Omori Guide, Walkthrough, & Achievement Unlocks

omori guide & achievements

Omori from Omocat has finally released after it’s successful Kickstarter over 5 years ago. I’ve decided to make a guide as I’m playing (I’ve been livestreaming it) to help others find all the secrets and surprisingly many hidden achievements in this great psychedelic horror/emotional RPG!

I’m a bit behind on updating but post in the comments (I read every one, just like I do on my YouTube) and I’ll answer questions and add info people need ASAP! Please come talk about Omori in our Discord server (be respectful about spoilers!).

Spoilers are minimal but hey, it’s a guide. This mostly explains what is where and where to find things. I’ve intentionally avoided all story details possible.

Everything is going to be okay.


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Omori Game Info

Title: Omori
Platform: PC & Mac (Steam), Switch, PS4, and Xbox One eventually
Language: English
Release date: 2020-12-25
Estimated length: 30+ hours for one playthrough
50+ hours for completion
Developer: Omocat Price: $19.99
Genre: Surreal Horror/Turn Based RPG
Filesize: 2GB
Cloud Save: No Steam cloud save!
Controller Support: Full
Always Online: No
Paid gambling element: No

Omori Routes/Endings

Omori has 2 major routes that drastically change the late portions of the game. Each route has its own set of endings. I highly recommend going for the Normal Route first (which you will almost certainly get on accident even without reading a guide) then replaying for the Hikikomori Route.

If you’re trying to make a save before the split, it’s at the Three Days Remain segment after beating Space Boyfriend, but you should probably just play Normal Route and do a whole fresh playthrough since certain things will make a lot more sense after watching all the Normal Endings.

Normal Route

To play the Normal Route, simply answer the door when Kel comes to visit in the “Real World” segments (Three Days Left), ideally on both days. Mari knocks the first Real World segment, but can be let in or ignored with no lasting effect. I strongly recommend letting her in.

The Normal Route has the Good, Bad, Other endings, and an unlisted Knife Ending with no corresponding achievement, 4 total variations.

To get all 4 endings without replaying, make sure to keep a save before the Basil sleepover, or RIGHT after omori wakes up but before you do anything else at all. To get both Bad and Good Endings, make another Save after Memory Lane.

Good Ending

This is the most satisfying ending, and I recommend saving it for last in the Normal Route. You will get an extra scene after this ending if you watered Basil’s plants 3 separate times or more in the Fantasy World.

To get this ending, wait until the sleepover at Basil’s, and check Basil’s room immediately after waking up, do NOT go to sleep. Don’t worry about what to do for most of this segment, you can’t mess anything up until the final battle. Check all the items you see after the fight in Basil’s room, there will be unique descriptive text for almost everything.

In all Normal Route endings, note you can vomit in Basil’s toilet after first waking up. This does not affect endings but helps reinforce Omori’s mental state at the time.

Bad Ending

Same as above, except you have to lose the final battle against Omori. Just progress the battle until Omori starts dealing real damage and don’t use healing skills and you should lose. Select No at the Game Over screen to see the Bad Ending.

Other Ending

To get this ending, wait until the sleepover at Basil’s and just back to sleep when Omori wakes up. Avoid picking up the Knife in the kitchen, it’s a different ending.

In both this and the Other Ending, you can see an extra scene of Basil and also the “demon child” in your house. To do both, visit Basil’s room after going to sleep when the rest of the gang is panicking.

Knife Ending

No achievement for this one, so I’m not sure what to call it. Do the same as the Other ending, except slip into the Kitchen. Grab the Knife. Go to Omori’s bed as usual and go to sleep and you’ll get arguably the worst ending in the game. Ring ring.

Hikikomori Route

To play the Hikikomori Route you MUST ignore people knocking on your door all the time. You can let in Mari, and should. Kel must be rejected every day in the Real World.

The Hikikomori Route will have much, much less Real World segments and is not recommended for a first playthrough. It will feature significant segments of Omori’s dream that are otherwise inaccessible making it for a good second playthrough.

The Hikikomori Route is also significantly harder, you’ll hit max level (50) and still require strategy, great equipment, and items to beat some of the boss battles. Another reason to save it for last. The superboss of the game is here too.

Knife Ending

At many points late in Hikikomori Route the Stab option becomes available in the Real World. Stabbing yourself at any time leads to the same Knife Ending as in the Normal Route more or less. There is no associated achievement.

There is no ‘final’ story progression after Hikikomori route hits One Day Left, you are free to get the endings at any time, though accessing Black Space 2 and finding the other new content is the real goal.

Other Ending

You must get to One Day Left, Stab yourself in White Space and you’ll wake up in the Real World. If you’ve done enough in One Day Left (not sure what if anything is necessary), you’ll see a short Real World scene and be offered the option to go back to White Space, sleep until the next day (get this ending), or do nothing.

The achievement considers this the same as the Normal Route’s Other Ending. It is largely the same but more grim and personal for Omori. It also makes less sense without Normal Route’s story context.

Omori Gameplay Mechanics


Emotions replace ‘elements’ common in other RPGs, some attacks have special effects on Sad, Happy, or Angry opponents. Enemies can randomly have Emotions by default at the start of battle, and most bosses (and many normal enemies) will have skills to change their own emotions.

Compared to their default state, Sad characters deal less damage and take less damage, and take Juice damage when hit. Angry characters take more damage and deal more damage. Happy characters deal more critical hits, but miss more often.

Sad deals more damage to Happy characters and takes less damage in return. Happy deals more damage to Angry characters, taking less in return. Angry characters deal more damage to Sad characters and take less in return. It’s like the Fire Emblem weapon triangle. These effects are strong enough that Angry still deals more damage to Sad despite Sad’s defense boost, and Sad still deals less to Angry despite Angry’s defense loss.

If you hit with the right element, you will get a Moving Attack, and with the wrong emotion it’s called a Dull Attack. It’s separate from a critical hit (Right in the Heart!).

Emotions layer to provide more powerful effects: Angry becomes Furious etc. Omori is the only character to have 3 levels of each emotion (some boss enemies do too). Some enemies cannot feel certain emotions at all, particularly bosses.

Sadness is the safest state for boss battles for both you and the boss; there will be less damage all around so the pace will be slow and you can easily heal up. The downside is you’ll be taking Juice damage in addition to Hearts damage. Omori synergizes with sadness with some of his skills like Stab and for the fact if he’s toast it’s game over.

Anger is the most dangerous emotion (like in real life) and you should avoid more than one character being angry at once as they will be your glass cannon and easily OHKO in tougher fights. Aubrey synergies with Angry for Headbutt and her high damage stat.

Happy is an odd emotion that raises Crit and lowers Accuracy. It works okay on any character and with proper Charms to raise hit rate, you can be Happy with no ill effects at all to dish good crits. Kel seems to synergize most with Happy though he and Hero don’t really need to focus on or avoid any particular emotion. If you played Earthbound, Happy is like a built-in Casey Bat.

If you’re not sure what to do with an enemy’s emotions, keep in mind they should usually be kept Sad to reduce damage output, Angry when you want to deal big damage and don’t fear a party-wipe, emotionless to be predictable, or Happy if you like to gamble. Try making all enemies sad except for one Angry one to focus your damage without facing too much damage output in kind. This is particularly easy with one of Omori’s sad skills, and Kel’s Megaphone to spread Angry.

The seemingly useless items that raise Hit Rate are meant to be used in conjunction with Happy which lowers Hit Rate.


The game has a relatively strong focus on in-battle items, so don’t overlook them. Items aren’t just for healing out of battle, or even just healing in battle! Items can give you or your enemies emotions, hurt enemies, or even raise/lower your/enemies stats for the duration of the battle.

