The Legend of Dark Witch 2 Guide

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This is a guide for The Legend of Dark Witch 2, a sequel that improves on the original in every way and addresses it’s flaws handily. You’ll find the locations of Pura Syega, how to use shop items effectively, how to beat Playing Level challenges are more! You can find the game on the 3DS eShop (RIP 3DS eShop. Find it how you will, yar) or on Steam for PC.

If you have any questions or info to give, as always you may leave them in the Comments section below and I’ll get to it ASAP.



Tres (butterflies) should always be what you upgrade first, upgrade it at least a few times. More Tres means more money to buy other upgrades with as well as faster midgame upgrades like speed/power/attack range. Only consider other options once they cost more than Tres, and even then Tres can sometimes be better.

Note there is extreme Ledge Forgiveness in The Legend of Dark Witch 2; you can jump even after completely leaving a ledge if you time it right. Try jumping just as your sprite starts to dip or, to be more cautious, just as you’ve completely walked off the platform. Certain jumps can seem extremely precise without this method.

Every Game Over gives you a bit of Syega (postgame cash) and unlocks a new Forbidden Skill in Al’s Shop. No matter how much trouble you’re having you can beat the game by unlocking a few of these! But try lowering the difficulty before resorting to Forbidden Skills, as a win with Forbidden Skills doesn’t count in many ways.

You can always lower (but not raise) the game’s difficulty at the stage select screen. Try the highest difficulty you’re comfortable with and lower it if you’re feeling it’s too much. Casual is a good start for most players, Expert is for people experienced with Mega Man style games.

Try different stages instead of repeating one you’re stuck on, or go back and hunt for Pura Syega. You’ll have more fun and the Tres you collect will help you upgrade and beat that harder stage easier next time.


The game has a pretty great selection of options for a side scrolling platformer/shooter, so check ’em out!


The Legend of Dark Witch 2 has multiple difficulties, and their ingame descriptions are pretty accurate, but I’ll elaborate.

Note that two major things change in difficulty: Assist Blocks and enemy attacks. Assist Blocks are extra platforms added only in Veryx2 Easy mode, much like the latest Mega Man games. And much like the Mega Man ZX series, in harder difficulties enemies’ attacks are actually buffed up.

Imagine an enemy that shoots two pellets on Normal mode and requires decent timing to dodge. In Easy mode it might shoot only one, and require only barely paying attention, not precise timing. But in hard mode it might fire three pellets and require a very precise jump to clear all of them. A simple change, but one that actually requires you to be more attentive and precise.

Veryx2 Easy

This difficulty level is extremely easy and is the only one that adds extra blocks to make some platforming sections easier (or unfailable) and makes getting some Pura Seyga easier too.

Bosses go down easy and some of their attacks are extremely neutered making them pretty easy to dodge. Pretty much any player who’s actually trying should be able to beat the game on this level, especially with items from the shop. I would recommend starting on at least Casual difficulty and coming back to this mode if you feel it’s too hard, but if you want it easy, here you go.

Certain enemies that are invulnerable (like the little spikeballs on the floor) can be defeated in this mode, making most levels extremely straightforward.

You do not lose Install levels when dying unlike all other difficulty levels, which helps make bosses extra easy.

The end of game Boss Rush will also be more forgiving about giving you hearts.

Since most Playing Level challenges don’t specify difficulty, this mode is an easy way to beat certain challenges like “beat the game in under an hour” as, obviously, it’s the easiest and quickest way to do so.


This is a good level to start the game if you’re played 2D platformers before but find Mega Man rather hard, or maybe you haven’t played a Mega Man game before but don’t want the game TOO easy. If you played the first game, this is pretty close to “Easy” in The Legend of Dark Witch 1.

This game mode doesn’t baby you with extra blocks to eliminate platforming challenges, but enemies aren’t all that hard to beat, and by mid-late game you should have enough Tres to unlock abilities that make the Dark Witch 2 easy.

As a good-not-great Mega Man fan I regret playing on this difficulty first as it was a bit of a breeze, but it’s probably a welcome change of pace for those who find the Dark Witch games too hard. It’s also a step down in difficulty over the “normal” difficulty of the first game.


This is basically the “Mega Man” difficulty level, equivalent to the “Normal” difficulty in Dark Witch 1. Enemies, especially bosses, pull no punches and it feels like this is the difficulty Dark Witch 2 is designed to be played at, with lower difficulties removing parts of this mode to reduce difficulty.

