Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- Guide

Yume Nikki Dream Diary Guide

Yume Nikki Dream Diary is here, now with a Version 2.0 update that brings it closer to what most of us expected! Here I’ve documented a walkthrough of (most) of what you need to do, what effects do, the endings, and other information. This guide was written with the PC Version, but it should be accurate for everything in the Switch version too.

Feel free to comment to ask any questions or share info! I’ve provided links to some key terms in the Yume Nikki Wiki, feel free to get lost in the wiki as well, it’s quite enjoyable. I’m trying to link all the references to the original game, as they’re a rather significant amount of the enjoyment to be had in the game, so point out any I’ve missed as well!


For purpose of clarity, the full name Yume Nikki Dream Diary will be used when referring to this game, and Yume Nikki alone will be used to refer to the original game by Kikiyama.

Game Info


Title: Yume Nikki -Dream Diary-
Platform: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch
Languages: English, Japanese, French,Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese
Release date: 2018-02-23
Developer: Kadokawa Corporation
Price: $20
Length: About 4 hours
Genre: Horror/Exploration
Filesize: 3GB


Version 2.0

As a quick overview, 2.0 adds:

  • The Sewers, Block World, and Snow World, which are all connected
    • The Sewers is mostly a connection to existing worlds, plus a new puzzle/jellyfish is in it
    • Block World is accessed via The Sewers and is a puzzle blocking access to Snow World
    • Snow World has the Hat and Scarf effect, and access to Pink Sea/Poniko/Uboa
    • Most existing worlds are untouched beyond The Sewers connections
  • Two new effects, Hat and Scarf and Uboa Mask
    • Interact with Poniko’s desk while using the Lantern after triggering the Uboa Event (lights out) in Poniko’s room, then chase Uboa to get the Uboa Mask
    • Get Hat and Scarf in Snow World from Mafurako
  • Uboa’s Trap room added per above, it looks amazing
  • Four new subsections of The Wilderness added via a Lost Woods/looping maze puzzle including the Aztec Rave Monkey, some purple pylons, the hot springs room, and a lake you freeze to get some concept art
  • A new NES minigame added, Witch Adventure, referencing the Flight of the Witch event
    • This is found by finding the cat in The Sewers, then meeting it again at the roof of The Mall
  • The strangest addition, Madotsuki’s apartment now has a bathroom in the bottom corner, accessible only in the dream world. It has no apparent function.

All in all, 2.0 is a fantastic update that brings the game a fair bit more in line with the original and addresses several concerns of fans!


What is Yume Nikki -Dream Diary-?

As a heads-up in case you haven’t purchased the game yet (or haven’t started it), Yume Nikki is something closer to a “reimagining” of the original than typical remake or sequel.

Many are disappointed by what they find (as, well, was I) so it’s best to be aware of what you’re going in for. That said, if you’re a big enough fan of Yume Nikki, you’ll probably dive right in and play it like I did so I figured I would make a guide to help those who have already committed to it.


Most areas can be completed in a first attempt, but others will require items from other worlds. In particular the School and Wilderness (desert with tentacles) areas will require items from multiple other areas before they can be completed. I’ve listed the areas in order of recommended completion to minimize re-visits, but feel free to wander the game as you please and come back only when stuck.

If you have not played the original Yume Nikki I would strongly recommend playing it first. Not only Yume Nikki free and on steam, and not only is it also a fantastic game in it’s own right (as I’ve said before), but much of the enjoyment of Yume Nikki Dream Dairy (such as it is) is in it’s callbacks to the original.


Note that you can press Down on the gamepad or whatever is defined as the “Wake Up” button in Controls to wake yourself up at any time. If you somehow get “stuck” in a dream, wake up and try something else.

The Walkthrough is still a major Work-in-Progress, but you can watch a completed playthrough by me to see how to get by certain things in the mean time.

Note the game saves automatically so there’s no need to actually use Madotsuki’s diary other than to view her drawings. Her dream diary serves as a progress indicator but is not a save feature.

The Nexus

The Nexus is the hub that you access by opening Madotsuki’s front door in the Dream World. The doors here lead to the following worlds, listed clockwise, starting at Madotsuki’s room:


Madotsuki’s Room
Street World
The Wilderness
The Locked Door
School World
The Mall
The Docks
The Sewers

Unlike Yume Nikki, in Dream Diary there are less “Deeper Locations” that require sometimes convoluted pathing through Original Locations to reach. Most worlds are simply linear, and only a few connections exist between The Wilderness and other locations.

