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potion maker guide by @sirtaptap

Potion Maker is a hard game to describe, something like a very simple Item Shop management game mixed with a Clicker game but without the Idle aspect. Potion Maker is available for iOS and Android. Here you’ll find info on how to make the most of what Potion Maker gives you, unlock the unlockables, and perform the best you can in the time-limited Events.

Feel free to comment if you have a question or any information to share!

Game Info

Title: Potion Maker
Release date: ?
Platforms: iOS, Android
Developer: Sinsiroad
Genre: Idle Game/Clicker
Price: Free to Play with minor ads & In App Purchase
Always Online: No
Gambling Element (Gachapon/Loot Boxes): No


Potion Maker Events

Potion Maker has Events that happen about twice a month and have special Requests, as well as unique conditions to earn up to two special outfits for one of the characters.

Generally events cycle so there’s one event for Pio outfits then one for Tia outfits. The Event Requests can be completed with any NPC quest-giving character with equal success rate regardless of NPC level, and should be considered a very high priority as they unlock extremely good rewards, such as tons of Likeability and event-exclusive fairies. Try to take on every request you possibly can.

If the event says “fulfill request X times” you need to wait for an NPC to come with a Quest (not a Challenge Quest with a crown), then tap their icon, then tap Requests. The event request should be at the very top and say Limited on it. Tap that request and then confirm the request. They usually take 7 hours to complete but have a 100% chance of success, so there’s a very tight window if you want to get all 30 requests done in the 15 day window of most events; that’s two per day, and you can barely squeeze in 3 a day if you miss any.

Winter Date with Tia

  • 2018-01-31 through 2018-02-15
  • Complete special Request Going Out With Tia 15/30 times
    • Winter Date outfit for Tia in Beige and Black
    • Petit Claire Fairy
Wish upon the Goddess
  • 2018-01-08 through 2018-01-23
  • Complete 15/30 2018 New Year’s Party Requests
    • Goddess dress for Pio in Pink and White
    • Petit Neet Fairy
Christmas Party!
  • 2017-12-23 through 2018-1-06
  • Complete the Christmas Party request
  • Outfits for Tia
    • 17 Santa Suit (White)
      • 15 Requests
    • 17 17 Santa Suit
      • 30 Requests
  • Fairy
    • Six Tail
Mauve Birth Event
  • 2017-11-30 through 2017-12-16
  • Outfits for Pio
    • Winter Fairy (Pink)
      • 150 Muave-Nyan summoned
      • Muave Nyan replaces Black Cat and comes very often if you summon Pushcats
      • Just spam Pushcats with +Black Cat chance fairies if you have them
    • Winter Fairy (Black)
      • 300 Muave-Nyan summoned
  • Fairy
    • Black Cat Fairy
    • Pushcat Fairy
      • You’ll only get one or the other each request at most, despite there being a 30% chance for each
Good luck on your Exam!
  • 2017-11-19 through 2017-12-04
  • Complete the Brave Study Group Request
  • Outfits for Tia
    • 17 School Uniform (Navy Blue)
      • 15 Requests
    • 17 School Uniform (Navy Blue)
      • 30 Requests
  • Fairy
    • Behe
Fall Outing with Pio
  • 2017-11-1 through 2017-11-15
  • Outfits for Pio
    • Fall Dress (Beige)
      • 15 Requests
    • Fall Dress (Brown)
      • 30 Requests
  • Fairy
    • Petit Tirami
Halloween Party
  • 2017-10-16 through 2017-10-31
  • Outfits for Tia
    • Vampire Costume
      • 15 Requests
    • Vampire Costume (Awakening)
      • 30 Requests
  • Fairy
    • Halloprin
Chuseok Event
  • Dates: 2017-10-01 through 2017-10-16
  • Outfit for Pio
    • Hanbok (Sky Blue)
      • 500 minigame points
      • An autotapper can help with the minigame if using an Android Emulator
    • Hanbok (Red)
      • 1000 Minigame points
  • Fairy
    • 3 separate Requests to take for all 3 elemental fairies
    • Pisia
    • Nesia
    • Fosia
Tia’s Adventure!
  • Dates: 2017-09-16 through 2017-09-30
  • Outfits for Tia
    • Traveler Clothes (Brown)
      • Complete request 15 times
    • Traveler Clothes (White)
      • Complete request 30 times
  • Fairy
    • Petit LukeFairy (30%)
Sinisroad Shop Open!
  • Dates: 2017-08-31 through 2017-09-15
  • Outfits for Pio:
    • Sinisroad Shop Uniform (Jr.)
      • Complete request 15 times
    • Sinisroad Shop Uniform (Sr.)
      • Complete request 30 times
  • Fairy:
    • Request: Visit Sinisroad Shop
      • Petit Dolbur Fairy (30%)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A chance to get Succubus if you missed her!