You’ll die in this mode, and probably even get a little bit upset. If you’re a Mega Man fan that’s probably not a big deterrent for you, and you can always grind Tres to make this game easier unlike (most) Mega Man games, but if you’re allergic to Game Overs, the other modes may be more suitable for a first playthrough.


Lunatic will crush you. Expect to have to grind for some HP, power and more.

Nothing drops hearts in Lunatic mode, including the boss rush. Boss patterns are significantly extended and harder to dodge. Most boss’s hitstun animations have changed to last only an instant. Almost all upgrade meter Tres will be lost with a single hit.

Install Mode

Fully automatic installs upgrades, starting with speed, then Wing, then a level of weapon, then power, then sort of repeating that pattern until all upgrades are max. It will eventually upgrade Guard if all other options are exhausted.

You cannot manually select power ups at all in this mode, and the Install bar will somewhat annoyingly fade in and out with the words “auto”. There is basically no reason to use Auto instead of Semi Auto, it behaves exactly the same except it prevents you from exerting control.

Auto will also refuse to install more than 2 speed boosts, because at higher speed levels it’s a bit hard to control the character.


The same as Auto, except with the ability to manually press Install at any time an Install option is available but not used by the computer.


What it sounds like, you have to manually press the Install button to upgrade the highlighted Install level.

This seems like the most advanced/best way to play, but if you upgrade your Tres drop rate you can actually earn Install levels so fast that it’s more optimal to let the computer select them sometimes, and Semi-Auto makes pretty good decisions.

Note that for Sola, due to Mastery, you should never use Semi Auto and just wait for Mastery as soon as you’ve unlocked it.


These are hard to make into separate sections without repeating, so all of your equipment AND shop upgrades to said equipment are here.

Grow Status


The most generally useful upgrade, and the only one worth maxing from the start. More Tres means more Install Meter upgrades, allowing you an easier time through the levels earlier on, and more importantly the added Tres are also currency. This upgrade thus makes all other upgrades easier to buy and the benefit is more significant the earlier you buy it up.


Adds one HP heart per level. The most important upgrade if you’re having trouble outlasting bosses, but later levels get very expensive.


Buffs damage for your basic attack shots like Liner, Drop Bomb etc. A simple but always welcome upgrade.

I don’t think this affects Technical Skills (that you get from bosses) but the normal skills do most of the heavy lifting in this game.


Gives you an extra Life (as in a One Up) at the start of a level, eventually giving you a truly excessive number of lives for most tasks. It also increases the Tres when you respawn, but it’s a pretty minimal boost, worth only one or two Install meter bars even near maximum.


Only really useful if you find it hard to gain momentum in stages due to taking hits. I only found this one useful at the final stage of Lunatic difficulty, but it was invaluable there as in Lunatic you lose basically 100% of Install Meter progress on any hit. Maxing this makes it more like a 20% hit, even if you die. Fortunately it’s cost never goes above 2000 or 2500 each making it a very cheap upgrade.


This one is fairly cheap, maxing at 2000 tres per level. At max level you’ll be able to use a fully powered Revenge Shot in only 3 hits or a moderate power attack in only 2. Revenge seems much stronger on Zizou, dealing fairly minor damage from Sola.

Customize Slots/Install Meter

Slot Growth

Slot 1

Slot 1 is always a speed boost, upgrade to increase max speed obviously.

Slot 2

Slot 2 is your support ability, such as extra jumps, slower falling etc. Upgrading usually adds to a meter that lets you use your support ability.

Slot 3

Increases the area of affect of whatever normal shot is put into this slot. Usually adds one bullet for attacks like Liner and Comet, but it can also increase the size or range of projectiles.

Slot 4

Same as slot 3, but whatever weapon is in slot 4 will have higher power (allegedly, I can’t actually tell ingame) and cost more Capacity (very noticeable, as your slot 3 weapon almost never runs out but your slot 4 does).

I recommend putting your lesser-used weapon in this slot.

Slot 5

Slot 5 directly adds to your basic shot attacks from slot 3 or 4, either by directly adding more damage or adding extra shots, or even mixing up how the shots work. Slot 5 effects other than Power usually cost extra Capacity and aren’t frankly recommended.

Slot 6

Not upgradeable or shown in this menu, but if you purchase the final, grey colored slot in New Slot Growth, you’ll have a special 6th slot unique to your character.



Increases movement speed permanently.


Increases movement speed by more than Speed. Strongly recommended over Speed unless you have trouble controlling it.