The best thing about Items is any character can use them allowing non-healers to heal, etc. Kel is your go-to Item user as he will almost always act first in battle due to his Speed.

Toys and Snacks are not meaningfully different, most Snacks heal and most Toys hurt enemies or inflict emotions, but that’s not always the case.

My favorite healing item is the Tomato, good HP and Juice healing power, fairly cheap. Stock up on good cheap battle ready equipment when you can. Cheap healing items like Candy can be used to heal out of battle cheaply.

Turn Order

Omori works sort of like Pokemon where speed seems like the most useless stat, but it can be the most powerful one. Turn order is often critical, for example Hero is extremely slow so you’ll often heal after an opponent attacks. This means Hero will not save someone if an opponent defeats them first!

Generally speaking, your turn order will usually be Kel, Omori, Aubrey, Hero, with the enemies acting some time after Kel’s turn and before Hero’s turn. If you have need for a different turn order, many items significantly change speed. IMO, it is not worth trying to speed up Hero, he is still extremely slow even with the best items.

Many skills can force themselves to occur first, particularly skills that draw aggression or aggro, making all enemies target you. These skills are some of the best in the game and I recommend having one on Aubrey and one on Hero at all times. Not only do you get to control who takes a hit making healing simpler, only Omori can get a game over so you want enemies to hit him last.

If you’re using turn-order manipulating moves, you don’t need to care much about speed!

Follow Ups

Follow Ups are a unique mechanic where a characters Normal Attack can be followed up by a directional prompt, usually getting input from a friend.

You can store up to 10 Energy per battle, and start with 3 every time. Being hit gives 1 Energy, so you often won’t get to use more than a few Follow Ups. In a normal battle you might as well use your energy if you think it’ll save you a turn, since you always start with enough for one Follow Up.

Follow Ups are quite weak early on, but are buffed by certain story events. Some late game Charm equipable items scale their benefit off Energy, so if you use those you may want to abstain from using Energy or at least wait to use Release Energy.

Attack Again

The simplest of them all, Omori just does another attack on the same enemy. Does not require any other character.


Damage an enemy and make it Sad. Does not require any other character.

Release Energy

Does MASSIVE damage to all enemies, often an order of magnitude above your usual damage! In my opinion, you should always save up for Release Energy in boss fights.

All 4 of your characters must be up (not Toast) for this to work.

Look At Omori

Aubrey repeats the attack to the same enemy.

Look At Kel

I forget.

Look At Hero

I forget.

Pass to Omori

What this skill does changes over the course of the game at least in the Normal Route.


Deals 1 damage to Omori and makes Omori Sad. Easy access to Sad early on, but note if Omori takes a Fatal hit and is left with 1 HP, this attack WILL give you a game over.

Late game:

Omori spikes the ball into the enemies dealing damage.

Pass to Aubrey

I forget.

Pass to Hero

Does extra damage and reduces stats for the hit foe.

Look At X

Always the Charmer, Hero simply heals Juice and Hearts for whoever he looks at. Before a Follow Up buff or two from progressing in the story, this is usually useless, but if you’re out of juice it can be alright. Usually an item is better.


Equipment is weird in Omori, in a good way. It is often highly subjective what your best Charm (accessory slot in most games) or even Weapon is at any given point.

Weapons often come with unusual second stat buffs/debuffs instead of just being higher damage every time. Don’t blindly equip a new weapon, though they will USUALLY be better.

Charms are a complete grab bag and you’ll really need to think about who needs what as you get them, since most of them barely compare to each other. If you have absolutely no idea what to do, the safest is to go with an item with no downsides that buffs stats in this order: Defense, Attack, Luck (I’ve heard this is good for Omori but not sure why?), Juice, Hearts, Speed.

Some Charms start your character off with an emotion, useful if you depend on them or want a quick set up.

Note that Speed is for turn order not number of attacks (you always get 1), and that Hit Rate over 100 is useless unless you’re Happy (which naturally reduces it).

Omori Walkthrough

Here ye shall find a very minimalist explanation of each area with minor gameplay spoilers regarding missables, side quests, and unlock requirements. I’m in the middle of my own first, spoiler-free playthrough as we speak so expect additions and changes!

Check my Playthrough Videos in the meantime for exact location details if something’s missing or ask in a comment below.

Vast Forest

Unique items: Bracelet, 3-Leaf Clover

The starter area. Be thorough about exploring here. Save often since there’s no auto save, but if you lose a fight you can continue from the start of the fight—but this may not help if you’re direly outmatched!

Watermelons are your “treasure chests” in this game. Look for blue melons, they have unique items like equipment and even skills for your character. Never abandon one if you can avoid it.

There will be areas you can’t proceed in yet—you’ll need to come back after conquering Omori’s fears, or getting Tag skills for your team mates, don’t worry, revisiting for missed loot is standard RPG stuff.

Go in and out of the forest area with the dog house to pet the dog and get free battle items. They’re not amazing, but this early in the game it’s nice to have something.

The area north of the stump lets you make Sand Castles (areas where you play with your friends act as a full heal). The things you make are random, and Kel is a bit of an over achiever. Try it a few times to see what you get.

BOSS: Sprout Mole King

This guy is basically a tutorial for Omori’s combat system. All I can tell you is Omori is the only character who can force a game over if he’s knocked out (no lifejam for him), and he will always survive ONE attack per battle with 1 HP.

If you’re on a second playthrough, take a good look at the photo Basil drops. Familiar, huh? Everything is going to be okay.

Boy’s Room

Who’s this familiar looking boy? Name him Omocat for an achievement (you don’t have to confirm it). Try and go downstairs, inspect everything long your way though. Get the First Aid Kit at the base of the stairs. Grab the Cold Steak and Stake Knife from the kitchen and prepare a lovely well-done steak. Then go to the bathroom.

Let Mari in when she knocks. Everything is going to be okay.

You’ll get the Hangman game (Q) and Headspace Map (W).

Vast Forest, Again

After you start looking for Basil, you can talk to Beryl for the Lost Ball quest. It’s just left of the junction south of the playground. Wise Rock’s advice is amusing, but not useful. I highly recommend listening to all 3 varieties of advice. You can wait until you have more clams.

To continue, run a lap through the Vast Forest, starting at one end and looping back to the crossroads. Then go back to the Playground to continue. You’ll lose your fear of heights and can go up to the space ladder! Or fight the Kite Kid boss in the forest. Kel will lose his pet rock Hector. Don’t bother looking for him, you can’t find him in this chapter.

Talk to the snake on the space ladder for a quick laugh if you get the reference. If you got the Butt Certificate from Berly already, you’ll get an extra scene (and an achievement) for your trouble.

There’s a quest in the Playground for a Flower Puzzle (which won’t spawn before the quest is taken). The puzzle is in the Junkyard in the first area with usable conveyor belts, hard to miss.

Train Station

Unique Items: Cotton Ball (Bunny Quest), 4 Leaf Clover

For the first third (or is it two?) of the game, you can’t do much here, though a sidequest to kill bunnies (booooo) is offered by the psychotic leaf. You can use the train (and experience horror) after Omori stops being afraid of Swimming, or is it Spiders?

Talk to all the line customers here for fun, they will be gone later. Talk to the Mountain as Hero to get the 4 Leaf Clover.

Pinwheel Forest

A small sub-area of Vast Forest requiring Omori’s Fear of Heights to be solved. There is an early optional boss here, the Kite Boy, and not much else but a couple Watermelons.

Optional Boss: Kite Kid

Tough but not too complicated. Focus on the kid.


Unique items: Comet Hammer, 5 Leaf Clover

Can only be unlocked after finding Basil south of Vast Forest and overcoming Omori’s Fear of Heights. Take your time and grind/explore a bit here! One of the hardest fights in the game is coming up soon if you’re underleveled, which you will be if you haven’t been very thorough already.