  • Dates: 2017-08-16 through 2017-08-31
    • Outfits for Tia:
      • Cute Pajamas (Purple)
        • Wake up Pio/Tia 25 times
          • Leave the game open and idle to let them fall asleep, then tap them to wake them up
          • Alternately they will usually be asleep if you open the game after having it closed for a while
          • 3 times a day will be plenty if you don’t miss any days, but you can “farm” them early to be sure without much trouble
      • Cute Pajamas (Sky Blue)
        • Wake up Pio/Tia 50 times
    • Request: Lucid Dream
      • Rewards:
        • 150 Likability (100%)
        • 10x 10% Success rate buffs (50%)
        • Succubus Fairy (30%)
    • Special effect: 5x chance to summon a Blackcat
Summer Night Fireworks

A chance to get Fosia if you missed her!

  • Dates: 2017-08-01 through 2017-08-16
    • Outfits for Pio:
      • Sailor bikini (White)
        • Complete Request 15 times
      • Sailor Bikini (Black)
        • Complete Request 30 times
    • Request: Summer Night Fireworks
      • Rewards:
        • 150 Likability (100%)
        • 5 Breaker Shields (50%)
        • Fosia Fairy (30%)
    • Special effect: 5x chance to summon a Blackcat
2017 Summer Vacation

A chance to get Six Tail if you missed her! This is a “get material” quest, so you have to get the special item as it appears in the Materials bar.

The best way to do this is to start a potion (so the Materials bar moves faster) then watch for the Watermelon icon (easy to see from it’s glowing yellow outline and large silhouette) and mash taps to make sure you catch them as they whizz by. An autoclicker on PC/Android will also get these outfits even easier, or Pushcats if you have plenty of tickets or prefer not to cheat.

  • Dates: 7/15 through 7/31
    • Outfits for Tia:
      • Sailor bikini (White)
        • Catch Material 500 times
      • Sailor Bikini (Black)
        • Catch Material 1000 times
    • Request: Summer Class with Tia
      • Rewards:
        • 50 Likability (100%)
        • Greenish-Kun Fairy (30%)
        • Six Tail Fairy (15%)
    • Special effect: Pushcats help twice as long
Volunteer work with Neet

Dates: 6/30 through 7/15

    • Outfit for Pio:
      • Neet Costume
        • Complete Request 20 times
    • Request: Summer Class with Tia
      • Rewards:
        • 150 Likability (100%)
        • 5 Breaker Shields (50%)
        • Petit Neet Fairy (30%)
    • Special effect: 5x chance to summon a Blackcat
Summer Class with Tia!
  • Dates: 6/15 through 6/30
    • Outfits for Tia:
      • Summer School Uniform (Green)
        • Complete Request 15 times
      • Summer School Uniform (Blue)
        • Complete Request 30 times
    • Request: Summer Class with Tia
      • Rewards:
        • 150 Likability (100%)
        • 10 +10% enhancement Rate buffs (50%)
        • Petit Piara Fairy (30%)
          • Extra cute!
    • Special effect: Pushcats help twice as long

A good chance to grind for gold at the late (post Resistance potions) point, as Pushcats are vital then.

Halak Birthday Event
  • Dates: 5/31 through 6/15
    • Outfits:
      • Sporty Hoodie (Blue) (Pio)
        • Complete Request 15 times
      • Sporty Hoodie (black) (Pio)
        • Complete Request 30 times
    • Request: Halak Birthday Party
      • Rewards:
        • 150 Likability (100%)
        • 10 +10% enhancement Rate buffs (50%)
        • Petit Claire Fairy (30%)
    • Special effect: 5x Blackcat appearance probability!

