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PokeMeow Guide and Command List by SirTapTap

PokeMeow is a new(ish) Discord Pokemon game bot, like the legendary Pokecord (RIP) and the neat but ever-buggy MewBot. Many Pokemon Fans are looking for new Discord bots to play Pokemon stuff, and it seems PokeMeow is one of the most popular options. These games are always a little confusing to start with, so I thought I’d make a guide just like those other two bots!

Feel free to share information, strategies, tips, or ask questions in the comments! PokeMeow is pretty complicated so I’ve gone in depth on as many features as I can to help you use it most effectively. If you can follow our rules, you can play PokeMeow in my Discord server.

PokeMeow Guide Updates

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PokeMeow Game Info

Title: PokéMeow
Platform: Discord
Language: English
Release date: Around 2010-02-23?
Developer: PokeMeow
Price: Free to Play™ with IAP/Gachapon. No ads.
Genre: Pokemon catching simulator
Filesize:N/A (installed in Discord)
Cloud Save: Yes (Automatic)
Always Online: Yes, Discord required
Gambling element: Yes (lootboxes and RNG based catching/spawning)

PokeMeow Quickstart Guide

To play the game either add PokeMeow to your server, or join the PokeMeow official server. The official server is very active (for better and worse) and has some FAQ channels with info on PokeMeow as well as official announcements. Adding it to your own server, or joining a smaller server with the bot already in it, can be a quieter way to enjoy PokeMeow  without the usual Big Discord Server Woes.

Once you’re in a server/channel that runs PokeMeow, type ;pokemon to start playing. Your progress is saved across servers, it’s all tied to your discord account. Type ;help for the basic ingame help.

Unlike PokeCord you don’t talk and wait for spawns; spawns are forced with the ;p command. But it’s not quite as free as it sounds, since you instead need to use Pokeballs to catch pokemon. You can get more balls by buying them and/or by voting to get lootboxes which contain credits and Pokeballs.

Rate Limits

Note PokeMeow is somewhat different from other Pokemon bots and has aggressive rate-limiting. If you don’t almost instantly get a response to a valid command, you were probably rate limited and the response isn’t coming. Wait ~5 seconds before any command if you notice this. Many commands have their own timeouts as well.

Dailies & Events

Use ;checklist or ;cl to see what daily activities you can participate in  PokeMeow for (mostly) free stuff. It’s a lot easier than manually checking each and remembering exactly when to do so.


Like all Pokemon Discord bots, it wants you to vote so they get more attention (and donations etc). Since you can force spawns (no more spamming chat hoping for one), the primary limiting factor in gameplay is Pokeballs and the money you can use to buy them.

Voting gives you some currency directly, and a lootbox (rolling eyes emoji). Lootboxes are the most common way to get Pokeballs, eggs, and other useful items. PokeMeow, like all these Pokemon Discord bots is heavily leaned towards voting (or supporting their patreon) to get ahead. But dailies, quests, and the Catchbot help a lot as well.

Quests also give you significant rewards, in exchange for a very hard, time limited task.

  • ;daily
    • Get free coins once per day without voting (separate from voting; claim these too!)
    • It also tells you about current Events and tells you your daily cooldown and streak. Events have special pokemon and rotate regularly
    • 5 day streak rewards: Pokemeow 5 day streak
  • ;vote
    • Gives you a link to vote for PokeMeow, as well as showing your cooldown (you can only vote every 12 hours), your Vote Coins/Times Voted stats
    • Votes give you more rewards on Saturday and Sunday
    • Upon voting you’ll automatically get a DM from PokeMeow (unless you blocked it) to confirm your items, but you get the items even if the DM isn’t sent
    • Since PokeMeow auto detects when you’ve voted, you don’t need to use a reward command like other bots
  • ;quest
    • Get a Quest, you can only hold up to 3 and they are not auto-assigned. Always make sure to start quests. They complete automatically
  • ;event
    • See current Event info
  • ;lb | ;lootbox
    • Open 1 loot box
      • For an example of their rewards, see the below image
  •  ;lb all
    • Open all lootboxes you own at once
      • There’s not much reason to hoard them

pokemeow lootbox opening



Hunts give you a specific pokemon to catch for a certain time period (same as the ;daily rollover). The pokemon you’re hunting seem to be more common than other ones of the same rarity tier.

