PokeTwo Guide & Commands List | Pokemon Discord Bot

 PokeTwo is a Discord Pokemon game bot designed to be just like the original Pokecord (RIP). It’s the closest to Pokecord I’ve found so far, while MewBot and PokeMeow (which I also have guides for) are more their own thing. If you know how to play Pokecord you’re pretty much already good to go with PokeTwo, but I’ll note everything here for new or confused players!

I do not own PokeTwo and the SirTapTap Discord Server is a CHAT SERVER, it does not have PokeTwo!

This is a guide written by Sir TapTap. Donations to Poketwo do not go to me, so if my guides help, consider supporting my Patreon or become a paid member of my YouTube channel

PokeTwo Updates

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How To Play PokeTwo

PokeTwo Get Started Guide | Basic Commands

Do not ask about poketwo in my discord server, you will be banned.

How Pokemon Spawn in PokeTwo

Please actually read this section as a massive amount of people seem to misunderstand the fundamental concept of this bot!

If you played Pokecord, you’re basically up to speed already. In PokeTwo, every time someone posts a regular chat message there is a chance of a Pokemon spawning in response. This means no chatting, no pokemon, ever! There are also anti-spam features that limit how often one person can spawn a pokemon: one person spamming over and over still won’t spawn Pokemon. The best way to spawn pokemon is (shock and horror) a lot of people having a real conversation and talking back and forth! Yes, that’s what PokeCord was originally designed to encourage!

Only real, generally back-and-forth chatting generates Pokemon! Spamming the chat with repeated lines from one person will not reliably generate pokemon, nor is there a ;spawn command or anything of the sort! Most people forget, but Pokecord was designed to encourage chatting on a Discord server. If you’re sitting silently waiting for Pokemon you are playing Pokecord clones wrong. Say hi in a general chat channel and make a dialog to get Pokemon spawning.

The one exception is if you buy incense, which spawns a pokemon every 20 seconds for an hour.

If you just want to force Pokemon to appear, you want to play PokeMeow or Myuu instead. There is to my knowledge no bot that just constantly spawns pokemon with 0 input like some people seem to want. Also note PokeTwo’s spawn rate seems to have been massively nerfed.

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Myuu Guide & Command List

Myuu is a Pokemon Discord Bot that’s a biiiit different from your usual ones. Unlike PokeTwo, and PokeRealm which aim to be Pokecord clones and PokeMeow which tries to be its own thing, Myuu works to replicate most of a real Pokemon game experience complete with gym battles, regions, throwing Pokeballs, and lots and lots of battling (perhaps even, too much)!

The bot advertises itself by saying you just use .menu and don’t need to memorize any other commands…but there’s a bit more to it than that. Here I’ll run through all commands in Myuu and how to make the best use of them. I’ll also explain the strategies you’ll need to win the game!

Myuu Guide Updates

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Myuu Quickstart

Myuu is not like Pokecord. Pokemon will not randomly spawn. Instead, you’ll use the .menu to travel to different routes (try .route 1) and battle pokemon to level up. You can also throw Pokeballs to try and catch Pokemon. Use the Bag & Items menu to buy new Pokeballs and the Box menu to manage your Pokemon.

Your goal is to unlock more of the world to catch and battle Pokemon in; Gym Leaders unlock 3 more routes after being defeated and defeating the final Gym in a region unlocks the next one.

Battles are simulated pretty accurately to real Pokemon, closer to Pokemon Showdown than PokeCord—but probably still not quite as accurate. IVs, EVs, natures, Status Effects, Items and more are all accounted for.

Where to play Myuu

Myuu can also be played in it’s official server  or by inviting the bot to your own server. Just type .menu to start a tutorial for how to play and battle. Tell the bot in the tutorial that @SirTapTap#3775 sent you for a bonus! Then you may use .pksetup to define its channels, if using your own server and don’t want it to spam up a chat channel.

Myuu Strategy

There are basically three main things to do in Myuu: Catch and Breed Pokemon, Battle NPCs to progress the game, and Battle Players. You’ll need to battle NPCs no matter what to unlock major regions, and battling players you’ll mainly want to do in the main Myuu server (it’s hard to find players otherwise—also, if that’s all you want, Pokemon Showdown is probably a better choice).

The first item you want to buy (other than some pokeballs) is the EXP Share All. You could be able to get it around the 5th or so Gym depending on your voting and daily streaks. The EXP Share All will greatly reduce grinding which is crucial; you’ll be grinding one set of 6+ Pokemon every region.

If you want to complete a region’s (kinda) Pokedex, it’s best to go route by route using .routeinfo # to see which Pokemon you’ve caught at each. You can start at route 1 and use a False Swipe Pokemon to help you catch each Pokemon along the way. .pokedex is broken and shows Seen Pokemon as Caught, as does the in-battle menu. Only .routeinfo and .pkinfo accurately show you if you’ve caught a Pokemon.

