Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Pole – Hidden Creatures & Gameplay Guide

Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium Pole just released, so here’s a guide to find Hidden Creature Unlocks and other gameplay information! Come chat about the game in our Discord and check out my Ko-Fi!


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2020-02-20: New app update!  11 new hidden creatures, 2 new coral, and a new IAP. The new ones are #47 and up on the table, I’ve added the ones we know but info is still coming in.

2020-02-03: Updated the Hidden Fish table to include the changed Hidden Fish unlocks (all of them are just different coral unlocks)

2020-01-29: App update! 10 new hidden fish, 1 IAP, 2 Pearl fish. Walrus is now possible. Most importantly, the Vitality curve is fixed so making fish isn’t as difficult. You should be able to make tens of fish with only mild effort starting from when you update the game. Video guide here, and they’re added to the table farther below starting at #37:

2020-01-11: Video guides added: One for Unlocks and one for General Gameplay
2020-01-10: Done! ALL Hidden Creature unlocks in AbyssRium Pole added to guide. Added some helpful into on unlocking creatures.
2020-01-09: Most hidden creature unlocks added. More info added in general.
2020-01-08: AbyssRium Pole released. Guide released.

Basic Gameplay

AbyssRium Pole is largely identical to AbyssRium in most gameplay aspects with different names on some of the items. Familiarize yourself with the AbyssRium Guide and Pole won’t be too different. The biggest differences are the Hidden Fish unlocks, hence this guide to cover them.

Gameplay Differences from AbyssRium

Battery Saving

Just a minor note, the Battery Saving feature is on by default. If you want better visuals at cost of battery, turn it off in the Gear menu.

The Wall

Much like the original game (and all clickers), AbyssRium Pole has an irregular progression curve where things get harder and easier seemingly at random. A particularly rough patch many players notice early on is around F vitality in AbyssRium Pole.

Creating new fish helps much, much less in AbyssRium Pole, especially as time goes on. To keep progressing, it can be best to forsake creating fish to continue making Ice Berg and Coral upgrades instead.

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