AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish Hidden Fish & Gameplay Guide

This guide has all hidden fish in AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish for iOS and Android, and their unlocking requirements, and pretty much all you need to know about AbyssRium. The guide’s pretty big, so use the Table of Contents below to look around! Come chat about the game in our Discord

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2020-06-10: June event guide is live. Some minor updates in this guide about removed or changed features.

2020-05-18: May event guide. Easy event currency guide.

2020-04-26: AbyssRium Pole has a new event.

2020-04-18: New lottery fish, I made a video on it and reviewed the fish

2020-04-18: New Years Event Fish Exhibition  on my youtube channel. Unrelated, but it’s my birthday tomorrow!

2020-04-07: Spring Event out, guide here

2020-03-22: They added a new “Free” squid icon to the menus. It is mostly an advertisement for the IAPs and other ways to spend real money or pearls. The only “new” and “free” part of it is the ability to watch an ad for pearls. It’s also hideous and cluttersome but what do you expect at this point.

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2020-05-06: Theme Park Event Guide is out!

2020-01-21: Added a section on these “Hiding Fish” since the game is super confusing and they don’t seem to be going away. Some new Hiding Fish related Expand Item rewards were added to the game.

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