OneShot Solstice Chapter/New True Ending Guide

Oneshot solstice guide

As of March 26th 2017, OneShot was updated with a new bonus chapter! It’s generally called the “solstice” update. Here’s the info you need to start exploring it.

You’ll have to beat the game normally at least once to get this ending (don’t worry, it doesn’t matter how the game ends, but you do have to get an ending).

I don’t have a guide for the first playthrough, but I have a full playthrough on Youtube including both endings, a third playthrough, and Solstice. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the Comments!

I’ll keep spoilers to an absolute minimum and will tag them as so, but I’ll assume you’ve beaten the game at least once to be attempting this.

Solstice Guide

Starting OneShot Over

If you beat the game and the game starts in “Niko’s Room” all empty (the room you start in), you need to open the Oneshot folder in Documents/Mygames/Oneshot just like you did to run Clover.exe to get through The Tower. While Oneshot is running and displaying the bedroom, open Clover.exe and it will display a message explaining what to do.

Just delete the “save file” in that very same folder to start the game over. If you only beat the game once, I strongly recommend playing through again (it’s quick since you can skip most dialog) to get the other ending, and pay a bit of attention at the start of the Barrens and end of the Glen. Try talking to the fox in The Refuge as well.

Start The Solstice Cycle

First your game must be updated from Steam, you should have an update pending or recently downloaded as of March 26th.

Second, your system clock must say it’s March 27th 2017 or later. Probably not an issue.

Third, per above, you must have beaten the game before and reset it.

Finally, you need to proceed until the Refuge/City region and find the big locked door with Nixie Tubes. The door won’t open unless your system time is past 12:00 AM March 27th.

The door will also require a password, and direct you to “DOCUMENTS”, aka, your My Documents Folder, as many other puzzle clues have been found. You’ll find four image files named like “ONESHOT_password1.png” that contain messages from The Author/”Clover”. They also contain hints for the password. If you can’t figure it out, the password is 

Story/gameplay spoilers

Now you can sleep in the bed inside the room to restart the game once more but with the potential to reach the extra ending. Again, I recommend you only do this after playing the game all the way through and seeing one or both “normal” endings.

Note: There was a minor scene one week preceding this actual unlock. It contained some minor lore, you can watch it here if you missed it and you’re curious.

Search for the Visions

Throughout your next playthrough, you need to look for the three Visions Niko can have. If you’ve played the second playthrough you may have already found these.

Note that if you screw up, you can reset the game again in the Nixie Tube room upon entering the Refuge which is a bit faster than completing the game again.

The Barrens

The first Vision is in The Barrens when you enter the cave with Silver. Walk to the right of the cave and you’ll activate the scene. After the Strange Journey starts glowing, walk to the lone Clover on the floor and Use the journal in the Inventory.

Once you’ve done this a minecart appears. If you choose to continue along the minecart path, you are permanently stuck on the “true ending” path and can no longer return to the “normal” game.

You can stop following the guide at this point if you like as the choice is locked in.

Dormitory Puzzle

Once you meet Proto you’ll need to solve a puzzle. It’s pretty easy, but the solution is, from left to right:

Puzzle spoiler
Robot, Blank, Medical, Robot, Blank, Power

 The Glen

The Second Vision can be found after reuniting the two kids in The Glen, Calamus and Alula. After meeting them in their “house” head right and down from their place to go outside where their laundry is. Enter the other cave here and go right for the second vision. Do the same thing as before, standing on the lone Clover in this room and looking at the book in your inventory.

You’ll have to look for Gears and a battery. Head to the Water Station’s power room with all the robots to get the power cell (you visited here to get water for Maize. Unless you’re a monster. You monster).

The gear you’ll find at the first area you get to in the glen normally, you’ll have to talk to Maize (the plant girl) to extend the vines before you can reach it. Go left from the big guardian robot once the bridge is fixed to get there.

Bring the parts back to cedric and you’re good to go.

The Refuge

The elevator is even more broken than before, but the Nixie Tube room has a ground access elevator too. Go to that room, examine the right elevator, then get the purple haired man’s help to get to the surface.

It’s pretty much autopilot from here now. Talk to Rue to bring her back up and continue along. Enjoy the new ending.

How To Delete Your OneShot Save

If you want to completely start from scratch as if the game (and Solstice) were not completed, here’s now to do so. Note this is not required for Solstice, and a Solstice run requires beating the game again after doing this.

