Pokemon Masters Guide, Strategy & All Sync Pairs List

pokemon masters guide by sir taptap

Pokemon Masters is a new mobile Pokemon gashapon RPG, out now worldwide for iOS and Android! In this Pokemon Masters Guide you’ll find strategy, gameplay, and Sync Pair information, as well as common questions about the game.

Though this guide was created during the location test, I’ve confirmed nothing has changed (except IAP prices and some new units) so consider it fully up to date for launch! Feel free to ask questions or contribute information in the comments, discus the game in our Discord server, or add to our Sync Pair Spreadsheet!


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Pokemon Masters Game Info

Title: Pokemon Masters
Platform: Android, iOS 
Language: English, Japanese
Release date: 2019-08-28
Developer: DeNA Co. Ltd.
Publisher: Pokemon Company
Price: F2P with microtransactions and gachapon
File Size: 1.33 GB fully installed
Genre: 3v3 Gachapon real-time RPG



Rock Type Training


Guaranteed 5 Star Scout

This is bait, IMO. It’s paid gem only, and for the 3000 paid gems to get 10 units + 1 5 star, you could have pulled 30 free daily sync pairs instead (expected value 2.1 5 star units).

Launch Celebration Special Rally

Dates: 2019-08-29 through 2019-10-16


A basic event, you simply need to win 5 Co-Op battles and complete Story Mode to earn rewards. Completing all missions gets you 10 Big Pearls. Should be very easy to complete, if minimally rewarding.

There are no Event stages in Explore nor Event Exchanges in the shop.

Pokemon Masters FAQ

Where Are Gym Leader Notes?

To get your first Gym Leader Notes, fight Hard mode of any Co-Op story mode stage, after Chapter 11. Single player will not work.

Very Hard Supercourses drop them too, but they’re vastly harder and ideally require level 90+ pokemon. Supercourses are the best way to get them after you have 1-3 pokemon Max Level Capped.



How Do I Evolve (Pokemon)?

If you’re asking, odds are you can’t. The great majority of Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters simply do not evolve. A rare few do, including free characters Rosa and Barry, and other units in the Gachapon noted with an icon. Get your pokemon above level 35 (stage 1) or 50 (stage 2) to see if it evolves. If no Sync Story unlocks for evolution, that pokemon does not evolve, ever.

Note that Evolution Stones are very rare and consider not evolving pokemon you may never use, contrary as that may be to Pokemon instincts. Since Launch they increased the cost of evolving, making it extremely prohibitive.

Where are Red and Blue?

Not in the game yet. Blue will have a Gachapon banner starting september 4th. Red is currently MIA but will surely be added in the future, as well most famous trainers. These games always release favorites slowly to keep people interested.

How Do I Get Star Power Ups?

Star Power Ups are the items that raise a character from 3* to 5* etc. But they’re effectively not in the game at least for now. You can only get them by pulling 6+ of the same unit from the gachapon, a feat that would cost several hundred dollars bare minimum, probably over $1000 total.


Hopefully they’ll be event items eventually, they effectively do not exist at present.

How do I complete “Getting Stronger With Gear”?

Beat Chapter 18 Co-Op hard mode to unlock the gear feature, and the Very Hard stages of Co-Op.

Why Am I so Weak!

If you’re neglecting Training Courses you’re going to be extremely underleveled and behind on Move/Level Cap items. They’re your ticket to grinding. If you haven’t completed the story yet, there’s also probably multiple features you haven’t unlocked yet.

How Does Pokemon Masters play?

It’s a real-time 3v3 pokemon game. Instead of catching pokemon, you pull for Gachapon (a slot machine) to get Sync Pairs; a Pokemon Trainer and a Pokemon. You battle by combining 3 Sync Pairs.

Your default character has Pikachu. There’s a variety of famous Pokemon Trainers like Rosa, Brock, Flannery, etc from all generations of pokemon. The main updates to the game are very likely to include a constant stream of new Sync Pairs to get in the gachapon like usual mobage games.


It has a co-op online mode you can play with two friends in addition to it’s story mode.

It has Real Time Battles?

Well, kinda. You have a “move gauge” that charges over time, and each move requires a certain amount of Move Gauge. It’s closer to an ATB gauge from Final Fantasy than an action RPG style of combat.

It’s Free to Play—what’s The Catch?

It’s got microtransactions and gachapon. Pre-release reports are conflicted on whether it’s light or heavy on the microtransactions. I’m waiting for the release to judge it myself, since mobile pokemon games are very hit or miss (I’m looking at you, Rumble Rush).

It also has a system that incentivizes pulling duplicates. In my experience this is one of the more predatory parts of gachapon—depending on how it’s handled. If there’s plenty of opportunity to power up Sync Pairs without duplicates, like Azur Lane’s bulin system, it might not be too bad.

Pokemon Masters star power ups tutorial
Good luck getting 5 duplicates of anything in this game

You do however get some Sync Pairs in the story mode (like almost all gachapon games), so if you just want to play and don’t care about getting fan favorite characters, it may be possible if it’s not a brutal grind like Rumble Rush.

However, it does not have a stamina system so you can grind for levels and basic drops to your heart’s content.


Is there Versus mode?

Not yet, just Co-Op.


Emulators appear to be totally blocked for this game. It’s pretty common for Pokemon games on mobile. Sometimes there’s  very fiddly setups that do work, but at the moment it looks like you’ll have to play it on a phone.


You currently do not actually get enough currency to “reroll” in any significant way; about 3 rerolls from extremely early content plus the 600 gems from linking a Nintendo Account.

I highly recommend against trying to “reroll” at the moment, you don’t get enough for a multi-roll to start with so the amount of grinding would be nuts. And your free unit is always the same  guaranteed 4* (Whitney & Miltank). Rerolling is generally more worth it when there’s a limited time unit. The starter units are all but guaranteed for all players given a long enough time of playing, and 5 star gachapon characters are not necessary for gameplay, free units are very good.

Pokemon Masters Gameplay

Trainer Moves

Trainer Moves are basically items; you get a limited use of them per-battle, and they’re often buffs and/or based on items in the main series rather than familiar Pokemon moves.

Sync Moves

Sync Moves are special moves you can only perform once your team’s performed a certain number of actions to charge it. They’re extra powerful and often unique. If a Sync Pair has a Mega Evolution, they will Mega Evolve when first using a Sync Move and stay Mega for the remainder of the battle, with the resulting change in types/moves/stats.