TV Girl has a quest for you in the TV. On the map right of the town, there’s a secret pass in the cliff south of the map that leads into the giant CRT TV. The items are all in the junkyard, mostly toward the end. She gives you Dynamite, a powerful consumable item for battle.

Otherworld Field

After learning to Tag at the junkyard, you can complete the Crow quest here for a 5 Leaf Clover

Optional Boss: Pluto

Pluto is hiding behind a tree in Otherworld Town. Save first!

Your first real boss battle, give or take Kite Kid! Be careful, use emotions and skills wisely. This is probably your first real challenge in the game. Don’t be afraid to grind if you can’t beat him.

Optional Boss: Earth

Talk to the Earth model in Space Boyfriend’s house. You should have no real trouble with this if you can beat Pluto.

Sprout Mole Colony

If you played the demo, you’ll notice this place is MUCH smaller. You’ll see why later. Clear this place out early, it’s quick and has a few items.


Unique Items: Meteor Ball, TV Remote, Baking Pan (teaches Snack Time to Hero)

Dig deep for buried treasure. Every battle Kel has a chance to recover an item; mostly Recyclable trash, some minor healing or battle items. Lots of weapons and equipment can found here.

BOSS: Space Boyfriend

I highly recommend grinding a few extra levels in the Dumps after beating the Download window. Space Boyfriend is by far the hardest thing you’ll have faced so far. Slow down, finish a side quest or two and grind a bit. The Dumps are a great place to grind since Kell will find Trash which can be recycled for the rare Seer Goggles and Cellphone which seem to randomly drop from recycled items.

Space Boyfriend will constantly be Angry and deal extreme damage, and his emotion cannot be reset after a point in the battle! Counter by making your party Happy instead, and take advantage of moves that force him to target specific party members like Aubrey’s Counter.

You can set up a trap so Aubrey is sad (thus taking less damage), set up to Counter and drawing aggression, then Hero will heal her after Space Boy’s attack as he’s very slow. This is a rhythm that works well with most bosses, Omori synergizes with Sadness for Stab too.

Do not under any circumstances allow anyone but Space Boyfriend to get Angry in this fight or they will likely be OHKO. And remember only Omori becoming Toast will end the battle.

Pyrefly Woods

Unique Items: Faux Tail, Mush, Cat Ears, Rubber Duck

Requires Omori to overcome his fear of Spiders after beating Otherworld and Space Boyfriend.

Get the Joke Book just left of the entrance to start saving jokes for Weeping Willow. Eat Mush for a permanent stat boost. As the standard OP protagonist, you may wish to give it to Omori, or your favorite character.

Boss: King Crawler

Really shouldn’t have much trouble from this. It will eat the Sprout Moles it spawns to heal a couple hundred HP, so if you can defeat them with group attacks you’ll save yourself a bit of trouble.

Lost Woods

Hidden in the second to last screen of the forest before the Sprout Mole Village, where the Catspiders can wrap you up. Go ALL the way down from the catspider habitat where you got the matches, then check the trees north of the “recently lit” lamp. Prepare for psychological horror.

Sprout Mole Village

Ah, this is where they went. Not a smart choice. This area has side quests out the wazoo, though two long ones won’t start until you clear the next boss.

Be careful when asked to judge the seasons! Save before picking a season, there are 4 achievements locked to this, and you can only pick one! Reload your save to get all 4 achievements in one playthrough. The items they give are only okay and eventually outclassed big-time, so don’t stress the decision. I didn’t use any of them.

Sweetheart Castle

Unique Items: Coconut, Frying Pan.

Get the tea pot from the top left area of the castle to teach Hero Tea Time. Try eating the pickles as Kel.

A surprisingly huge area! Be thorough. Enjoy the amazing battle theme. Eat from the smelly cakes to get Jam Packets. Hold X to skip a certain cutscene after a pickle dungeon.

BOSS: Sweetheart

Unless you’re really underleveled, she should be easy compared to Space (Ex) Boyfriend. Same basic ideas, she gets Happy up to level 3 (Manic) and will have low hit and high crit rate. Force her to attack a non-Omori target with skills, be careful with your healing, and if you have skills to counter Happy characters go nuts.

If you’re having trouble, there’s a lot of optional stuff in the castle so go nuts and grind a bit.

Orange Oasis

Unique Items: Blood Orange, in Orange Joe’s house, Wishbone

Can be visited via the Train Station after the Line is gone. This happens either after Omori’s fear of Spiders or Drowning are cured, I’m not sure which.

This area has many side quests including Dino’s Dig, Orange Joe, Rain Town, the world’s worst maze, the Stone Face Man who teaches you how to interact with those strange stone faces are here too.

There is a Pluto’s Spaceline here by the Pyramid, if the enemies are too challenging feel free to return later.

If you have trouble talking to the Dinosaur in the roof of the Dino’s Dig pyramid, talk to his mouth, based on where your sprite is on the screen. Think 2D not 3D. His butt is inside the pyramid, scratch it for a reward.

Before you go to Dino’s Dig, get the Treasure Map from the top left of the map to help you find a Key inside the Dig Site.

Musical Toasts AKA “Bread Piano”

In the area with the keyboard toasts past the running on-fire man (god the sentences this game makes me type), interact with the 4 last toasts in the bottom line left to right and the entrance will open. Example. The code is found as a key item in Dino’s Dig. You need to overcome your fear of Drowning to enter. There will be a strong, optional boss fight.

Thanks to Ayu999art on YouTube for this info!
Dino’s Dig

Unique rewards:

First area: Hector Jr (top right) and solving the Hector quest, Ancient Code (top left)
Second area: Oragne Joe, solving the Orange Joe quest (bottom left)
Third area: A Key, Thank You Fossil
Final area: Snow Cone tickets, Chicken Ball (defeat the Chicken)

A standard Treasure Hunt minigame, you can pay 100 Clams to get a shot at digging up treasure. For 10 Dino Dollars you can buy the best Spoon with 20 digs, I recommend just digging for dollars with Plastic Spoons (about 50% of spots are Dollars) until you can get a couple Silver Spoons to finish up with hopefully..

The goal is to dig until you get a Pyramid Key then advance to the next room with greater prizes. Most of the prizes are simply food items of various qualities, also many unique enemies are here. Dino Dollars

The Pyramid Key stays in your inventory until used, and you cannot find more than one at a time. This means you can purposefully not use the key after finding it, buy a Silver Spoon, then come in straight to the second level. I highly recommend this.

Note the enemies here are very strong for your likely level. Good if somewhat dangerous grinding grounds. Avoid the Rabbits? on the third level, they will eat your family. I’m not sure what the Chickens drop, please tell me in the comments. You will need a “strike first” move to hit them, they are extremely fast and run instantly.

Rain Town

Inspect the sparkle at the top of the Oasis with ice cubes floating in it, in the middle of the main Oasis map. A tiny town you can get an achievement and solve the world’s easiest side quest in. You get Veggie Kid, a Charm here.

Deep Well

Omori must overcome his Fear of Drowning. Explore this first area thoroughly with Mari, you won’t be able to return to the side areas in the fog once you go down the well the first time. It’s just for spooky ambience and psychological stuff, no items are here.

Last Resort

Once you’re able to do things here, you’ll be forced to clear most of the resort to get Aubrey and Hero back. Gambling is ill-advised, but there is a save feature if you want to cheat after all.

After getting the gang back together here, you can now perform almost any sidequest in the game! Feel free to mop up existing side quests and check for things you missed (you couldn’t swim before, remember?) in earlier areas. But not before starting the Ghost Party quest.

