Yomawari: Night Alone Guide

Yomawari Night Alone guide!

Yomawari is a fantastic Horror Game on PC, PS Vita, and PS4. Work in progress! Feel free to comment with any questions. I got pretty sidetracked but I’m always willing to improve my guides when information or questions come in.


List of all items and their descriptions. Still working on all Collect items





  • Pebble
    • Max 15
    • “A normal rock. If I throw it, spirits might react to it. It could be useful.”
    • Some spirits that can hear will chase rocks allowing you to slip past
    • Found all over the place
  • Coin
    • Max 10
    • “Money. By saving up, I can shop, make an offering, and do lots more.”
    • Activates Jizo Statues for quicksaves.
    • You can’t do lots more.
    • Don’t be stingy, they’re everywhere
  • Animal Feed
    • Max 10 (?)
    • “A treat for pets that looks like a fish. If I give it to animals, they might like me.”
    • Works on the cat south of your house for an achievement.
    • No apparent practical use beyond that.
    • Found in trash bags north of your house.
  • Match
    • Max 10 (?)
    • “Lighting this up might make things brighter, but I’m not supposed to play with matches.”
    • Distracts Grave Mistakes by attracting them to the light.
    • Don’t get too close to it when throwing near those things.
    • Found on grave sites around the temple and graveyard areas.
  • Salt
    • Max:?
    • “White and smooth salt. Spirits don’t like it.”
    • You get a few after Chapter 5, not sure how else to get any
  • Doll
    • Play Hide and Go Seek with the lost spirit child in the very south parking lot of Downtown
    • I haven’t gotten it myself so no more info yet




Monster List

Spoilers. This is a horror game and the monsters are half the fun. Please spoil responsibly.

Below are all the monsters I’ve found, hopefully an image and all I know to avoid/deal with them, and any interesting/fun spooky things they do.


Names are currently tentative stuff I’ve made up to describe them. If you know the real names/Japanese folklore they’re based on, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@sirtaptap).

Harmful Monsters

Anything in the game that can harm you will kill you instantly on touch.


Invisible out of light


Investigates thrown rocks

Whispers creepily when he’s close, even if invisible

Broken Man
Headless Horse, Man


  • Blind, deaf, makes no attempt to attack whatsoever
  • Still lethal to touch
  • Travels a fixed path along the road around the Vacant Lot northeast of home
Scribble Kid
  • Stationary at first
  • Blind? Can tip toe around
  • Acts like a Boo (chases you only while not seen)
Wrapped Head
  • Blind
  • Will chase rocks
  • Will chase you if heard, tiptoe around or daringly run past
Wrapped Headless
  • Blind
  • Deaf
  • Simply wanders around a set area in regular fits and starts
  • Quickly walk past him while he’s stopped, will make no attempt to chase
  • Often around Wrapped Heads
Living Lighthouse
  • Can see
  • Stationary
  • Very hard to run from, travels slightly faster than your walk speed, slightly slower than your run
  • Keep running and eventually he’ll stop and go back to spinning
Grave Mistake

20161021201216_1 20161021201217_1

  • Activates in the light.
  • Simply turn off the flash light and walk past them.
  • Throw matches to distract them if that’s not possible.
  • Be mindful, in a few places invisible enemies are hiding between Graves.
Human Bus

Spawns running straight for you at a high speed, move aside immediately

Despawns once he’s off screen


Makes a car crash noise on impact

Doesn’t activate heartbeat so running is easier


And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to


Unique Monsters

These monsters usually respawn but only exist in single or very limited locations, so I’ll note where and if possible when they spawn. These often protect some unique item.


Unless noted these are still lethal to the touch.

Burning Man

Burning Man

  • Can see, wide activation radius
  • Moves very fast, basically do not ever activate him
  • Found Downtown
Insane Cancer


  • Found Downtown, guarding a Meat collectible item
  • Weird, small activation radius that only activates if you go under it
  • Fairly easy to outrun
  • Will chase rocks
Very Armed, Very Dangerous
  • This thing is in the school track & field area after the school chapter.
  • It’s slow and has a fairly small activation radius, so just stay away from it and you should be fine.
  • Sometimes despawns if you die to it, if you’re having trouble with it


  • May randomly kidnap you and send you to the Factory after completing the factory chapter. Gives a trophy.
  • Unlike the story event, you can easily leave using a Jizo statue.
Bad Hair Day
  • South of the Bridge, this thing has a small sight radius but will probably kill you on your way out.
  • Protects a Black Hair Ball (ew).
    Cat Face 1


  • Cute little calico kitty sometimes spawns in a vacant lot in the middle of uptown, northeast of the pool, with the “keep out” sign.
  • There’s an item above the steps.
  • Transforms into the below, much more dangerous spirit!
Cat Face 2


  • Cat face
    • He’s got a big cat’s face
      • He’s got the body of a cat and the face of a cat
        •  And he flies through the air ’cause he’s got a cat face
          • Cat Face
  • Very fast!