This means you won’t get lost because you don’t know where you are, but you may still get lost because you don’t know what to do (that’s what this walkthrough is for!).

There’s also no return trip from the doors; the only way to leave the dream is to pinch yourself to wake up, or “complete” the dream; there’s a bed or event at the end of each world that will cause a scene to occur and add an “egg” by the door in The Nexus. The major goal of the game is to collect all of these eggs.

Street World

Just walk right for most of this world, which doesn’t even appear to have been inspired by the original Yume nikki whatsoever; I wonder if this level was made before the decision to acquire the rights to Yume Nikki, in fact.


Dodge the eyes (they don’t kill instantly, but a few hits will do it) and walk past the spooky red eye things in rhythmic patterns. You can jump to limit how long they see you which lets you skip a few. There’s a Shrine with a Concept Art here in a lull of the action, and also a Sewer which takes you to The Wilderness, which we don’t need to go to right now.

Just keep going right. If a hand keeps killing you, let it catch an eye first then run past.  Eventually a big shadow thing and more eyeballs follow you; just keep walking right. You can’t get the concept art at the start of the shadow man segment until revisiting, so don’t try.

Toward the end of the eyeball chase there’s a Concept Art on the floor, just pick it up, it won’t get you killed or play the usual slow “pickup” animation.

Eventually you’ll find a meat locker and the Knife Effect. If you have it, use Hamsa to get a Concept Art Piece. You’ll have to return anyway so don’t swear missing it. In the next room you need a secret code to activate the meat line to get past the Henkei Shita that wants to eat you. Secret code is 351; it’s just in the Meat Locker room written on the wall. From the beginning, pull the right lever twice then the left lever three times to get it.

Continue past the Floyag (uterus monsters) on the street until you find Onsen-san in the middle of the street. Stab him with the Knife to wake up and end the dream (and, bafflingly, turn him into Shitai-san).

Extra: After beating this area, come back through the chase sections and you’ll find a section with Monoko and the Bed Room which gives you an achievement. It’s actually based on a room that was removed from the original Yume Nikki Revisiting “ends” of dreams in this game will usually have extra content and references from Yume Nikki.


The Docks

The Docks are initially confusing, but you can get past the first Toriningen (the bird women) by drawing its attention, running back a screen or two and jumping over it’s head via the platform in the middle once there’s two layers of docks.

If you fall into the water you’ll die (and immediately respawn in the same area), as Sea Snakes (or possibly Tasei’s Kid) attacks you.

Your first goal here is to explore and get all the 10 yen coins (there are 10 for 100 yen). Without all 10 you can’t best past Strober, the tall creature to the right of the Train.

Once you reach the Train be sure to check out the lower dock with the “hand” sort of logo to get the Wood Plank, a required item, and the Hamsa effect. Use the Hamsa any time you see that glowing hand-like symbol. There’s no need to use it otherwise, it’s only used in specific spots.

Explore the docks for the last of the 10 yen coins after getting past or tricking/killing all the Toriningens, there’s 100 yen total, enough to buy the Blood Bag from the vending machine early on in the Docks. Take the Blood Bag all the way to the left to the start of the area and give it to the Fisherman. He’ll fish up a Sad Fish, which lets you get past Strober.

The Forest

Just keep going to the right and this dream is largely on autopilot now; there’s another stealth section with the light house, then a largely empty forest. In the forest there’s a Dirty Game Cartridge (requires Hamsa) which will let you play Ao Oni in Madotsuki’s dream world room.

Pink Sea

After the forest is the Pink Sea. There’s a Concept Art piece south of the first balloon here.


Once you get to Poniko’s house, fiddling with the light switch will cause an Uboa Jumpscare (because of course) and end the dream.

The Mall

You’ll see Tokuto-kun (the little blood bucket) as soon as you start this area, but he’ll run away every time you approach. He has an item you need, so chase him around the screen and trap him.

Your goal is to use switches to prevent him from using escalators (both Tokuto and Madotsuki will refuse to use an escalator going the wrong way) and trap him; the spot near the windows at the very bottom left is a suitable trapping point. If you just move around him and keep “disabling” both escalators and approaching him from the bottom he should eventually get caught, trip, and give you the Warehouse Key.