Stats are rebalanced from mainline Pokemon; stat spreads will generally be familiar, but many pokemon have had their Special Defense and Defense stats brought to be more equal. This means a bulky mon is a bulky mon, and also means you can be a little more careless about which attack type to use; the biggest def/spdef spread I’ve seen is about 50% more of one than the other.


Also, speed now determines Move Gauge regeneration, rather than turn order. All 3 pokemon’s speed are combined to determine the rate.


Of note, the AI always targets your bulkiest Pokemon first; this is extremely helpful in your case, as they’ll waste some time wailing on your tank, and means there’s no need to “manage aggro” (not that you can outside of Encore in the main games), the AI will pretty much always act in your benefit in this regard.


In Pokemon Masters Typing is Trading Card Game style; almost every pokemon has 1 and only one Type. Each pokemon also has 1 and only 1 Weakness. Almost all pokemon only have moves of a single type as well. Secondary types can be completely ignored; for example, Electric type moves work fine on Seismitoad (but are not super effective, because Seismitoad is weak to Grass in Pokemon Masters.)

Bizarrely, a very rare few pokemon have more than one type, like Bronzong.

Like in the trading card game, the weakness is determined by the pokemon, not the type! Some Water Types are weak to Electric and some are weak to Grass Type.

Types also have no resistances! This means type advantages are drastically simpler and defensive/offensive typing is much less of a thing. For example Steel is no longer a defensive powerhouse and Ice is no longer extremely open to Super Effective moves, everyone is simply weak to a specific other type.

Daily Reward

You get a single item once per day from someone in the Pokemon Center. They’ll have an orange Magnifying Glass icon over their head. The symbol appears once per day after clearing at least one battle stage, and gives low tier items. Best item I’ve seen was a three star level-up book. More importantly, there’s a bit of unique dialog for each trainer.

Battle Gamplay

Battle is pretty strategic, like usual Pokemon gameplay. However, also like usual Pokemon gameplay, if you can significantly overlevel and type-match your pokemon, you can have a much easier time. I won’t (can’t!) go into the complete depth of pokemon turn-based strategy here, but I’ll try to give you some tips on how to make the most of your teams in this game in particular.


Auto Battle

Auto Battle is a lifesaver in grindfest F2P games like this—but it’s also really stupid. If you’re only using Auto Battle and getting stuck on Story or other stages, it’s worth stopping, editing your team, and trying the battle manually.

The Auto Battle will notably do some really dumb stuff like not using Trainer Moves, or wasting all of them immediately, and it generally focuses on a single target at all costs, even if that means chipping away at a bulky mon while the other two are free to wail on you even if you could OHKO them in manual play.

Trainer Moves

Trainer Moves do not consume the Move Gauge nor do they charge Sync Moves. They can be used at any time and are basically like items. They do, however, prevent that Sync Pair from using another move until the Trainer Move is over.

Trainer moves can be extremely important; Support pokemon often have Trainer Moves that affect and buff the whole party. Support type pokemon might seem to have weaker stats than Strike ones, but they’ll often have Trainer Moves that make up for it, such as Rosa’s incredible Let’s Energize which completely fills your Move gauge!

Since they require no energy and often buff your stats, sometimes the best time to use Trainer Moves is right at the start of battle. They don’t do anything at all if you don’t use them, so when in doubt make sure they go to some use.

Sync Moves

Sync moves are charged by by using a Pokemon’s Moves (not Trainer Moves), and each Move reduces the cooldown by 1. This means that spamming lots of 1 Move Gauge attacks can let you use a Sync move much faster.

I find it’s best to have at least one pokemon who can attack for just 1 Move Gauge, if only to mop up low health pokemon and help charge Sync Moves when they’re critical.

Sync Pair Types

Strike Sync Pairs, much like you at age 8, specialize in pokemon that deal lots of plain ol’ damage rather than status moves.


Support Sync Pairs buff other characters and have higher HP, mostly bulkier mons. These teams include a lot of moves that aren’t in normal pokemon, or moves that are normally items like X-attack.


Tech sync pairs specialize in status moves to debilitate opponents. Which enemy mon you’ll want to debilitate and how varies, but it’s often best to use status effects that cut the damage dealing ability of powerful (Strike) mons, or drain the HP of bulky (Support) mons.


There’s a huge variety of Moves in Pokemon, so make sure to long-press on a move’s name in battle to see it’s specific effects. What move is best to use depends on a variety of factors such as it’s accuracy, base power, type, and any special effects it may have.

Spamming lots of 1 Gauge moves might make a lot of sense because you can attack often and charge your Sync Move quickly—but note a lot of 2 and 3 Move Gauge attacks are more than twice as powerful as single bar ones! Get a feel for each of your pokemon’s moves and when to use them. There’s no best move, only the best move to use right now.

Boss Fights

Unlike usual Pokemon battles where most pokemon are roughly on par with each other, in Boss Fights in Pokemon Masters, the enemy’s middle pokemon is usually drastically stronger than it’s accomplices. This means you may want to target the weaker left and right pokemon first, to reduce the damage you’re taking.

It can also be quite useful to debilitate the boss early on via status effects like Burn and Paralysis. This is why it’s good to have Support and Tech Pokemon as well.

Only the boss will use Sync Moves, which is why lowering it’s stats can help a lot. This does also mean that if you KO the boss first it can’t use Sync Moves anymore, though usually  I find it better to take care of the easier targets first unless you have a heavy hitter the boss is weak to.

Passive Skills List

Here’s all the passive skills currently in the game. Try searching for the Pokemon or Trainer you want to know the passive(s) of. Passive skills are nice, though it’s usually the moves that make a Sync Pair.

