Makai Wars English Guide, Character Info, & Translations

Makai Wars (魔界ウォーズ ) released on Android and iOS (in Japan only)  in February and as a huge fan of Disgaea I started a guide to both get you started quickly despite the language barrier and also detail the more intricate details that are harder to understand without knowing Japanese. The guide will be expanded over time as new info comes in. As always, you can donate to my Patreon to support my guides!

Makai Wars is a simplified Strategy Roleplaying Game much like Disgaea (and half of NIS’ other games), and it’s Asagi’s very own game! For real this time! No really, stop laughing!

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Guide Updates
Current Events

Updated 2018-06-29

Female Laharl vs Lanzarote

This  is a bit more complicated than most; it’s basically a combination of the “points raid” and “voting raid” events from the past.

First, complete the Female Laharl/Rota event in SP quest, which will give minor rewards (no repeating rewards), and unlock the two voting SP quests.

Then you’ll unlock separate Female Laharl and Lanzarote (unique light archer) voting events. Both of these events have point goals, so be sure to grind both for the point rewards. After unlocking the final point reward for both, you can focus on just the one you want to vote for (not that it likely matters). Both only give Lanza stones, so don’t vote for female Laharl expecting her stones.

Unlike past score events, the amount of points does not compound (and the required points are thus lowered). Just repeat the last stage to get the most “votes” and stones. Rewards go up to 500,000 points, which will take quite a while, with extra rewards unlocking after collecting 74,000 points.

Sometimes during the third stage voting quests, Lanza or Laharl will show up, making the quest a bit harder and dropping some Lanzarote stones. You can get 1-10 Lanza stones per run. You can get a max of +6 Lanza from stones, after which the game stops giving her Stones. Beyond this point you’ll need to provide your own rainbow stones presumably.

Lanzarote is a unique character, still a 2* and basically a Light Archer, but she is only available in this event (for now). You can Awaken Lanza beyond +1 with this  with enough grinding in this event, and she only needs 50 stones per level. Archers are particularly good 2* units due to powerful active skills with extremely low cooldowns, so it could be worth farming for.


Active Banners

Mao/Majorita/Judas, Female Laharl/Sicily/Buff Anubis

Banners are boosted gachapon rates when selecting a certain ad banner on the gacha screen. The gacha without a timer is the “normal” one and never has boosted rates. Instead, the normal one shows the characters most recently added to the normal pool.

What The Heck Is Makai Wars?

Makai Wars is a long-running gag in the Disgaea/NIS community. Originally it was announced as a PSP game for E3 2004 and Asagi was to be the protagonist. It was a no-show. It was later re-announced as a PS3 game, which also never materialized.

Since then Asagi has shown up in a majority of NIS tactical games making cameo appearances, usually searching for her game, Makai Wars. She even got a full “Asagi Mode” side story in Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood (yes that’s a real title).

Finally, in the fateful year of our Overlord 2018, Makai Wars is a real thing and Asagi didn’t lie about it being her game; though it’s basically a Disgaea spinoff title featuring her. It’s a mini-SRPG playing like a simplified version of many of NIS’s other titles, specifically Disgaea.

Game Info

Title: 魔界ウォーズ (Makai Wars)
Platform: Android & iOS
Language: Japanese
Release date: 2018-02-15 (Android)
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software and Clover Lab
Price: Free with IAP/Gachapon
Genre: SRPG
Filesize: 520MB (installed and updated)
Always Online: Yes, persistent internet connection required
Gambling element: Yes (standard character Gachapon a la FateGO etc)
Battery Drain: High

If you’re just curious and not curious enough to download a Japanese app, you can see some standard gameplay of the game here:

Timed Events 

Banner Gachapon: Valvatorez, Artina, Fuka 

Ends: 2018-05-16

Banners have a roughly 50% chance for a 3* pulled in the gacha to be one of the listed characters. Odds of getting a 3* are still 8%, and the more characters in a banner the less likely getting any specific character is.  Remember 10 pulls have no benefits in Makai Wars, so there’s no need to “save up” 3,000 rubies before doing a banner/any gacha in the game.

Also note the “banner” without a time limit is the normal gachapon. New characters are listed on the normal gachapon’s banner image, but these characters do not have a raised occurrence chance.

Current Timed Events
Beryl Solo Raid 

Level Completion Rewards 50 Rubies, 50 Rubies, 50 Rubies, 100 Rubies

Total Score Rewards: 30,000 Hell, 30,000 Mana, 1 Evo Vial (M), 300 Rubies, 1 Red Orb

Earn score by beating levels, repeat the final level to get ever-increasing amounts of points.

To beat the raid just auto fight the last level on repeat and it should come pretty quickly (it’s pretty easy, low level teams welcome). You get the items immediately upon reaching the threshold unlike the April Fool’s event. 

Mao Event

Level completion rewards: 50 Rubies, 3 Evo Vial (S), 50 Rubies, 2 Evo Vial (M), 100 Rubies, 100 Rubies, 1 Blue Orb

Past Events
Makai Kingdom Event

Ends: May 1st

There’s a lot of stuff for the Makai Kingdom Event! A 15 day long “grind” event where you can get Zetta (Book), a free normal Gachapon pull a day (10 times), a new Background for the duration of the event, and a Banner Gachapon for Zetta (Overlord), Petta, and Pram.

Event SP Quest Rewards: 5x Dark Vial (M), 10 Zetta (Book) stones, 3 Evo Vials (M),  10 Zetta (Book) stones, 300 Rubies, 10 Zetta (Book) stones
Last two SP Quest missions drop Zetta (Book) stones randomly, 4 for second to last.

The final level of the event is even harder than Usalia’s, so work hard! It’s best to grind the second to last (15 AP) stage for Stones instead due to the extreme difficulty of the last one.

Valvatorez Event

There’s an event with Valvatorez and some Ragna Quest character, but don’t get too excited as it doesn’t give summon stones/tickets for either character. It just gives some “premium” items when certain levels are cleared the first time. So just play every level once to get all the rewards (repeats give nothing) and move on.

Rewards: 3 S Evo potions, 2 M Evo potions, 50 Rubies, 100 Rubies, 1 L Evo potion, 50 Rubies, 1 Passive Skill orb

Makai Wars Quickstart Guide

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