Slow your fall for as long as you still have Wing meter. Installing more increases your meter. You have to stay on the ground to refill meter.


Extremely high speed dash if you double tap  in the direction you want to go. Results in insanely long distance jumps. Very hard to control, very dangerous. Not recommended other than to obtain a few Syega (that Lord Attack can help you get instead)


Riva’s attack from the first game, a charge shot that penetrates walls (but not enemies).

Extremely limited range until it’s leveled up a few times. Somewhat hard to use against non-bosses due to this.  Charged and non-charged shots have the same range.

Installing also levels up the normal attack’s height; at max level the normal shots are actually taller than the charge shots, and don’t disappear when they hit bosses. Charged shots still deal more damage, however.


Increases base power of your shots.


Summons shmup style Options that follow behind you in a V pattern, either 2 or 4 at max level. They fire off normal level 1 shots of whatever your current weapon is, as long as it’s Liner, Comet or Punishment. They fire forward, not behind you.

They’ll only ever fire single, minimum power shots even if your Liner or Comet is shooting 5 maximum power shots, and will fire normal Punishment bolts instead of charged ones when you release a charge shot.

While this looks really cool and makes clearing normal stages a breeze, you’ll deal about twice as much damage if you use Power and hit bosses with your main shots instead.


Fires your Touch Skill along with your normally selected shot. Extremely expensive, so it’s cool but impractical.

Doesn’t work right with Dark Matter, as it seems to detect the second attack as a trigger to detonate the bomb, so it instantly goes off before it spawns.

Doubled attacks will not actually deal double damage to bosses, making them fairly useless.

Oddly, Punishment’s charge attack will not fire off a second Mix effect.


A single hit will be negated, not counting as damage taken on the Results screen and not taking a heart. Incredibly useful for No Damage runs, Lunatic Mode or Dangerous Mode.

Note that Franzer, the final boss, has Revenge Skills that negate this partially or entirely. Her first form’s combo strike ignores your invincibility frames, so you may take 2 damage instead of 3 if all three attacks hit you. Her second form’s Revenge Skill seems to entirely ignore Guard.

Very useful to have with Semi Auto, as if your meter is full and you take a hit, the damage will be negated and the computer will instantly install Guard for you again, so you basically have two Guards up if your meter is at max and Guard is already active.



Same as Sola, permanent walk speed boost.


Temporarily upgrades you to max movement speed. Strongly discouraged, unless you find some sort of speedrun advantage from it. Due to how the Install system works, it’s very easy to find yourself back at base speed and unable to install Light once your abilities are upgraded, and maxing your Speed install slot gives largely the same effect.


Double jump! Each level adds another jump. Secondary jumps are extremely short, and mostly useful for gaining airtime or horizontal distance, nor vertical distance. However at max level you can go about 1.5 times as high as a normal jump if you use all jumps in a row.


Air changes your jump into a hover, so that even at install level 0 your jump is different. Holding the button causes you to hover up, much more slowly than a normal jump. You also constantly consume your Air meter.

Upgrading the Install slot adds more bars to the Air meter, up to 4 (the last TWO meters are green, so it’s actually very hard to tell when it’s actually full).

This is extremely powerful and lets you ignore certain boss attacks almost entirely, but also extremely dangerous as if you don’t manage your Air meter right, you could find yourself unable to jump at a critical moment. Use with caution, but it’s really cool.


Easily Sola’s best weapon, a bomb thrown in an arc (press d pad up or down to adjust the arc). Explodes into a short-lived ball that deals damage over time. Note that unlike Liner, you will eventually outrun your own projectiles if your movement speed is too high.

The reason it’s so good is it’s the only weapon that (mostly) ignores invincibility frames, or rather seems to have it’s own rules regarding them. Does very good damage to bosses because of this, though once a boss’s health is in the red they still take twice as take to deal the same amount of damage.


High powered ground based attacks that are mostly only useful for normal enemies. You can toss them up instead if you hold the d pad up.


A circle of orbs that damage enemies on contact. Fire a second time to launch the orbs. It only protects you if the enemy dies on contact with the orb, so it’s not useful for bosses. Upgrading this slot adds orbs, up to 4 total.


As with Sola, simply upgrades your damage from normal shots and is boring but extremely useful.


Summons up to four rotating spheres that will copy the effects of normal shots, but not Technical Skills from bosses. Leveling this up also increases damage, but not to the maximum extent Power would instead.

Bomb: The circles emit a Damage Over Time field just like your shots do upon landing. They do not actually fire drop bombs, just static damage fields.

