Fan Art: Good Night Cheetah Mobile by MobndePurple

This fan art is from from @mondepurple, thanks a lot! It’s sort of celebrating AbyssRium switching publishers form Cheetah Mobile to Flero Games, hoping the transition does some good.

Here’s a version with background:

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Flero Games announces “Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Pole” a new Idle Game

Flero Games recently acquired Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium, and they’ve now announced a second game will be created: Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Pole. I had hoped the acquisition would be a good time to chop off the clumsy “Tap Tap Fish” from the title, but apparently not (and no, the game is not in any way related to SirTapTap).

There’s very little information about the game yet, but iOS and Android app store pre-registrations are open. According to the iOS store page it’s expected very early December 2019, though this could be a flexible placeholder.

The press release is short on gameplay details and what is included makes it sound like the game may play exactly like the first AbyssRium so far, just in a different location but with many of the same fish. The best look into the game is the brief 15 second teaser below.

Hopefully the new game will address many of the complaints the game has accrued since Cheetah Mobile bought it, including arduous events and many bugs.Flero games recently acquired AbyssRium from Cheetah Mobile, though Cheetah Mobile is still publishing the game in China. There still seems to be no new word on the Nintendo Switch version of the original AbyssRium, which Flero Games was originally supposed to develop. With Flero acquiring the game outright, perhaps there will be more news on that front soon.

As you might expect from the creator of the biggest AbyssRium guide, I’ll be checking out the game myself whenever it launches and make some guides to help players!

Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Halloween Tank Event Guide (2019)

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Halloween Tank Event information. Updated for 2019! See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!


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2019-11-05: A patch added Halloween-themed Expand items to the Main tank, along with the Greek Event. If you don’t have the greek event update yet you won’t see it.

2019-10-18: A patch was released that fixed a vitality curve issue in the halloween event to make the event easier, and reduced the 2019 Jellyfish and Seahorse requirements. The guide has been updated to reflect this.

2019-10-15: All new halloween event hidden fish found! They’re in a pretty nice table, I might fancy up the older hidden fish into tables later on. Video Guide added.

2019-10-14: Get s p o o k e d the update is releasing on slow rollout! See the new fish here. There’s also a new set of “hiding fish” in the space event.

BTW, for those having trouble with Facebook cloud saves or trying to transfer saves between Android and iOS (either way), check this reddit post out.

It is a slow rollout and will take you a while to get. Despite literally every single update AbyssRium has ever done rolling out in the same (stupid) fashion I still get spammed every time it updates about this. Please don’t ask about it.

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The Club Guide: Secrets in Crows Crows Crows’ TheClub.Zone

So The Club launched a month ago, and just got it’s “Season 2” update a few days ago! The game has a Dark Secret and some generally confusing aspects, so I thought I’d make a little guide for it! If you like free games like The Club, check out Free Points, my feature of free games worth your time!

Generally, The Club is as advertised; a “music listening/clubbing” MMO; you see other players with randomized names and avatars and can run around, listening to music either by the game’s creators, or submitted by players via The Club Sample Pack.  But there is also a Dark Secret in this game…

If you have reached the end of the Over 18 Door please contact me! If you have footage or images of what’s at the end I would absolutely love to have it. I haven’t managed to reach it myself nor has seemingly anyone else. OBS is a great recorder if you want to try and capture it yourself. Leave any info on the matter in the comments!

The Club Game Info

Developer: Crows Crows Crows
Twitter: @Crowsx3
Genre: Comedy/Club Simulator/MMO
Platform: Any web browser with a keyboard (not mobile)

How To Play The Club

First mosey on down to TheClub.Zone. Controls are basic WASD to move around, mouse to look, space to jump. T opens the Talk menu, C repeats dialog, F toggles fullscreen. The game can be played in any modern web browser on just about any hardware.

I recommend exploring a bit since there’s some fun and easy to find “secrets”, and some…not easy to find secrets we’ll detail more below!


There’s a “developer’s commentary” presented in-character from The Club’s CEO, be sure to play it while you play the first time for fun. It’s just below the game window on the club zone website.

Club Level

Initially appearing to be pointless, Club Level increases once per minute in the game. Club Level actually has a purpose, it determines whether you can enter the door marked “No Under 18” or, for the purpose of this guide, the Over 18 Door.