You get increasing rewards as you catch up to 5 of that mon. It’s free stuff but must be activated daily. The first few catches give Balls to make using an ideal ball for the pokemon ‘worth it’.

The final catch of the target gives a Loot Box, a Rare Candy, and a Golden Razzberry regardless of Rarity. Per-catch rewards depend on Rarity:

  • :Common:: Catch 5
    • Per catch reward: 2 Poke Ball 1 Great Ball
  • :Uncommon:: Catch 5
    • Per catch reward: 3 Poke Ball 2 Great Ball
  • :Rare::  Catch 2
    • Per Catch reward: 3 Great Ball 1 Ultra Ball
  • :SuperRare:: Catch 1
    • Per Catch Reward: 3 Ultra Balls, 1 Premier Ball
  • :Legendary:: Catch 1
    • Per catch reward: 2 Master Balls
    • I recommend rerolling this with ;hunt reroll, don’t forget legendaries are 1/666 and it only counts this specific one. On any given day, you’re unlikely to get a legendary at all
    • The good news is, there’s a 50% chance any legendary you see on that day WILL be your hunt target, and the master balls are of course good


;quest | ;q

Quests are strange and not really given much attention to in the game so I thought I’d explain them. Every 2 hours by using ;quest you’ll unlock a new quest. The quests are not time limited, but you have to wait 2 hours to unlock the next quest, and they do not start until you type ;quest so make a habit of it.

Progress towards quests only starts after ;quest is typed as well, so do it often to unlock all the quests and get your rewards. You can only have 3 quests active at once. Once you fulfill the requirements you’ll automatically receive the reward, watch the bot’s messages after catching pokemon.

Most quests are of the format “Catch X number of Pokemon”, and it may specify a rarity. Aside from the starter quest of 100 pokemon for a Master Ball, rewards and requirements seem to be randomized. Note that Catchbot pokemon do not count for quests.

You can reset an existing quest with ;quest reset scroll #, but only quests you already have can be reset; if you’re waiting for a new quest, you cannot force a new quest into your list of 3. I recommend rerolling the “catch legendary pokemon” quests if your quest list is full and waiting for a new one; at 1/666 odds, you’re likely to go multiple days without getting one.

A trick I like to do is keep at least 1 “Catch 1 legendary” quest that has a Master Ball as a reward (the 3 premier balls isn’t as relevant). That way I always have a Master Ball you use on legendaries, hopefully.


Swapping is basically Wonder Trade; you give up a Pokemon to get a random mon back from PokeMeow  itself. You need to ;swap once a day to get swap tickets, otherwise Swaps cost 5000 coins each. What mon you swap in does not appear to matter, so use ;box to find common mons you have extra duplicates of to swap.

You can raise your multiplier for golden/shiny swap odds by 1% every 20 trades per day, up to 10% higher odds (not 10% odds for shiny!). The multiplier resets at end of day even if you didn’t trade a whole 20 mons. Because of this, it’s best to save up over 200 Swap tickets (with quests, you get several per day) to swap a ton in a day.

  • ;swap
    • Claim daily swap tickets, check the commands and see your current multiplier
    • Note you can get extra Swap Tickets from some ;quest rewards
  • ;swap (pokemon)
    • Swaps a single pokemon for a different random pokemon. Rarity does not seem to matter, commons can get U/R/SR pokemon in return
  • ;swap shiny | golden (pokemon)
    • Swaps a golden/shiny Pokemon for (I certainly hope) another Golden/Shiny of totally random Rarity just like normal swap. Past Event-only Golden pokemon are exempt


Clans are incredibly expensive and exclusive boosts. Gotta feed the whales somehow I guess. Below is taking directly from ;clan info perks

All clan perks are cumulative! (They add up on each unlock)

