AbyssRium Theme Update

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Abyssrium updated today, and while I updated my guide to have all this info, I thought I might post a more concise article since it’s a lot of info to skim. All updates will always go to the main guide, but if there’s a significant update I might also post little one off articles like this.


Themes for Coralite, Coral and background have been added; click the new Palette icon between Photo and Menu (Cardboard VR for Android is now under the Camera menu).

It’s mostly a way for them to give you more reason to spend gems, but a few items in every category are free, and all the Halloween visual effects were converted into themes for you to use.

All theme options have previews so you can see what it looks like before buying. If it doesn’t cost gems, it’s actually free once you’ve met the condition.

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AbyssRium (Tap Tap Fish) Hidden Fish & Gameplay Tips Guide (Spring Event!)

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This contains all current hidden fish in AbyssRium for iOS and Android, and their unlocking requirements. I keep it up to date, see the below sections for both guide updates and info on official game updates like new fish. For the uninitiated, the app was eventually changed from “AbyssRium” to “Tap Tap Fish”, I do what I can to keep this page discoverable for people using the new name, but I will always use “AbyssRium” to refer to the game when possible.

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Is Abyssrium Worth Playing?

Well, you can now watch my review of AbyssRium to find out. (But obviously I didn’t make this whole guide because I hate it, now did I.)

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