete the game. (Reset the phone after finding why you should do so)

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