:dexcaught: Catch Rate (CR) Perks
:bronzeclan: Catch Rate I: Increases your catch rate by 1%
:silverclan: Catch Rate II: Increases your catch rate by 2%
:goldclan: Catch Rate III: Increases your catch rate by 2%
:diamondclan: Catch Rate IV: Increases your catch rate by 5%

:shinycharm: Shiny Rate (SR) Perks
:bronzeclan: Shiny Rate I: Increases your Shiny rate by 1%
:silverclan:Shiny Rate II: Increases your Shiny rate by 2%
:goldclan: Shiny Rate III: Increases your Shiny rate by 2%
:diamondclan: Shiny Rate IV: Increases your Shiny rate by 5%

:eonticket: Event Rate (ER) Perks
:goldclan: Event Rate I: Increases your Event Shiny rate by 5%
:diamondclan: Event Rate II: Increases your Event Shiny rate by 5%

:amuletcoin: Other Perks
:goldclan: Amulet Boost: Gives your account an additional (invisible) amulet coin boost
:diamondclan: Shop Boost: Decrease prices in ;shops by 5% To purchase perks, type ;clan purchase perks {rank name} Example: ;clan purchase perks bronze to purchase the Bronze perks.

Personal Purchase Requirements:Contributions requirement: (Next rank req / total # of clan members) - E.g. Bronze perks with 20 members: (100,000 / 20) = 5,000 catchesCurrency requirement: :bronzeclan: 100k, :silverclan: 250k, :goldclan: 500k, :diamondclan: 1M – Note: The money is taken directly from your personal currency when you purchase perks.


Use ;achievements to check achievements, they give a reward according to the menu but I’m unsure what it is. Please comment if you know. I think the rewards from Achievements is only given once you complete all on a page/set, just doing one doesn’t seem to do anything.

  • Set 1
    • Catch 10,000 pokemon
    • Catch 5 regular Legendaries
    • Catch 3 Shiny pokemon
    • Encounter 25,000 pokemon
    • Earn 10m Pokecoins from ;p
  • Set 2
    • Use 10,000 Balls total
    • Purchase 10 Amulet Coins
    • Purchase 5 Shiny Charms
    • Use 3 Event Tickets
  • Set 3
    • Claim 100 Dailies
    • Vote 100 times
    • Complete 100 Quests
  • Set 4
    • Complete the entire Pokedex (first 386)
    • Complete the Kanto Pokedex
    • Complete the Johto Pokedex
    • Complete the Hoenn Pokedex


Check them with ;events, ;promo, ;unlocks and ;bonuses. These change regularly and it’s 100% up to PokeMeow’s admin’s discretion, but the tips the bot gives you sometimes may tell you when new ones are active

  • ;events
  • ;bonuses
    • Special rotating global bonuses like extra catch rate, Vote Coins, Grazz bouses etc that may be in place for events/celebrations. These are active without your input
  • ;promo
    • Usually related to Golden pokemon, this command will yell you how to get Golden mons which rotate frequently and are very difficult or impossible to get without it.
  • ;unlocks
    • Checks current special event unlocks and informs you of how to unlock certain time-limited pokemon. You have to do something special to unlock these
Promos do not have a buy limit. Buy as many as you want! 

Catching Pokemon in PokeMeow

  • ;p
    • Spawns a random Pokemon
    • Stats will be displayed like your pokeball count, whether you’ve caught it (an empty/full Pokeball icon), your streak etc
  • pb | gb | ub | prb | mb
    • Type one of these to pick which pokeball to use. Like in normal pokemon, more expensive balls have higher catch rates. Save better balls for shinies, legendaries, rare pokemon etc.
    • You only get one chance at a Pokemon, which is why it’s important to use better balls for rare mons. Common mons it’s safer to use Pokeballs for, since you can spawn them easy enough
    • Note rarer pokemon also give more coins for a catch as well, so using an Ultra Ball on that Ultra Rare isn’t a bad idea
  • ;grazz
    • Use 1 Golden Razzberry, which increases Legendary encounter rate by 25% for 50 encounters
    • Use ;grazz all to eat them all, there isn’t really any reason not to

PokeMeow Command List

Full command list coming soon! I wanted to get something out here so encourage me to finish the rest.