BOSS: Mr. Jawsum

A puzzle boss! You have to hit him after all body guards are down…and he spawns infinite Gator bodyguards! Spam All-target attacks (the hit for Jawsum is taken by the guards for double damage) and focus on piling on damage in a single when possible.

Once there’s only one bodyguard on screen and all 4 characters are attacking you should be good to take him down. His HP is not high once the guards are down. Make your characters Angry if necessary, this is purely a DPS race.

Alternately, he’ll eventually run out of body guards, and be a cakewalk at this point. But he can be defeated early with good AOE attacks and DPS management.


The real boss fight! This is probably the toughest boss you’ll face since Space Ex Boyfriend, but it works the same as most major bosses. Pluto will constantly buff his own stats, so bring skills that can debuff him and things will go easier. The nice thing is he won’t attack when it’s time to buff. Skills that go through Defense like Omori’s Stab and Aubrey’s Smack Down are essential.

Kel and Hiro should focus on healing when necessary. Remember Kel is fast and using items with him will usually outspeed most opponents, unlike Hero’s slow turns.

Ghost Party

Check the haunted pool outside Last Resort the first time you come in to unlock a side quest that requires traveling to every area, with a powerful Charm as the reward. And a nice dance!

Endless Highway

You can’t do much here before clearing Last Resort. You can use the caves up north to avoid the toll booths, but paying is a nice and permanent shortcut. But you should explore the caves at least once for the items inside.

Do NOT spin the wheel when the one Gator toll both asks, it will raise the price each time. Pay the first time.

Deeper Well

Well, it IS deeper. Prepare for traumatizing realizations about the nature of human memory and aging.


I do not care for Humphry the whale.

In the room where the monstrous Golden Cat chases you stop and get all 3 watermelons!! They are missable and the watermelons will be destroyed if you complete the chase scene without getting them. You just reset the chase if you ‘die’ so don’t worry too much just learn the pattern and stay ahead of it.

Boss: Slime Girls

By now you must have the most overpowered strategy possible: make your enemy Sad, and make your entire team Angry or better with Kel’s Megaphone. That’s really all you need to ever do when possible, as you’ll take less damage, and deal tons more.

Boss: Humphry

Same as Slime Girls, just make sure you can make Humphry sad, keep your team Angry x2. It’s a three phase fight with different healing strategies, but keep Snack Time (full team heal) on Hero and pace yourself and this should be an easy if slightly long fight.

Black Space 2

Hikikomori Route only. Also called “Blacker Space” sometimes.

Access the computer after repressing Omori’s fears in Sunken Library to complete. The sheet music for the library is in Deeper Well.

Black Space 2 also has entrances in multiple areas in Head Space, notably including several TV sets, a 1/99 chance in the telescope in Space Boyfriend’s prison cell in Sweetheart’s Castle, and a low rate of occurrence Black Taxi in the Endless Highway (looping screen).

Omori Achievements

Note there are many missable achievements, and the game has precious few save points. If offered a choice by an NPC, it’s often best to make a separate save and try every possible option, these often give achievements.

Good morning!

Start the first Real World segment after going to Basil’s house in Vast Forest.


Go to sleep after a long day. End the first Real World segment.


Defeat Download Window, boss of the Dumps.

See you, Space Boyfriend…

Defeat Space Ex-Boyfriend, boss of Otherworld. Impossible to miss.


Defeat Sweetheart, boss of Sweetheart’s Castle. Impossible to miss.

Buy High, Sell Low

Defeat Mr. Jawsum, boss of Last Resort

When I flex, I feel my best!

Defeat Plut (Expanded) immediately after Jawsum

Green Thumb

Water a plant back to life in Basil’s Garden. These plants wilt after a certain amount of playtime and can be watered at any time with the nearby watering can. They give permanent Hearts to characters randomly too.

What’s the big idea!?!?

Talk to the Lone Mole, who is hidden behind dozens of traffic codes in Otherworld. Cut them with Omori.


Get the LOL Sword from Weeping Willow. Tell her the Construction Joke from Deep Well after starting her quest in Pyrefly Forest.

Christmas Crusher

Ruin christmas by Cutting the christmas tree in Sprout Mole Village.

Spring Sympathizer

Choose the Spring Mole in Sprout Mole Village.

Save before you choose, as you can only pick one per save file and you need to pick them all to get all these achievements!

Summer Sympathizer

Choose the Summer Mole in Sprout Mole Village. Gets Sunscreen, +15 Hearts

Fall Sympathizer

Choose the Fall Mole in Sprout Mole Village.

Winter Sympathizer

Choose the Winter Mole in Sprout Mole Village.


Kill the first Sous Chef. It’s actually harder to not kill him, make any mistake (such as only preheating to 75 degrees) to kill him.

To NOT get this achievement and let him live, set it to 350 degrees, eggs and flour, butter and sugar, strawberries, mix and bake

As Expected from Professionals

Get a perfect score in the Sprout Mole Choir minigame, right side of Sweetheart Castle.

Hope and Vigor!

Complete Orange Joe’s quest. Talk to Orange Joe in Orange Oasis to get his Crest, then talk to Oragne Joe who is in the second area of Dino’s Dig also in Orange Oasis.

The Chosen One

Turn the valve to the right in Rain Town, a sub area of Orange Oasis.

There is probably an achievement for turning the valve to the left. Please comment if you confirm.
The currency of the future…

Trade CLAMS for CLEMS. First finish the Shady Mole’s sidequest in Sprout Mole Village then find him at the entrance to Last Resort for this. Save before you do this, it will waste all your Clams and give you a useless Important item called Clems. Just reload your save after doing it.

Ghost Party!
Have a ghost party. Solve the quest for Tophat Ghost in Last Resort. There’s one ghost in each major area.

Hold 99 TOFU. You can buy them for 2c in bulk from the Jash in Sweetheart’s Castle just before her boss fight.

Power of Friendship!

Use Release Energy once. Save up 10 energy and use Omori’s follow up.

One for the Road

Gain Bread by defeating an enemy with Omori’s Bread Slice skill.

Perfect Flying Conditions

Defeat Kite Kid in Pinwheel Forest. Climb a tall ladder south of the playground after overcoming Omori’s fear of heights.


Defeat ??? (Pluto) in Otherworld, he’s hiding behind a tree.

Goodbye, World!

Defeat The Earth, optional boss in Otherword, Space Boyfriend’s house. Just talk to the Earth.

Up High…

Missable, Normal Route

Choose to High Five Kel at the end of one of the Real World segments. You have multiple but limited opportunities for this.

Too slow!

Missable, Normal Route

Refuse to High Five Kel on any day. Save before the end of a day and do this (Kel will offer to walk you back home), then revert since you need to high five on all 3 days for an achievement.

Down Low…

Missable, Normal Route

High Five Kel at the end of all all 3 days.

I’ll Just Take That


Steal Kel’s $20 in the Real World (Two Days Left). He won’t even notice if he’s in the party, it’s in his wardrobe in his house which you can enter toward the end of the day.

Good Dog

Pet a Dog. Can be unlocked by petting the creepy Ghost Dog in Vast Forest seemingly after Two Days Left…

The dogs in the Real World may count too, talk to them multiple times to get the option to Pet.

The Art of Self-Defense



Presumably, steal Kel’s Mom’s Pepper Spray from her purse late in Two Days Left.

A Bit Less Lonely
Recycling Is A Concept
The view is pretty nice…

Hikiomori Route Only.

Use every Telescope. There is one in Otherworld, one in Deep Well, one in Orange Oasis, and one in Snowglobe Mountain (hikikomori only).


Hikimori Route only

Defeat Mutantheart in Humphrey. The trick is she’ll deal 999 damage unavoidably but only to people who aren’t the correct emotion. Stock up tons of whole party emotion items (BOSS’s shop at the BOSS RUSH sells them) and have Hiro use them. He’s slow enough you’ll pass every time and you can just wale on her.