These enemies are Story bosses and generally only appear once, being removed from the map forever once dealt with one way or another.

 Not Poro
  • It will guard certain areas of the school and is all but inescapable
  • Find ways around it to continue exploring
  • You need to find the Wet Bone to make it go away once you find it at the Incinerator
  • Once it’s gone, delightful new horrors will take it’s place, but it’s still safer
Cliff Lady
  • Give her a break. She hasn’t had a windfall since she broke her neck.
  • Teleports  directly in front of or behind you.
  • If in front, she’ll barf (instant death) immediately in front of you. Just move around her fast.
  • If in back, conserve your running energy then dash full speed away, she’s going to fluff her hair out like a sea anemone.
  • Like before this is a puzzle boss, find the items you need to proceed and keep going.
Mr. Centipede
  • Whenever his head pops up, either run backwards from the direction he’s attacking, or move to the side (which works less often)
  • You’re really just looking for the keys to get out of here, you can’t do anything to the centipede
  • Attacks at sequential intervals
Foundry Mistake
  • Shows up several times in scripted events.
  • Most of the time if it spawns for a “jumpscare” it will not respawn at that location again letting you get past easier.
  • Charges in a straight line in one of the 8 cardinal or intermediate directions.
  • Much faster than you, so move to the side once it pauses to charge.
  • Has extremely long line of sight, so if you can trick it to charge past a corner then slip down the other side of the corner before it moves again you might be able to get past.
Final Boss
  • The boss’s main body isn’t a real threat, just watch for the large hands.
  • The small hands don’t chase very well but keep them in mind
  • Use the large spikes as hiding spots until the hands get away if they’re too close.
  • Just activate all the shrines to end this.

Harmless Monsters

These monsters are generally completely harmless, only existing to give you a start. Some are a jolly good scare though, so keep an eye out.

Trash Tongue
  • Occasionally pops up when checking trashcans
  • Disgusting
  • Spawns in the park.
  • Causes heartbeat to go up, makes intimidating dodgeball noises.
Spooky Legs
  • Spawns below the notice board west of your home, possibly elsewhere
  • Harmlessly disappears once you get close
  • Wide open mouth that rarely spawns on streets or floors
  • This one is actually lethal, but it’s extremely easy to avoid, doesn’t move, always spawns with room to spare
Floor Eye
  • Pops into blood if you step on it
  • Occasionally set up with a Floormouth to make a face for extra spoops
Wall Hands
  • Make a horrible sound, but they can’t catch or affect you in any way
  • Be glad it’s not a Wallmaster
Floor Hands
  • As above, harmless, but makes horrible sounds
Sewer Roaches
  • Harmless roaches that activate your Heartbeat meter but won’t harm or stop you
Sewer Hand
  • Grabs you for several seconds but won’t kill you itself
Fake Jizo Statue


  • You thought it would be a save a save point but it was me, Dio!
  • Just falls apart if you try to activate it, no big deal
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14 thoughts on “Yomawari: Night Alone Guide”

      1. Yeah, he’s in the school yard after…some time. Not too hard to avoid though, low activation radius. Just hadn’t had time to add it in yet, I’m always working on lots of things. Thanks though! Got these two added.

      1. Hey man, there is a burning man by the school incinerator (after the Not Poro part). The problem is, he is guarding something. Can’t figure out how to best him to get the item. Bringing a chicken with me definitely isn’t helping haha. Was hoping to catch a hint though but since you wrote never trigger him… Will try tossing things at it when I got the chance.

        1. Burning Man is HARD to get around, I didn’t encounter him where you did but he probably just didn’t spawn that early (I’ve only found him post game and he’s not near any items.) I’ll have to experiment more I guess. Worst case, as long as you can grab the item before you die you keep it so try that? (which is weird, but from some of the monolog it seems like “dying” might just be the MC panicking in terror not actually dying).

          Still trying to expand on stuff so I’ll try to get to it all soon. I was going to wait for my Vita copy to arrive but turns out I ordered it along with an item shipping in february so I’m stuck on PC.

