Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium New Years 2020 Event Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the 2020 New Year’s Mini-Event information. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events. The event is live! All unlocks have been found. Big thanks to Farmerlesbian as always for helping compile info on the subreddit!


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New Year’s 2020 Event Fish & Expand Items

Like last year’s New Year’s event, it’s just a mini-event with rewards distributed once per day. All you have to do is long in to get the reward, and it seems likely even if you miss a day the event will go a bit longer than the 12 days it will take to get all rewards. Some items are fish, some are Expand items, I’ve noted which each is.

More Gachapon fish were also added. As always, the event is in a slow rollout so it might take a few days to appear. AbyssRium Pole is supposed to launch soon, look for a guide here soon.

Lucky Frogfish
1 Day Login
Maneki Dumbo Coral
Expand Item
2 Day Login
New Year Lantern Jellyfish
3 Day Login
New Year Lion Dog Sculpture
Expand Item
4 Day Login
New Year Daruma Dumbo
5 Day Login
Golden Pig Statue
6 Day Login
New Year 2020 Fireworks
Expand Item
7 Day Login
New Year Nautilus
8 Day Login
New Year Temple Bell
Expand Item
9 Day Login
Cheongsa Lantern Jellyfish
10 Day Login
New Year Mouse Coral
Expand Item
11 Day Login
New Year Kite Ray
12 Day Login

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    1. Their terrible english strikes again; they’re referring to the “hiding fish”, the lottery fish from the crab thing. And yep, you gotta make 50 new ones which is a pretty high amount.

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