PassiveEffectSync Pairs
Aggravation 1Raises the chance of inflicting the flinching, confused, or trapped condition with the additional effects of moves.Crasher Wake & Floatzel
Grant & Amaura
Thorton & Bronzong
Amped Up 1Raises the Pokémon's Speed when it lands a critical hit.Olivia & Lycanroc (Midnight)
AntifreezePrevents the Pokémon from becoming frozen.Candice & Abomasnow
AntitoxinPrevents the Pokémon from getting poisoned or badly poisoned.Clay & Palpitoad
ClearheadedPrevents the Pokémon from becoming confused.Hapu & Mudsdale
Wulfric & Avalugg
Critical Focus 1Raises the Pokémon's critical-hit rate when it lands a critical hit.Siebold & Clawitzer
Critical Strike 2Powers up moves when those moves land critical hits.Bruno & Machamp
Bugsy & Beedrill
DauntlessSp. Atk cannot be lowered.Liza & Lunatone
Defense Crush 2Occasionally lowers the target's Defense when an attack against it is succesful.Ramos & Weepinbell
EnduranceIf the Pokémon enters battle with full HP, allows it to endure a single overwhelming attack with 1 HP left.(Player) & Pikachu
Kris & Totodile
Sophocles & Togedemaru
First Aid 4Restores a bit of the Pokémon's HP once during battle when the Pokémon is in a pinch.Hau & Alolan Raichu
FlameproofPrevents the Pokémon from getting burned.Karen & Houndoom
Gritty 5Powers up moves if the Pokémon is affected by a status condition.Marshal & Conkeldurr
HasteSpeed cannot be lowered.Brendan & Treecko
Marley & Arcanine
Skyla & Swanna
HeadstrongAttack cannot be lowered.Noland & Pinsir
Roark & Cranidos
Tate & Solrock
Healing Hail 1Restores the Pokémon's HP whenever it takes an action during a hailstorm.Brycen & Cryogonal
Healing Hand 2Occasionally removes all status conditions of all allied sync pairs after the Pokémon uses a move.Cheryl & Blissey
Misty & Starmie
Hit and Run 2Occasionally raises the Pokémon's Speed after it uses a move.Roxie & Whirlipede
Hostile Environment 1Raises the chance of inflicting status conditions with the additional effects of moves.Blaine & Ponyta
Janine & Ariados
Lorelei & Lapras
ImperviousStats cannot be lowered.Flannery & Torkoal
Mina & Granbull
Will & Xatu
Last WordThe Pokémon uses Explosion immediately before fainting.Lt. Surge & Voltorb
LithePrevents the Pokémon from getting paralyzed.Brendan & Treecko
Mad Strength 2Occasionally raises the Pokémon's Attack when one of its attacks is succesful.Whitney & Miltank
On the Ropes 3Reduces damage when the Pokémon is in a pinch and is hit by a physical attack.Maylene & Meditite
Pass it OnTranfers half the amout of this sync pair's raised stats to the sync pair that will switch in when this sync pair faints.Phoebe & Dusclops
Power Chain 3Powers up moves when unity bonus is in effect.Liza & Lunatone
Tate & Solrock
Power Flux 5The fuller the move gauge, the more this power up moves.Barry & Piplup
Power Reserves 2Power up moves in a pinch.Brawly & Makuhita
Iris & Haxorus
Norman & Slaking
Flint & Infernape
Shauntal & Chandelure
Piercing GazeMoves never miss.Erika & Vileplume
Kahili & Toucannon
Racing Rain 2Quickly charges the move gauge when the weather is rainy.Clair & Kingdra
Crasher Wake & Floatzel
Winona & Pelipper
Sand FortressStats cannot be lowered in a sandstorm.Brock (S. Suit) & Tyranitar
Sand ShelterProtects the Pokémon from damage from a sandstorm.Grant & Amaura
Snow ShelterProtects the Pokémon from damage from a hailstorm.Brycen & Cryogonal
Candice & Abomasnow
Grant & Amaura
Speeding Sun 2Quickly charges the move gauge when the weather is sunny.Gardenia & Roserade
Stance ChangeChanges to Blade Forme when the Pokémon attacks.
Changes to Shield Forme when the Pokémon uses King's Shield or switches out.
Wikstrom & Aegislash
Surging Sand 5Powers up moves in a sandstorm.Roxanne & Nosepass
Superduper Effective 2Powers up moves that are super effective.Pryce & Seel
StalwartSp. Def cannot be lowered.Liza & Lunatone
Rosa & Snivy
Stoic 2Occasionally raises the Pokémon's Defense after it uses a move.Brock & Onix
Terrify 1Lowers the Attack of all opposing sync pairs when the Pokémon enters a battle.Drake & Salamance
UnbendingDefense cannot be lowered.Marlon & Carracosta
Tate & Solrock
UnflappablePreventes the Pokémon from flinching.Korrina & Lucario
UnhinderedWhen the Pokémon uses a move to attack, ignores the damage-reducing effects on the opponent's field of play.Shauntal & Chandelure
VigilanceThe Pokémon is protected against critical hits.Phoebe & Dusclops
Wikstrom & Aegislash
Water ShiftNormal-type moves become Water-type moves.Kris & Totodile
Wide AwakePrevents the Pokémon from falling asleep.Agatha & Gengar
Karen & Houndoom

Improving Sync Pairs

Sync Move Level Up

By pulling a duplicate of a Sync Pair, their Sync Move can be leveled up from level 1 to level 5. Each level adds 5% Power to the Sync Move, meaning with 4 duplicates (5 copies total) of a unit you will reach 120% power for your Sync Move. It’s a modest benefit at a very high cost, so it’s not much to worry about.

Free units (the Player, Rosa, Etc) start with their Sync Move maxed out at level 5, because they cannot be pulled anyway.

Level Caps

Like most mobage games, Sync Pairs have Level Caps that must be broken with certain items. They’re increasingly expensive, and eventually require Gym Leader Notes, which can only be gotten from Hard Co-Op stages, or Very Hard Training Supercourses (the time limited ones). Experience earned when a unit is at a level cap will be lost.


Certain Sync Pairs’ Pokemon must reach a certain level to unlock; a special Sync Pair Story will unlock and you must pay an evolution stone and win a battle to evolve. Evolution appears to happen at level 30 and level 45, rather than a pokemon’s usual evolution level.

Evolution may change the Pokemon’s Sync Move. Not all pokemon evolve, but Pokemon base stats aren’t tied to the usual stats for that pokemon; a 5 star first stage evolution may have stats just like a fully evolved 5 star pokemon. Don’t worry about it, it’s basically cosmetic, annoying as it is.

List of Current Evolutions

Note that very few pokemon currently evolve. Thanks to Yilx in Discord for the current list.

Current Evolvables:
– Kris and Totodile
– Rosa and Snivy
– Pryce and Seel
– Barry and Piplup

Mega Evos: (Accessible via Sync Move)
– Korrina and Mega Lucario
– Agatha and Mega Gengar
– Bugsy and Mega Beedrill
– Karen and Mega Houndoom
– Noland and Mega Pinsir

Passive Skills

In Pokemon Masters, pokemon can learn up to 3 Passive Skills instead of Abilities. Passives Skills are like Abilities, but many effects are unique to Pokemon Masters.

