Livestream Schedule

Sir TapTap
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Where I Stream

I stream to multiple sites at the same time via and I show the chat onstream, so people in any chat can respond (with a bit of delay) to anyone else. Thus I also read and respond to any chat, so use whatever site you prefer. Here’s where I stream and the reasons you may prefer them:

Youtube/Youtube Gaming – DVR (seek backward) functionality, usually the most active chat. – Lowest Latency (<5 seconds!), best for chat.

Twitch – Users complain the most when I link the other two instead.

Youtube embed (with countdown if available!)


When I stream

If I have not broken anything, here’s a calendar with my planned Streams. Be sure to follow especially on Youtube, as I schedule streams on Youtube too. Other sites will send notifications whenever I go live.

Streams will almost always be at 6 PM Central (11 PM UTC), occasionally earlier streams on the weekends.

Support The Stream

I’m not partnered on Twitch on Beam yet, but you can always Support my Patreon instead for the rewards listed there and just to support me. Remember that Patreon means way more of that money actually goes to me than Twitch subscriptions do anyway!

How I Stream

See Tools if you’re curious what I use for whatever.