Plasma:  Fires weak level 1 plasma shots upwards only. Since one of the orbs is usually underground you’ll often only get 3 actual shots. Not very useful except as an anti-air attack.

Circle: Circle acts normally at first button press. When you press again to “launch” the circling shots, you fire twice as many shots in a staggered pattern, making it a very wide shotgun-style attack. Provides no extra protection before you launch, however.


A really cool but really impractical power: Your Touch skill and normal selected skill will be fired at once every time you press Shoot, effectively mixing your attacks. You can also attack twice with some weapons this way, for double the cost, and the projectiles will most likely spawn inside each other, so it’s not very effective to mix the same item usually.

Installing repeatedly seems to have the same effect as a Power slot, but with a lower maximum power overall.

You will shoot as long as you can use EITHER ability, not just based on your selected skill. So if your normal attack is too expensive but your Touch attack is not, your Touch skill will be fired alone instead.

This will be useless on most bosses and just consume all your capacity with little benefit.

This effect is considerably more viable if Capacity 50% is used for your run.


The only Install slot you should ever actually be using as Sola, once you buy Mastery from the shop, all install slots are upgraded to your current maximum, at a far lower Tres requirement than that would normally take.

For this reason, you should always play with Manual slot installs as Sola so you can use Mastery instead of slowly upgrading.

The only downside here is if your maximum Speed slot is too hard for you to control, this will force Sola to be that fast. If you have trouble with high speed, just don’t buy Speed slot enhancements with Syega.

Pura Syega Locations

Zizou’s Pura Syega

You can just use this guide with images for now to find Pura Syega.  I started working on this but I have more important parts of the guide to work on if there’s already a guide.

Note that Riva’s Pura Syega appear to be in the exact same locations as Zizou’s.

A few general tips for Syega hunting:

Pura Syega never appear before the level graphics load in, the aurora intro area never has them.

They make a faint blue sparkle, so most should be found by observant players this time.

You can exit a stage instantly after getting a Syega and it saves the fact that you got it. You can use this to get better use out of the Syega Searcher, just use the searcher to find one Syega, get it, exit the map and come back for the next.

Note these tips are currently for Zizou, I’ll note if things are different when I do a Sola run.


Syega 1:

Syega 2:

Syega 3: After you find the cats burying mines there’s three springs. The Seyga is in the very bottom right corner, just move into the corner and it will appear.

Syega 4:


Syega 1: Almost immediately after you enter the library, there’s a


Syega 1:

Syega 2: This one is tricky, it’s INSIDE the bridge just to the left of the first Grey pentagram blocks you have to jump across after a gravity lamp thing. Use Comet to shoot the bridge from either side of it, so you shoot through, not over, the bridge, and it will be exposed and land on top of the bridge.

Syega 3: Just past the last Syega is a shop that has two windows and a rotating animal head that causes the windows to shine and blind you every few seconds. Jump near or shoot the animal head and the Syega will drop.

Syega 4:


Syega 1: Pretty early on, after some Afro Researchers you’ll find a red spiky enemy in a low corner of a platform you have to jump down from. Defeat it and the Syega is right behind it.

Syega 2: Right in the middle of the green bouncing platform section, there’s a blue spiky crystal. The Syega is just below it, above a spring you can’t actually see without falling. You can just barely see the sparkle as you bounce on one of the other springs though.


Seyga 2: Fairly early in the level there’s some “darkness” spawning enemies and three conveyer belts, two left, one right, with a slightly larger gap in between the second left and only right moving conveyor. The Syega is right in that gap, so you have to activate and catch it carefully.

Syega 4: Near the end there’s a very long series of right-moving conveyers, with a man pushing a giant block at the end of it. Once you see him, kill him, and run back until you find enemies that have respawned. Now head back and make sure to immediately jump on his block, jump off at the very edge and Wing your way to the platform here. There’s no second chances with Zizou to get this. The Syega is in a firework graphic that keeps exploding to your right.


Syega 1:

Syega 2:

There’s a branch going up and down early on in the level. In the lower path what looks like a dead end is not, and with a level 2 dash you can dash and jump across the gap to find yourself in a dead end with the Syega. You can’t jump too far here, so go as far as you can.

Syega 3: In a second branch just after you start seeing the giant grandma looking enemies, you can jump up to a series of platforms  and hit a dead end with a ledge just out of your reach. The Syega is on the other side of this ledge. Jump midway up the ledge, use an Assist Block item from Al’s Shop, then you can make the jump. I don’t see any way to complete this one without the Assist Block item, but I may be missing something because all other Syega are possible without it.