Learning Moves

Technical Machines must be used to learn certain (predetermined) locked moves on a Pokemon.

Limit Break

You can add stars to units with Star Power Ups. Limit Breaking also raises the maximum possible Level Cap. All Sync Pairs can reach 5 ★ this way, though often in games where this is the case, natural 5 ★ are still stronger than 3 ★ raised to 5 ★.

Pokemon Masters Items List

Here’s all of the items currently in Pokemon Masters, what they do, and where to get them.

1★ Level Up ManualAdds 100 XP to a Sync PairTraining Courses
2★ Level Up ManualAdds 1500 XP to a Sync PairHard training Courses
3★ Level Up ManualAdds 5000 XP to a Sync PairVery Hard Training Courses, Supertraining Courses
Buff BlendLevel Cap, Moves, Skills
Great Buff BlendLevel Cap, Moves, SkillsHard training Courses
Ultra Buff BlendLevel Cap, Moves, SkillsVery Hard Training Courses, Supertraining Courses
Tech TonicLevel Cap, Moves, Skills
Great Tech TonicLevel Cap, Moves, SkillsHard training Courses
Ultra Tech TonicLevel Cap, Moves, SkillsVery Hard Training Courses, Supertraining Courses
Aid AdeLevel Cap, Moves, Skills
Great Aid AdeLevel Cap, Moves, SkillsHard training Courses
Ultra Aid AdeLevel Cap, Moves, SkillsVery Hard Training Courses, Supertraining Courses
Gym Leader Notes3-5 required to unlock final level capHard Co-Op courses, Very Hard Supertraining Courses
Training MachineRequired to learn Moves, PassivesHard training Courses
Super Training MachineRequired to learn 4th move and PassivesVery Hard Training Courses, Supertraining Courses
Skill CapsuleRequired to unlock Passive SkillsVery Hard Training Courses, Supertraining Courses
3★ Power UpIncreases stats and potential of 3★ unitPull 6+ Duplicates of a 3★ unit (basically impossible for now)
4★ Power UpIncreases stats and potential of 4★ unitPull 6+ Duplicates of a 4★ unit (basically impossible for now)
5★ Power UpIncreases stats and potential of 5★ unitPull 6+ Duplicates of a 5★ unit (basically impossible for now)
GemsUsable for Sync Pair GachaEvents, clear stages for the first time, missions, daily login bonus
Paid GemsUsable for 100 gem once per day gachaPay money
PearlSell for 1000 coinsCoin Supertraining Courses
Big PearlSell for 3000 coinsCoin Supertraining Courses
Evolution ShardEvolve from Stage 1 Pokemon to Stage 2Exchange shop
Evolution StoneEvolve from Stage 2 Pokemon to Stage 3Exchange shop

Best F2P Team in Pokemon Masters

The best F2P team (depending only on free units) is Rosa, Skyla, and Hau.

This team has access to Rosa’s awesome Move refill and SP Attack buff, Skyla’s defensive buffs and Potions, and Hau’s full-team high-damage AOE. Due to the lack of Resistance in this game, this team is best for almost all fights in the game, since everything takes at worst neutral damage from Discharge.

Rosa and Skyla are mostly just there to buff, but Gust can be used to help build up Sync moves and Rosa’s sync move can come in handy when it’s supereffective.

Tier Lists

I’m still thinking about my own evaluations, but for now this tier list posted on Reddit seems highly accurate.

I can’t vouch for this one as much, but there’s also a tier list for paid units as well. The logic seems sound at least, though I have very few of the paid high-tier units to test them practically.

Sync Pair List (Characters)

I’ve created an editable spreadsheet for listing of Sync Pairs! As more come out, feel free to help everyone out by adding to the list. I’ve added the presently known Sync Pairs from pre-release information to the sheet and table below.

Use the search feature to find pairs easily! Search by trainer, pokemon, type, move, etc.