Before using the key, go all the way to the bottom and left to the room with the elevator, you can get the Valve here on the upper floor, but can’t go through the door yet.

The Warehouse Key opens the door with huge locks at the very bottom right, but there’s some items to get here first. A storage room at the bottom left of the Mall’s first area has an item to get if you have the Hamsa effect, there’s a Concept Art piece behind a plant at the top floor of the Mall, and on the middle floor there should be a door you can open that leads to the E Man and O Man.

O Man will give you the Flute Effect (but won’t play his beautiful song), then talk to him again to get Concept Art. After getting the flute the door out will be locked, and talking to E Man will give you a sequence of notes. Play back the notes on the flute and the door will open.

The Warehouse

With flute and key in hand you’re ready to head to the bottom right door, the warehouse. Here there will be Mannequins (this game really wishes it were Silent Hill) that move when the lights are out. They’re safe to be around when the lights are on, just stay several paces away when the lights go out.

This part is a simple semi-stealth section, keep going right and avoid the Mannequins. Eventually you’ll have to wait for a slowly lowering gate and have to dodge between two sets of Mannequins. Note in the background you’ll see some TVs with eyes shown on them, like the TV in Yume Nikki would sometimes show in the Dream World.


You’ll eventually find a bed to sleep in and (surprise) another jumpscare, ending the dream.

The Wilderness

Throughout the game you’ll find several warps to The Wilderness, most notably the Train in The Docks and sewer in Street World. But you can also get here at any time from the second door to the right from The Nexus.

The Wilderness should be your second-to-last stop as you’ll need four Glyphs to complete it, most of which require Effects or Items found in other worlds to get. You’ll need both the Flute and Knife to do several required things in this world, as well as the Wood Plank from The Docks.

Sky Pyramid

Having all Effects in hand, enter The Wilderness from The Nexus. You’ll be in the Sky Pyramid area. You’ll see four pillars that need 4 Glyphs to pass. You’ll find the first Glyph, the Death Glyph, to the immediate south. Stab the Batsu north of the train (the vine with an eye) to get the Red Eye, we’ll need it very soon.

Near the pyramid you can find The Toriningen Party, though it is notably lacking any Toriningens and you have to stand very close to the stereo to hear the music. There’s a Concept Art hidden to the left of the party.

Now head into the Train to the right of the area.

The Train

The Train links different areas in the game, and on each ride there’s different passengers based on where you’re going: if you see a red-eyed cyclops with horns, talk to him to learn a music sequence to play. Repeat his sequence to get a Kalimba. (You won’t really need it but might as well). There’s also a Concept Art on the seat when The Train’s empty.

The Train can take you to several locations; The Docks, Mural World, The Wilderness (Barracks), and The Wilderness (Sky Pyramid). The locations loop so just hop back in the train if you end up somewhere you don’t want to be.

Mural World

First, stop by Mural World (the dark forest). You’ll find a Kite in the upper right area, and a strange beast in the lower area that wants you to play certain notes. Play Green Purple Pink Yellow and he should vomit out a Moon Glyph.

The Barracks

In The Barracks you’ll find a lone Piriori hiding inside as a black, hairy Pac Man roams the streets. You’ll need to handle Pac Man before you can finish this world, so head to the middle of town (from the left) to find a Cage. Prop open the door of the Cage with the Wood Plank, then place the Red Eye in the middle.

Now we need to lure Pac Man from the middle street down the left alley and into the trap. He’s faster than you so you’ll need to climb on top of the crates in this area and dash from one to another as you egg him towards the cage. Wait for him to pull back a bit after you climb on each crate before moving to the next to give yourself more time.

Once he reaches the cage he should head inside (or possibly, get stuck in geometry). Either way, activate the wood plank again to close the door and trap Pac Man. In my game he was trapped outside the cage, but it still counted so whatever.

After trapping Shaggy Pac Man, the Pirori start to leave their homes. A Piriori sitting on a crate at the top right gives the Sun Glyph if you give him the Kite. In the very bottom right of the town the War Glyph is in plain site inside a house.

You can give a Priori in the middle of this area the Kalimba to learn the song you were supposed to play in Mural World, but we already did that to save some time.

There’s a Concept Art here behind some boxes to the extreme left of the area, left of the cage. Stab one of the grey Piriori on the left street to get another Concept Art.

