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Submerged is an unusual game and it’s mostly focused on enjoying the exploration. Do NOT rush your first playthrough, and do not play just hunting down the collectables with a list. Play at your leisure, but do look out for things. Basically, do NOT use this guide, until you’re done playing and want to mop up collectables or you really do need it.

Rushing the story will cause you to have less fun (in part because as I mention in my review, the story is minimal) so just enjoy exploring the first playthrough. Completing the game will not cause you to miss collectables so don’t feel like you have to collect 100% before finishing the game either. But enough preaching, here’s the guidey bits!

The general flow of the game is there are 8 red chests with goodies to help nurse your brother back to health. Just locate the buildings with the red chests to progress and complete the story. I’ll simply provide a map since the climbing is basically unfailable and who wants to read 10 a page walkthrough of “climb up, then left, then…”

Full MapSubmerged map

Click to expand. Map finished courtesy of  who made a video guide.



These are on the map, diamonds are Secrets which unlock a fragment of the City’s story, while the rotors are the locations of downed boats which slightly increase your boat’s boost. Neither are necessary, but if you’re here you’re a completionist, so look above at the map to find what you’re missing.


You’ll encounter all the creatures quite easily in a casual playthrough. Just make sure to get close enough to each of them to see their icon pop up. There are three types of whales so get close to them to be sure it’s not a new one if you havent’ found all of them.

Here is an image with all animal icons (spoilers)


These are mostly quite obvious, just sail close to big conspicuous structures. If you are missing one look at the below image of all of them, then simply find the image on the map to find where to go.


Here is an image with the landmark images (tiny spoilers?)

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