Syega 4:


Syega 1: You have to use Revenge (ZR/X menu to activate) to destroy the black pentagram blocks extremely early in the level. Just take a few hits early on and you’ll build the meter enough.

Syega 3: Halfway into the stage when the Lightning Bolt orbs and ghosts that throw chairs start appearing, there will be a pit with two thunder gems.  If you’re fast and manage the Lightning Orbs right, the crystals will be inactive and you can fall in the pit and get it. If you’re not, you can still get the Syega by dropping into the pit, taking damage, getting the Syega and escaping before taking a second hit.


Syega 1:

Syega 2: After the first tree branches with Rhinos, this is just below the treebranch you hop off of to get back on grassy platforms. Once you see the hopping…logs? in witch hats, turn around.

Syega 3: When you see logs you can move inside of shaped in a cross, use Dash or Lord Attack to sprint over the hole downward to get into an area with an invincible beetle (avoid it) and the Syega.

Syega 4: This is actually past the final boss portal. Go back until you see a tree branch you can stand on, you can jump on it from the second log you see piled up. Continue to the right on the tree branches. Eventually you’ll need to jump on a branch you can’t see, but you see a Rhino enemy swinging on the branch. From that branch, jump and Wing to the right and you should land in the area past the boss portal. The Syega is all the way to the right where the screen stops scrolling.

Sola’s Pura Syega Locations

Sola’s locations are at least similar, and often the same, but not always identical to Zizou’s.


Syega 1:

Syega 2: Beer sign after a series of ninjas.


Syega 2: Under the first big pile of destructible books you find, next to a white bridge of character-width tiles.


Syega 1: Above the second tree stump almost immediately after you exit the Aurora area is the Syega. (Sola)


Papeline Trading

Grow Status
Customize Slots

Grow Technical Skills

Al’s Shop

Al is basically your easy mode/cheat shop. Challenge playthroughs should definitely ignore she exists, but she has some interesting stuff for completionists

Gain Magic Item

These are consumable items that you can use once per stage. After exiting a stage they replenish, so you don’t have to re-buy them. You can however but extra levels to increase their effect.

Life Recover

A basic healing item that restores one heart per level of the item you’ve bought.


As long as this item’s timer is active, falling in a pit will return you to the last solid ground you stood on.

Assist Block

An auto-block that performs the Blocking!! action for you. Only works on projectiles, just like a manual block, physical contact still hurts.

Oddly enough, these auto-blocks count for the Blocking Playing Level challenge.

Syega Searcher

This is the one you’ll probably want even if you feel like these are cheap: it summons an arrow that points toward where the next Hidden Pura Syega, but it doesn’t last very long, so use it once you think you’re in the right neighborhood. Use it a few screens away from where you remember collecting the last Syega at least.

Unlock Forbidden Skills

Forbidden skills are cheats you unlock by getting game overs. They’re free to activate and very powerful, but disable Playing Level/achievements, so you shouldn’t actually use them if you care about completion. They’re just for fun, or if you’re really struggling.

If you want to “farm” game overs,go to Rudy’s stage and just hold right and you’ll fall in a pit within seconds. With 7 game overs you’ll, uh, “earn” all 7 Forbidden Skills, and you also earn 5 Syega for each death.

Note that Forbidden Skill unlocks are per-save file, so getting 7 game overs in one save file doesn’t mean all your new games can use Forbidden Skills from the start either.

Earning Syega

Clear Rewards

Here’s the amount of Syenga you get per clearing the game on each difficulty with each character. You get the clear rewards each playthrough, not just the first time you beat the game on a certain level.

  • Zizou: 1000
  • Sola: 1500
  • Zizou: 5000
  • Sola: 7500

Dangerous Mode will multiply your earnings by 10 times, meaning 75,000 Syega for clearing Lunatic Sola with it.

Using Forbidden Skills (cheats) will prevent earning Syega from a clear, and add a “but cheating…” message to the clear screen. All other Syega unlocks are fair game however.

Playing Level Challenges

This is basically an unusual way to say “achievements”. Complete these challenges to earn an amount of Syega to unlock features as well as an illustration gallery entry with some developer commentary.

Note some Playing Levels unlock more than one image, press A again to see if there’s a second image when viewing them.