Pokemon Commands

  • ;pokedex
    • View your Pokedex with completion stats
      • typing sort after opening the dex will sort it so only unobtained pokemon show toward the top
  • ;pokedex (pokemon/number)
    • Displays the base stats and Pokemeow specific stats of a Pokemon
    • Shows how many exist in PokeMeow, how many you own and have seen
  • ;box
    • View your list of pokemon (similar to the pokemon command in other bots)
      • Typing sort after opening your box will sort your duplicate pokemon to the top. This is useful for ;swap
  • ;release duplicates | ;r d
    • Releases all existing duplicates in your ;box in exchange for coins

pokemeow release duplicates

Extra PokeMeow Commands

  • ;egg
    • View the Egg Center, with your egg count, status of your held egg
    • Get eggs from Lootboxes, that’s the only way so far
    • Eggs often have high rarity mons, usually Rare or Super Rare, occasionally Shiny or Legendary
      • Pokemon that don’t normally come in eggs (mostly legendaries) can still hatch in PokeMeow
      • There is no way to know what’s inside until it hatches
  • ;egg hold
    • Hold an egg. There is no downside to this, so make sure you’re always holding an egg if you have it
    • The egg will hatch after an unlisted number of Pokemon catches with ;p
      • It may be 30-150 catches
      • Rarer mons seem to have higher catch requirements
  • ;egg hatch
    • Once your egg is ready to hatch (PokeMeow will tell you), type this to finsh hatching and get your new Pokemon and a good amount of Balls and Experience
  • ;Gif (category)
    • For the memelords. Posts a random gif. No ingame effect.
    • Categories: angry cute evil goodluck happy happybirthday memepokemon meow no pat sad taunt weirdface what worry yes pichu pikachu psyduck thunderbolt irontail electroball volttackle flamethrower watergun splash


The ;battle command isn’t implimented yet in PokeMeow , but trainer-to-trainer battles will eventually be a thing. I don’t know if NPC battles will be implemented as well. You can raise your pokemon currently with the Buddy system, but levels, moves, IVs, etc., are basically just to get ready, they cannot be used yet.

Team & Buddy


Like normal Pokemon, in PokeMeow your Pokemon can learn up to 4 moves. Pokemeow has a limited set of moves: only damage dealing moves are included, and their Base Power and Accuracy stats are pretty directly copied from mainline Pokemon games.

Moves can be taught to your active buddy with ;moves Moves are very expensive in Pokemeow, 100,000 coins each at the moment. Considering the battle feature is not even implemented there is presently no reason to teach a pokemon a move.

  • ;moves
    • View your active buddy’s learnable and known moves and displays help on how to change them
  • ;moves buy (move)
    • Learns a new Move for your active buddy
    • Note this costs a hefty 100,000 coins
  • ;moves replace (old move) (new move)
    • Replaces one existing move, once you’ve already gotten 4 moves, with a new one you wish to buy
    • Note this costs a hefty 100,000 coins each time
  • ;moves swap (move 1) (move 2)
    • Swaps 2 of your existing moves’ positions for free

There’s no egg moves or breeding bonuses currently in PokeMeow, so it may be best to just level up an already evolved form if you have it. Evolution is slightly expensive if it costs an Evolve Stone. All Pokemon in Pokemeow evolve using either just Level, Friendship, or a generic Evolve Stone. ;p

  • ;evolve
    • Check which of your pokemon can be evolved
  • ;evolve (pokemon name)
    • Attempt to evolve a Pokemon

IVs cannot be checked until making your Pokemon a Buddy with ;buddy Set (pokemon). Pokemon in PokeMeow are basically fungible until set as a buddy. IVs are a bit different as well, listed as 0-4 stars instead of 0-31 IVs, and both Special/Physical IVs are mixed: There is only one Attack IV and one Defense IV.