TrainerPokemonRarityTypeWeaknessRoleSync MoveMoves2nd Top Right3rd Bottom Left4th Bottom RightPassive 1Passive 2Passive 3EvolutionBulbapedia link to TrainerDex No.
(Player)Pikachu★★★ElectricGroundStrikeThunder of Newfound PassionThunder ShockPotionThunderboltJump Start!EnduranceEmptyEmpty1
BrockOnix★★★RockGrassTechRock-Solid RockslideRock ThrowPotionRock TombRock-Hard Determination!Stoic 2EmptyEmpty2
Brock (Sygna Suit)Tyranitar★★★RockFightingStrikeSygnature Rock-Solid Stone EdgeRock TombX AttackRock SlideRock-Solid Finisher!Sand FortressEmptyEmpty2
MistyStarmie★★★WaterElectricSupportTomboyish Mermaid Bubble BeamBubble BeamX Sp. Def AllCatch Us If You Can!Hydro PumpHealing Hand 2EmptyEmpty3
Lt. SurgeVoltorb★★★ElectricGroundTechElectric Sync BeamThunderboltX SpeedEerie ImpulseA Surge of Power!Last WordEmptyEmptyhttps://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lt._Surge4
ErikaVileplume★★★GrassFireTechNature-Loving Petal DanceEnergy BallX Sp. DefStun SporePour It On!Piercing GazeEmptyEmpty5
BlainePonyta★★★★FireRockTechFire Sync ImpactFlame WheelFire SpinRaging Inferno!Sunny DayHostile Environment 1EmptyEmpty6
LoreleiLapras★★★★IceTechFreezing Terror BlizzardIce BeamX SpeedBlizzardBrace Yourself!Hostile Environment 1EmptyEmpty7
BrunoMachamp★★★★FightingStrikeTrained-to-the-Max Dynamic PunchKarate ChopDire HitCross ChopHoo Haa!Critical Strike 2EmptyEmpty8
AgathaGengar★★★★GhostTechTried-andTrue HexLickHypnosisRun Along Now!Shadow BallWide AwakeEmptyEmptyMega Evolves into Mega Gengar9
ViolaSurskit★★★★BugRockTechBug Sync BeamInfestationXSpeedStruggle BugJust Fantastic!Terrify 1EmptyEmptyEvolves into Masquerain60
NanuAlolan Persian★★★DarkBugStrikeDark Authority Black Hole EclipseBiteX SpeedScreechJust Warming Up...Critical Sting 1EmptyEmpty61
KogaCrobat★★★PoisonElectricTechModern Ninja Sludge BombPoison FangX SpeedVenoshockMove like a Shadow!HasteEmptyEmpty62
AcerolaPalossand★★★★★GhostTechNever-Ending Royal NightmareAstonishX DefenseSandstormOver Here!Sand FortressEmptyEmpty63
CherenStoutland★★★★★NormalFightingSupportFundamental TakedownFacadeFull HealApply YourselfCrunchOutrun 4EmptyEmpty64
CandiceAbomasnow★★★IceTechAll-about-Focus AvalancheIce PunchX SpeedHailIt's All about Focus!AntifreezeSnow ShelterEmpty
WikstromAegislash★★★SteelTechShining Knight Iron HeadGyro BallKing's ShieldEn Garde!Iron HeadStance ChangeVigilanceEmpty
HauAlolan Raichu★★★ElectricStrikeEndless Summer Gigavolt HavocThunder ShockX Sp. AtkDischargeFeel the Alolan Breeze!First Aid 4EmptyEmpty
GrantAmaura★★★RockTechRock Sync ImpactRock TombX Sp. DefRock SlideOver the Wall!Snow ShelterSand ShelterAggravation 1
MarleyArcanine★★★FireSupportGrateful Friend Flare BlitzFlame WheelX Speed AllWe're Standing Strong!FlamethrowerHasteEmptyEmptyhttps://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Marley
JanineAriados★★★PoisonTechNinja Spirit Cross PoisonCross PoisonDire HitVenom DrenchMove Like the Wind!Hostile Environment 1EmptyEmpty
WulfricAvalugg★★★IceStrikeUnstoppable AvalancheIce FangX AttackAvalancheOutstanding!ClearheadedEmptyEmpty
BugsyBeedrill★★★BugStrikeBug Expert TwineedleFell StingerSure CritTwineedleBehold My Research!Critical Strike 2EmptyEmpty
CherylBlissey★★★Normal FireSupportBlissful Echo Hyper VoiceHyper VoiceX Sp. Atk AllAll Out of Patience!FlamethrowerHealing Hand 2EmptyEmpty
ThortonBronzong★★★★SteelTechPost-analysis Flash CannonGyro BallZen HeadbuttAnalysis Complete!TelekinesisAggravation 1EmptyEmpty
MarlonCarracosta★★★WaterSupportOversplash Aqua TailAqua TailX Defense AllRough Seas Ahead!Rock TombUnbendingEmptyEmpty
ShauntalChandelure★★★★GhostStrikeDar Tales of the Shadow BallHexX Sp. AtkShadow BallA Tale of Triumph!UnhinderedPower Reserves 2Empty
SieboldClawitzer★★★★WaterStrikeWater Pulse Du JourWater PulseX Sp. AtkAura SphereThe Definition of Art!Critical Focus 1EmptyEmpty
MarshalConkeldurr★★★★FightingStrikeWay-of-the-Warrior Focus PunchRock SmashX AttackDrain PunchIt's All Down to This!Gritty 5EmptyEmpty
RoarkCranidos★★★RockStrikeRock Sync ImpactSmack DownX AttackHead SmashYou're Gonna Need a Helmet!HeadstrongEmptyEmpty
BrycenCryogonal★★★IceTechLights, Camera, Ice ShardIce BeamAncient PowerStone-Cold Endurance!HazeSnow ShelterHealing Hail 1Empty
PhoebeDusclops★★★★★GhostSupportGhost Sync ImpactShadow PunchDire Hit AllUnbreakable Bonds!Double-EdgePass It OnVigilanceEmpty
HildaEmboarFireTry and Stop Us!
Crasher WakeFloatzel★★★WaterTechCrashdown Aqua JetWaterfallDire HitWater PulseCRASH!Racing Rain 2Aggravation 1Empty
MinaGranbull★★★FairyTechWandering Artist Twinkle TackleDazzling GleamCharmWhat Great Composition!Play RoughImperviousEmptyEmpty
IrisHaxorus★★★DragonStrikeDragon Sage OutrageDragon ClawX AttackOutrageYou're Going Down!Power Reserves 2EmptyEmpty
KarenHoundoom★★★★★DarkStrikeBeguiling Dark PulseBiteDire HitSnarlEntertain Me!FlameproofWide AwakeEmptyMega Evolves into Mega Houndoom
FlintInfernape★★★★FireStrikeBurn-It-All OverheatFire PunchDire HitFire BlastWe're On Fire!Power Reserves 2EmptyEmpty
ClairKingdra★★★★DragonStrikeNo Mercy Dragon PulseDragon BreathX Sp. AtkDraco MeteorVictory Is Mine!Racing Rain 2EmptyEmpty
KorrinaLucario★★★FightingStrikeGive-It-All-Ya-Got Power-Up PunchVaccum Wave (Power Punch after Mega)Dire HitClose CombatSkate On Through!UnflappableEmptyEmptyMega Evolves into Mega Lucario
LizaLunatone★★★PsychicSupportPsychic of DualityConfusionX Sp. Def AllOf One Mind!PsychicPower Chain 3DauntlessStalwart
Prof. KukuiLycanroc (Midday)
OliviaLycanroc (Midnight)★★★★★RockStrikeShining Gem Continental CrushRock ThrowX AttackStone EdgeHard as Diamonds!Amped Up 1EmptyEmpty
BrawlyMakuhita★★★FightingTechFighting Sync ImpactRock SmashPotionBrick BreakA Rain of Fists!Power Reserves 2EmptyEmpty
MayleneMeditite★★★FightingSupportFighting Sync ImpactRock SmashX Attack AllGloves Off!Drain PunchOn the Ropes 3EmptyEmpty
WhitneyMiltank★★★★NormalTechSupercute Rolling TackleBody SlamX SpeedStompI'm All Kinds of Strong!Mad Strength 2EmptyEmpty
HapuMudsdale★★★GroundStrikeUltimately Worthy Tectonic RageMud-SlapX AccuracyHigh HorsepowerStand Strong!ClearheadedEmptyEmpty
RoxanneNosepass★★★RockSupportRock Sync BeamAncient PowerX Defense AllStudy Buddies!Wide GuardSurging Sand 5EmptyEmpty
ClayPalpitoad★★★GroundTechGround Sync ImpactMud ShotX Sp. DefBulldozeIt Ain't Over!AntitoxinEmptyEmpty
WinonaPelipper★★★FlyingTechFlyaway Air CutterAir SlashRain DanceGraceful Aerobatics!HurricaneRacing Rain 2EmptyEmpty
BluePidgeot★★★★★FlyingStrikeAir SlashX Sp. AtkAir CutterSmell Ya Later!
NolandPinsir★★★★BugStrikeFactory Head X-ScissorFury CutterX AttackX-ScissorBring It On!HeadstrongEmptyEmpty
BarryPiplup★★★WaterStrikeWater Sync BeamBubbleFull HealBubble BeamNo Hesitation!Power Flux 5EmptyEmptyEvolves into Prinplup, Empoleon
GardeniaRoserade★★★★GrassStrikeVivid Leaf StormAbsorbDire HitLeaf StormTrust in Nature!Speeding Sun 2EmptyEmpty
DrakeSalamance★★★★DragonSupportRighteous Heart Dragon ClawDragon ClawX Sp. Def AllHard to Starboard!Dragon BreathTerrify 1EmptyEmpty
PryceSeel★★★IceStrikeIce Sync BeamIce BeamDire HitIcy WindI'll Teach You a Lsson!Superduper Effective 2EmptyEmptyEvolves into Dewgong
NormanSlaking★★★NormalStrikePower-Chasing Giga ImpactBody SlamX AttackDouble-EdgeAll-Out Effort!Power Reserves 2EmptyEmpty
RosaSnivy★★★★★GrassSupportGrass Sync ImpactEnergy BallX Sp. Atk AllTime to Energize!Giga DrainStalwartEmptyEmptyEvolves into Servine, Serperior
TateSolrock★★★PsychicStrikeZen Headbutt of DualityZen HeadbuttX AttackRock TombAll as One!Power Chain 3HeadstrongUnbending
SkylaSwanna★★★FlyingSupportFigh-Flying Sky AttackGustPotionTake Flight!Aerial AceHasteEmptyEmpty
SophoclesTogedemaru★★★★ElectricTechWhiz Kid Gigavolt HavocZing ZapX Sp. DefNuzzleThe Power of Science!EnduranceEmptyEmpty
FlanneryTorkoal★★★FireTechFiery Passion OverheatEmberX Sp. AtkWill-O-WispToo Hot to Handle!ImperviousEmptyEmpty
KrisTotodile★★★★★WaterStrikeWater Sync ImpactWaterfallX AttackMega KickPick Up the Pace!EnduranceWater ShiftEmptyEvolves into Croconaw, Feraligatr
KahiliToucannon★★★★FlyingStrikeSupersonic Skystrike DrivePeckX AttackBeak BlastSecond Wind!Piercing GazeEmptyEmpty
BrendanTreecko★★★★★GrassStrikeGrass Sync ImpactBullet SeedDire HitLeaf StormNo Turning Back!HasteLitheEmpty
RamosWeepinbell★★★GrassTechGrass Sync ImpactBullet SeedX SpeedSleep PowderNot Too Late to Bloom!Defense Crush 2EmptyEmpty
RoxieWhirlipede★★★★PoisonStrikePoison Sync ImpactPoison TailX AttackPoison JabTime to Rock!Hit and Run 2EmptyEmpty
WillXatu★★★★PsychicTechMystery Masquerade PsychicStored PowerConfuse RayOur Power is Limitless!Air SlashImperviousEmptyEmpty
ElesaZebstrikaApply Yourself!

