Soda Dungeon 2 Best Pets Guide

I’ve really been enjoying Soda Dungeon 2 lately and thought I’d make some quick references for people a bit confused like I was. The wiki has been very useful for me as well! Just a quickie today, which pets should I use in Soda Dungeon 2?


Pets each provide a 1-2% boost of a certain stat per level, and level up to level 8 at maximum. They’re leveled simply by bringing them along with you as you defeat enemies, and your first pet is free.

Pets can all be comfortably bought without caps by grinding for coins mid-game, though if you have caps left over, buying one of the better 1M coins pets to help you grind early isn’t the worst idea. But I’d save your caps for major features like the speed up clock (my favorite) if you can.

Best Pet in Soda Dungeon 2

So what’s the best pet? It depends! These pets are you most likely best bet, but with a specific build in mind, the others may still come in handy.

Finn (Whale)

+1% HP per level. Free.

Best bet for early game because…it’s free! Extra HP isn’t that bad especially for clearing bosses early-mid game. When not boss-clearing, the grinding-related pets like Aurora and Neko can be better.

Fairy (Aurora)

+1% Essence Find per level. 1M Coins.

Early-mid game it’s hard to beat extra Essence; more Essence compounds your future gains by increasing your stats, drops, etc. I’d buy the fairy as early as you can and grind it through early Warrior’s Dimension (11th Dimension +). Eventually in very late game you’ll want one of the below pets.

Sly (Chameleon)

+1% chance to Evade per level. 1M Coins.

Evasion is one of two common stats Late-Game builds center around. Sly compliments typical late game teams like NNTBBX (Nurse Nurse Thief Blademaster x2 Secret Character) or NTBBBB  (Nurse, Thief, Blademaster x4).

Blademasters can reach 90% Evasion with two Sabers and a Karuta. Evasion builds are more RNG dependent than DR, but when it works, no damage beats less damage.

Cliff (Rock)

+1% Damage Reduction. 500K Coins.

Damage Reduction is the other common Late Game stat build, and guess what Cliff has. An example Damage Reduction team is NTDDDX (Nurse, Thief, Darkmage x3, Secret Character). Darkmages have the best DR at high level.

Darkmages can get up to 87-90% Damage Reduction with + evade accessories and Cliff. Obviously, that help you take more hits! About…10x more, of course.

The Other Pets

These pets aren’t bad, especially early game, but they’re less commonly used. If you have a specific use for them,  feel free to try them but most teams will be great with the above pets.

Spike (Hedgehog)

+1& Damage Reflection per level. 500k Coins.

Damage Reflection sounds amazing, but it’s not as good as Damage Reduction. The damage you take with Reflection is not reduced, only reflected back by this percentage. Even at >100% Damage Reflection you still take normal damage for example. Generally you want to take less damage and deal more yourself, and enemies tend to have way more health than they deal damage anyway.

Cassiel (Angel)

+1% Boost to Magic Attacks per level. 1M Coins.

Good for magic-based teams, but late-game survival matters over dealing damage.


+1% Boost to Physical Attacks per level. 1M Coins.

Same issue as Cassiel.

Neko (cat)

+1 Item Find per level. 1M Coins.

An enticing but somewhat vague benefit. You can read more on item drops on the wiki. Late game it’s generally better to progress through more levels thanks to super DR/Evade than to improve grinding, and early game essence matters more than items.


+2% Gold Find per pet level. 500K Coins.

Same issues as Neko more or less.

Patty (Platypus)

+1% Status Resist per level. 500k Coins.

Nice to evade statuses I guess, but usually you want to reduce raw damage.

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