Almost all of these add 30 Syega

Happy End

Beat the game with Zizou on any difficulty. Almost certainly the first you’ll unlock (in fact I forget if this menu even opens up before you beat the game)

Heartful End

Beat the game with Sola, again on any difficulty

Dark Witch

5000 Syega

Beat the game with Zizou on Lunatic. You have to beat the game to unlock this difficulty, and it’s mostly a matter of skill so I can’t offer many tips here. Persevere, and take some easier challenges first to learn the game if you wish!

Magic Student

50 Syega

Beat the game with Sola on Lunatic. Again, mostly skill.

Speed Star

50 Syega


Beat the game without buying any Shop items. Again, easiest on Veryx2 Easy, you should have no problem with this one on that mode. In fact, you can probably do this at the same time as Speed Star in Veryx2 easy.


50 Syega

Clear all stages receiving less than 10 damage. Not sure if quit and restart will erase the game’s memory of you getting hit yet.

A Veryx2 easy run NOT focused on Speed Star and Minimalist is probably your best bet at getting this one, unless you’re super hardcore. You may want to learn Overhead (Herbert’s skill) to tank hits.


50 Syega

Clear without dying. Not extremely hard in Veryx2 easy, but you’ll want to be very careful around pits and probably allow yourself to use the Tres shop unlike the Speed Star/Minimalist runs. Take your time to not fall into pits and unlock the Guard Install slot ASAP.

Note if you’re fast, you can press Home button on the 3DS, exit the game and cancel before a death registers even when falling into a pit.


Block 50 times to cause the “BLOCKING!” text to appear. The auto-block item surprisingly counts as a block, and thus is a quick, skill-free way to get this. Overhead does not count as a block.

Blocking is performed by pressing left or right on the d pad the moment you’re going to receive damage. Generally the attack should actually be touching the very edge of Zizou’s sprite the moment before you press the button, it’s very precise and will take practice. You can technically use the Blocking Time + skill from the Syega shop to make this easier, but it’s extremely expensive and the auto block method is far easier and quicker.

Note you do not have to block “towards” an attack, left or right will always work if timed right regardless of direction.

All Syega Zizou
All Syega Sola
Zizou’s Tweets

Get all After Talk sequences and view them.

You’ll have to get all Syega and beat all the levels to unlock the final After Talk event. All the others will come just from beating levels. Be warned, you have to beat the final boss BEFORE getting the last Syega, or that save file is permanently locked out of the last after talk! Pretty annoying bug.

Sola’s Teets

See all After Talk for Sola.

Same as Zizou’s, including the bug: Get all Syega, but only get the last crystal AFTER beating the final boss or you’re in for a bug.

Boss Strategies/Playing Levels

Bosses are mostly written from the perspective of Lunatic mode. It should be applicable to Expert mode, but bosses will be notably easier in Casual/Veryx2 easy mode.

All boss Playing Levels are worth 30 Syega and require taking no damage while using no Technical Skills. I believe consumable items and Revenge Skill also disable this. Final Boss playing levels are similar, but allow the use of Technical Skills while taking no damage.

Go to Menu > Other Settings > Boss Check and set it to [On]  to help track when you’re able to get a Playing Level


Weakness: Dia Missile (Stagger + high damage. Actually a terrible weapon to use against her in practice as it’s too slow to hit her reliably.)

The easiest way to handle these challenges is a properly grinded Zizou playthrough on Casual or Veryx2 Easy mode, with the Guard Install program purchased, and a few Power and Weapon slot upgrades. Use the Comet power up and reach the boss with a full install bar WITH Guard already installed–this way you can actually take TWO hits (install immediately after taking the first hit to re-install Guard), and you can also beat most bosses in 5-8 hits with a fully powered-up Comet attack.

Icke iisn’t hard, just be sure to stand out of the range of her final attack. Keep her in the middle when her health is low, jump behind her when her desperation attack starts and stay outside of the weird squareish thing that appears behind her, it’s part of her attack too.

Note that by “Learn the character’s skill magic” the game is just referring to you learning how to dodge all of that character’s attacks. Unlocking these doesn’t strengthen your ability to use these skills yourself.


Weakness: Lord Attack (Stagger, low damage, permanently damages her umbrella making her blocking attack useless, making Final Shot not actually fire it’s secondary shots, and reducing the height of her Boing Boing attack)


Weakness: Overhelm (takes greatly reduced damage from her shows allowing you to largely ignore her attacks while it’s on. Does not directly hurt her.)