This is a good chance to get lots of Likeability and Blackcats will be very useful for improving potions passively, especially if you got the Pushcat Fairy last event to improve their duration, or the Blackcat fairy to further increase their spawn rate.

Petit Claire is a fantastic “character fairy” to get, as Claire’s Breaker Shield buffs are some of the most important aspects of lategame enchanting.

Pushcat Runaway!
  • Dates: 5/15 through 5/31
  • Outfits:
    • Black Cat Costume (Tia)
      • Complete Request 15 times
    • Pushcat Costume (Tia)
      • Complete Request 30 times
  • Request: Pushcat WANTED
    • Rewards:
      • 150 Likability (100%)
      • Black Cat Fairy (20%)
      • Pushcat Fairy (20%)
  • Special effect: Pushcats help twice as long!

This is a great event to further your potions if you’re lazy (like me) as Pushcats will put in a large amount of work, and the Pushcat Fairies will both massively improve your Pushcatting abilities! Try to do every request you can.

If you do just two requests per day you’ll squeak past with ~32 requests, just about enough to be sure you get both outfits. If you miss a day or two it’s not impossible to get the second costume, but you’ll have to manage to fit in 3 requests per day, which is a bit tricky due to their 7 hour cycles.

May Day

WIP – if you have info on events from before I started playing, please let me know!


The game is largely like a Clicker, except there’s less idle components and thus less waiting. The first potion ingredient you put in the pot determines what the potion is, and all further ingredients added only serve to raise the base price.


Potions come in three colors, determined by the color of the ingredient. There is no mixing of colors or anything like that, adding extra ingredients is always “good” and raises the base price.

When making potions to sell for money, base price should be increased as far as possible before doing Enhancements, as you’ll yield compound interest.

If you’re colorblind the game doesn’t have a great way to accommodate you, but you can always tell if you’ve got an HP (red) potion or SP (yellow) potion based off the name of the potion once you’ve picked the first ingredient.

Red HP Potions

Red Potions are the High Risk, High Reward potions, though at lower levels they have significantly lower risk and returns. About half way through the Material ranks you’ll notice their success rate sharply drops and their enhancement multiplier sharply climbs with each enhancement.

Red Potions are of questionable value, requiring no Breaker Shields early on (but giving little reward as well) but eventually requiring highly gratuitous Breaker Shield counts later on (I’ve lost dozens of them on a single potion trying to max a rank 22 material potion). If you can furnish the Breaker Shields and properly increase the base price of a Red Potion they can furnish you multiplier upgrades in a single run—or they can simply burn out your entire supply of Breaker Shields and waste your time entirely.

Without Shields, higher tiers of Red Potion are effectively impossible to rely on, don’t spend much time adding materials to them unless you have plenty of Shields.

Quest Givers often ask for very low level Red Potions, often level 1 potions! This can make for an extremely easy and lucrative Experience reward if they ask for a level 1 Red Potion from a high-tier ingredient. On the other hand, they may ask for a level 4, high-tier Red Potion which is rarely worth it. Level 2 is always quite easy to provide, and Level 3 usually isn’t too bad.

Blue MP Potions

Blue Potions are the “standard risk” category, often starting around 80% and dipping to around 50% by the last enhancement.

Blue potions are often your best bet for making money, just a few Breaker Shields can all but guarantee success despite a fairly major multiplier. First procure a set of Breaker Shields from Claire or Neet’s Quests, then pick your most expensive Blue Potion ingredient. Fill the cauldron with as much extra stuff as you can (Pushcats can help), then enhance all the way to the max and get tons of money!

Quest Givers often ask for a fairly low level Blue Potion, making them pretty easy targets, especially since you don’t need to add any extra materials for Quests.

Yellow SP Potions

Yellow is the safest investment; Yellow Potions have stable Enhancement Rates and Enhancement Success Percentages. Every level has the same chance of success and the same multiplier. SP Potions also increase in enhancement level count with each material tier, meaning they have by far the most enhancements before completing. But it’s not such a big deal since the success rate is pretty much always over 80%.

Yellow potions are thus Low Risk, Low Reward. You can often get to max Enhancement Level (and thus, get a star) even without Breaker Shields, but SP potions have lower yields and will often require a max level potion to give any kind of decent returns. They’re however great for farming stars.

