Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium March 2020 Retro Event All Hidden Fish Guide

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Video guide is up! It doubles as a review for the event/fish:

Retro Event All Hidden Fish Guide | Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium
Watch this video on YouTube.


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2020-03-09: Event is out! All hidden fish unlocks are already found. Video Guide.

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March Event 2020 Hidden Fish

Info graciously borrowed from the Subreddit thread, FarmerLesbian putting in work and never sleeping as always. Fish in Bold are hidden.

Fish NameUnlock ConditionCost
Retro Blue TangUnlocked by default200
Retro Bicolor AngelOwn 5 Retro Blue Tangs200
Retro Moorish IdolCast the Hermit Crab skill 5 times500
Retro Piglet SquidEquip 2020 Retro Event Costume500
Retro BoxfishWatch the ad for Gold Coins in the Event tab 5x800
Retro PufferReach Level 5 Hermit Crab800
Retro BlobfishSpend 100 Seaweed (on Expand Items, Lottery Spins, or Fusion Fish)2,000
Retro SeadragonTake a picture of 7 different Retro event fish species5,000
Retro FlatfishOwn 5 Retro Seadragons5,000
Retro TurtlePlace the Retro Tree Expand Item (see Expand Quest below)5,000
Retro Baby PenguinSpend 200 Urchins (on Expand Items, Lottery Spins, or Fusion Fish)10,000
Retro Manta RayTake 1 photo of the Retro Penguin Coral expand item (see the Expand quests)8,000
Retro CrocodileReach Level 10 Hermit Crab12,000
Retro OarfishOwn 5 Retro Crocodiles12,000
Retro Striped MarlinCast Crab skill 50 times12,000
Retro Basking SharkCast Song of the Moon with a Retro Crocodile in the tank 15 times12,000
Retro SharkOwn 5 Retro Basking Sharks18,000
Retro WhaleOwn 17 Retro species (all of the above ones)
Own 80 total Retro event fish
Retro Submarine DumboHidden Complete all Event Quests100,000
Can only buy 1

Note the Retro Baby Corgi appears like a Hidden Fish, but  it is not. It is a premium fish unlocked only by IAP.

Past March Event Fish

For the first time in quite some time, the prior March event’s fish are NOT available for unlock at this time. It’s unknown if they’ll make a return in a later event or update.

Retro Event 2020 Gameplay

General Event Info

See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.

The event is in the Abyss/Saltwater Tank like most events, and it will expire once the event time is over, but your event currency should roll over to the next event.

Hermit Crab Levels

The Hermit Crab is the key to completing events. Buy the Event Dye to unlock it, then upgrade it as soon as possible. The costs and earning rates of each level is listed below, but every upgrade pays for itself after a day or so, so don’t worry too much. 

1Buy event Dye0 Currency200 Currency/cast
25 Event Fish500400
310 Fish900600
415 Fish1400800
520 Fish18001000
625 Fish23001200
730 Fish38001400
835 Fish68001600
940 Fish90001800
1050 Fish120002000

Retro Event 2020 Quests

Retro Event 2020 Quest

As always, these steps must be completed in order, and progress towards later goals may not count until prior steps are finished.

Retro is Back in StyleClick on each of the new event fish in the Manage Fish menu
Tap bubbles from the Retro Bicolor Angel 20 times
Retro VibePlace 1 Retro Grass Tile
Place 1 Retro Snow Tile
Place 1 Retro Water Tile (These are Expand Quest items)
Retro FriendsOwn 5 Retro Turtles
Own 5 Retro Baby Penguins
Own 5 Retro Manta Rays
Retro CelebTake a picture of Retro Striped Marlin 1 time
Touch the bubble of Retro Basking Shark 30 times
Love GlodSpend 30,000 Gold Coins after this quest unlocks
Own 5 Retro Whales
Retro Event 2020 Decorations

As always, these steps must be completed in order, and progress towards later goals may not count until prior steps are finished. These unlocks are listed in game in the bottom left corner.

March Retro Event Videos

Retro Event All Hidden Fish Guide | Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium
Watch this video on YouTube.

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35 thoughts on “Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium March 2020 Retro Event All Hidden Fish Guide”

    1. If they’re part of the current event, it’s in the old event fish tab, see the latest guide. If it’s for an event not running, you can’t, because the event’s not running

  1. Does anyone know how to get your coral back to looking normal? I guess all my coral turned retro from the event and I wanna get rid of the retro skin. Just wanna look at coral and not ugly little blocks…

    1. It’s the cosmetic items in the palette menu, just remove them or change them to get back to normal. Close the main menu and tap the painter’s palette

  2. I first got this game in March this year during the retro event so I don’t know a lot of things about events. When the retro event ended today the thing saying how many gold coins I had dissapeared, so I thought they were just currency for the retro event. But then I saw I could still spend them on the hiding fish to get the gold fish. So I’m quite confused.

    1. All the main tank events are the same and use the same currency, unless they remove our currency again which happened once in the past.

  3. I can’t get the retro tree expand—I’ve completed two days daily missions and collected the pearls, but the progress bar on the side quest still shows 0/3. What should I do?

    1. Let the devs know about the bug I guess, if you’re switching between devices with cloud save that often unsets quest progress. other than that, no idea

  4. Just so everyone knows, Retro Penguin Coral needs you to spend 300 Sea Urchins -not Clams as listed in game- to unlock.
    …I had to e-mail AbyssRium to find out… and my game *still* says the wrong thing.

  5. So you basically have to create fusion fish to spend 300 crab for the Retro Penguin Coral(not the fish!)??

    1. One of the corals in Expand also costs crab, or the lottery fish. But yeah, just burn crabs, there’s always an unlock that requires burning materials lately.

  6. I’ve got the 17 different types of Retro fish, and have way more than 80, but the whale hasn’t shown up in my event fish tab. Any ideas?

  7. Anyone else having trouble loading ads? I’ve been having trouble for months and I’ve emailed a few bug reports but they don’t respond.


    1. Try resetting your device’s advertising ID, but yeah it’s an extremely common problem

  8. What does it mean by “spend 30,000 gold after this mission”? And if the mission isn’t called ” Love Glod”, then I think you spelled it wrong.

    1. No it’s called Love Glod, them spell words good! And it means exactly what it says, spend 30000 coins after unlocking the mission. Doesn’t count until unlocking the mission, as almost all missions do

    1. No idea we’re never told until the end, but almost everything is very roughly 1-2 months

    1. It’s the “expand quest”, the icon at the bottom left. The video guide shows how all the UI stuff works, if it’s your first event I’d peek at the video guide for the visual tour

  9. Where can I find the Retro Penguin Coral to unlock the manta ray? Isn’t showing up in the expand tab.

    1. It’s an unlock in the bottom left expand quest thing, anything an event fish requires will always be an unlock from somewhere else in the event

  10. Another question…your guide says the unlock for the retro manta ray is to take a picture of the retro tree. But in the game it says take a picture of the retro baby penguin extension. Could you please clarify this? Thanks!!

    1. I read the wrong thing and didn’t see the penguin expand item, I wish they’d stop making multiple different things have the exact same name. It’s fixed now

    1. Oh, I just assumed. I haven’t launched the game yet, it’s not on my phone anymore.

  11. How do you get, or where do you find, the grass and snow tiles? I can’t find them anywhere in the game… Thanks!

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