Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Pole – Hidden Fish & Gameplay Guide

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Pole is the newest AbyssRium series game, so here’s a guide to find Hidden Creature Unlocks and other gameplay information! Come chat about the game in our Discord and check out my Ko-Fi!

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2021-05-10: There’s nothing of interest left in this game and this guide won’t be updated any longer.

2020-09-10: AbyssRium World is out, guide out.

2020-08-27: Summer Festival Event guide is out.

2020-07-25: Greek Myth event out. Fish/Creatures are now called “Friends” (not food). 3 new Penguins, Explorer Penguin, Detective Penguin, Bear Hat Penguin (hidden).

2020-06-29: The Tropical…? Theme Event is live! Guide up.

2020-05-27: The Ancient Egypt event is live, guide up.

2020-04-26: Temperate Forest Event is live! Guide is up with most info.

2020-03-12: They randomly changed a ton of unlocks again.

2020-02-25: New video guide for the new fish.

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