Sky Pyramid/Sky Garden

After getting all 4 Glyphs you can ascend the Pyramid. The order of the Glyph Puzzle is Sun, Moon, War, Death.

You’ll find the Umbrella in the Sky Garden in plain sight. Organoid can be seen in the distance.

The School

The fourth door from the right in The Nexus with the big red “eye” leads to The School.

The School is completely inaccessible until the Umbrella Effect has been acquired (unless they still haven’t patched the bug where you can use the “pinch”/wake up animation to skip past the screaming girl).

Use the Umbrella to cause a rain storm which causes the screaming girl (who is ostensibly Monoe) to head inside the school.

Your ultimate goal in the school is to find 4 Photo Fragments, so keep an eye out for shining glints.

You’ll also find a little fetch quest where you will need to bring a Stack of Books from the upstairs down to the first floor Pirori NPC who gives you a Brush. Take the brush to the Walking Eye on the third floor, who gives you a Triangle, then talk to it again to get a Concept Art piece. The Triangle belongs to Fleebie on the second floor, who gives you, you guessed it, a Photo Fragment.

Note that if you stab the quest NPCs they’ll simply respawn the next time you enter the room, so don’t worry if you “accidentally” stab them, murderer.

You’ll note a locked bathroom door here, you can’t open it yet so don’t sweat it.

The last photo piece you’re likely to miss requires pushing the locker at the third floor down the stairs (which surprisingly causes it no damage at all), then you can push it to the right until you see a glint at the ceiling. Jump on the locker, collect the Photo fragment.

With all four Photo Fragments you can show them to Monoe, who will peace out. Continue to the roof to find another bed. Sleep in it to enter the next area.

Destroyed School

In the Destroyed/Red School continue right from the start and use the Umbrella to glide on the wind gusts, then move left. You should find a strange shower floating in the air.

Use the Valve you should have found earlier in the Mall World to spawn a Pain Blob who will break open the window to the school. If you don’t have the Valve you may need to pinch yourself and go get it, it’s in The Mall.

Once finding the Lantern effect here, jump right with the Umbrella and glind to find a Concept Art as well as Closet Madotsuki.

Inside the school is a series of some block puzzles. You’ll also find a Key that actually opens a restroom in the Normal School. A Jellyfish is there.

After beating the Red School once, you can revisit the Zipper Room and KyuuKyuu-kun to see FACE.

The Sewers

The Sewers largely acts as a connection between the various worlds. Going counterclockwise, the ladders will take you to  The Wilderness, Block World, Street World, and The Mall.

Avoid the water (or freeze it with Hat and Scarf + umbrella), it slows you down. However there’s a Concept Art in the water in the room with the Nopperabou Ghost (who you can’t otherwise interact with). If you enter the water, you can’t jump or use effects, and can only leave via the ramps at the edge of the water.

It does have an jellyfish as well, found only after getting the Umbrella, Hat and Scarf, and Uboa Mask items making it one of the last accessible ones.  To the left of the map you’ll find a cat who will run, this triggers an event at the roof of The Mall.

The egg for The Sewers is actually found in Snow World, accessed via Block World.

Block World

Block World is, oddly, a huge Platforming puzzle and Hide and Seek area. Find the 6 disappearing girls to open the way to Snow World. This puzzle is difficult (impossible?) without the Umbrella effect.

The girls must be found in order, and the strange gate next to one of the beds will give you a hint as to where the next is. Talk to them to advance the puzzle. You can use the porta potty to change the camera perspective though it’s largely not necessary.

There is a concept art piece here, accessible via one of the blocks that goes around the large structures to the back/left. It’s under the structure and you can’t miss it if you’re riding the right platform.

Snow World

Snow World has one effect: Hat and Scarf, which is needed to get a concept art piece in The Wilderness and a Jellyfish in The Sewers. To find it simply wander around and you’ll eventually find Mafurako (the only NPC in this area, the girl in the muffler). Talking to her gives you Hat and Scarf, wakes you up, and gives you the “egg” for The Sewers.

There is also a Concept Art here on a bed (that you can’t sleep in), find it before ending the dream/talking to Mafurako unless you want to make a return trip. I have no easy way to find this unfortunately, Snow World is very hard to navigate.

