AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish Guide, Unlocks, & All Fish

AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish is officially out! Come chat about the game in our Discord. Unfortunately, there are no Hidden Fish or secrets, more or less. I miss searching out all the secrets but the devs don’t seem to care about that stuff.

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AbyssRium World Game Info

Title: AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish
Platform: Android & iOS
Language: English, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), Spanish, German, Indonesian, Japanese, French, Korean, Russian
Release date: 2020-09-10
Developer: Flero Games
Price: Free to Play with ads and IAP
Genre: Aquarium Management Simulator
Filesize: >314 MB
Cloud Save: Yes, Google Play Games, iOS Game Center, and Facebook
Always Online: Yes.
Gambling element: Yes, countless Gachapons internally
Battery Drain: Very high
Data Usage: Moderate (No ads) to High (watching ads) Continue reading “AbyssRium World: Tap Tap Fish Guide, Unlocks, & All Fish”