Potion Maker Guide

Last updated on May 22nd, 2017 at 11:34 am

Potion Maker is a hard game to describe, something like a very simple Item Shop management game mixed with a Clicker game but without the Idle aspect. Potion Maker is available for iOS and Android. Here you’ll find info on how to make the most of what Potion Makerย gives you, unlock the unlockables, and perform the best you can in the time-limited Events.

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2017-05-15: Pushcat Runaway event!


Potion Maker has Events that happen about twice a month and have special Requests, as well as unique conditions to earn up to two special outfits for one of the characters.

Generally events cycle so there’s one event for Pio outfits then one for Tia outfits. The Event Requests can be completed with either character and should be considered a very high priority as they unlock extremely good rewards, such as tons of Likeability and event-exclusive fairies. Try to take on every request you possibly can.

Current Event – Pushcat Runaway!

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