Quest givers will often request a very high Yellow Potion level due to the ease of enhancing them.


By spending a Nyan ticket you can summon a Pushcat.



Quests, confusingly, are the requests people make to you, asking for a certain potion or number of potions. These can earn likability, buffs or experience.

Regular Quests

Regular Quests are the only way to earn Experience for NPCs. Each NPC that asks for regular Quests can be sent on Requests, and their experience matters for said Request. Experience doesn’t affect their Quest reward however, which is always the same.


Reward: 5 Breaker Shield buffs

Claire is the steely-eyed knight of the palace who’s so heroic she gives you the best buffs in the game like candy. Always do her quests and stock up on Breaker Shields for those tricky Blue and Red potions.


Reward: 5 Breaker Shield buffs

Despite her name she is the opposite of useless and does not seem to be an internet troll. Neet is your friendly neighborhood healer, who’s quests you should always take on, just like Claire’s. Any similarity to Hyperdimension Neptunia’s Vert is probably coincidental.


Reward: +20 Pushcat Tickets

Luke is mysterious, speaking in broken sentences and being the obligatory extremely androgynous character. Giving them what they ask for is always advised as they’re the best source of Pushcat tickets in the game. Just 15 quests will get you a new outfit!


Reward: +10% Enhancement success rate

He Dolbur! Him give only source of enhance success rate. It not as good as Breaker Shield, but can be good for red potion make!


Reward: Double selling power x2

A thief who seems a bit too interested in Tia, but goes on surprisingly noble missions. She’s often best sent on Requests since her buff sucks, but hey you can’t level her up without completing quests either.


Reward: Double selling power x2

Tia’s competition in the Tsundere olympics, Tirami doesn’t like you or anything, and she is totally not here because she drank the potion she was supposed to sell. Just make the potion, stupid. Again her buff isn’t great, but you have to level her anyway. But if she can’t be sent on a request and she won’t get decent experience it’s okay to ignore her. I’m pretty sure she’s into that anyway.

Challenge Quests

Challenge Quests are a bit different from normal quests and each character that can appear has a pre-set challenge instead of a generic “this potion at this level” requirement.

Challenge Quests always earn you Likeability, do not grant Experience, and cannot be deferred into Requests. They are basically awful and fortunately they all come with the option to Abandon them, which you should probably often do.


Requirement: A single potion at X level

Charlotte actually requires a single potion at a specific level like a normal quest, but she gives likeability instead. Her requests range from pathetically easy (a single level 1 potion) to absurdly unfair (max rank Red potions can have less than a 5% chance of happening without buffs), so play her requests by ear.


Make a potion worth at least X gold

Why are you here? You have normal quests, Tirami! But yeah, when she’s giving a Challenge Quest she wants you to make a potion worth X gold. This amount can vary pretty wildly, so play it by ear. Or just Abandon the quest since fulfilling her non-challenge quest is likely to be more rewarding.


Requirement: Pay X amount of Gold

The tax collector, he seems scary but despite his title and demands, this is no different from any other quest. There is no penalty for not paying your ‘taxes’ other than not getting the Likeability. It seems questionable whether he’s an actual tax collector, as he’ll often ask for taxes multiple times in the same day. Unless the amount of money he requests is laughably small (or you’re beyond the point where money matters), feel free to laugh in his stupid dumb loser face.

Damien’s requests cap out at 1 Quintillion once all upgrades are bought, so stocking a few extra Q in currency will let you freely take his quests since money has no purpose except his quests at that point anyway.


Requirement: Prepare 10 of the same variety of Level 1 potions

This guy is, the worst. He asks for a bunch of potions and gives a measly 10 Likeability in return. Early on it’s not too difficult as you have few ingredients, but over time picking 10 potions of an exact type out gets to be a real pain in the butt. I always send him packing. It doesn’t help that he’s Literally Every Male Visual Novel Protagonist Ever, the worst character design of all time.


Requirement: Prepare X number of specific Level 1 potions

Daisy is Kyle, but with an actual character design. Her quests are still bad though. And why do you need 15 Plague potions for your bread?! Get out of my store.


Requests are what any native english speaker would likely call “Quests” instead; you send the NPC out to go do a thing, and they return in X minutes with Y chance of success for each of 3 possible rewards.