  • ;buddy reroll ivs {atk/def/hp/speed}
    • Reroll an IV on your active buddy for 1 Vote Coin


Fishing is brand new! You’ll first need an Old Rod, which can drop randomly from Pokemon. They only recently started dropping and have a 1/1000 chance of dropping. Check ;items in case you got one without noticing. You cannot fish or buy anything in the fishing shop without getting a Rod first.

Once you get a rod, use ;fish to cast your rod, then type pull when the bot tells you to. You have a VERY limited window to pull the rod, so type “pull” right after sending the fish command and be ready to enter it if you get a bite. With the Old Rod, 50% of casts will get “not even a nibble”.

Fishing has a longer cooldown than catching Pokemon with ;p and only catches Water Types. The Shiny rate is actually LOWER than normal spawns with the Old Rod (but 2x higher with the Super Rod), but Fishing is the only way to obtain Fishing Tokens.

Fishing still requires the use of Pokeballs and has a middling catch rate, and Pokemon spawned aren’t particularly rarer than non-fishing. You also don’t get Coins for fishing, only 1 fishing token each catch it seems. Fishing is basically entirely worse than normal catching, except it’s the only way to get Fishing Tokens, and if you do get the super rod, then Shiny rate is 2x as high (but still about 1/4,000).

Fishing Exclusives

Fishing’s rewards aren’t too great, though if you’re fast you can fish between ;p spawns without breaking rhythm anyway. But the real benefit of fishing is it’s exclusive pokemon, listed here:

fishing exclusives pokemeow

Fishing Shop

Your best rod is automatically used when fishing.

Old Rod

The only one obtainable without already being able to fish.
Obtain: 1/1000 drop rate from caught ;p pokemon spawns.
Base spawn rate: 50%
Shiny rate: 1/16,385

Good Rod

Notably better than the Old Rod, but the price is almost halfway to the Super Rod. You may just want to power through straight to buying the Super Rod instead. There is no benefit to having both rods.
Obtain: 1,000 Fishing Tokens in the Fishing store
Base spawn rate: 70%
Shiny rate: 1/8,192

Super Rod

The best rod. Rods are invincible so once you get this, it’s all you’ll use.
Obtain: 2,500 Fishing Tokens in the Fishing store
Base spawn rate: 85%
Shiny rate: 1/4096

Dive Ball

Not as good as it sounds, this does not add 85% to Catch Rate but sets base catch rate (normally 50%) to 85%. So in -10% weather it’s only 75% catch rate and in Special catch rate it’s still only 95%. Best to save one for Goldens though.

Pokelure & Misty’s Lure

Both of these last only 50 fishing attempts. I’d consider them not worth it, especially before you get the Super Rod. Dive Balls make much more sense. In fact, since these cost over 50 fishing tokens and fish seem to only give a single token each, these actively set you back even if every one results in a catch (extremely unlikely).


This item is an insane waste of fishing tokens. Special Waters appear 1 hour every day, it’s best to just try fishing and see if it happens, considering the extreme cost of this item for it’s 1 time use.


The Market in PokeMeow is barely used outside of Shiny/Golden/Legendary trading. Even if you list Pokemon cheaper than the cheapest listings, expect it to take days to sell “normal” pokemon. Unless it’s a Legendary/Shiny, I recommend just releasing duplicates. Less sure about Super Rares yet.

Make sure you check the going rate of a Pokemon, especially a Golden/Shiny, before listing it!

PokeMeow Contest


Contests can be checked with ;contest and are simple, global contests for the highest count of Pokemon Caught. You must post ;join contest monthly
in the official server’s #contests-monthly channel to enter.

Unless you’re literally obsessed to an unhealthy degree, contests aren’t really worth trying for; it appears only the top 10 people earn rewards, and the top ten people reliably catch over 80,000 pokemon per month. Catchbot catches don’t count.

Releasing Pokemon

Releasing pokemon is faster than selling them on the market and much, much less effort, but it gives you less coins as the Pokemon are “sold” back to the game.