          1. It’s ok man. Playing on PC ain’t that bad unless you have performance issue with it, Anyway, I found some info on how to deal with burning man. Apparently salt would slow it down (haven’t tried it because I haven’t reached that point where I get salt) and doll (haven’t laid my hands on that too) can help divert it away from your character.
            One more thing you can add for next time is Miss Mary. That girl spirit charged at me after I picked up a phone ringing on the ground. Doesn’t always trigger her though

          2. Oh it plays fine, but I find it harder to get immersed in the horror on my bright PC monitor. I found Lone Survivor surprisingly effective in the dark on a Vita so I was hoping to play this that way too. But I’ll just look for 100% on PC.

            Hm, salt is really hard to get ahold of (you’ll find some in the story that’ll unlock it, then it’s a rather rare drop from trash cans) and the doll even moreso (you play hide and go seek in the very south of downtown with a little girl spirit, I can’t catch her).

            Weird…I’ve found a phone twice (once per playthrough) but a bunch of eye/mouth things chased me instead. Did you happen to get a screenshot? Bestiary still not complete, there’s a LOT of stuff in this game.

          3. Sure, the dual stick control is annoying for pc haha. WASD for flash light and arrow keys for movement. Salt is story mode item yes. I’ve got the doll. To catch the hide and seek girl I moved around the car park a lot. Once I saw her i dashed to get her (and press Z on her), she’d say “let’s play again”. Repeat the same thing 4 to 5 times. Erm, she appears randomly around the car park, sometimes spawning a little bit outside of it with some shadow and head mummy spirit so gotta be careful there. But the doll is x1 single use item. Once you throw it it’s used up. You can go back home and get 1 from toy box.

            I tried it on burning man but I wasn’t good enough to bypass him. Surely the doll can distract him a bit, but he’s still too fast.

            About miss Mary, it’s a rare event. The phone near the path leading to field rings when you pass by it. Usually it produce static and call ends. But on rare occasion there’s a dialogue “I’m miss Mary, I’m right behind you” then she’d dash from behind MC at high speed. But most of the time you get static and call ends (need to go home to reset it). By the way how did you get cat face? That one is another rare event too.

            Yes I agree there are many things in the game. And hidden optional quests too. I found 2 road block spider spirit. One in vacant lot and one near temple. They’re guarding an item each. Still working on how to remove them.

          4. Oh I just use a controller, plays great with one.

            Thanks for the info on doll, I was afraid I’d have to play with her again to get more.

            Ohhh, interesting, I’ll have to try the miss mary one. I’ve gotten two events there (nothing, and an eyemouth ambush). I don’t know how to get cat face, I just saw it in a review screenshot. Speaking of faces, do you know how to get the item that spawns in the park postgame? The daruma always seems to steal it when I try to leave.

            The spiders should move via story progress. Though one of them looks like it’s blocking a path to the lake but you can just slightly slip past it.

          5. Oh yeah I do have an xbox controller collecting dust somewhere <.<
            .. No problem. I like how this simple looking game can extend playtime by hiding items all around the place. So far still no luck with Mary-san. She appeared once when I just started playing. Though the eye-mouth ambush happens quite often (lethal when combined with manhole trap) in some areas.
            UPDATE: I managed to trigger Mary again, by repeatedly going home and trying the phone. I threw the doll in her face and she stopped charging halfway and froze up. Then I just have to make silly mistake of touching her prematurely and BOOM died. Silly me.

            What is the item you speak of? If it's the daruma eye, it belongs to that daruma. You should have a letter saying "the game will end when you return the daruma its missing eye" or something. You would have to dash towards the exit as soon as you get the eye and click on the daruma before it turns around (it spawns near the park entry/exit). There you will be prompted to choose which side the eye should be inserted (answer is right). The daruma will disappear and drop Hardened Daruma item.

            Oh, they will? I haven't progressed into centipede world. I saw how annoying that place is. Thanks for that info man, managed to sneak past to access the pond (and get chased by huge jellyfish).. by the way, do we get a free roam mode after the game ends?

            Oh one more thing, the human lighthouse thing will seemingly chase you for a long time. However, it give up faster if you break line of sight with it with some distance to spare. Highly suggest sprinting near corners to shake it. It will stay there for a while before teleporting back to where it spawn. I was in for surprise jumpscare when i lured it away and sneak back to its spawn point to get an item it was guarding. It suddenly pop in my face haha

          6. Ohhhh, I didn’t know that about the daruma, I don’t think I got that letter, thanks for that. You’ve been a big help! I’ll try to finish this guide up soon, hopefully this week/end.

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