MewBot Guide & Commands List | Pokecord Alternative with more features

MewBot is a great Pokecord alternative, especially as Pokecord itself bit the dust in June. So, here’s how to play this great and decently feature-rich Discord pokemon bot including all commands, strategy information, spawning information and more!

Please do not join my Discord Server looking for MewBot! We totally removed the bot because hundreds of people joined only for the bot and never talked (and not talking means the bot won’t spawn stuff anyway btw).


Added all the missing commands! The guide is complete for a 1.0 version.

Mewbot seems to be back to 95% operational after a week of extreme overload. It’s still pretty laggy though, expect commands to take up to a few seconds to register for the time being.

Adding MewBot to Discord has an invite link, just let the bot in and then you can use the ;start command to begin playing and ;help to see various help topics and commands.

Playing MewBot

If you just want to play MewBot you can play it in the official server. I welcome people joining my own server, but if all you want to do is spam and play MewBot and never talk, please join MewBot’s server instead, that’s what it’s for.

MewBot vs Pokecord Differences

Mewbot is a bit less reliable and (until it shut down) was less popular than Pokecord. Mewbot somewhat often goes down for up to a few hours, and at one point lost save data for players.

Mewbot spawns don’t work quite like Pokecord; you don’t need a command, just type the Pokemon’s name. New spawns do not override existing spawns (hallelujah!), but they do despawn after about 40 minutes. Mewbot edits the spawn post to show if a Pokemon is caught or despawned.

Mewbot has minigames like fishing, game corner, and even NPC battles. Fishing is a Hangman style guessing game and NPC battles are instant 1v1 fights with a random opponent (usually a Starter or Legendary Pokemon). These activities give items or money that can be used to buy items or pokemon in the market.

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