  • ;release
    • See instructions on releasing, earning rates for releasing
  • ;release duplicates | r d 
    • Release all duplicates of Super Rare rarity or lower
  • ;release (pokemon/pokedex number) 
    • Release 1 specific pokemon
  • ;release (rarity)mons
    • Example: ;release commonmons
    • Releases all Pokemon of a single rarity type
  • ;release locks
    • See your locked pokemon. You can lock pokemon to keep them from being released, if they’re your favorite, you want to collect them for the Market, etc.

Each Pokemon rarity has a specific amount of money it’s worth if released. If the Market value for a pokemon is higher ;market view (pokemon), you would get more coins (minus the 5% fee!) by listing them on the market, if you can stand to wait.

  • :Common: = :PokeCoin: 150
  • :Uncommon: = :PokeCoin: 300
  • :Rare: = :PokeCoin: 500
  • :SuperRare pokemon: = :PokeCoin: 1,000
  • :Legendary: = :PokeCoin: 10,000
    • Not worth it
  • :Shiny: = :PokeCoin: 25,000
    • Please don’t

PokeMeow FAQ

Information taken from the PokeMeow official Discord server #FAQ channel. Should be accurate though the game can change rates at any time if the devs want to. Information last verified: 2020-07-30

I typed several commands and the bot didn’t respond?

You’re probably being silently rate-limited. Wait 5+ seconds before entering a command.

Pokeball Catch Rates

Pokeballs add to the catch rate of a Pokemon (see below for base rates). You don’t need the catch rate to go over 100%, so for example using a Master Ball on a Common Pokemon is both silly, and unnecessary—an Ultra Ball would have guaranteed a catch, because it’s 70% base +35% for the ball.

  • Pokeball – 10%
  • Great Ball – 25%
    • Great Balls are a great balance, as their efficiency for PokeCoins per Catch% is the same as Pokeballs. Since you only get one shot at a pokemon, I wouldn’t throw anything less than a Great Ball at anything above Common that you want to catch.
  • Ultra Ball – 35%
    • Consistently worth the cost for Super Rare Pokemon. Risky on Legendaries/Shinies, but you might as well if you don’t have a Master Ball ready.
  • Premier Ball – 50%
    • These are not in the normal store, but can be bought for coins every other event as PokeMeow cycles through events. If they’re not available, wait for the next event.
  • Master Ball – 100%
    • In terms of cost-effectiveness, these are never worth it. You’re getting Master Balls to guarantee shinies/Legendaries, not because they’re “worth it” economically.

Captcha Solving

I’ve seen players have a lot of trouble with the Captchas that appear. Make sure you include numbers and no spaces. The font used is pretty bad, and it’s easy to mistake 0/8, 1/7, and 5/6.

Pokemon Appearance Rates


Shiny/Legendary Appearance Rates

Rarer pokemon have lower catch rates, and higher coin rewards for a successful catch.

  • Common – 40%
    • Gives ~150-300 Pokemeow currency :PokeCoin:
      • Almost what a Pokeball costs
  • Uncommon – 30%
    • Gives ~400 coins
      • About what a Great Ball costs
  • Rare – 27%
    • Gives ~600-800 Pokemeow currency :PokeCoin:
  • Super Rare – 2%
    • Gives ~2,000 Pokemeow currency :PokeCoin:
      • That’s more than an Ultra Ball costs
  • Legendary –  1/666 (0.15%)
    • Catch rate 0
    • Gives ~10,000 Pokemeow currency :PokeCoin:
      • Not enough for a Master Ball to be cost effective, but still usually worth it if not a dupe
  • Shiny  – 1/8192 (0.0122%)
    • Catch rate 0

Legendaries are extra picky, here’s some extra info provided from /u/XDWorld2 on reddit:

normal legend: 1/666, Unova legend: 1/6660, Reshi, Zek, Kyu, Kel, Melo, and Genes: 1/66600, Arceus, Shaymin, Darkrai: 1/100,000 Event normal shiny: 1/2500, Event shiny legendary: 1/5000, Shiny Shaymin: 1/1,000,000 (1/10 upon finding a normal shaymin), Shiny Darkrai (until end of current event): 1/100,000 (1/2 upon finding a normal darkrai [at its boosted odds]) Keldeo and Genesect: They must be unlocked Shaymin and Darkrai: day/night only (respectively), use ;time to see if its day or night

Lootbox Rates

Each lootbox will give up to several items from the below list. Use ;lb all to open.