See the Bugs section below for an extremely useful exploit regarding club level.

Change Characters

Go into the bathroom (hang a right after the staircase to the club floor) to find a mirror, and a mystery tunnel. Go into the animated mystery tunnel of sparkles and eventually you’ll fall through the floor in front of the mirror again, and your player name and avatar will be different. Your level and everything else in the game is unaffected. You can repeat this as much as you like.


Press T to open the Talking menu, you can only use pre-selected phrases that are more for humor than communication, but that’s the game isn’t it? Press C outside of the talking menu to repeat/spam the last selected message as much as you want.


The game has “seasons”, adding character names, avatars, more music of course, more text lines etc. Sign up for the crowscrowscrows newsletter to be notified of updates, or just to see their famously surreal newsletters.

Ghosts vs Skeletons!

The Halloween update changed the posters and everything, added ghosts and skeletons, and added two new areas. For posterity, here’s a livestream from when it was new to see the fun:

You become a ghost/skeleton by dying; either in the +18 room, or via the new chute right next to the starting hallway to your left. Just fall in the hole to die and become a ghost or skellie. Note that using the mirror to change your appearance will turn you “human” again and remove your undead powers; the only way to see the different avatars/names for skels/ghosts is to die and retry.

Being a ghost/skeleton also changes your dialog options; try them out! They also change gameplay to make the +18 door a bit easier (but no less buggy or frustrating). If you die in +18 as undead, you still die and become a different ghost/skeleton and lose your levels.

Ghosts can jump a bit higher and float slowly down. They can also go through the Ghosts Only door to the right of the stage, and through the Ghost Wall on the second floor also to the right.

Skeletons jump much higher and can reach the bone zone Skeleton Room at the very top of the club from the catwalk.

Secrets In The Club

Abandon all hope ye who enter here; spoilers ahead!

Can Names

Not much of a secret, but be sure to read all the text in the game, especially the posters and pop can labels. Some are pretty funny.

Big Red Button

Going up the right staircase, there’s a catwalk path leading to a button. Tantalizingly, it makes a pressing sound when clicked with the mouse. Less tantalizing, I don’t know what it does, if anything. Leave a comment if you’ve found anything!

Over 18 Door

To camera left of the throne in The Club, there’s a door marked with a “No Entry Under 18”, which we’ll call the Over 18 Door. The door seems impassible, but it becomes permeable the moment you hit Club Level 18!

Beyond the door lies a dreadful platforming challenge. You lose your club level if you fall off the path, meaning you can only try every 18 minutes (unless you achieve the exploit listed below in the bugs section!).

First you have to jump along the clouds, avoiding the black ones; those kill you. Ignore the path to the left of the start of the cloud trail; there’s just an NPC that tells you to avoid the black ones. I already did that.

Watch out for moving clouds; you will NOT automatically move with the cloud, and have to walk constantly to keep your position! The jumping here is very tricky, and almost all players are sure to give up. Don’t feel bad, it’s totally unfair.

over 18 door crows crows crows the club

If you get to the end of the first set of clouds, you’ll get a fun little quiz that would make you ragequit if you weren’t reading this guide. Or maybe you already did. Anyway, I have the answer!

The answer for the current riddle is there’s 112 tiles in the bathroom, or the leftmost cloud. The riddle appears to change each season, so it may be different in the future. Next hop up some simple spires and you’re greeted with a swinging ball bridge.

I haven’t gotten past the swinging balls yet, but the best hint I can tell you is that there appears to be no safe space between them. Once you see and opening in the swings and start, just keep running.

There’s several more jumping puzzles past this unfortunately. Again, if you have gotten past this segment, please leave a comment, email me, or tweet at me! I’d love video or even photo evidence of what’s beyond (and your skills/luck!).


Infinite Tries At Over 18 Door

We’re having trouble reproducing this! If you have any info on this bug let us know!

The Over 18 door is incredibly unfair, but this bug at least removes the 18 minute wait between attempts! It’s an exploit, sure, and it might be patched at any time, but in the meantime, this is the most sane way to attempt the Over 18 Door. Don’t worry; it’s still very insane. Just less!