Minor Imperfection

Hikikomori Route Only

Defaet Perfectheart. You’ll want level 50, all of Abbi’s ultimate items, tons of Whole Chicken and full-party emotion items. Be careful, use your strongest skills, and use the classic make ’em Sad and make yourself Furious method.

Seriously, you’re the coolest!

Beat the Boss Rush in Hikimori Route. It’s in the left tube in Molly’s area of Humphrey during One Day Left. At level 50 with decent items and the ultimate weapons it shouldn’t be too tough.

Good Boy

Hikikomori Route Only.

Complete your To Do List. You can only do this (and MUST do this) to complete the hikikomori Route.

The First Law

Defeat ROBOHEART. She’s in Medusa’s sector (blue) in the teleport maze. She’s very easy compared to the others..


Defeat every Something at the bottom of Lost Library. You need 3 Sheet Music from Deeper Well during Hikikomori Route One Day Left, and then you take them to the library under Sweetheart’s stage. Each has a boss fight and a unique (grim) skill to get.

Squizzard Exterminator

Defeat 99? Squizzards at the Seacow ranch in Endless Highway.

The Brightest Stars

Defeat Pluto and The Earth’s rematch in Hikikomori Route. You must beat the optional Pluto (???) and Earth battles in early Otherworld to encounter them. They are in Spaceboy’s spacewalk area.

Welcome Home

Hikikomori Route Only

Take the Keeper of the Castle’s Power. Talk to the secret Keeper during One Day Left of the hikikomori Route. He’s in a secret door in the hallway north of the Theater in Sweetheart’s Castle, ‘talk’ to the empty wall between drapes. This erases Sweetheart’s castle for an interesting room.

I recommend you save first and reload after. The room is useless other than an interesting tie in to the Normal Route.

See you, Space Husband

Hikikomori Route Only.

Defeat Space Ex Husband in Snowglobe Mountain in One Day Left of the Hikikomori Route. Visit his house for the Batteries to get there.

Take me to the River!

Hikikomori Route Only.

Let the plastic fish finish it’s song. Take the Batteries from Space Ex Husband’s house during One Day Left.

Reduce, Reuse, and recycle!

Missable, Normal Route

Defeat the Recyclepath at the end of the Recycultists Dungeon. Talk to the Recycultist every day in the Real World and find the dungeon in the Park Clearing on the final day.

I’ll cherish you all forever.

Hikikomori Route only.

Get the Flower Crown from Basil. Visit Basil’s house after Black Space to get some more flower crowns as well, they’re strong equipment.

Patron of the Arts

Commission all of Rococo’s Art. Caution, this costs over 200,000 clams!! It’s best to grind the Squizzard achievement first since it gives lots of Clams.

Everyone’s a Critic

View all “movies” at Sweetheart Castle’s movie theater. There  are a LOT and which you get is random. You don’t have to watch the whole thing, and they will not end on their own, you have to manually stop watching. Just sit and watch them until the achievement comes up.

Ain’t nobody here but us chickens.

Defeat the chicken at the top of the Food Pyramid in Dino’s Dig. Lucky Slice with Omori helps to always go first, otherwise you need really good stats and speed. Easiest on Hikikomori Route. Drops the Chicken Ball (200 speed for Kel).

That can’t be good for business.
Minty Fresh

Brush your teeth in the morning of every Real Life segment. Check Omori’s sink.



Read all the Tombstones in the dev room. The dev room is in Black Space, at the very top of the “town” themed area. Investigate every tombstone at the very top of the map to find it, the right one warps you in.

The graves are people who made the game!

Littering is bad, recycling is better.

Throw away an item from the Items menu out of battle.

Bunny Exterminator

Defeat 100 Bunnies. Any enemy with Bunny in the name works. The easiest ones are in Vast Forest, but by the end of the game all are trivial.

You think you’re clever, huh…

Name the sleeping boy OMOCAT after fighting the King Sprout Mole at the start of the game.

The Very Best
There’s something behind you

Missable, Normal Route only

Get the Other Ending. Go back to sleep immediately after waking up at Basil’s sleepover. Ignore the knife in the kitchen.

Good dog?

Pet all of the creatures in Marina’s sector in Humphrey.

Good Company


Go to Sean and Karen’s housewarming party (Southeast street on One Day Left). Find them in Fix It on Tree Days Left and help them pick wallpaper (anything works). Then on One Day Left, talk to them in the morning to make food for them, then show up in the evening for a party and achievement!

Grammar Whiz
Close your eyes…

Route dependant: Normal Route

Get the Bad Ending.

Story Spoilers
At the end of the game after Normal Route Black Space, go to Basil’s Room during the sleepover at his house. Lose the final boss (just refuse to Calm Down or Cheris and you won’t heal). Don’t retry at Game Over and you’ll get the Bad Ending.
Math Whiz

Defeat the Unbread Twins in Orange Oasis, One Day Left.

When She was here…

Missable. Normal Route

Story Spoilers
On One Day Left, place flowers on Mari’s grave. Buy Flowers from Fix It to do it. Check her grave one more time after the scene for an emotional critical hit
Against all odds…
It’s Honest Work

Missable, Normal Route Only

Complete all three Part Time Jobs at least once in the Real World. Talk to the Job Wanted signs in Fix It shop, Gino’s Pizza, and the Fish Mart for $10-30 per go.


Hikikomori Route Only.

Commission Rococo in sweetheart’s castle. He’s in the broken wall just under Sweetheart’s stage that opens up on One Day Left.

They call me SCARETHROW

Keep throwing stuff at Scarethrow in the Junkyard until his dialog repeats/you get the achievement.

One More Day…

Route Dependant: Normal Route

Reach the Good Ending in the Normal Route.

Story Spoilers
At the end of the game after Normal Route Black Space, go to Basil’s Room during the sleepover at his house. Then win the Final Boss battle (Retry if you get a Game Over to win)
Whale Done

Defeat Humphrey, the boss of Humphrey. Brought to you by Humphrey, by Humphrey of Humphrey for Humphrey.

Slime Time is Over!

Defeat Slime Girls, penultimate boss of Humphrey.

So majestic, so beautiful…


Watch Kel plant Aubrey’s Butt Certificate on Otherworld. Get the Butt Certificate BEFORE climbing the ladder to Otherworld.

We’ll always be there for you, OMORI.

View every Mirror in the game at least once.

Tummy Full of Fish

Normal Route only, Missable

Feed the orange cat in the Real World all 6 times (in the morning and at night, every day). Do the Jobs to have enough money for thi.s

Music Connoisseur Of Sorts

Presumably, put all records into the Juke Box in real life. Lots of money grinding involved, make sure to do your Jobs. Stealing from Kel is an option the last two days.

Universally Loved


Anytime is a good time for A Picnic!

Hikikomori Route Only.

Eat food at every Picnic spot (even ones where Mari is absent). You have to eat the food at the bottom right, not “have a picnic”.

Foes Filed!

Encounter all foes to fill the Foe Facts item. This can only be done on the Hikikomori Route. The ones you’ll have the most difficulty are the secret bosses (ROBOHEART, Perfect Heart, Mutantheart), the Bunny? (Vast Forest) and Sprout Mole? (Pyrefly Forest), Big Strong Tree (Vast Forest) and Dust Bunny (Smol’s House).

Note you don’t have to defeat an enemy to count it, just encounter it. You’re likely missing the Big Tree in Vast Forest, one of the tree sprites right of the first Vast Forest junction is actually an enemy.

big strong tree location omori foe facts
It’s All A Dream…


Probably ending related.

Omori Secrets

Unused Content

TCRF has a great article detailing all the unused content.

There’s an interesting Mari sequence that’s unused.