This world’s only other area of note is the Igloo, which is a second way to access The Pink Sea, Poniko and Uboa. Finding the Igloo is difficult but traveling only south east tends to work (the area loops). It tends to be faster to race to the end of  The Docks if you need to get there, but it’s a neat addition of continuity with the original.

You can, once you have Hat and Scarf already, return here and equip the Hat and Scarf to become Snowman Madotsuki. It has no practical use, but is adorable.

The Locked Door Dream World

The locked door in The Nexus is the final area as you likely expected. You cannot open the door until an “egg” shows for every other door (other than Madotsuki’s door).

There is a Concept Art piece in the unlocked room left of the elevator, and another Concept Art Piece two doors past the first elevator, and also a circle of 3 Venus symbols. If you have every Jellyfish activated, you can activate this symbol which helps trigger the secret ending.

Otherwise, ride up the elevator and get the Rusky Key from one of the many doors (the only one that opens, it’s in the vent in the room), then it’s just a chase sequence away to get the normal ending.

Secret Ending

To obtain the secret ending you’ll first want to beat the game normally and view the ending, then reload your save. Spoilers from here on out of course.

Yume Nikki Dream Diary Gameplay/Story Spoilers

First you’ll need all effects, which is why this is easiest to do after beating the game, but it may not be required. Next you’re going to be collecting a Jellyfish in each World. You’ll know which worlds are done as they’ll show a Jellyfish in The Nexus by the door. Each world with an Egg will also need a Jellyfish to get this ending.

Street World

Just walk left from the start for the jellyfish, it’s that easy. Interact with it to collect it.

The Docks

The jellyfish is just to the left of the entrance; double jump with the Umbrella and float as far past the Fisherman as you can. You’ll land on a section of dock with the jellyfish. Pinch yourself to wake up to leave here. This section may be a reference to the isolated bit of The Docks that a Lunatic Toriningen would occasionally send you to in Yume Nikki.

The Mall

This one is in the third section of Mannequins after the slowly lowering gate you have to open. In the room with all the boxes there’s a secret passage above the door you came in through, it can be reached by double jumping. Next is a dark room full of mannequins (use the lantern), keep going left until you find the Rooftop key and an exit.

Use the Rooftop key in the storage room that’s in the first area of The Mall, it opens the door at the top of the elevator. Go left at the roof to hear a little easter egg; the Aztec Rave Monkey’s music. To the right is the Jellyfish.

The Wilderness

After trapping Shaggy Pac Man in the village and the doors all open, the jelly is in a house with a right-facing doorway on the left side of the middle street. It’s near several other open houses, directly up from the entrance to the town.

School World

The jelly is in the locked bathroom in the Regular School. Find the key in the Destroyed School using the Hamsa in a classroom with the Hamsa symbol written on a chalkboard.

The Sewers

Equip the hat and scarf and use the Umbrella to freeze the water, now head to the very bottom area. You can now reach a corridor filled with the red eyed doll monsters. Equipping the Uboa mask kills them, allowing you to walk through the maze freely and get the Jellyfish.

The Ending

With all jellies collected you’ll get an achievement. Now, go to Apartment World (the Locked Door). Like the regular ending, you’ll be in Madotsuki’s apartment again, then leave it to find yourself in Madotsuki’s apartment building’s hallway.

Go just past the elevator and check rooms until you find a room full of boxes (a Concept Art is here) and a strange circle of Venus Symbols (♀). Check the symbols then go to the roof with the Elevator.

Next, go left once on the roof and you’ll find another circle of ♀s. Activate that and you’ll wake up in Masada’s Spaceship.

Talk to Masada and he’ll play a sequence of notes. The notes you have to play back are Yellow, Pink, Green (Down Up Left or A Y X on an Xbox controller). He’ll require you to repeat it twice before opening the door. Then just go into the room and sleep in the bed.

The notes Masada plays aren’t actually notes you can play on the flute despite the sprites being shared, leading to much confusion. They’re 9 of the 12 notes in the song he plays before you talk to him: A-C-E, A-C-E, F-A-C. He leaves it to you to play the final 3 notes, G-B-D.

In theory it’s a cute way to tie in Madotsuki with his performance, and the player with the game’s soundtrack. In practice, most of us aren’t music majors so this may be totally lost on many of us.  Thanks to Liam Hynes in the comments for pointing this out!

Collectable Items


Yume Nikki Dream Diary has far fewer effects than the original Yume Nikki, though they all now have (comparatively) major gameplay impacts and are required to beat the game.