If you leave the game open long enough, as I did when I left it open overnight on accident, the game will glitch out and fail to remove your Club Level when you die. This also prevents all the multiplayer features and such from working but does not, as far as we’ve seen, affect the Over 18 Door.

For me the game stuck at Club Level 372. I’m not sure if it always glitches out like this at that level or not. It’s possible it’s just a long amount of time, or a network disconnection instead.

Be warned I don’t know if this always works, but I have at least one person attempting it right now. Leave info in the comments if you find anything new that does/doesn’t work with this bug!

Jumping Bug

Infuriatingly, sometimes when you jump you’ll hop half a centimeter instead of a proper jump. This bug alone makes the Over 18 Door path nearly impossible. Nothing so far has been able to fix it. Hopefully Crows Crows Crows fix it.

Clipping Bugs

Not so much bugs as oversights, various parts of The Club aren’t programmed to have collision, so if you jump into certain spots, you “phase” into the wall. More fun than anything, poke around in places you feel the devs didn’t want you to go, and you might go inside a wall! A fun place for this is the red button at the top of the club.

Video Playthrough

I played the game on my Twitch, here’s the archive!

We see allllmost all the content available here, except for the ultimate part of the Over 18 door. Some day…

Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Space Event All Hidden Fish Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the 2019 Space Event formation. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events. Fun Space Event fact: this event was ‘teased’ in a glitch in the game two years ago! 

Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)! Support me on Patreon to help me keep making helpful guides! Paypal also accepted.


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2019-10-14: New Hiding Fish added (GROAN), the Space Event appears to be extended until the end of October at the least. Halloween Tank updated.

Video guide live!

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Pokemon Masters Review (Soft Launch)

Pokemon Masters is out—kinda. There’s a limited soft-launch in Singapore and soon™ Canada, but eager superfans are already playing in other territories via VPNs and the usual tricks. Here you’ll find my evaluation of the game in its current, early state as I’ve completed all the content currently on offer and talked the game over with many other direly impatient Pokemon fans. My efforts to keep things simple has failed—so be ready for a fairly complete look at what the game is like today!

If you wish to play the game or just read up on how it all works in detail, I also have a Pokemon Masters guide on this here site or you can pop in our Discord server to chat about the game!

Editor’s Note: The game’s full release is upon us! The final release fixes a couple of bugs, changes gem prices slightly, adds 5 free trainers to the roster, and has a minor intro event with some similarly minor rewards. It’s nothing that really affects my judgement of the game, so I’ll be leaving the rest of the review as-is.

What Is Pokemon Masters?

Pokemon Masters is perhaps a Gachapon Mobage-style mobile game first, and a Pokemon game second. I don’t mean this in a bad way, but rather I mean that this game was clearly designed to reinforce its goal of being an accessible, stand-alone mobile title before all else. A few tried-and-true Pokemon design choices and rules have been left behind in this process—which occasionally makes things a little confusing for long-time players.

Instead of catching Pokemon, this time around you’re “scouting” for Sync Pairs; a Trainer and Pokemon pair that you actually use to battle. All battles are 3v3 in Pokemon Masters, so you can choose 3 trainers and their Pokemon . Sync Pairs aren’t like normal Pokemon ; not all unevolved Pokemon can evolve to their final form, and Types are tied more to Trainer than they are to the Pokemon; most dual type Pokemon are single type, all pokemon only have a single weakness, and resistances and immunities don’t generally exist.

janine & Ariados pokemon masters
Yep, it’s Gachapon

Pokemons’ Stat growth and Base Power for Moves are also freely re-balanced, moves are tied to a Sync Pair and can’t be changed. There’s no IVs (thank Arceus) or EVs, level 100 is level 100. It’s a drastic overhaul but mostly results in a smoother, simpler experience still largely recognizable as Pokemon. It also offers a balance setup more similar to the usual mobile gachapon-fests; a Treecko can be stronger than a Serperior because they say so, that’s why.

There’s no PVP (possibly a blessing due to power creep and other pay to win nonsense common to these games), but there is co-op play unlocked after beating most of the main story.