Max Level Grinding/Clam Grinding

The Squizzards quest in Endless Highway gives good experience, clams, and an achievement for defeating 99 squizards. You can retake the sidequest every time you enter the barn buffing the clam income, and they’re not too hard to beat.

The max level is 50, and some bosses in Hikikomori Route expect you to be level 50.

Basil’s Garden

Water Basil’s flowers 3 times before the end of the game for a secret scene after the good ending. Watering the flowers also gives permanent HP upgrades.


These can only be interacted with in Hikikomori route.

Gameplay Spoilers
Only accessible in Hikikomori Route, One Day Left.

These hold the Ultimate Weapons and gear. To get them, you must spare Abbi. To find Abbi, you must get all 26 Keys (and lose the Hangman game), then go to The Abyss, a new area at the end of Endless Highway.

If you kill Abbi instead, you get Abbi’s Eye, a super strong equip item but not greater than the sum of the 8 items you get instead of it for sparing her.

Here’s a quick video showing all 8 tentacle locations.

Omori Tentacle Locations Guide | Ultimate Weapon Locations!
Ultimate Weapons

Tentacles (video above) drop the ultimate weapons and mostly best armor in the game. Though Kel arguably has a better one for Run and Gun anyway.


Defeat the Chicken in the last level of Dino’s Dig for a ball with 200 speed (Chicken Ball), dealing incredible damage with Run and Gun.

Stat Boosts

Everyone seems to have a secret stat boost that brings their oddly-low stat in line with the rest. I haven’t found Omori’s or Aubreys, if they have any. Please comment if you know them!

Omori’s ?

Eat the apple from the Coral Tree in Deeper Well. I’m not sure how, as I didn’t get this in my playthrough.

Aubrey’s Juice Points

Talk to Berly with after getting Headbutt and the Butt Certificate and completing the Lost Ball sidequest. The lost ball is in the Vast Forest near one of the ‘caves’ left of the junction. She’ll gain 50 Juice, a nice boost especially for how early it is.

Kel’s Heart Points

Talk to Pluto after fighting him again in Mr. Jawsum’s office. He’ll gain 50 Hearts and instantly stop having the lowest HP.

Hero’s Attack

Talk to Scarebro in the Last Resort Hero Shrine (top right of the first floor lobby, looks like a gold sub sandwich). Hero will punch him and gain 20 Attack. Yeah, bro.

Losing Hangman

You can “lose” the Hangman game by picking up enough wrong keys which will give you a special Bad End/Game Over. Video of the event here:

[OMORI] Losing the Hangman Game [SPOILER]
Wall Faces

You learn how to break these (hit them with Aubrey) after talking to a stone-faced man in Orange Oasis. They appear to all contain Jam Packets, a powerful but not unique healing item that revives all Toast characters.

Lost Woods

In the Pyrefly Woods in the small path where you get the Lighter with the Cat Spiders, keep going past all the cat spiders. Don’t move when they’re awake or they’ll stand up and drop you off at the web (use the knife to get free). Past all the cat spiders is another path near a lantern; inspect the trees north of the recently lit lantern and you’ll find the Lost Woods.

Keep talking to Daddy Long Legs for some psychological horror for poor Omori. The right way seems to usually follow the Ghost Bunnies.

This leads to a very psychologically relevant reveal for Omori though I’m not sure if it unlocks anything.

Hero’s Discount

Talk to the Mailbox shop or the Gator Toll Booths as Her to get a discount. Jash does not seem to give this discount.

Terms and Symbolism Glossary

Major spoilers. I’ll mark the most serious/ending related one, but by it’s nature this is an explanation and thus spoilers! Click here to skip right on to the next section instead. If there are missing terms/concepts/symbolism you’d like me to expand on please leave a comment.


A japanese term for a shut-in to an extreme degree. Not simply shy, these people shut themselves out from everything as much as physically possible to an utterly debilitating state.

Ending Spoilers
Sunny was NOT a Hikikomori until Mari’s death. Whether he manages to overcome his present state depends on the Route you choose, whether to answer Kel at the door or not.
White Space

Nothingness, emptiness. This is an empty room Sunny locks himself/Omori in to avoid..everything. White is often symbolic of purity or emptiness, in this case both.

Head Space

The name of the world map is “Headspace”, basically it’s the world of Omori’s delusional dreams. Here Omori lives out an idealized version of his former life with his former friends. The colors are saturated and happy to an extreme, and absurd fantasies can be found readily.

As you look around the real world you’ll find inspirations for many of the things here. Everything is a whimsical interpretation of something or other, such as money being literal Clams.

It is implied that Headspace is destroyed and recreated once Omori finds a hidden truth, trying harder to bury it each time. In the demo, this truth is in the Barn in Otherworld.

Real World

Not sure what else to call it but the awake sections are (mostly) actually occurring rather than Omori’s delusions. Delusions will manifest as minor or major apparitions that either fade away when interacted with or suddenly disappear.

Black Space
Ending Spoilers
If Whitespace is the nothingness Omori has been using to suppress his memories, Blackspace is everything that was shut out by Whitespace.

His anger, sadness, and fear are kept here, literally locked away by the Keys. He can’t make a personal revelation and deal with his feelings without coming here.

His fantasy keeps killing Basil here, obviously due to his involvement in Mari’s death. Whether it’s guilt lashing out at Sunny himself and Basil, or Sunny’s subconscious trying to keep Basil from revealing the truth to Omori I’m not sure.

Black is often symbolic of the unknown or evil, in this case probably both.


Sunny is the Dreamer, though Omori is his manifestation. Sunny is literally dreaming when in Headspace, and is thus the source for all you see in it. Only a few entities in Headspace recognize him as the Dreamer, all tucked away very deeply.

Omori’s Knife

The knife seems to stem from Sunny’s depression and fascination with suicide and violence. At once it represents a self defense tool and a means of punishing or killing himself. He seems to have gotten the idea simply from the steak knife in the kitchen rather than any specific trauma.

The knife grows rusty and terrible over time in the dream world, oddly rendering it stronger, perhaps because it would be more painful to be cut by it (though it would do a far worse job at actually cutting). In the hikikomori route a new red knife with “something that can be seen in the blade” is found, and Omori stabs himself much, MUCH more often with it, and Sunny is given the option to manually do so himself.

Of note, Basil seems to have come to a similar conclusion with his own knife at the end of the normal route.

In the normal route, the knife is used more as a self defense weapon (though it’s quickly taken away by Kel). It can still be used by Sunny for suicide in one ending however.


The default name of the player character in the Real World. I’ll admit, I have not consistently referred to Sunny separately from Omori through this guide, but technically they are different, sometimes.


The black and white player character.

Ending Spoilers
Omori is the name of the boy Omori dreams of himself to be, a perfect blank slate who lives an idealized version of his former life. He has no reaction or dialog, seeming to be the very avatar of his state as a hikikomori even though his dream world “friends” don’t treat him as one.

Omori is also the brand of Piano that Mari played. You can inspect the piano (and another one in town) and see the name Omori written on it. You’ll note Omori is black and white like a piano, his shorts look like piano keys, and his tank top is black and very vaguely like the open top of a piano.

It’s possible the piano connection is either him wanting to be nearer to his sister (jealousy of her playing it more than talking to him), or a manifestation of the piano as an enemy or rival (seeing omori as a bad person, like the piano).

It’s surely also no coincidence that Omori is the last part of Hikikomori.

White Egret Orchid

In the language of flowers, it symbolizes the phrase, “my thoughts will follow you into your dreams.” At least in the world of Omori it does, I can’t find any real world evidence that this is an accepted symbolism for the plant. It is, however, symbolic of Mari and Omori’s inability to keep his thoughts of her out of his dreams, even in the Hikikomori route they are plentiful.