Start a Request by waiting for a Normal Quest, then tap the NPC’s icon on the left side of the screen. There will be a Request option on the bottom left which opens the Request list. NPCs can only go on one Request at a time (though they will still somehow still stop by your shop to offer quests). Challenge Quests can’t be turned into Requests, they can only be abandoned (I abandon them almost every time).

Requests are how Fairies are obtained and leveled up, and can also earn buffs, Likeability, or small amounts of money. Fairies cannot be earned without proper use of the Request system.

Requests cost a generally negligible amount of money to attempt (and 50% of the cost is refunded if no rewards are earned) and their success rate increases as the NPC levels up.

NPCs can take on Requests up to two levels above themselves, though higher level quests’ titles will be in orange, indicating that they have abysmal success rates for the best rewards like Fairies. Quests more than three levels below the NPC’s level will turn “green” and have very high success rates for fairies, usually 60% or higher.

NPCs and Experience

There are six Request NPCs, the same ones that give normal Quests: Claire, Neet, Dolbur, Luke, Tirami, and Piria. Though their levels are separate, they otherwise function identically for requests; each is just as good at doing Requests.

You can level NPCs by doing their Quests to yield better Request rewards. It’s an investment system somewhat like the main game. You complete lots of Quests, especially ones that require high tier Potions, to accumulate experience and successfully complete harder Requests. In turn, you’ll get buffs and Fairies which help you with making potions or solving Quests.

Event Requests

Each Event will have a special event at the top of the list. Event requests have set success values independent of NPC levels, meaning you can send even your lowest level NPC and still get rewards.

Event quests are extremely lucrative, often giving Event-Exclusive fairies and extremely high amounts of Likability. To compensate, they can only be taken one at a time and take seven hours to complete. Try to take on as many Event Requests as you can, especially since you often get outfits for completing a set amount of them; usually one for 15 and another for 30.

Level 1 Requests

Easy quests for beginners, these bring surprisingly useful fairies that affect Quests (not Requests!), letting you do them more often or have more time to complete them.

Level 2 Requests

An oddly useless level with only one request to get a rather useless fairy.

Level 3 Requests

These unlock the Material Probability Fairies, which are pretty poor considering how much effort it can take to level them up.

Level 4 Requests

These fairies slightly buff potion enhancement.

Level 5 Requests

These fairies all improve enhancement success rate.

Level 6 Requests

The Candle fairies here all buff selling price and enhance rate for one color of potion.

Level 7 Requests

These fairies all protect two colors of potions each, but only if you don’t already have a Break Shield.

Level 8 Requests

An outrageously good tier of fairies with a variety of significant effects. Most notable is  Arch-Run, who makes quests easier, thus making leveling up easier, thus making getting more fairies easier!

Level 9 Requests

The best potion enhancing fairies live here.

Level 10 Requests

The Super Rare Fairies earned here are absurdly good, matching or even beating many of the Ultra Rare Event-exclusive fairies.


Normal Fairies

Event Fairies

Petit Claire
  • Abilities:
    • Claire Quest EXP +10% (+10% per level)
    • Claire probability +10% (+10% per level)

Note the probability is 10% more than base rate, not an absolute 10%, so at max level you have double the chance to get Claire as your next quest giver, not a 100% chance.

Therefore the Petit X fairies are best used right before finishing a quest (to multiply EXP) rather than hoping to get X character. The EXP bonus can be earned even if the quest item is given before you take out the fairy, so long as you have the Petit X fairy equipped the moment you receive the experience it’ll count.

Petit Piria
  • Abilities:
    • Piria Quest EXP +10% (+10% per level)
    • Piria probability +10% (+10% per level)
Petit Tirami
  • Abilities:
    • Tirami Quest EXP +10% (+10% per level)
    • Tirami probability +10% (+10% per level)
Petit Neet
  • Abilities:
    • Neet Quest EXP +10% (+10% per level)
    • Neet probability +10% (+10% per level)
  • Obtain: Volunteer Work with Neet limited event
Petit Dolbur
  • Abilities:
    • Dolbur Quest EXP +10% (+10% per level)
    • Dolbur probability +10% (+10% per level)
  • Obtain: Not released yet, but likely an upcoming Event
Petit Luke
  • Abilities:
    • Luke Quest EXP +10% (+10% per level)
    • Luke probability +10% (+10% per level)
  • Obtain: Not released yet, but likely an upcoming Event



Likeability is a stat that determines how many different expressions/responses your character makes. These include reactions to “headpats”, touching their chest, idle chatter, failing a potion etc.