Dream Diary has a more story-focused progression now, so merely getting all effects does nothing and there is no “dropping” effects to finish the game (nor can you drop them at all).


Location: The Docks (Train Station)

Reveals hidden areas. Generally only needed when a glowing “hand” icon is present, so you’ll know when you need to use it. The Hamsa is not “dabbing” and you should feel bad for suggesting otherwise.


Location: Street World

Stab NPCs, killing them. Works on less characters than it did in Yume Nikki. Required to end the Street World dream, but you get it on the way anyway. Killing NPCs is generally optional but is occasionally needed for Achievements/collectables.


Location: The Mall (first area)

Play one of 4 notes. Required for various puzzles. Specific notes must be played in order for each puzzle, unlike it’s function in Yume Nikki.


Location: The Wilderness (Sky Garden)

Makes it ran when it’s out, and enables a double jump. Required for some late game platforming sections and to enter The School.


Location: The School (Destroyed School)

Lights up dark areas. Rarely useful and only does what it says on the tin, but still needed.

Gameplay Spoilers
Can be used to stop Mannequins even when the lights are out.


Game Cartridge

Play Super Nasu once in Madotsuki’s “awake” room. The cart does nothing, but it counts towards collectable items for an achievement.

10 Yen Coin

Obtained in the Docks, scattered around the first area. There are 10 total for 100 yen. Needed for the Blood Bag. No, you can’t get the 120 yen item in the vending machine.

Blood Bag

Purchased for 100 yen in The Docks. Used to get the Sad Fish from the Fisherman.

Sad Fish

Obtained in The Docks by giving the Fisherman the Blood Bag.

Dirty Game Cartridge

Obtained in the Forest section of The Docks if you have the Hamsa.

Death Glyph

Glyph acquired in The Wilderness (Sky Pyramid) area to access the Sky Garden.

Concept Art


Steam Achievement Guide

This is a complete list Yume Nikki Dream Diary’s Steam Achievements, listed in a likely order of completion. There are 23 achievements.

They’re pretty easy on the whole so a dedicated fan should easily be able to “100%” the game. It’ll take you about 4-5 hours to get most of them unless you get very lost getting Collectables or very stuck on Super Nasu high-score chasing.

Spoilers will be unmarked in this section because why else would you be reading it?

Optional Achievements

Video Games

Play Super Nasu, the video game in Madotsuki’s apartment (when awake).


Beat a level of the Ao Oni parody game after getting the Dirty Game Cartridge (I forget where this was for now?). Play this game in Madotsuki’s apartment (Dreaming).


Get the Hamsa effect in The Docks. It’s near a hand sign at the train station.


Watch the stars in the Sky Garden with the glowy head people.

Not So Innocent

Kill a Pirori in the Wilderness village with the Knife effect.


Play a game of tag with Monoko. Repeat Street World and go past where the dream ended last time to find her.


Find a hidden Jellyfish. There’s one in each world, though many can only be found around/after the end of the game.

Dream Layers

Find all the hidden Jellyfish, one in each World that has an Egg.

The Dream Goes On

Find all hidden jellyfish, then find the special symbol in Apartment World and view the secret ending with Masada.

Lucid Dreams

Get all collectable items, including concept art. Likely the hardest achievement you’ll work for.

Arcade Master

Score 5,000 points in Super Nasu. Play defensively and hold the fire button most of the time, letting it go when you need to move quickly. Eggplants restore half a heart, so they’re usually worth getting. It will take a few attempts to get this one for sure.

Story Achievements

These Achievements you’re guaranteed to get by completing the game

Was it… just a dream?

Complete the mini-dream at the very start.


Get the Knife effect in Street World.


Get the Light Effect in the School.


Get the Umbrella Effect in (?)

Deep Dream



Get the Flute effect in The Mall.


Kill Onsen-san at the end of Street World, causing Madotsuki to wake up.


Trap and tip over Tokuto-kun (the little blood bucket) in The Mall.


Reach the top of the Pyramid/Sky Garden after clearing The Wilderness.

Wake Up

Finish the game?

False Appearances

Play with the light switch in Poniko’s room after the

Inner Fears

Finish the game with the normal ending.


Spoilers and possibly non-canon theories beyond this point!