:pokeball: Poke Ball –  100% chance. Random amount between 3-6
:greatball:  Great Ball – 75% chance. Random amount between 1-4
:ultraball: Ultra Ball 35% chance. Drops 1 or 2
:masterball: Master Ball – 0.5% chance to get 1
:repel: Repel – 12% chance to get 1
:goldenrazzberry: Golden Razzberry –  12% chance to get 1
:poke_egg: Egg – 9% chance to get 1
:rarecandy: Rare Candy – 1% chance to get 1

Eggs hatch after catching a certain amount of Pokemon while being Held. They’ll hatch into a high Rarity Pokemon, and give a large amount of XP and Pokeballs as well.

Pokemon Catching Streaks

;streaks to check all streaks.

Catching streaks award Lootboxes at a predefined number of consecutive catches per-rarity tier. The only bonus seems to be the lootbox.

Your Pokemon catching streaks are tracked per-rarity. If you miss catching a pokemon your streak is reset for that Rarity only. Your streak is shown before and after trying to catch a pokemon with ;p. Due to this, if you’re close to a streak milestone, you might consider using a better than average ball for a rarity type.

  • :Common: Every 15 catches, 1 Lootbox
  • :Uncommon: Every 10 catches, 1 Lootbox
  • :Rare: Every 5 catches, 1 Lootbox
  • :SuperRare: Every 5 catches, 2 Lootboxes
  • :Legendary: Every 5 catches, 3 Lootboxes
  • :Shiny: ?

PokeMeow Catchbot Upgrade Stats

Catchbot is a unique feature in Pokemeow that automatically catches a (potentially very large) number of Pokemon in your absence. It needs to be upgraded to reach it’s full potential, but can eventually run a profit even just selling the duplicates it catches back to the game. If you want a full Pokedex, Catchbot will be much faster than good ol’ ;p.

Note that Catchbot catches Pokemon but does not improve streaks, earn Coins, XP, count for Hunts or Quests, or anything else. You only get the Pokemon.  It takes about level 8+ of Cost upgrades to start seeing a decent profit from running the Catchbot with ;release duplicates.

;catchbot | ;cb

Catchbot starts out worthless but has ever-increasing-in-cost upgrades that make it much better. Each Pokemon upgrade catches 3 more Pokemon per hour, every Cost upgrade makes the bot cost 40 less Coins per Pokemon, and every Duration upgrade makes the bot hunt 1 hour longer.

Stat LevelPokemonCostDuration
01 Pokemon / Hour500/ Pokemon1 Hour
14 Pokemon/ Hour
5,000 Coins
460/ Pokemon
1,000 Coins
2 Hours
1,500 Coins
27 Pokemon/ Hour
10,000 Coins
420/ Pokemon
3 Hours
310 Pokemon/ Hour
? Coins
380/ Pokemon
4,000 Coins
4 Hours
6,000 Coins
413 Pokemon/ Hour
? Coins
340/ Pokemon5 Hours
12,000 coins
516 Pokemon/ Hour
? Coins
300/ Pokemon6 Hours
24,000 coins
619 Pokemon/ Hour
80,000 Coins
260/ Pokemon7 Hours
48,000 coins
722 Pokemon/ Hour
160,000 Coins
220/ Pokemon8 Hours
96,000 Coins
825 Pokemon/ Hour
? Coins
180/ Pokemon9 Hours
928 Pokemon/ Hour
? Coins
140/ Pokemon
256,000 coins
10 Hours
1031 Pokemon/ Hour
? Coins
512,000 coins
11 Hours
1112 Hours


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Author: Sir TapTap

Gaming guide writer, content creator, streamer, UX designer, web developer, and a bunch of other stuff.

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