You can set a character to be a Favorite from their detailed information page (press the + button on most pages that display sync pairs). This will force them to appear more often in the Pokemon Center.

Free Characters

You get a few free characters guaranteed when you start Pokemon Masters’ story mode. You’ll be able to play Story Mode content perfectly fine using just the free units..

  • Player & Pikachu
  • Brock & Onyx
  • Misty & Starmie
  • Rosa & Snivy
  • Whitney & Miltank
  • Flannery & Torkoal
  • Barry & Piplup
  • Erika & Vileplume
  • Iris & Haxorus
  • Clair & Kingdra
  • Signa Suit Brock & Tyranitar
  • Nanu & Alolan Persian
  • Acerola & Palossand
  • Cheren & Stoutland

Walkthrough (Story)

Story mode is single-player only, and clearing each map for the first time has special rewards, including gacha currency. I’ll list the major unlocks here. It’s recommended to rush through the story, since it unlocks major features; your ability to grind other content will be severely reduced until you reach certain milestones in the story.

Note that the weaknesses of NPC enemies will usually be the same throughout a full chapter, often to encourage you to level and use the Sync Pair you just unlocked in the prior chapter. This means you can usually pick a good team and power through the chapter with the same team.

Pokemon Masters Roadmap
  • Beat Story Mode
  • Grind for level cap items and unlock caps and moves for your important mons
  • Beat Hard Co Op to unlock gear and get Gym Leaders Notes for level caps
  • Beat Very Hard Co-Op to grind for gear
  • Beat EX Co-Op with extremely high level gear and perfect teams
Quick Answers
  • Move Gauge
    • Your first 100k coins should go into expanding your move gauge. There are two permanent upgrades to it in the Shop’s Exchange menu.
  • Star Power Ups
    • You can’t get them. They’re whale bait, need over 6 dupes of a single character, impossible without spending hundreds of dollars of real money. But they’re unneeded, so pretend they don’t exist. An F2P team beats all content.
  • Level Cap?
    • Keep playing! They unlock in chapter 4
  • Can’t beat Supercourses
    • Keep playing story mode! Beat the story and unlock level caps
  • Can’t beat evolution fight
    • Keep playing story mode!
  • Can’t evolve
    • Most pokemon can’t! If there’s no Sync Pair Story for evolution for your pokemon at level 35, it will never evolve.
Chapter 1 – Tutorial

Most features in Pokemon Masters are locked until you complete the tutorial, including the ability to speed up battles and autobattle. The tutorial is basically unfailable so just complete it as quick as you can to unlock the real game--you’ll pick up Rosa, Whitney Brock, and Misty along the way!

After the 4 tutorial fights and the Scouting tutorial, you’ll be kicked back to the main menu to download the rest of Pokemon Masters (another 660 MB).

Chapter 2

You’ll unlock Barry & Piplup for free, and meet Team Break. You’ll meet Lear, Rachel, and Sawyer here, and unlock the Missions and Training Area features at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 3

You’ll get Flannery & Torkoal for beating this.