Playground Kids

The kids in the Playground are all the other kids from Sunny’s town, mostly Aubrey’s gang. Likely due to their distance from Sunny, they’re remembered as much more stylized creatures than his in-group, who are all human.

Something/Black Eye

Note there are two Somethings. Basil has his own Something, a web of black strands reaching outward like a mouth, while Omori has a tall black shadow with a single vertical eye.

Ending Spoilers
The black smear with the single eye is Mari’s dying body. The black drape is her messy long black hair as she hung from the tree and the eye is her eye as she looked at Sunny and Basil running after they roped her up.

Something is always present in Headspace and disappears once Omori notices it, symbolizing his repressed memories popping up. Infrequent and brief, but unavoidable. Basil is the only character in Headspace to acknowledge it as he is the only other one there who knows that they killed her.

From the Hikikomori route, it seems clear that the Eye is not a figment of imagination, but Mari did actaully survive the fall and suffocated. Basil’s line about seeing something behind Omori/Sunny suggests this in the Normal Route, and it’s further cemented in the Hikikomori Route where Omori’s fear of drowning is tied to suffocation. In the same area you see the jump rope, used accidentally to suffocate a still living Mari.

Of note, when Sunny loses an eye in the good ending, it’s the right eye, the one Mari was looking at him with. It seems to symbolize him losing/overcoming that guilt.

Basil’s something is seen less frequently, though it’s seen in both routes. Basil acknowledges it directly to Omori. It takes a different shape, seeming to be based on Mari’s head as they carried her outside or as the lay on the floor, a lifeless head with messy hair falling in all directions. The Mouth of his Something appears to be literally swallowing him while Omori’s Something mostly watches him. It could be why Basil kills himself without intervention while Omori will only kill himself if the player does something to cause it. Basil dies in most endings but Omori only in one (that has two ways to trigger).

Red Knife & Color Red

The Red Knife seems to be related to Sunny’s fantasies of the knife and suicidal ideation. The description says “you can see something in the blade”, almost certainly meaning SOMETHING, the eye monster. It’s red color is probably due to the Knife endings where Sunny stabs himself for real and the knife of course turns red.

The general use of Red seems related to this suicidal ideation as well. Sunny says he feels drawn to the ominous red light outside the windows in the nightmare sequences. This maps to blood/suicide as sunny is drawn to stabbing himself as well. Rarely the Red manifests in headspace as well like the red grate with a Black Space secret in Sweetheart’s Castle.

You can see the Red in a secret in the Castle’s Keeper room that’s different based on which route you get.


The cracks the Keys leave behind are literal cracks in Sunny’s fantasy. Inspect the cracks—sometimes there are story-related scenes that will play when inspected. These scenes are missable. They’re literally the truth briefly breaking through the fantasy.

Basil’s Flowers

The flower patch south of the Stump has flowers, one matching each of your friends, Basil will explain these when you first visit his house. The wilting flowers represent your wilting friendships and memories of those friends over time.

You have to constantly refresh those memories and rekindle those friendships, or they’ll die like a flower. Take it from an adult, this part of the game is completely real. Talk to your friends. Don’t wait for them to text first, don’t be afraid to call them.

Watering the flowers gives characters permanent Hearts,  After a certain point in the story, they will not come back to life when watered. If you water them at least 3 times (not sure if this is 3 visits, or just 3 flowers), you will get an extra scene at the very end of the Good Ending in normal route.

Ending Spoilers
The hands at countless points in the game are symbolic of Omori shoving Mari away—and down the stairs.

Oddly most hands in the game seem to be reaching not pushing. Perhaps as a manifestation of regret or desire to touch Mari again. There is a scene shown where Mari is reaching out to Omori underwater, possibly symbolic of a real event where Mari saved him from drowning. When you reach into one of the holes left by keys, you feel someone holding your hand, probably Mari.

When you let in Mari’s Ghost in the first Real World segment, she does not have arms but empty sleeves. Her neck is also broken.

Ending Spoilers
The violin represents the broken emotions between Sunny and Mari, as well as Mari’s murder. Sunny smashed his violin, throwing it down the stairs causing Mari to yell at him. In a heated argument, Omori shoved Mari, with a bad leg, down the stairs.

Sunny and Basil faked a hanging for Mari, who either died falling down the stairs, or wasn’t dead and died for real from the staged hanging. The Violin is always “buried” in Headspace,

Black Box
Ending Spoilers

Exists in the Backer Demo but not the final game that I have seen.  The Black Box contained a piece of Sheet Music, suggesting the Violin in the final game. It’s likely this iteration of Headspace ended after Omori/Sunny failed to reconcile or face their memories.

The fact that Omori’s hidden memories were buried in a barn, where the Black Box is opened, is mentioned in Deeper Well, suggesting the Demo is a canon, earlier loop of Headspace.


The picnics are symbolic of all those picnics the friends had (as shown in Memory Lane). They’re an idealized moment in time recreated endlessly in Headspace to keep Omori enjoying himself and remembering Mari as she used to be.

Would you like to have a picnic with Mari?

Photo Book

The photobook is a literal interpretation of Sunny’s memories. That IS what photobooks are for after all. Notice the Headspace version has the same exaggerated unreal colors of Headspace, while the real version has real colors.

There are three photobooks, counting the headspace version separately.

Ending Spoilers
The second photobook found in the Normal Route is not a literal photobook, but a representation of Sunny’s traumatic memory of killing his sister, dragging her body to bed, then carrying her outside with Basil to fake her death.

Everything is going to be okay.

Memory Lane

Surely I don’t need to explain such shockingly blunt symbolism, but if you save on the highway in the Normal Ending where you revisit Sunny’s memories, you’ll notice it’s literally called Memory Lane.

Of course, the entire game is about memory.


Per the photo descriptions, the violin practice was killing Sunny’s fingers, hence the severed finger visuals in several late parts of the game.

Big Strong Tree
Ending Spoilers
This seemingly joke enemy in Vast Forest is probably a representation of the tree Mari was hung from. It’s extremely difficult to defeat especially when first encountered, seeming to echo the mini-blackspace event where Omori’s father asks “why won’t it fall down”.
Mirrors and Tentacles

I don’t know, but it seems like the Hikikomori Route will answer this.

Everything Is Going To Be Okay
Ending Spoilers
This is something Basil told Sunny after he killed Mari. In the intro we see Basil and Sunny together after the words Everything Is Going To Be Okay are shown on screen, then he appears in White Space trying to repress his memories.

The words appear several times in the Normal Route endings, most notably in the Energy Bar during the fight against Basil. It’s likely Sunny harbors resentment against Basil for his reassuring words as things have very much not been okay for him. The datamined descriptions for the OTHER photobook confirm they’re basil’s words.

A box in Hikikomori Route Blackspace 2 contains the cries of your mother reassuring you “We’ll protect you, everything is going to be okay” as well.

Everything is going to be okay.

Eternal Banana
eternal banana omori
Eternal Banana.

Eternal Banana.

The Favorite, The Oldest, and The Wisest

There are 3 entities the Coral Branch Tree tells you existed before Headspace existed in it’s current state. Here’s the transcript itself:

Late Game Spoilers

Before this world was created, there existed three great creatures… the oldest, the wisest, and the favorite.

The oldest is alive, but not the same as he once was. Age has removed his conscience and he has evolved into a parasite within himself. He lives here, just beyond this cavern.

The wisest, against her reason, committed an act that opposed the DREAMER’s will. It is an act that is not even known to me. As a result, she was stripped of her wisdom and banished to isolation… a special prison somewhere deep, deep down.

The last and favorite, the BIG YELLOW CAT, was chosen to watch over the DREAMER’s most precious room. He remains the DREAMER’s favorite even to this day… watching diligently… waiting for something to happen.