A new expression is unlocked every 100 Likability on that character, up to a whooping 25,000 Likability. You will likely complete your potion/star collection long before maxing Likability. There’s no way to tell what expression you unlocked once you hit the threshold (but you will be notified of an unlock), but over time you’ll notice new phrases as your character speaks.

Raising Likability

Raising Likeability in Potion Maker is done entirely through Requests and Challenge Quests. Likability is granted to whatever character is active when the Request or Challenge Quest is completed, so just change to whoever you want to grind for before claiming rewards..

Monthly event requests in particular usually have +150 likability as a guaranteed reward; take every single monthly event request, even if you don’t care about the event outfit. The fairy and likability are always worth it.

Challenge Quests provide 10 Likability each, or one tenth of a new expression. It’s worth it if the request is easy, but it’s no big deal if you consider the quest too bothersome to be worth it; just abandon the request and hope for a more reasonable one.

Charlotte’s quests are often the most reasonable (unless she wants a max level, high tier Red potion), with Tirami and Damien occasionally being worthwhile if the number they request isn’t too bonkers. Daisy and Kyle will have easy quests early on (providing the best source of likability very early on), but later on they’re more fuss than they’re worth.

Requests provide increasing amounts of Likability as their level/difficulty raises, but you won’t be able to gather all that much Likability from Requests until your quest characters are at least level 5+, so focus on leveling them up first via Quests.

Petting the character’s head, poking them, and touching their chest does not affect Likability either way, despite their reactions.


Achievements earn you Nyan Tickets and Rubies, which are vital for progression and unlocking exclusive costumes. Treasure your rubies, but don’t be afraid to spend the Nyan Tickets, though they should be saved for the latter part of the game (around the Resistance Potion level I would say).

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12 thoughts on “Potion Maker Game Guide – Events, Fairies & Other Info!”

  1. Can I ask what is the best traveler to do some fairy hunting? Because there are like 1 out of 4 reqests that I get a fairy drop. Are there certain percentages for each traveler? Or it depends by their level?

    1. Level is all that matters, they’re all identical otherwise as far as Requests go. Do more Quests (giving them the potion they wait) to raise their level if their fairy finding rate is too low.

        1. Yep, if you look through the events I’ve recorded there’s already a few fairies that have appeared more than once (the elemental fairies, chibi Tirami). I’m only missing one fairy now.

          1. Can I ask what is the level of all your travellers. And also can I ask if there is a max level for them as well?? And if you have a high level traveller, what are the chances do you get when you do fairy event requests??

          2. Event Requests always have the same chance no matter what the character’s level is, 30% for the fairy (rarely, 15%). My characters are mostly level 9 now, I assume level 10 is the max as there stops being more Requests after level 10.

  2. how are you playing the “Halloween Party” event (current event)? i never get a request thats related to
    the event and i have no idea how to progress on the event….?

    1. Update your app & there’s usually an “event update!” icon in the game itself to let you download the event info. There was an update a day or two before the Halloween one. I’d make sure you get it quickly, because the 30 7 hour request ones are REALLY hard to finish in time if you miss even a few days. I wish they’d reduce that limit or do more fun ones like the “tap the bag” thing or the “wake them up” one.

      1. i update the app and download the “event update!” data when it was available (like you said – 1 or 2 days ago) the event icon shows on the game but nothing beside that – the event requests never shows up….

        1. The event request should be at the top of the request when any NPC shows up to give a Quest (not a Challenge Quest). Tap their icon then Requests in the bottom right, should say Halloween Party at the top

          1. i found it (like you said) and i took the “Halloween Party” request
            but how do i make a progress on the request?
            on the request menu it show the NPC with the time left and treasure chests
            saying 100%,50%,30%….. what to do?

            thanks for your help 🙂 .

          2. Happy to help! Hope you can still get the second costume, like I said they make you cut it close

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