Chapter 4

If you’re approaching the level cap, fear not! Beating Erika unlocks Level Cap training, and gives you Erika & Vileplume for free.

You have to beat the new stage in Training Area to actually unlock level caps, so do that before you forget.

Chapter 5

Clearing chapter 5 unlocks Skyla & Swana as a playable Sync Pair, as well as unlocking the Events menu.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 unlocks Corrina & Lucario. At some point you’ll be trying to evolve Servine into Serperior. Wait until you get to around level 70 for this or you’ll likely be wasting your time.

Chapter 7

Unlocks Norman & Slaking.

Chapter 8
Unlocks Pryce & Seel.
Chapter 9

Gives Iris & Haxorus sync pair.

Chapter 10

Gives Hapu & Mudsdale sync pair. Unlocks Gym Leader’s Notes and 3 Star Level Up book in the store. Don’t actually buy those though, you’ll be able to get Gym Notes easy next chapter.

Interlude 1

Unlocks Co-op play as well as Brock & Tyranitar sync pair. Hard Mode Co Op play of this stage is the easiest way to get Gym Leader Notes for max level cap unlocking. From now on, all story chapters in Pokemon Masters have Co-Op versions.

If you beat Hard Mode Co-Op you’ll notice it says you need to beat “get stronger with gear” to play Very Hard. This unlocks after chapter 18 Hard Co-Op.

Chapter 11

Get Hau and Alolan Raichu. You now have the best F2P team in the game: Skyla, Rosa, and Alolan Raichu! Work on getting them as strong as possible and you should be able to beat all story mode stages with your present pokemon.

Chapter 12

Get Flint & Infernape.

Chapter 13

Get Claire & Kingdra.

Chapter 14

Get Viola & Surskit (evolves into Masquerain). From this point on, non-co-op Story stages have a chance of dropping Gym Leader Notes as well. Possibly lower than Co-Op though, haven’t tested.

Chapter 15

Get Nanu and Alolan Persian. You’re about to get a lot of decent quality Tech Sync Pairs. Too bad Tech sync pairs are nearly useless in Pokemon Masters currently; hopefully they fix that soon.

Chapter  16

Get Koga & Crobat.

Chapter  17

Get Acerola & Palossand.

Chapter 18

Get Cheren & Stoutland. Beating Hard Co-Op of this stage will unlock the Getting Stronger with Gear mission, as well as the gear system. This is the peak of gameplay for now.

This also unlocks EX-Challenge stages in the Co-Op Training Area menu.

Interlude 2

This is where the story ends for now, just a cutscene.

Sync Pair Stories

Each Sync Pair has a special mini story that lets you get some items and possibly Evolve their Pokemon (if the mon isn’t already fully evolved anyway). Not 100% sure if all Sync Pairs have them, but all I’ve gotten so far do.

Co-Op (Gym Leader Notes)

Co-op is unlocked after Interlude 1. Most notably, Hard Co-Op levels of Brock (and probably others) have a chance to drop Gym Leaders Notes! You can play with real people online or have NPCs fill in for you. NPCs won’t be as good of course, but they’re plenty enough for some of the moderate difficulty levels as long as your team is good enough on it’s own.

Note that Very Hard Co-Op levels do not drop gym notes, but gear instead. Gear is important to, but breaking the level cap is higher priority so do it first.

Training Area (Dailies)

Pokemon Masters’ Daily Missions basically, here you can do focused training to grind for important items that improve your Sync Pairs. Supercourses are the limited grinds, and the Very Hard levels of them also drop Gym Leader Notes at a higher rate than Co Op.


Coins are very hard to grind in the normal game, but Coin Supercourses in the dail training areas give huge amounts of them compared to normal content. Fortunately? there’s not a lot to buy with coins anyway, just stock up on evolution stones and…well that’s it currently.

You can get about 20k coins per run of the Very Hard Supercourse.

Regular Training Courses

Unlimited attempts per day, comes with large XP bonus and drops Level Up books. Obviously, a great way to level up if you find yourself stuck in the Story.

  • Normal
    • Lvl 5+
  • Hard
    • Level 10+
  • Very Hard
    • Level 30+
Training Supercourses

These are limited courses that rotate based on the day; saturday includes one of each type of training course! They’re the best way to grind for materials, especially strike/tech/buff items.

Note that if you can beat Very Hard normal Training Courses, you have no need to clear the Normal Supercourses, they’re a waste of time for their drops in all categories except Coins (if you really need coins).

These are rough level recommendations. You can beat the levels sooner than this, but it will take luck, skill, and autoing almost certainly won’t work.

  •  Normal
    • Level 20+
  • Hard
    • Level 50+
  • Very Hard
    • Level 90+

EX Challenges

Technically part of the Training menu, EX Challenges unlock after beating Hard Co-Op for Story Chapter 18 (Cheren). Ex Challenges are Co-Op only and significantly harder than even Very Hard Co-Op stages. EX Challenges are also the only way to get 2 Star Gear, though you’ll have to have an absolutely stellar team to grind them effectively.

EX Challenges only have two difficulties. Hard (20k battle power minimum) drops 1 Star gear, and Very Hard (25k battle power) drops 2 Star Gear. Gear drops are still moderately rare in both, about 20% at most.

EX Challenges shouldn’t even be thought about until you’ve beaten most Very Hard Co-Op stages, grinded out at least a full set of 1 Star Gear of decent level, and have a team full of max-level pokemon that work against the opponent team’s weakness. EX Challenges in Pokemon Masters are so intense you’ll probably want one support and two Strikers unless you plan on buffing your allies mostly. It will help to have a team of friends rather than praying you get a decent Quick Match team.

Tech types as a category are nearly useless in EX Challenges, as these enemies are extremely resistant to status effects and often completely immune to lowering stats as well. Will & Xatu is a notable exception, as he can copy the enemies’ buffs and deal more damage.

The Types of each challenge is listed below. The Typing is both the best type to bring (the boss is weak to that type) but also the Type of all the Gear and Cloth that will drop.

  • Brock: Grass
  • Rosa: Flying
  • Erika: Fire
  • Skyla: Rock
    • Partially overlaps with Viola in Story Co Op


Info still coming in on the Gear system. You have to beat story mode Chapter 18 Hard Co-Op to unlock the Gear system.

Gear can be upgraded with items dropped from Very Hard Co-Op Story Stages, as well as the (far more difficult) EX Co-Op Stages. Start with the easiest Very Hard Co-Op stages and work your way up; high-quality gear seems to be required to beat EX stages.