The wisest is Abbi, hidden in The Abyss. She’s the most mysterious and hypothesized to be an imaginary friend of Sunny’s, hidden presumably for knowing about Mari’s Death. Whatever she is she existed before the current state of Head Space and was cast down into The Abyss, but clearly has enough influence over Sunny to manifest as the little tentacles. Deeper Well is where memories are hidden/repressed, and The Abyss is adjacent to it and seems to serve a similar purpose.

The oldest is, oddly, Humphrey himself. Humphrey is revealed in the Hikikomori Route to be a kid’s book in Sunny’s past. He seems the most literal of these three and is probably just something that stuck with Sunny as a kid for unknown reasons. His bizarre and malicious state seems to be a clear example of the progressive downward spiral of Sunny’s mental worlds. Note the progressively darker tones (in both color and theme) between Vast Forest, Otherworld, Pyrefly Forest, Deep Well, and Humphrey.

The favorite is the big yellow cat, based on the cat playground equipment in his childhood playground, though a similar cat exists also in the treehouse. If you check the cat in the Real World he notes how it “seemed bigger” when he was young. It seems to represent safe, happy memories before any bad things happened in his life.

Omori Character Birthdays

Official art from Omocat showing everyone’s birthdays. Some of the dates/zodiacs seem symbolically relevant, such as Aubry’s face-turn and the Gemini thing.

Omori Birthdays by Omocat

Key Locations

Note only Omori can pick up keys! If a key is blurry and can’t be picked up, switch to Omori.  Keys are route dependant, but the necessary ones are not missable. I think at least one ‘optional’ one may be missable.

Be sure to check the holes that appear when collecting certain ‘correct’ keys, these play special dramatic little events that I believe are missable!

You only need certain keys to win the game, and “wrong” keys contribute to a Hangman game that plays a special Bad End (but, I believe, does not spoil your file). The correct keys are:

Gameplay Spoilers
Welcome To Black Space is the correct set of keys. In the Hikikomori Route you can lose the hangman game and see a special scene. You cannot lose hangman in Normal Route.


In the grass near a stump.

South of the stump immediately after getting the Hangman game.


On a shrouded old bridge.

On the Pier in the middle of Vast Forest.


Between giant pinwheels.

Windmill Forest, up a tall ladder near Kite Kid.


Near a castoff cartridge.

Junkyard, at the topmost area.


Underneath a wet pillow.

In Captain Space Boyfriend’s house.


Within a large frame.

Found in the Barn in Otherworld’s fields. Forced by the Story.


Beneath a trap Door.

Hikikomori Route only. Get Batteries on One Day Left from Space Boyfriend’s House, then go under the Igloo.


In the Lost Woods in Pyrefly Forest. See Secrets for directions, it’s just southeast of Sprout Mole Village.


Lying in a Dark Cell.

In Sweetheart’s Dungeon. Press the heart switch in the next cell to open access to it.


Trapped in a pink cage.

In the suites in Sweetheart’s castle, let Aubrey break the cage first. Missable, if you do something dumb.


In a hall of framed faces.

The Art Gallery in Sweetheart’s Castle, left/up from the center hall. For fun, talk to the middle pedestal where this is.


Far below a big stage.

In the Lost Library after beating Sweetheart.


Spending time with a frog.

Entrance to Deep Well.


Near a game of roulette.

It’s in Last Resort first floor.


Amongst other O’s.

Ghost Party, check the pool in Last Resort.


In a water closet.

In the men’s toilet on the first floor of Last Resort.


In a small moving room.

In an elevator to a boss you’re forced to see in the story.


At the end of a plank.

Top of the 4th Floor Construction on The Last Resort.


In a giant clam between the Toll Booths on the Endless Highway at Deep Well. Just pay the tolls or sneak through the caves and look for it, it’s on the highway left of the Deep Well and right of Deeper Well.


In a large bubbly tank.

In a tank Aubrey can break during the chase sequence inside Humphrey. Alternately, you get it after beating Humphry.


Surrounded by goo.

Inside Humphry in the water slide area, green slime/medusa sector.


Captured in a steel trap.

Inside Humphrey in the teleport/conveyor maze in Molly/blue sector.


In the gut of a whale.

After beating Humphry


At the end of a map.

Third floor of Dino’s Dig, bottom right. May require the Treasure Map from Orange Oasis..


In a field of white snow.

Hikikomori Route only, in the first map after taking the portal under the Igloo. Top right of the map.


Past the end of the road.

Hikikomori Route only, talk to the hitchhiker on One Day Left at the end of the Endless Road.

Omori Playthrough Videos

In the meantime you can use my stream playlist to look through the game and see anything you might have missed while I’m filling out the guide. I’ll try to provide a no-commentary Longplay later, but for now it’s my livestreams (feel free to like comment and subscribe! It is YouTube after all)

🔴Let's Play Omori | My Life & Fantasy As A Hikikomori!

Omori Backer Demo

A Kickstarter backer only demo was released in 2018 covering Vast Forest and Otherworld. Here’s my complete playthrough of it with most secrets/side quests.

Cute Earthboundy RPG on Kickstarter! | Let's Play Omori Demo

There’s not a lot of differences to talk about, but the Real World content is mostly absent and the Sprout Mole colony is a strange mix of both Sprout Mole colonies in the final game. The Barn horror moment is somewhat different.

Foe Facts Guide

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21 thoughts on “Omori Guide, Walkthrough, & Achievement Unlocks”

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  3. The achievement “The Art Of Self Defense” can be obtained if you go to Basils house and check Polly’s purse. You’ll get pepper spray and can spray the hooligans who attack you.

  4. If you kill a chicken in the pyramid you get 10k exp and 10k claims. Also you get an item called chicken ball that gives 200 + speed.
    I killed the chicken on the top floor, so I don’t know if a chicken on any other floor drops that item.

    1. It’s only the chicken on the top floor. I had it in the guide but thanks for the tip, I made it more clean in the Dino’s dig section. It was buried in the secrets and achievements sections

  5. Just wanted to throw something out there. The kids at the playground in Headspace, some of them are the plushies from one of the photos in Basil’s Album

  6. For the
    “We’ll always be there for you, Omori” Achievement
    or something like that
    It’s a jumpscare you can get after viewing the floating mirrors
    It doesn’t have to be different mirrors, you can view the same mirror over and over again until you get it.

  7. The final chicken in the Dino’s Dig drops a unique weapon for Kel, the Chicken Ball.

    I think if the chicken in the last room runs away you can’t get the Chicken Ball anymore (not sure because I reloaded my save anyways). The Chicken Ball gives Kel +200 Speed, which is very, very strong with Run-and-Gun (~700 Damage with favorable emotions)

    1. Wow, thanks! What technique did you use to KO the chickens? I couldn’t seem to beat them towards the end of my normal route run

  8. Just got Audrey’s stat boost, +50 Juice. You can get it after getting the Special Mixtape and unlocking Pluto’s spaceline. Head back to the playground and talk to Berly then.

  9. For Omori’s stat boost, it can be found in Deeper Well by eating the apple the coral tree offers you.

    1. Huh, any specifics on how? I talked to the coral tree and didn’t get offered an apple in my playthrough. Is it hikikomori route only?

      1. I got it on the normal route by asking about all 3 things the coral tree mentions

      2. The stat boost is:
        50 Heart
        50 Juice
        10 Attack
        10 Defense
        10 Speed
        Then the coral dies

        1. Hey i just found out something, after open the door for Mari in the real world, go to the bathroom and check the mirror (spooky)

  10. For Aubrey’s stat boost you can get it right at the beginning of the game by talking to Berly in the playground after his ball sidequest, it’s at the same time as getting Headbutt

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