Thanks to Creat in the comments for finding this!

  1. Turn off Steam Cloud for OneShot: Right-click OneShot in Steam > Properties > Updates > Uncheck  “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for OneShot”
  2. Go to C:\Users\(Your user name)\AppData\Roaming, and delete the OneShot folder there.
  3. Download OneShot from Steam again and it should start as if you had never played it!

Secret Pre-Solstice Scene

There’s a scene that was hidden in the game before Solstice came out. It’s no longer accessible (you had to play the pre-solstice version once the countdown ran out), but you can watch the scene here:

Oneshot pre-Solstice update scene (No Commentary)
Watch this video on YouTube.
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OneShot Solstice Chapter/New True Ending Guide
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24 thoughts on “OneShot Solstice Chapter/New True Ending Guide”

  1. What is the name of the file i have to delete to start my second playthrough?
    Im aware its in the folder that containes the clover.exe (___.exe) but im not sure what file it is that i have to delete there

    1. I forget, but it’s just something like “oneshot.sav”, it should be pretty obvious but I forget exactly what it is. Don’t worry about dleeting anything in there…they’re not the real save files anyway.

  2. Man I love this game. I am not the type of person who likes re-watching/replaying games, but this is the second time I’ve replayed a game (First was undertale). So excited!

    1. Yeah, I really love how replaying is worked into the narrative, really cool stuff especially in how OneShot does it. Glad this game got a good amount of attention too

        1. Eh, for all the whining Undertale’s fandom is mostly fine. People just hate when things become popular. There’s a couple crappy people and that’s 99% a function of population size.

    1. Not 100% sure, there’s a new option when you start the game to restart it all again, but it says it “wouldn’t be the same” and I’ve heard people can only get the original two endings after restarting that way. Haven’t tried myself.

        1. What happens at the nixie tube door, won’t let you reset? There’s probably a way by deleting the *real* save file, but I don’t know where that is. The one you delete at the normal ending is obviously not the real one.

          1. *spoilers beyond this point*

            It’s gotta be intentional, since it’s just The Entity retelling the original story so I guess it doesn’t have the capacity to recreate the solstice chapter.

            We’ll have to find the save file I guess. Does deleting the game and turning off cloud save seem to work? I’m guessing that new option on the main menu should disappear if clearing the file works.

          2. This is a pretty old post but I had the same problem and managed to fix it, so I’ll put it here for others to see.

            1. Turn off Steam Cloud for OneShot: Right-click OneShot in Steam > Properties > Updates > Uncheck the box at the bottom that says “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for OneShot”
            I’m not totally sure if this is necessary, but it will probably not work otherwise.
            2. Go to
            C:Users*Your Account Name*AppDataRoaming
            and delete the OneShot folder. Some of the files are for saving your settings, but I deleted everything just to be sure.

            Unfortunately, even with the fake save file and ____.exe, the game still starts at the very beginning, so if you’re like me and only noticed this problem after completing the normal run, you will have to do it all over again, as the door that starts Solstice can’t be opened on the first run.

  3. So I accidentally left the cave without doing the mine cart thing because I’m dumb and stupid and now it wont work? Plzzzz help it won’t let me reset it.

    1. If Silver is no longer in the Mine and you can’t do the puzzle, you’ll have to continue to the Refuge and sleep in the bed behind the nixie tube door to reset again. I had to do it too. Don’t worry though, once you do this one part right you’re permanently locked into this ending.

          1. Niko gets her after the minecart appears if she isnt in the mines anymore

          2. Yeah, I think you’re doomed if you don’t spawn the minecart but then leave the cave though, sticks you on the normal path instead.

  4. I was wondering, how do you even replay the game? I’d like to experience this ending, but, after returning the sun, I just get the cutscene of the room that immediately closes out as soon as I press anything. Is there a way around this?

    1. Oh, I guess I just assumed everyone would be as curious as I was. Check the folder where you find clover.exe to go through the Tower. There’s either a final note as a text file there or clover.exe shows some text. It tells you to delete the save file (I think it’s in the save folder with clover.exe), then you can replay.

      I should probably just expand the guide to include the base game at some point

  5. So I’m doing my second play through and trying to get the “normal” ending, when I try to have Niko enter the elevator to the surface they say they need to sleep, but the only bed is the one that puts you back at the beginning. Is there a way around this?

    1. Oh there’s a normal bed there too, should be to the left and down of the big surface elevator you meet the tall purple guy at.

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