Terrarium: Garden Idle Guide & Strategy

Terrarium Garden Idle Guide

Terrarium: Garden Idle is an idle game in the vein of AbyssRium, AdVenture Capitalist and so on. It finally released for Android so I could play it! It’s a pretty simple game I’ve had fun with so far, so here’s a quick guide to help players getting started.

Game Info


Title: Terrarium: Garden Idle
Release date: 2018
Platforms: iOSAndroid
File size: 125 MB
Developer: Green Panda Games
Genre: Idle Game/Clicker
Price: Free to Play with Ads
Cloud Save: NO
Always Online: No
Battery drain: Medium
Mobile Data drain: None (Offline)/High (Online with video ads)


The game added some new plants (I think), and most importantly a way to store plants.


Basic Gameplay

Terrarium is a pretty basic “clicker” or idle game. All purchases in Terrarium increase your ability to earn more currency, which is used to purchase more abilities to increase currency, etc etc. Since you’re raising plants, Oxygen is the currency of the game, used to buy everything.

If it’s the first idle game you’ve played, it’s a pretty simple one and you shouldn’t have much trouble. You simply buy and “upgrade” plants and tap them to earn more currency, and also cast “skills” in the rainbow tab to, again, get more currency.

Being an idle game, the first thing to remember is that (almost) no mistakes are permanent. If you spend lots of oxygen, the only currency in Terrarium , on something silly, it doesn’t matter much since you can just earn that oxygen back and spend somewhere else. Above all, don’t stress out and just relax.


Collecting currency also lets you “level up”, and level ups must be claimed by tapping the “level up” button in the top right corner, otherwise experience stops accruing until you do so. Leveling up unlocks plants and shelf space, and gives a bonus of Oxygen.

Just for fun/aesthetics, note you can turn on “night mode” (which literally makes it night ingame) in the gear menu, there’s almost no other settings for now.

Getting The Most Oxygen

Idle Oxygen

The Garden Gnome in the Rainbow tab is secretly the best thing in this game (creepy as he may be). The idle oxygen you get from it is extremely high after a few hours (unlike AbyssRium, ahem), so you’ll always wake up to plenty of upgrades.

Much of your oxygen after a long idle session should go right back into the Garden Gnome at first, then use the rest on plants you like.


While idle oxygen is great, note that idle oxygen does not count for “experience” towards leveling up, so be sure to cast your skills in the Rainbow tab at least once each time you play. They recharge fast and should always be ready when you open the app between play sessions.

Active Oxygen

Generally speaking, the farther down the list a plant is, the more “worth it” spending Oxygen on it is. Generally you want to focus on the best plant you can feasibly upgrade, so that tapping on it manually generates the most oxygen and levels you up faster.

Terrarium only appears to register 2 fingers for tapping and (possibly) only on 2 different plants, not on one. So if you want to quickly and actively get oxygen, tapping your top two plants with two fingers is the best.

Even better than manually tapping are the three skills, which pretty much do all the work for you.




In AbyssRium this would be the Song of the Moon skill; it multiplies the production of your plants by 3x.

Leveling it up raises the duration.

Intensive Watering

This is just like Volcanic Eruption in AbyssRium in that it automatically taps for you, and it taps on all plants at once making it much, much more effective than manually tapping. This in combination with Fertilizer (they stack!) will give you extreme amounts of experience.

Leveling it up raises the duration.

Make sure you claim your level ups while casting Intensive Watering or the experience goes to waste!



Basically Delicious Food from AbyssRium, you get a large burst of oxygen at once, but it doesn’t count towards your level ups. Great early on but eventually meh.

Leveling it up raises the amount you get.

Garden Gnome

Basically like Coral from AbyssRium, except extremely powerful instead of extremely weak.

Leveling it up raises oxygen per second you’re away. Level up the Gnome a lot to always come back to a large amount of oxygen.


Storing Plants

In earlier versions, you could run out of shelf space for plants, which was a pretty big deal. Now you can tap the “move” icon in the top left and store plants from that menu.


Hooo boy the ads are a bit annoying in Terrarium: Garden Idle, mostly the one that automatically comes up when you level up.


As is frequent in mobile games however, playing offline saves you from the forced ads, which are only on the level up button anyway. Playing offline also disables the ability to watch an ad to get Level Up  Oxygen multiplied and recharge skills, but they’re not a big deal anyway.

So if you’re ad adverse, just put on airplane mode before playing, then turn it back off when you’re done.

A another tip is that the forced level-up ad still has a timer on it so if you level up repeatedly very quickly (as you frequently do when using the skills), it will only show the ad once.

Otherwise, no, there’s no way to disable ads; no option to pay the devs to remove it unfortunately.


Terrarium is very simple. That’s a good thing in many ways, but don’t expect a big reveal later on where things get more interesting; there are only 2 tabs of options, not more like I initially thought.

Eventually, there comes a point where you just have all the plants and there’s no “prestige” or other game mechanic. For better or worse this is very much a game you can “beat”, though it will take you a bit to do so.

Nox Player Won’t Run

In the default Android version (4.x) of Nox Player, Terrarium crashes on launch. If your Nox is up to date, you can create a 5.1 or 7.1 instance to play Terrarium. Worth remembering that other new/intensive games may require this to run in Nox, such as Star Ocean Anamnesis.



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    1. I haven’t played since before they were added, but if you have to ask almost certainly not. They didn’t used to exist so they’re probably premium only

    1. Is this a real thing? Aside from the other comment I see no evidence of this existing whatsoever. I downloaded the game again and saw nothing about it at all and the app updates don’t list anything about it.

  1. There are some new gardens now- vegetable and flower gardens in the “world” menu. I can’t quite figure out how to unlock the flower garden yet. I have however, found a bug that allows for essentially free and virtually unlimited upgrades to the skills. I’ll post back later with the specifics once i’ve played this game to what i see as beating it. =)

    1. Oh huh, I’ll have to re-download then. Don’t think it has (had?) cloud saves though. I’ll poke around and see what I can find

      Edit: Hm, I don’t see any of that in my game. Beta test maybe?

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