Gear works much like Sync Pairs do in Pokemon Masters: fuse duplicates to power it up, use special items (matched to the type) to upgrade it and break it’s level cap. Gear is very simple and to upgrade/collect a gear of a specific Type, fight whichever boss drops that Type of cloth as their primary reward. All stages drop the cloth, and all 3 categories of gear for their respective Type and no others.

Upgrading gear is also simple and is just a grind for duplicates really. You need 4 duplicates (5 copies total) to fuse to reach the max level cap. To level up you need a Type Cloth of the same Type as the gear, as well as generic Gear upgrade items. By the time you grind enough to get enough Cloth, you’ll have the other gear upgrade items, and by the time you get enough duplicates to break the level cap, you’ll probably have enough of the other items too.

Gear upgrades are straight upgrades and there’s no reason to keep more than one variety of gear per Type (so one bandana, bracelet, and pin per Type). You can equip each item on as many Sync Pair Teams as you want.

Only EX Very Hard stages drop two star gear at the moment, and are currently nearly impossible to grind for without a stellar set of teams working very well together.

Gear Stats

1 Star gear maxes out at:

  • Bracelet: 20 Attack
  • Bandana: 20 Special Attack
  • Pin: 25 HP

The stat bonus of Gear appears to apply twice as strong to Pokemon which match the element of the Gear. This can be seen in your Team Power when selecting gear. Try to match the attack items to matching Striker characters, and the Pin to your bulky mon or whoever you want to live a tiny bit longer (maybe).



The only In App Purchase currently available, gems are exclusively used to Scout for Sync Pairs. Based on the price of the gems in USD as of the location test, I’ve listed the gem-per-dollar (GPD) efficiency (after rounding up to a whole dollar). Note you’ll pay sales tax on top of the listed price.

The cheapest way to pull by far is to take advantage of the daily 100 paid gem pull; I highly recommend pulling just the once per day. Games like this reward patience and you can lose a lot of money really fast if you can’t control yourself. If you can’t control yourself, I recommend putting parental locks on and removing your credit card info from your device, so you can’t buy without significant effort; it really helps to cool you off from rage pulls.

  • 100 Gems for $1
    • 100 GPD
      • Enough for one discounted daily pull, but that’s it
  • 400 Gems for $4
    • 100 GPD
  • 1,500 Gems for $13
    • 115.38 GPD
      • Best balance of low cost and efficiency. You have to go all the way to $80! to get meaningfully better efficiency.
  • 3,400 Gems for $30
    • 113.3 GPD
      • This is somehow less efficient than the above tier!
  • 5,200 Gems for $45
      • 115.5 GPD
  • 9,800 Gems for $80
    • 122.5 GPD
      • Highest objective efficiency, but woof. That’s two Switch games!

Sync Pair Scouting

Scouting is the Gachapon of Pokemon Masters and costs Gems. Once per day, using paid gems only, you can pull once for 100 Paid Gems instead of 300. This is the cheapest way by far to pull; pulling more than once per day is 3x as expensive!

Scouting is the only use for Gems, and 10 pulls have the same rates as single pulls. There’s basically no reason not to use your gems to pull, unless you’re waiting for updates with more trainers later. There will likely be events with time-limited trainers, for example.

Note that not all Sync Pairs have pokemon that can evolve, even if they’re not a final form (usually, this is because the pokemon never evolved in the game/anime/etc). Only pokemon with a * after the name can evolve.

Gacha Rates

Scouting 10 at a time does not appear to affect rates, unlike some gachapon games. I’d recommend being frugal with your pulls. If you’re buying gems, the 1-per-day deal is far superior to blowing a 10 pull.

  • ★★★★★
    • 7%
  • ★★★★
    • 20%
  • ★★★
    • 73%
Scout Points

Scout Points are a whale mechanic to let people who spend way too much money on F2P mobile games to feel slightly less ripped off after blowing a week’s salary in 5 minutes. If you fill the scout points metter you get to pick any Sync Pair you want from the pool—but the requirements are extreme.

You need to get 400 scout points within the month-long period of a Scouting Point offer; points are discarded at the end of the month. You get 3 points per scout, so you’d need to scout 134 times within a month to get a single attempt. At $3 per regular scout, that’s $402 worth of scouting in a 1 month period assuming you only use paid gems and only use normal pulls.

It’s a whale mechanic, ignore it. Also, the 100 paid gem once-per-day discount only gives 1 scouting point, so it really is 1 scouting point per dollar worth of gems.


At the Exchange you can trade in certain drops for higher power ones, such as upgrading low tier power up items into stronger ones. One of the most important things to get here is extending the move gage, allowing for more strategic play.

The exchange shop is actually pretty worthless, except for the Move Gauge, Evolution Shards/Evolution Stones, and the ability to sell pearls. It’s where you get items from events too, though.

Exchanging up Level Up/Move items is a big waste of low-tier items (you need more mid tier ones than high tier ones, and high tier ones are, oddly, easier to grind in acceptable numbers), and the replay tickets are very expensive for low utility. Replay tickets so far are only usable to replay a Training Supercourse.

Buying level up items is also really bad relative to just completing the Level Up Training. Save your coins for possible events and Evolution Stones.

Pokemon Masters Discord

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Pokemon Masters Video Longplay

I’ve recorded (without commentary) some of the story for people who want to watch/can’t play the game yet. More coming soon!



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  1. I unlocked level cap during or after Chapter 6. No idea how you got it at Chapter 4, unless it’s unlocked when you max out one of your characters.

    1. It’s 4, turns out a ton of people miss it because they ignore the training course that unlocks after chapter 4, beating that is what unlocks level cap

      1. Ahh, that makes sense. I couldn’t beat it so I gave up until Chapter 6 when I was stronger lol

  2. You don’t necessarily need 90+ for Very Hard train-courses. I can clear all very-hard modes with my team of Lv85 Lycanroc + Lv85 Serperior + lv75 lucario. Pretty lucky that I got lycanroc early. Might take few tries for very hard ones, but as long as you focus main enemy and kill before it’s sync move – you should win. And yes it’s worth it for those manuals. 🙂

    1. It’s a recommendation, not a requirement. You can definitely win earlier but it’s a huge pain in the butt and often a coin flip at best without a perfect team. Much, much easier to farm Brock a dozen times and get at least Hau to 95 first

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