The Beginning
Dream Diary Story Spoilers, Yume nikki Ending Spoilers
The beginning dream of the game is a pretty blatant connection to the first game, where the ending sees Madotsuki jumping to her death.

In Yume Nikki Dream Diary, we see the blood splatter from the first game outside the apartment building, then see something (presumably Madotsuki falling (again, somehow) hit Madotsuki causing her to wake from her dream.

This seems to retcon the original game’s entry as just another one of Madotsuki’s dark dreams and that she still hasn’t left her apartment in all this time.

The Ending
Yume Nikki Dream Diary Ending Spoilers
The ending itself is even more blatant, the final chase is seen as Madotsuki overcoming her fears and actually leaving the apartment (without jumping to her death for once), giving the happy ending that admittedly many originally wished the original Yume Nikki had.

Various fan endings of Yume Nikki are similar in content.

The Secret Ending

The secret ending is the only particularly ambiguous part of the game’s “storyline”.

Yume Nikki Dream Diary Ending Spoilers
In contrast to the first ending, Madotsuki ends up on Masada’s spaceship (or Sentimental Komuro Michael Sakamoto Dada-sensei if you prefer the original Japanese mouthful name).

After playing along with his music, Madotsuki sleeps in the bed on the spaceship, and the credits roll. This seems to indicate Madotsuki has chosen to continue to dream, but perhaps in a safer and more lighthearted manner. The Achievement text “The Dream Goes On (It’s so cozy)” alludes to this.

Gender Themes

Not entirely sure I buy this was intentional myself, but on reddit /u/AestheticGamer puts forth an interesting theory.


The original game – Which should be played first in case you haven’t.

Yume Nikki Wiki – A comprehensive wiki for the original game.

Yume Nikki Fangame Wiki – A site to find info on and download various Yume Nikki fan games (most of which are more true to the core of Yume Nikki than Dream Diary is, cough)

100% completion info on steam – Still working to integrate this info into the guide, and the people here are very helpful!

Bug Reports – The game seems to have many bugs and I can’t personally help with that. Report ’em on Steam at this link.

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19 thoughts on “Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- Guide”

  1. Okay, *how* do you use the glyphs though? What order do you have to set them down in or where is the hint for what the glyphs on the pillars mean?

    1. Walk forward and a scene should happen and end the dream. If you’re completely stuck it’s probably a bug, I think I’ve heard of a bug in that room. There’s no puzzle or anything.

        1. Strange, first time or a revisit? Haven’t had the bug myself. Make sure it’s up to date too, they fixed a lot of bugs, unsure if this one is included

    1. Do all the other dreams first, then there’s a couple left in The Wilderness. I’ll have to review my footage to find the exact locations but one’s just in the desert near the station and one you have to do some flute puzzle garbage

    1. It’s in the end of The Wilderness after using the 4 plates, basically don’t worry about it, you can’t get it until beating *everything* else in the game at that point. Finish everything but the wilderness, then the wilderness, then the school.

  2. Thanks so much for making this wonderful guide so early in this game’s existence! Without it I probably never would have been able to find the secret ending. I just have one small correction to offer: the notes you have to play back to Masada-sensei actually AREN’T unrelated to what he plays, although anyone would be forgiven for thinking so. They are in fact the final three notes of the twelve-note loop that he’s been playing to himself before you talk to him (and that twelve-note loop is, of course, the ending music from the original game). When you talk to him, he turns around and loudly declaims the first nine: A-C-E, A-C-E, F-A-C… and then it’s left to you to produce the final G-B-D, which just so happen to be three of the four notes available on the game’s flute–it’s a nice little way of linking the flute effect to a piece in the game’s soundtrack, though at the (rather steep) cost of being extremely confusing to all players who happen not to be music theory nerds. It also doesn’t help at all that when he sings his nine notes to you (none of which, other than C, can be played on your flute), the game still displays the little note symbols that are the same as the ones that appear when you play the flute, creating a massively false lead.

    1. Oh dang, that explains a lot! …I can’t believe they thought the average person would figure that out other than brute force (even brute force is frustrating because you have to talk to him between each attempt.) I was also super confused by the notes he plays looking like your notes, I think I did notice my notes sound different, but didn’t think much of it. I’ll update that bit of the guide.

      And glad to help!

  3. Please feel free to ask questions! Most of what’s important should be there, but I’ve done everything except get every last Concept Art, so I can answer questions and finish the rest soon.

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