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PokeMeow Guide and Command List by SirTapTap

PokeMeow is a new(ish) Discord Pokemon game bot, like the legendary Pokecord (RIP) and the neat but ever-buggy MewBot. Many Pokemon Fans are looking for new Discord bots to play Pokemon stuff, and it seems PokeMeow is one of the most popular options. These games are always a little confusing to start with, so I thought I’d make a guide just like those other two bots!

This guide is a work in progress (the wiki is down and aside from the bot itself, there’s not much info out there). If I’m missing anything important, please comment and let me know! Feel free to share information, strategies, tips, or ask questions. The guide will be expanded as I figure things out.


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2020-07-30: Guide published! Note according to the official Discord server, the rate limits were greatly improved on PokeMeow and Pokemon can now spawn much faster.


PokeMeow Game Info

Title: PokéMeow
Platform: Discord
Language: English
Release date: Around 2010-02-23?
Developer: PokeMeow
Price: Free to Play™ with IAP/Gachapon. No ads.
Genre: Pokemon catching simulator
Filesize:N/A (installed in Discord)
Cloud Save: Yes (Automatic)
Always Online: Yes, Discord required
Gambling element: Yes (lootboxes and RNG based catching/spawning)

Quickstart Guide to PokeMeow

To play the game either add PokeMeow to your server, or join the PokeMeow official server. The official server is very active (for better and worse) and has some FAQ channels with info on the game as well as official announcements. Adding it to your own server, or joining a smaller server with the bot already in it, can be a quieter way to enjoy the game without the usual Big Discord Server Woes.

Once you’re in a server/channel that runs PokeMeow, type ;pokemon to start playing. Your progress is saved across servers, it’s all tied to your discord account. Type ;help for the basic ingame help.


Unlike PokeCord you don’t talk and wait for spawns; spawns are forced with the ;p command. But it’s not quite as free as it sounds, since you instead need to use Pokeballs to catch pokemon. You can get more balls by buying them and/or by voting to get lootboxes which contain credits and Pokeballs.


Like all Pokemon Discord bots, it wants you to vote so they get more attention (and donations etc). Since you can force spawns (no more spamming chat hoping for one), the primary limiting factor in gameplay is Pokeballs and the money you can use to buy them.

Voting gives you some currency directly, and a lootbox (rolling eyes emoji). Lootboxes are the most common way to get Pokeballs, eggs, and other useful items. The game is heavily leaned towards voting (or supporting their patreon) to get ahead.

  • ;daily
    • Get free coins once per day without voting (separate from voting; claim these too!)
    • It also tells you about current Events and tells you your daily cooldown and streak. Events have special pokemon and rotate regularly
    • 5 day streak rewards: Pokemeow 5 day streak
  • ;vote
    • Gives you a link to vote for PokeMeow, as well as showing your cooldown (you can only vote every 12 hours), your Vote Coins/Times Voted stats
    • Votes give you more rewards on Saturday and Sunday
    • Upon voting you’ll automatically get a DM from PokeMeow (unless you blocked it) to confirm your items, but you get the items even if the DM isn’t sent
    • Since PokeMeow auto detects when you’ve voted, you don’t need to use a reward command like other bots
  • ;lb
    • Open 1 loot box
      • For an example of their rewards, see the below image
  •  ;lb all
    • Open all lootboxes you own at once
      • There’s not much reason to hoard them

pokemeow lootbox opening

Catching Pokemon in PokeMeow

  • ;p
    • Spawns a random Pokemon
  • pb gb ub mb
    • Type one of these to pick which pokeball to use. Like in normal pokemon, more expensive balls have higher catch rates. Save better balls for shinies, legendaries, rare pokemon etc.
    • You only get one chance at a Pokemon, which is why it’s important to use better balls for rare mons. Common mons it’s safer to use Pokeballs for, since you can spawn them easy enough
  • ;grazz
    • Use 1 Golden Razzberry, which increases Legendary encounter rate by 25% for 50 encounters

PokeMeow Command List

Full command list coming soon! I wanted to get something out here so encourage me to finish the rest.

Extra Commands

  • ;Gif (category)
    • For the memelords
    • Categories: angry cute evil goodluck happy happybirthday memepokemon meow no pat sad taunt weirdface what worry yes pichu pikachu psyduck thunderbolt irontail electroball volttackle flamethrower watergun splash

FAQ, Rates

Information taken from the PokeMeow official Discord server #FAQ channel. Should be accurate though the game can change rates at any time if the devs want to. Information last verified: 2020-07-30

I typed several commands and the bot didn’t respond?

You’re probably being silently rate-limited. Wait 5+ seconds before entering a command.

Pokeball Catch Rates

Pokeballs add to the catch rate of a Pokemon (see below for base rates). You don’t need the catch rate to go over 100%, so for example using a Master Ball on a Common Pokemon is both silly, and unnecessary—an Ultra Ball would have guaranteed a catch, because it’s 70% base +35% for the ball.

  • Pokeball – 10%
  • Great Ball – 25%
    • Great Balls are a great balance, as their efficiency for PokeCoins per Catch% is the same as Pokeballs. Since you only get one shot at a pokemon, I wouldn’t throw anything less than a Great Ball at anything above Common/that you want to catch.
  • Ultra Ball – 35%
  • Premier Ball – 50%
  • Master Ball – 100%

Pokemon Catch Rates


Shiny/Legendary Appearance Rates

  • Common – 40%
  • Uncommon – 30%
  • Rare – 27%
  • Super Rare – 2%
  • Legendary –  1/666 (0.15%)
  • Shiny  – 1/8192 (0.0122%)

Lootbox Rates

Each lootbox will give up to several items from the below list. Use ;lb all to open.

:pokeball: Poke Ball –  100% chance. Random amount between 3-6
:greatball:  Great Ball – 75% chance. Random amount between 1-4
:ultraball: Ultra Ball 35% chance. Drops 1 or 2
:masterball: Master Ball – 0.5% chance to get 1
:repel: Repel – 12% chance to get 1
:goldenrazzberry: Golden Razzberry –  12% chance to get 1
:poke_egg: Egg – 9% chance to get 1
:rarecandy: Rare Candy – 1% chance to get 1


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