Commission: Bunny Nath by @mi3li!

It’s Nath time again, this time I got an adorable commission from @mi3li. It turned out great, I wanted to see her in something cute! (Yeah, I went bunny suit again, it’s a classic.) I also got a TapTap Avatar from them! If you have a 100% Orange Juice addition too, make sure to join our Discord Server to coordinate games with us!

Most Nath fan art seems to go without prosthetics for whatever reason, so I asked for a version of that too:

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Commission: Bunny Suit Nath Chibi by Kinoglossia

Wasn’t expecting this one so fast! I commissioned Chen aka @kinoglossia a bunbun chibi Nath¬†from 100% Orange Juice!

We’ve been playing 100% OJ a lot in our Discord Server and I ended up liking Nath a ton (I blame Coffgirl and Mythology). I ordered up two versions, one with more realistic prostheses (Nath lost her arms) and one with the Extension weapons Nath starts with ingame, and they came out great!

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