Makai Wars English Guide & Translations

Makai Wars (魔界ウォーズ ) just released on Android (in Japan only) and as a huge fan of Disgaea I started a guide to both get you started quickly despite the language barrier and also detail the more intricate details that are harder to understand without knowing Japanese. 

Makai Wars is a simplified Strategy Roleplaying Game much like Disgaea (and half of NIS’ other games), and it’s Asagi’s very own game! For real this time! No really, stop laughing!

As always for my guides, feel free to ask questions or share info in the comments below or chat in the Discord server! The guide will be expanded over time as new info comes in.

Game Info

Title: 魔界ウォーズ (Makai Wars)
Platform: Android & iOS
Language: Japanese
Release date: 2018-02-15 (Android)
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software and Clover Lab
Price: Free with IAP/Gachapon
Genre: SRPG
Filesize: 520MB (installed and updated)
Always Online: Yes, persistent internet connection required
Gambling element: Yes (standard character Gachapon a la FateGO etc)
Battery Drain: High


Guide Updates
Game Updates

Current Timed Events

Free 10-pull Gachapon

End Date: ?

Claim a free 10-pull Gacha in the Gachapon menu. It’s the “banner” with Etna and Valkyrie. It’s once per-account but requires nothing to unlock and is actually free. It’s a reward for them getting 20,000 downloads.

Usalia Event

End Date: March 30th

An extensive set of increasingly difficult SP quests. Earn Summon Stones for Usalia (up to 100, enough to summon her/awaken her once). The last 2 levels of the SP event (15 AP and 20 AP) can be repeated to “farm” for the last of the stones.

Prinny Event

End date: April 16th.

Similar to Usalia’s event but easier, and rewards are earned only once with 100% success. Includes gems, two Prinny Tickets, an orb and some other goodies. Just beat every stage once and you’ll get all the items. No grinding like Usalia’s event.

Main Three Gachapon

A special Gachapon that has higher odds for Etna/Laharl/Flonne from Disgaea 1.

What The Heck Is Makai Wars?

Makai Wars is a long-running gag in the Disgaea/NIS community. Originally it was announced as a PSP game for E3 2004 and Asagi was to be the protagonist. It was a no-show. It was later re-announced as a PS3 game, which also never materialized.

Since then Asagi has shown up in a majority of NIS tactical games making cameo appearances, usually searching for her game, Makai Wars. She even got a full “Asagi Mode” side story in Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood (yes that’s a real title).

Finally, in the fateful year of our Overlord 2018, Makai Wars is a real thing and Asagi didn’t lie about it being her game; though it’s basically a Disgaea spinoff title featuring her. It’s a mini-SRPG playing like a simplified version of many of NIS’s other titles, specifically Disgaea.

If you’re just curious and not curious enough to download a Japanese app, you can see some standard gameplay of the game here:

Makai Wars Quickstart Guide

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