3v3? Yeah, You Know Me

pokemon masters combat
Ingame battle

The best thing about the game is definitely the battle format. It’s close to a mix of Rotation and Triple Battles from the main series, but all Pokemon can be hit and target other Pokemon at once; nothing only targets “adjacent” creatures. Pokemon’s moves  charge in “real time” but attacks are still cued up for an almost-turn-based battle closer to Final Fantasy’s famous ATB system.

The 3 Pokemon simultaneous match up offers strategic possibilities beyond the usual on-on-one fights, without the more time intensive complications of a full team 6 versus 6 one-at-a-time style of traditional Pokemon . And more importantly, many new “Trainer Moves” were added to the game with the 3v3 format in mind, adding many buffs that hit the whole party. Skills like this are pretty rare in the mainline games.

As a long-time Pokemon fan it does bother me just how much the AI cheats though; in the mainline games you’re always fighting “real” Pokemon that you could have on your own team right down to the moves and stats. In Pokemon Masters however, enemy Sync Pairs have extremely overpowered Sync Moves (but charge them much more slowly than you usually do) that hit the whole team and often include a Haze effect to remove your buffs. It’s something that would be fun for raid bosses, but feels excessive and cheap in regular battles. It really reduces the feeling of fair competition that’s very big in Pokemon, both in gameplay and story.

All in all I really enjoy the new format, and I really hope Pokemon Sword and Shield will offer a variation of it for play. Addition of online co-op battles to Pokemon is also very welcome. I’ve often wished I could play Battle Tree etc. in Co-op, but only local play has been offered so far, and the peak of having local friends with the latest Pokemon release was grade school for me.

Little Story, Lots of Personality

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Pokemon Masters Guide, Strategy & All Sync Pairs List

Pokemon Masters is a new mobile Pokemon gashapon RPG, out now worldwide for iOS and Android! In this Pokemon Masters Guide you’ll find strategy, gameplay, and Sync Pair information, as well as common questions about the game.

Though this guide was created during the location test, I’ve confirmed nothing has changed (except IAP prices and some new units) so consider it fully up to date for launch! Feel free to ask questions or contribute information in the comments, discus the game in our Discord server, or add to our Sync Pair Spreadsheet!

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You can support me and my guides monthly on Patreon (and score some rewards like cute cat pictures)! The more I earn the more time I can spend on improving guides like this. My PayPal is a thing too if you can’t do monthly subscriptions.


Pokemon Masters Game Info

Title: Pokemon Masters
Platform: Android, iOS 
Language: English, Japanese
Release date: 2019-08-28
Developer: DeNA Co. Ltd.
Publisher: Pokemon Company
Price: F2P with microtransactions and gachapon
File Size: 1.33 GB fully installed
Genre: 3v3 Gachapon real-time RPG


Rock Type Training


Guaranteed 5 Star Scout

This is bait, IMO. It’s paid gem only, and for the 3000 paid gems to get 10 units + 1 5 star, you could have pulled 30 free daily sync pairs instead (expected value 2.1 5 star units).

Launch Celebration Special Rally

Dates: 2019-08-29 through 2019-10-16

A basic event, you simply need to win 5 Co-Op battles and complete Story Mode to earn rewards. Completing all missions gets you 10 Big Pearls. Should be very easy to complete, if minimally rewarding.

There are no Event stages in Explore nor Event Exchanges in the shop.

Pokemon Masters FAQ

Where Are Gym Leader Notes?

To get your first Gym Leader Notes, fight Hard mode of any Co-Op story mode stage, after Chapter 11. Single player will not work.

Very Hard Supercourses drop them too, but they’re vastly harder and ideally require level 90+ pokemon. Supercourses are the best way to get them after you have 1-3 pokemon Max Level Capped.

How Do I Evolve (Pokemon)?

If you’re asking, odds are you can’t. The great majority of Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters simply do not evolve. A rare few do, including free characters Rosa and Barry, and other units in the Gachapon noted with an icon. Get your pokemon above level 35 (stage 1) or 50 (stage 2) to see if it evolves. If no Sync Story unlocks for evolution, that pokemon does not evolve, ever.

Note that Evolution Stones are very rare and consider not evolving pokemon you may never use, contrary as that may be to Pokemon instincts. Since Launch they increased the cost of evolving, making it extremely prohibitive.

Where are Red and Blue?

