Food Fantasy Guide, Quick Tips, & All Recipes

Food Fantasy just released for iOS and Android, a surprisingly complex and well-produced RPG/Restaurant Simulator. I’ve been impressed with it so I decided to start collecting info to help other players, especially in light of how complicated it is.

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This guide is a Work In Progress (Food Fantasy just came out after all), but as always feel free to ask questions, share info, or just chat about Food Fantasy in the Comments below! I’ll be updating as I play and figure things out.

Game Info

Title: Food Fantasy
Platform: Android & iOS
Language: Japanese, English
Release date: 2018-07-24
Developer: Elex
Price: Free with IAP/Gachapon. No ads.
Genre: JRPG/Restaurant Simulator
Filesize: 1.3GB (installed and updated)
Always Online: Yes, persistent internet connection required
Gambling element: Yes (standard character Gachapon a la FateGO etc)
Battery Drain: High



Current time-limited events for Food Fantasy are announced when you open the game, and can be confirmed from the Events tab on the main menu (simple enough).


2018-08-15 to 2018-08-23

You have 8 days to complete 4 sets of daily missions to get a special Tangyuan skin: Bountiful Gold. You’ll unlock the skin even if you don’t have Tangyuan. Some missions aren’t possible at extremely low player levels, so level up fast if you just started.

The daily missions (at least for day one) are easy, here they are:

  • Enter Catacombs twice
  • Use experience potions (any kind) 5 times in Food Souls menu
  • Complete 2 Public Orders (the red orders that appear 3 times a day). Doesn’t have to be with the perfect chest bonus.
  • Complete Replenish missions under Trials 3 times
  • Complete Airship once
  • Clear 5 Rubes from Restaurants
    • Use the Friends tab in Restaurant to find friends with rubes (the ghost in the chef hat) to clear. You can clear 10 for free daily for free tips and to help friends. You do NOT need the expensive gloves to do this, they are a waste.

You can, but probably won’t need to, consume 400 gems to buy a completion point (4 needed for the skin) after the 4th day. It’s just to catch up people who missed days. Play daily and these look easy so far.

Happy Cheers

2018-08-13 to 2018-08-19

Spend extremely large amounts of crystals to get underwhelming rewards. A whale hunting event at its worst. The 1000 crystals reward is attainable though, especially for those with the monthly subscription pack(s). Note that the final reward costs over $1000 worth of crystals and STILL isn’t enough to summon Toso.

Best things to spend crystals on IMO are team/Fallen Angel slots (until they cost 800), and summoning for Toso/Sweet Tofu in the limited gacha.

Brewing Fine Wine

2018-08-13 to 2018-08-19

A separate gachapon is added to the Summon tab, with 1.5% rate for Toso and 3.5%? for Sweet Tofu. Sweet Tofu will be re-added to gacha later, unclear if Toso will be available in the future from a non-gacha method.

Sweet Tofu is a particularly good healer, the only SR healer that beats Milk even at 0 stars. As always, ignore any advice to pull 6 summons only or to use “summon codes”, these do not work. The listed gacha rates are all there is.

15 Days Of Sign In 

Time: From creating your account until 18 days after

Get Brownie, a special Brownie Skin, and some other goodies by logging in daily 15 times in the first 18 days.

New Player Benefits (Foie Gras)

Time: From creating your account until 20 days later

For the first 20 days after you start playing, you’ll unlock daily challenges for smaller rewards, and if all 9 days worth of challenges are completed, you’ll get Foie Gras, an UR Food Soul. There’s a “benefits” button on the main menu you can track this in.

Don’t expect to finish each ‘day’ of challenges in one day though; they unlock day by day but don’t have to be completed until the 20 days are up. The challenges can be pretty tough when first unlocked, so just focus on steady progress through the game to make sure you can achieve them.

The challenges are a pretty good way to learn the game too, so while you can’t unlock everything the day you unlock it, keep them in mind and try to complete them as you can, both to learn the game and to earn your UR!

Expired Food Fantasy Events
Labor Away!

2018-08-08 through 2018-08-14

Get Receipt items with every completed delivery order. Exchange them for restaurant decor before the event ends. Leftover receipts will be lost at the end of the event.

This one looks pretty hard to complete, and pretty meh items IMO. I wouldn’t recommend getting too torn up over almost certainly missing out on items. Public Orders still only give one receipt.

Flavor of Love

Time: 2018-08-03 through 2018-08-09

Get 1 free spin and up to 20 paid spins (diamonds). Can get a special Chocolate skin (Bavarian) and other rewards. Spins not used roll over to the next day, but expire at the end of the event. 

Newbie Benefits

Earn SR shards by buying IAPs exactly equalling the values in the event tab. For example, buying a $15 IAP doesn’t match the event, so you get nothing at all. I contacted support and yes, this is a “feature”, and I feel a little scammed. Buying a $1 IAP worked as advertised however. 

Promise of Youth 

Time 2018-08-08 

Eggette and Pineapple Cake added to card pool. Their rate is 1.50% instead of the usual 0.95% for an SR, looks like a brief rate up.

Food Feast

Time: 2018-08-02 through 2018-08-07

Get free Exquisite dishes and other rewards daily.

Spring Blossoms Among The Night

Time: 2018-07-24 through 2018-08-1

Complete any combat stages to collect Pedals. Use the pedals to earn rewards at the Event menu.

You can get a special Adventure Sakura Skin for a very high number of pedals, or more generic reward items.

Desert Party


Time: 2018-07-24 through 2018-07-30

Get 1 Gingerbread Man each time you summon a Food Soul during the event period. Exchange them in the Event menu for Chocolate Shards or other rewards. 

Chocolate is obviously the where your first Gingerbread should go, should you get enough, so you can summon him. You need 60 Gingerbread (he requires 60 shards as an UR), so it will likely take you most of the event to get enough. If in doubt, consider not spending gingerbread until the last day to see if you have enough, and spend them elsewhere if you can’t get enough for the summon.

Gingerbread Men not used when the event ends are lost. Use them!

Sweet Temptations


Time: 2018-07-24 through 2018-07-30

A standard Gachapon “rate up” event for two characters, Gingerbread (UR) and Chocolate (SR). When Summoning these characters have higher (but still low!) rates of appearance compared to normal.

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How to beat Treasure Chests

Food Fantasy Quick Tips

  • The tutorial is very long, but Food Fantasy is surprisingly complicated. It’s okay to ignore the story should you choose, but you’ll get going faster if you pay attention to the UI walkthrough.
  • Don’t forget to tap the ? icon next to “main story mission”; there are sidequests to take on for extra rewards that aren’t listed elsewhere. Very easy to miss.
  • Food Fantasy crashes quite a lot at the moment, so it’s a good idea to have a cloud save just in case
    • Tap the player icon in the top left of the main menu, then tap Account to link either a Facebook or Google Play/Gamecenter account to save your game in the cloud
      • Use the “switch” button on the left of this menu to download an existing save, for example when loading Food Fantasy on a new phone
      • Once saves are set up, they’re automatic and more or instant
  • You can get extra Soul Embers (gachapon points) by sharing the results of a spin or other things. You only get one share reward every few (4?) days You actually need Facebook/Whatsapp/Line installed on your phone to attempt to get them, as an irritated TapTap found out 
  • It’s easy to forget what all Shards/Materials/etc you have, tap the Vault icon at the main menu to see. With 15 shards you can Ascend a character (this isn’t done automatically, as it is in some gacha games)

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