Food Fantasy Characters List & Information

To make it easy to bookmark/share, here’s the searchable table of all Food Soul information for Food Fantasy’s Global Version! 

This is a subsection of SirTapTap’s complete Food Fantasy guide. View the main index page for complete information, and check out our Discord server while you’re here! 

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Terrarium: Garden Idle Guide & Strategy

Terrarium: Garden Idle is an idle game in the vein of AbyssRium, AdVenture Capitalist and so on. It finally released for Android so I could play it! It’s a pretty simple game I’ve had fun with so far, so here’s a quick guide to help players getting started.

Game Info

Title: Terrarium: Garden Idle
Release date: 2018
Platforms: iOSAndroid
File size: 125 MB
Developer: Green Panda Games
Genre: Idle Game/Clicker
Price: Free to Play with Ads
Always Online: No
Battery drain: Medium
Mobile Data drain: None (Offline)/High (Online with video ads)

Basic Gameplay

Terrarium is a pretty basic “clicker” or idle game. All purchases in the game increase your ability to earn more currency, which is used to purchase more abilities to increase currency, etc etc. Since you’re raising plants, Oxygen is the currency of the game, used to buy everything.

If it’s the first idle game you’ve played, it’s a pretty simple one and you shouldn’t have much trouble. You simply buy and “upgrade” plants and tap them to earn more currency, and also cast “skills” in the rainbow tab to, again, get more currency. 

Being an idle game, the first thing to remember is that (almost) no mistakes are permanent. If you spend lots of oxygen, the only currency in the game, on something silly, it doesn’t matter much since you can just earn that oxygen back and spend somewhere else. Above all, don’t stress out and just relax.

Collecting currency also lets you “level up”, and level ups must be claimed by tapping the “level up” button in the top right corner, otherwise experience stops accruing until you do so. Leveling up unlocks plants and shelf space, and gives a bonus of Oxygen.

Just for fun/aesthetics, note you can turn on “night mode” (which literally makes it night ingame) in the gear menu, there’s almost no other settings for now.

Getting The Most Oxygen

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Food Fantasy Restaurant Guide

This is a Work in Progress of a complete Restaurant mode guide for Food Fantasy. It will have all you need to create and improve all recipes, choose which Food Souls to staff your restaurant with and more! For now it mostly focuses on the food souls and recipes.

This is a subsection of my complete Food Fantasy guide. View the main index page for complete information. To keep things tidy, comments are only enabled on the main guide, so click that link to ask questions, add information, or just talk about the game!

Restaurant Staff (Food Souls)

M Food Souls

The best Food Souls to use in the Restaurant are M Food Souls; the ones with White Borders. Those are Jello, Hawthorne Ball, Pudding, Skewer, Pancake, Popcorn, Sandwich, Strawberry Daifuku, Cheese (Unreleased) and Toast (Unreleased). 

M Food Souls come with extra Freshness meaning they can work for 3x longer than the average Food Soul in the shop, and they also come with at least 3 Restaurant Skills.

M Food Souls are actually even rarer than URs and you’ll likely see few in your gachapon summonings; however, their shards can be obtained via the Tip Shop for 150 each (In the future you can spend 350 for Cheese, Strawberry Daifuku, and Toast shards). They’re very common and among the best rewards from the tip shop, so buy them eagerly. Most M Food Souls only need 3 stars to max out their restaurant skills, and require less shards than usual to fuse rather than summoning.

R Food Souls

In addition to the Ms, there are 3 R Food Souls designed for Restaurant work: Ume Ochazuke, Omurice, and Jiuniang. All three have 200 base Freshness and two Restaurant Skills (Ordering Expert and Work Out).

They’re not the best, but they’re fantastic replacements for M Food Souls when your team is out of Freshness. Early on you’re likely to not have a full shop of M Food Souls anyway, and being Rares, these souls are very common in the gachapon.

Shards for all three R Food Souls with cooking abilities can be obtained frequently and cheaply in the Tip Shop, upgrading them to 3 stars for skills is recommended and easy to do.

Best Cook

Best cook is an easy category; it’s simply Jello and Hawthorne Ball. Jello reduces cooking time by a percentage (best for large batch sizes) . Hawthorne Ball increases batch size by up to 10 (best for small batch sizes) and display case size. 

Skewer is a solid cook if Jello and Hawthorne Ball are busy/refreshing. She increases customer inflow and display case size, but has less Freshness and her third skill is only for Supervisor. Popcorn is also an acceptable replacement cook.

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Food Fantasy Guild Guide – How to Participate in and Create Guilds

Guilds in Food Fantasy are a bit confusing for early players since you can’t really see what they’re about before joining them, so here’s all the reasons to join a guild, what they do, and how to be a productive guild member!

This is a subsection of SirTapTap’s complete Food Fantasy guide. View the main index page for complete information. 

Guild Basics

Guilds require Player Level 32 and cannot even be seen until then; it will be a main menu option, impossible to miss. For a quick video overview, watch…my quick video overview.

Once you reach level 32 you can apply for guilds or create your own (most players should join one rather than creating). Note guilds are one of very few things that are server-tied in this game, so Light Kingdom players cannot join Gloriville guilds.

Guilds are groups of players that work toward common goals and reap some rewards for their contribution. Guilds start with a max of 20 players each, earning 10 more slots per level, so it’s important for guilds to keep active or they will level slowly. 

Inactive players should consider joining more casual guilds, as active guilds will be harmed by players not doing their daily time (it only takes 10 minutes tops to contribute anyway).