Not in the game yet. Blue will have a Gachapon banner starting september 4th. Red is currently MIA but will surely be added in the future, as well most famous trainers. These games always release favorites slowly to keep people interested.

How Do I Get Star Power Ups?

Star Power Ups are the items that raise a character from 3* to 5* etc. But they’re effectively not in the game at least for now. You can only get them by pulling 6+ of the same unit from the gachapon, a feat that would cost several hundred dollars bare minimum, probably over $1000 total.

Hopefully they’ll be event items eventually, they effectively do not exist at present.

How do I complete “Getting Stronger With Gear”?

Beat Chapter 18 Co-Op hard mode to unlock the gear feature, and the Very Hard stages of Co-Op.

Why Am I so Weak!

If you’re neglecting Training Courses you’re going to be extremely underleveled and behind on Move/Level Cap items. They’re your ticket to grinding. If you haven’t completed the story yet, there’s also probably multiple features you haven’t unlocked yet.

How Does Pokemon Masters play?

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Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Anniversary Party Tank All Hidden Fish Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Anniversary Party Tank Event formation. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!

Note the 4th Anniversary Event is different from this! See that link for the guide for those fish.

Support me on Patreon to help me keep making helpful guides! Paypal also accepted.

I live streamed the event recently, archive here:


2019-09-09: Space Event is live, guide here!

2019-07-17: Video guide!

2019-07-16: All fish found, happy fish…ing!

2019-07-15: Event just now out for randomly selected devices. I do not have it yet so info is limited. WIP as I add info

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Muse Dash Guide: Anime Rhythm Game for Switch, PC & Mobile All Costumes Unlocks

Muse Dash just launched on Nintendo Switch and Steam! It’s a surprisingly great Rhythm game (that even I can enjoy!) so I thought I’d share some useful information about the game in a guide! As always, feel free to comment below to add any tips, ask any questions, or just share what you think of the game!

Note of course this is a rhythm game and doing well mostly depends on your own skill. I can’t really give hands-on rhythm tutorials, so this focuses mostly on the objective informational side of the game.

I’m streaming Muse Dash tonight!

Muse Dash Game Info

Title: Muse Dash
Platform: iOS, Android, PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch
Language: Japanese/English
Release date: 2018-06-15 (Mobile), 2019-06-20 (PC/console)
Developer: Pero Pero Games
Price: $1 (iOS), $1.50 (Android) $3 (Steam), $30 (Nintendo Switch, all DLC included)
Season Pass DLC price: $30  (Steam), $21 (mobile)
File Size: ~600MB
Genre: Music/Rhythm Game

Muse Dash Version Differences

The versions of Muse Dash are slightly different, most notably the Mobile versions are a bit different from the PC and Switch versions.

  • Mobile versions have an option to manually trigger Fever. Oddly, the Switch version lacks this for now.
  • Switch version has separate Leaderboards
  • DLC varies by platform, same content, different distributions:
    • The Nintendo Switch version has no DLC and is sold as a single item
    • The PC Version is sold as a cheap base game with a single DLC unit of the current mobile DLC
    • The mobile version sells DLC piecemeal
  • Title Screen is different on Mobile and PC/Switch with unique art for each
  • Mobile versions include Cloud Save with Facebook, Google Play/iCloud, and XD account
    • The Steam version can import your score/progress from mobile; the Switch version cannot.
  • Mobile versions show X/100 progress on the level up bar, console versions only show a bar. XP per level is still the same.

The Switch version does not have DLC, all tracks are included in the base price.

The Steam version has a single DLC, which will include all future tracks in the single purchase price.

The Mobile version has piecemeal DLC or you can buy the same Season Pass as Steam, which gives all future packs for free.

I recommend getting the season pass if you like the game, it’s the best deal since you get future stuff free.

Which Version Is Best?

If you want to play on multiple platforms, Steam + Mobile is the best combo. Mobile is the native platform and lets you manually control Fever. If you already have it on Mobile and want to keep your progress but play with a controller, get Steam as Switch doesn’t have account import.

However the Switch version is the simplest, most complete way to get the game at once and offers nice control options, while still being portable and allowing touch and TV play. The only major downsides are the lack of manual fever (patch please!) and the lack of account connection. Switch version will get free DLC updates.

Muse Dash Quick Start Tips

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