As a note, Time Division actually makes this fight harder, drastically so on Lunatic. It will slow the fireballs, but not the rate at which they’re fired, resulting in extremely dense patterns.


Weakness: Boing Boing (High Damage + Stagger. Staggering her results in pretty dangerous behavior if you’re close, due to her charge dash.)

Overhelm is laughable at low difficulties, her “pincer” attack is probably the only one you need to worry about dodging too much. Just keep firing at her during her desperation move and the KO comes quick.


Weakness: Illusion Shot (High damage + Stagger, can cancel Area Gravity with extremely good timing. She can be perfectly stunlocked with perfect timing, but since this doesn’t cancel her spikeballs, you can make her upward gravity attack undodgeable if you drop the stun pattern.)

Her stun animation actually hurts, so stay out of her hitbox while stun-locking her.


Weakness: Dark Matter (High damage + Stagger, can even cancel her Timing Half casting animation)


Weakness: High Power Beam (Extremely high damage, doesn’t trigger invincibility frames. No stagger. Erases her clone instantly.)

Her clone has separate invulnerability frames from her, so you can hit them both quick to clear the clone while still hurting Litty.

Anti-strategy tip: Let her hit you a couple times to see her cute expression when she scores a successful hit.


Weakness: Time Division (Completely stops her for several seconds, can even cancel her Revenge Skill. Re-cast before it ends to keep her stunned)

A rather easy one to get, as on easy difficulties Rudy’s desperation move can be basically ignored. Just keep firing at her and she’ll get KO’d before her attacks can reach you if your shot hurts enough.


Weakness: High Power Beam (Low damage + Stagger)


Weakness:Boing Boing (High damage + stagger)

A pretty easy one, just get close to her when she uses her rising  tornado move. When she’s using her desperation move, go to the far left of the stage (or opposite of her), and wait for her to say “TORNADO!” Some sparkles should appear, now move and get away from her. You’ll probably have to dodge one more round of attacks while the tornado is going on, but she’ll go down easy once you can attack her again if you miss the tornado.


Weakness: Dia Missile (High damage + stagger, destroys all her projectiles)


Weakness: Overhelm (Her shots are destroyed by it and don’t weaken it as much)

Franzer (Form 1)

Franzer’s first form is weak to Dia Missile, though the challenge is actually hitting her with it. It’s best to get in a rhythm of somewhat frequent shots without overkill, as you’ll run out of weapon energy eventually.

Oh yeah, Franzer is a girl, in case you played a pre-patched version of Dark Witch 2 earlier.

Zizou (Form 1)

Weakness: Dark Matter (High Damage + Stagger + erases shots when enhanced)

This form is either brutal or pathetically easy depending entirely on whether you have the Enhancement for Dark Matter, which is very much worth the 3000 Tres. She takes a great amount of damage from DArk Matter, and with the enhanced effect it will erase her shots entirely except for Hyper Dark Arm (her desperation move).

Air will help a lot here, especially at high levels, as you can easily float over Hyper Dark Arm. It can also be used to float perfectly above her to avoid any of her normal shots should you not have the enhanced Dark Matter.

Zizou (Form 2)

Weakness: None? Dark Matter Enhanced will still erase most of her attacks, but deals very low damage.

This form is just a mishmash of all the abilities other bosses use in the game. Every 1/6th or so of her HP is tied to a different set of moves, so she’ll change up frequently. She’s not really as hard as she may appear; if you keep a solid distance and stay aware of what moves she may use you can avoid most attacks without too much trouble.

Boss skills seem to deal almost no damage to her in this form, so Drop Bomb easily outdamages everything. Time Division is still useful obviously, and enhanced Dark Matter will still erase her shots, though it now deals so little damage I’m not sure I’d recommend it.

Phase One will use Illusion Shot, Overhelm, and Lord Attack.

Phase Two will use Time Division and High Power Beam.

Phase Three will use Boing Boing, Dial Missile and Dark Matter

Phase Four will use Blad’s rebounding rings, Klinsy’s cake attack

Phase Five uses a slow homing blue orb from Codino and Pelusa’s “eruption” attack that spawns fire along the ground with fairly wide gaps. You have to jump when she does the eruption move or you’ll take damage regardless of the fire just like Pelusa.

As a desperation attack, when her health is at (visibly) 0, she’ll stop taking damage and begin a cycle using Pulsa’s Final Evolution, Sola’s whirlwinds, a red ball that tracks you along the floor, and a ring spam attack from Blad. It gets very nasty, so use your heal item if you have it, but you probably won’t have to take more than a hit or two. Eventually she’ll be able to take damage again and lose in one hit. Just dodge and keep hitting her occasionally.

