Pokemon Global Mission: Island Scan Guide

Island Scan Guide

Another Pokemon Sun/Moon global mission is upon us! I’ve gathered together a set of QR codes to let you Island Scan as fast as possible (mostly because these weren’t in one place and I’d rather only have one bookmark).

Before you start note you have to talk to the Hula Lady inside the festival Plaza next to the PC to activate the mission for yourself! I don’t know if your scans will count if you don’t register like this! Also be sure to go online (GTS, wondertrade, link trade) once in a while to “game sync” your progress. Since this is a Nintendo product, naturally none of that happens automatically.

The QR Codes

For those of us who know what we’re doing, here’s a set of 5 QR codes you can scan to most quickly get your island scans. After you get 100 points and do a scan you can scan these again, so you only need to scan these 5 codes if you only want to island scan. You can’t stock more than 100 scan points, so scan immediately after hitting 100.

These should all still work even after the event just to get island scans. If you don’t know what an Island Scan is, see the next section.

Special QR codes for this event (20 points)

Remember scanning a QR Code really adds a Seen entry to your pokedex, so you can use this opportunity to fill out your Seen numbers in the dex, locate Habitats, or add Shiny forms to your pokedex.

How Do I Island Scan?

Very early in the game you got a QR code reader and likely completely ignored it. Press X to open the menu screen and find QR Scanner.

First you need to get 100 Island Scan points by scanning QR Codes. Hold R to use the camera and scan all the below codes I’ve procided. You can scan one code every 2 hours, so you can get roughly 12 scans per day (more likely, 10 since it only stocks up to ten).

Then you can switch to Island Scan to scan the island for pokemon. Be quick, you only have an hour and there’s only one pokemon, so if you KO it, it’s over and you can’t catch it without another scan.

For this event KOs and catches both count, but just catch the darn thing and Wondertrade it if you don’t care, these are reasonably tough to get for most players.

What Pokemon Can I Catch?

Bulbapedia has a list of Island Scan pokemon, which island gives them and when to scan.

Can We Win The Event?

Probably not? The event ends on the 9th and we need an average of 83,333 Finds per day. We actually have 50,000 after two days. But it’s possible we’ll make a comeback, and any Pokemon Masterâ„¢ wants those Scan-Only pokemon anyway, right?

Yep we lost bad lol.


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