The Guild’s most exclusive features are the Guild Boss (and unlockable Guild Pet, which has stat bonuses in story missions) and the Guild Shop, which contains an exclusive skin and two sets of exclusive Food Soul shards. Without a guild you will not get those bonuses.

You can chat in the guild lobby, but the guild chat system is very bad and it’s recommended to use a Discord or something else outside the game if communication is critical. Send DMs to guild mades if you want to be sure they read it, the guild chat’s backlog is brutally short and you cannot currently switch your default chat from Global to Guild.

Guild Participation Checklist

Guild participation is very simple and should take under 10 minutes at the most, which is why active guilds will often boot players not making the effort. The daily things you should do in your guild:

  • Play the game daily (players idle more than a day or two are usually kicked)
  • Build 10 times daily (Gold)
    • Optional: Build with Building Coupons earned from events, or gems if you like. But the 100k gold contribution is all most non-whale guilds will expect
  • Fight the Disaster Boss
  • Fight the Guild Boss (Event tab in guild)
    • Optional: Your guild might set an expected damage per guild boss and kick under-performers
  • Feed the Guild Pet (if any)
    • Guild Pet is unlocked by beating a Guild Boss
  • Before the reset, check which Guild Missions have been completed and get all rewards. If any missions weren’t cleared, consider working toward that goal more tomorrow.
    • Optional: Check the guild shop for daily items you wish to buy (Spaghetti shards, etc)

Guild Store

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AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish Freshwater Update Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Freshwater Update information, including all Hidden Freshwater Fish.

Updated 2018-09-27: Added a section regarding “maxing out” vitality.

2018-09-24: An update has been release that fixes the vitality curve! It’s now possible to get all fish! Be careful though, vitality has a soft cap at AW as Coralite maxes at 5500 for now. You can only make about 180 fish. Get Nessie/etc before going nuts with duplicates!

See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information on the Saltwater fish or anything else in the game.  You can also chat in my Discord server! Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides!

livestreamed the new features for those who want to take a peek!

Be aware this is not an event; nothing is time-limited and not even currency is used. However, the update is still a slow rollout so it might take a few days to get your update. Here’s an album with images from the update if you don’t have it and want a peek. No word on whether the fall event will repeat, but the last fall event was on September 20th, so it might occur later.

Please note my phone is dead and I’m unable to verify some of these details or experience things firsthand for a bit. As always feel free to send questions and corrections in the comments and I’ll get to them as I can. Thanks a lot to /u/farmerlesbian for the fantastic Reddit Thread on the update and everyone who’s shared info about the update! 

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Food Fantasy Complete Guide & All Recipes

Food Fantasy has released globally for iOS and Android, a surprisingly complex and well-produced RPG/Restaurant Simulator. Here’s how to get started and deal with each of the game’s features (which can be pretty complex!).

You can stop by my Discord server to chat about Food Fantasy. We have a guild (mostly) just for members of my Discord! As always feel free to ask questions, share info, or just chat about Food Fantasy in the Comments below. Finally, you can also support my guides on Patreon!


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Grow Comeback Guide & Walkthrough

Grow  Comeback is the latest Grow game in the series by Eyezmaze, and since I didn’t find much info online when I first played it I made a tiny little guide for it! Grow Comeback is a double entendre; the game is about a literal comeback in-universe, but it’s also announcing the comeback of the Grow series via a crowdfunding campaign by On.

Play the game here on the official site; it takes a minute to load, then scroll down a bit under the ad to get the game. It’s HTML5 not flash so it works on PC and mobile regardless of platform! Watch out for malicious rehosts of the game, play Grow games on

Grow Comeback Endings

Click the items to “use” them, the order in which they’re used affects the outcome. A specific order is required to “win” or see the endings.

To keep things fun, spoilers are staggered, so you can see which item to use first/last to help use process of elimination to figure things out, rather than simply looking at the whole list and spoiling it all in one go. If you know the first item, there’s much less possible mistakes to make.

Normal Ending

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Item 6

Secret Ending 1

Grow games usually have at least one secret ending. This one has two!

AKA the

Ending spoiler
Hairy or Afro Ending

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Item 6

Secret Ending 2

AKA the

Ending spoiler
Mario Ending

Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4
Item 5
Item 6


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Tap Tap Fish Second Anniversary Event (2018) Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the July 2nd Anniversary Event (2018) information. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!

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Update 2018-07-16: Baby Corgi does not require the IAP! I made a video discussing problems with the event.

Last year’s fish are included, also the babies; the costs/unlocks for them can be found at the 2017 Anniversary Event Guide. Tap the orange clownfish in the event tab to switch tabs to the 2017 fish. The 2018 event themes work for the 2017 unlocks, you do not need to buy the IAP.

A new fusion fish update is also included but not part of the event. See the Fusion Fish Guide for that info.

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Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Fusion Fish & Farms Mini-Guide

This is a “mini-guide” for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Fusion Fish & Farms  information, split out to be faster & easier to load on mobile devices. Feel free to add to your Homescreen for easy access!
See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information or the Addendum below for other relevant posts.

2018-07-07: All new fish found!
2018-07-04: Updated for the Krill Farm Update. 

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Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium June Pirate Event (2018) Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the June Pirate Event (2018) information. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!

This Event has ended.

Update 2018-06-03: This event/guide’s been so popular I had to pay to upgrade my server! As always contributing to my Patreon can help me make even more, higher-quality guides & articles, and it keeps the lights on of course!

I streamed the event earlier with my thoughts, and you can see a video guide instead below if you prefer:

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