Make Syega

Collect over 5000 pieces of Syega.

You’ll get this the moment you first beat a round of Lunatic difficulty. Don’t worry about this one.


Gain 2 Stars or more in every level (hard and easy) in  Rudymical

See Mini Games.


Get 70% of all Syegacha dot/pixel art pictures.

This will cost about 4000 Syega in my experience, or 400 Play Coins, paid in increments of 200 (or 20) for the extra 10% bonus. Either 40 perfect rounds of Rudymical or consuming most of the Lunatic reward for Sola or Zizou should get you the Syega you need.

Should probably be the last Playing Level you go for.

Game Master

Earn all other playing levels

Thought this would be a huge reward? Sorry. It’s just a mark of 100% completion, no 10000 Syega bonus or extra features unlock. Don’t forget to check out all the illustrations you’ve earned on the Playing Level screen! You’re a real Dark Witch master now.

Mini Games


Your standard game of Poker, but you get Syega for potential returns of more Syega.

If you want to risk it you could possibly get tons of Syega early on with luck/skill. Or you could bleed Syega and have to grind instead where safer players wouldn’t. Personally I don’t consider it worth it.


Just a plain old Gacha (random item lottery) that gives you pixel art images from the game to view. Unlike Poker you don’t get Syega back, only figures, a la some Zelda games. You’re required to get 70% completion here for a Playing Level and thus “100%”.

You can pay in Play Coins or Syega, and the Syega costs are fairly high. I would recommend saving this one for last and burning Play Coins if you don’t need them. But if you enjoy/don’t mind Rudymical it’s a fairly fast way to grind Syega if you don’t walk around with your 3DS enough.

You get a slight (10%) discount by playing 11 rounds at once, worth it for Syega but IMO just burn Play Coins as you get them unless you reliably hit 20 coins.


A dead simple Rhythm game featuring some remixed tracks from the game. Easily the quickest way to grind Syega after the high payout Playing Levels (Lunatic difficulty) have been exhausted. You can get ~25 Syega for at least hitting most notes, ~50 for hitting pretty damn well, and ~100 for playing perfectly. Hard difficulty doubles the amount of notes to hit but does not appear to increase reward.

I’m pretty bad at rhythm games and can get 3-4 stars on most courses on Easy, so don’t be afraid. The only trick is to press the button when the bomb is overlapping Rudy’s sprite, not trying to hit it when it’s in front of her.

You only need 2 stars on each course to get the Playing Level for this, which is very easy. However it seems you need to do everything on both Hard and Easy difficulty.

Completely cosmetic, but you can perform different attacks with L/R, the d pad or the face buttons.

High Speed Altitude Sanctuary is a pretty easy track if you want to farm.

Cheat Codes

Different Title screens: Pressing certain buttons like R when the title screen is about to pop up will cause different ones to appear.

Hidden Risa colors for Zizou

Press and hold D (keyboard) or the Touch button (PS4) while selecting Zizou for a new file she will have a Risa-style color palette based on her her outfit from the first game.

Thanks to Dark Witch speedrunner Crippeh for finding it.

Extra Options in Syega menu

In the Syega shop press LRLRLLRRX to unlock extra options.  On PC this is the same, but “X” is whatever the top button of your controller is (triangle, Y), and L/R are whatever your front shoulder buttons are (LR1/RB/LB).

This must be input every time to see the options. Prices listed are Syega as always.

These are expensive, but by beating the game in “Dangerous Mode” you can quickly rack up Syega even by beating Casual/Expert mode due to the 10x clear bonus multiplier.

  • Tres +99999: 10,000
  • Speed +10: 1,000
    • “Uncontrollably fast”
  • Super Jump Power: 1,000
    • Huge jumps
  • Capacity 0%: 10,000
    • Shots don’t use Capacity. Go nuts!
  • Infinite Items: 10,000
    • Magic items can be used infinitely.
  • Zizou Costume2: 1,000
    • Zizou in Franzer’s clothes
  • Sola Costume2: 1,000
    • Ducky costume (Crossover with Maison de Maou)
  • Maximum Pura Syega: 5,000
    • Start game with all Pura Syega
  • Forbidden Start: 10
    • Start game with all Forbidden skills unlocked (activating them still causes the Playing Level penalty)

Thanks to Gunstar Ikari on Neogaf for pointing this one out.

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