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So The Club launched a month ago, and just got it’s “Season 2” update a few days ago! The game has a Dark Secret and some generally confusing aspects, so I thought I’d make a little guide for it! If you like free games like The Club, check out Free Points, my feature of free games worth your time!

Generally, The Club is as advertised; a “music listening/clubbing” MMO; you see other players with randomized names and avatars and can run around, listening to music either by the game’s creators, or submitted by players via The Club Sample Pack.  But there is also a Dark Secret in this game…

If you have reached the end of the Over 18 Door please contact me! If you have footage or images of what’s at the end I would absolutely love to have it. I haven’t managed to reach it myself nor has seemingly anyone else. OBS is a great recorder if you want to try and capture it yourself. Leave any info on the matter in the comments!

The Club Game Info

Developer: Crows Crows Crows
Twitter: @Crowsx3
Genre: Comedy/Club Simulator/MMO
Platform: Any web browser with a keyboard (not mobile)

How To Play The Club

First mosey on down to TheClub.Zone. Controls are basic WASD to move around, mouse to look, space to jump. T opens the Talk menu, C repeats dialog, F toggles fullscreen. The game can be played in any modern web browser on just about any hardware.

I recommend exploring a bit since there’s some fun and easy to find “secrets”, and some…not easy to find secrets we’ll detail more below!


There’s a “developer’s commentary” presented in-character from The Club’s CEO, be sure to play it while you play the first time for fun. It’s just below the game window on the club zone website.

Club Level

Initially appearing to be pointless, Club Level increases once per minute in the game. Club Level actually has a purpose, it determines whether you can enter the door marked “No Under 18” or, for the purpose of this guide, the Over 18 Door.

See the Bugs section below for an extremely useful exploit regarding club level.

Change Characters

Go into the bathroom (hang a right after the staircase to the club floor) to find a mirror, and a mystery tunnel. Go into the animated mystery tunnel of sparkles and eventually you’ll fall through the floor in front of the mirror again, and your player name and avatar will be different. Your level and everything else in the game is unaffected. You can repeat this as much as you like.


Press T to open the Talking menu, you can only use pre-selected phrases that are more for humor than communication, but that’s the game isn’t it? Press C outside of the talking menu to repeat/spam the last selected message as much as you want.


The game has “seasons”, adding character names, avatars, more music of course, more text lines etc. Sign up for the crowscrowscrows newsletter to be notified of updates, or just to see their famously surreal newsletters.

Ghosts vs Skeletons!

The Halloween update changed the posters and everything, added ghosts and skeletons, and added two new areas. For posterity, here’s a livestream from when it was new to see the fun:

Let's Play The Club (2) | Halloween update! Skeletons vs Ghosts!
Watch this video on YouTube.

You become a ghost/skeleton by dying; either in the +18 room, or via the new chute right next to the starting hallway to your left. Just fall in the hole to die and become a ghost or skellie. Note that using the mirror to change your appearance will turn you “human” again and remove your undead powers; the only way to see the different avatars/names for skels/ghosts is to die and retry.

Being a ghost/skeleton also changes your dialog options; try them out! They also change gameplay to make the +18 door a bit easier (but no less buggy or frustrating). If you die in +18 as undead, you still die and become a different ghost/skeleton and lose your levels.

Ghosts can jump a bit higher and float slowly down. They can also go through the Ghosts Only door to the right of the stage, and through the Ghost Wall on the second floor also to the right.

Skeletons jump much higher and can reach the bone zone Skeleton Room at the very top of the club from the catwalk.

Secrets In The Club

Abandon all hope ye who enter here; spoilers ahead!

Can Names

Not much of a secret, but be sure to read all the text in the game, especially the posters and pop can labels. Some are pretty funny.

Big Red Button

Going up the right staircase, there’s a catwalk path leading to a button. Tantalizingly, it makes a pressing sound when clicked with the mouse. Less tantalizing, I don’t know what it does, if anything. Leave a comment if you’ve found anything!

Over 18 Door

To camera left of the throne in The Club, there’s a door marked with a “No Entry Under 18”, which we’ll call the Over 18 Door. The door seems impassible, but it becomes permeable the moment you hit Club Level 18!

Beyond the door lies a dreadful platforming challenge. You lose your club level if you fall off the path, meaning you can only try every 18 minutes (unless you achieve the exploit listed below in the bugs section!).

First you have to jump along the clouds, avoiding the black ones; those kill you. Ignore the path to the left of the start of the cloud trail; there’s just an NPC that tells you to avoid the black ones. I already did that.

Watch out for moving clouds; you will NOT automatically move with the cloud, and have to walk constantly to keep your position! The jumping here is very tricky, and almost all players are sure to give up. Don’t feel bad, it’s totally unfair.

over 18 door crows crows crows the club

If you get to the end of the first set of clouds, you’ll get a fun little quiz that would make you ragequit if you weren’t reading this guide. Or maybe you already did. Anyway, I have the answer!

The answer for the current riddle is there’s 112 tiles in the bathroom, or the leftmost cloud. The riddle appears to change each season, so it may be different in the future. Next hop up some simple spires and you’re greeted with a swinging ball bridge.

I haven’t gotten past the swinging balls yet, but the best hint I can tell you is that there appears to be no safe space between them. Once you see and opening in the swings and start, just keep running.

There’s several more jumping puzzles past this unfortunately. Again, if you have gotten past this segment, please leave a comment, email me, or tweet at me! I’d love video or even photo evidence of what’s beyond (and your skills/luck!).


Infinite Tries At Over 18 Door

We’re having trouble reproducing this! If you have any info on this bug let us know!

The Over 18 door is incredibly unfair, but this bug at least removes the 18 minute wait between attempts! It’s an exploit, sure, and it might be patched at any time, but in the meantime, this is the most sane way to attempt the Over 18 Door. Don’t worry; it’s still very insane. Just less!

If you leave the game open long enough, as I did when I left it open overnight on accident, the game will glitch out and fail to remove your Club Level when you die. This also prevents all the multiplayer features and such from working but does not, as far as we’ve seen, affect the Over 18 Door.

For me the game stuck at Club Level 372. I’m not sure if it always glitches out like this at that level or not. It’s possible it’s just a long amount of time, or a network disconnection instead.

Be warned I don’t know if this always works, but I have at least one person attempting it right now. Leave info in the comments if you find anything new that does/doesn’t work with this bug!

Jumping Bug

Infuriatingly, sometimes when you jump you’ll hop half a centimeter instead of a proper jump. This bug alone makes the Over 18 Door path nearly impossible. Nothing so far has been able to fix it. Hopefully Crows Crows Crows fix it.

Clipping Bugs

Not so much bugs as oversights, various parts of The Club aren’t programmed to have collision, so if you jump into certain spots, you “phase” into the wall. More fun than anything, poke around in places you feel the devs didn’t want you to go, and you might go inside a wall! A fun place for this is the red button at the top of the club.

Video Playthrough

I played the game on my Twitch, here’s the archive!

The Club ( | Weird af Clubbing MMO!
Watch this video on YouTube.

We see allllmost all the content available here, except for the ultimate part of the Over 18 door. Some day…

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  1. I made it to the end with ghost powers. At the top is a guy named Klaus who tells you good job, then teleports you back down. You also need to sacrifice a friend at one point to a guy named “The Gate Keeper.” Quiz Rat also makes one more appearance, asking you what shirt he originally wore.

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