The best way to catch Pokemon is the same was as normal Pokemon: False Swipe to get HP down to 1, Thunder Wave or another Paralysis inflicting move to raise Catch Rate, then spam Pokeballs. Normally more expensive balls would be recommended (and they work here too!), but the price differential plus the relatively miserly amount of money Myuu bot gives you, it’s best to spam normal Pokeballs especially as there are no roaming legendaries etc.

Forms, Dynamax, Gigantimax and Mega Evolutions do not currently exist. To find where to catch a pokemon or evolve a pokemon you want, use .pkinfo, it will show you the Myuu specific way to catch and evolve them.


Eggs and Breeding work much the same was as normal Pokemon, though eggs appear to only hatch by a certain number of battles taking place. This makes Eggs a bit of a pain and EXP drain too (as they steal a party slot for which your EXP Share is useless).

Eggs take dozens of battles (looks like around 100 or more?) to hatch and I strongly recommend avoiding breeding too much, Pokemon can only be used in 1 region’s gym battles anyway and the effort is just not worth it.

Myuu Commands

Text commands can be directly used to skip using the .menu feature. For common actions this can save a lot of time. For clarity, I’ll run through the commands in the way the game presents them through the menu.

Most actions only work on Pokemon in your current team. Pokemon are referred to directly by name unless stored in a box, in which case they’re referred to by their box row/column combination like a1 for the first slot. Only one Pokemon of each species can be in your party, probably due to the refer-by-name thing.


Voting gives you a 1 hour 2x XP boost (reported at the top of the battle screen), a few diamonds and PKC based on your voting streak. It’s best to focus your grinding against wild pokemon in this one hour window! The game is pretty grindy otherwise. I recommend getting an EXP Share All and Lucky Eggs as soon as possible. By Gym 6-8 their cost should be pretty easy to absorb.


All commands related to your current battle team of 6 Pokemon. Use these to prepare for battles.

View your team, levels, and Badge progress. Basically a trainer card.
.mypkinfo <Pokémon>
Check a pokemon on your team for level, moves, stats, IVs/EVs, ability and more information.
.learn <Pokémon> <move>
Learn a new move for a Pokemon. Use .moves <pokemon> to see what’s available.
Move Keys seem to be very rare drops from .route battles.
.swap <position 1>, <position 2>
Example: .swap 1, 2
Swap the order of your Team. Pokemon 1 will always start the battle, so it’s the most important one to keep in mind. The rest don’t matter much as you can call them out manually when switching.
.swapmoves <Pokémon> <position 1> <position 2>
Swap the position of two moves from your Pokémon
.pkname <Pokémon> <nickname>
Nicknames a Pokemon in your team.

.release <pokemon>

Releases a Pokemon on your current team. If your boxes are full and you have lots of duplicates, this will help you save on space if you don’t need the extras.

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PokéRealm Command List & Guide | Discord Pokemon Bot

PokeRealm is a Discord Pokemon game bot designed to be just like the original Pokecord, just like PokeTwo. If you’re hunting for Pokemon discord bots, also check out MewBot and PokeMeow (which I also have guides for) are more their own thing.

If you know how to play Pokecord you’re pretty much already good to go with PokéRealm, but I’ll note everything here for new or confused players! I read all my comments so if you have anything to add or ask, leave a comment.


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2021-02-23: PokeRealm is back!

2020-08-21: PokéRealm guide released.

PokéRealm Basics

If you played Pokecord, you’re basically up to speed already. PokéRealmis a very direct clone of Pokecord down to the commands, functions, even moreso than MewBot. People chat, Pokemon spawn, you guess their name, you catch them if you’re the first in the channel to do so.

Note PokéRealm is a bit laggier than Pokecord (Discord rate limits surely).

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PokeMeow Guide & Command List

Editor’s Note: Currently working on fixing syntax for Slash Commands in the guide!

PokeMeow is a new(ish) Discord Pokemon game bot, like the legendary Pokecord (RIP) and the neat but ever-buggy MewBot. Many Pokemon Fans are looking for new Discord bots to play Pokemon stuff, and it seems PokeMeow is one of the most popular options. These games are always a little confusing to start with, so I thought I’d make a guide just like those other two bots!

Feel free to share information, strategies, tips, or ask questions in the comments! PokeMeow is pretty complicated so I’ve gone in depth on as many features as I can to help you use it most effectively.

PokeMeow Guide Updates

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PokeMeow Game Info

Title: PokéMeow
Platform: Discord
Language: English
Release date: 2020-02-23?
Developer: PokeMeow
Price: Free to Play™ with IAP/Gachapon. No ads.
Genre: Pokemon catching simulator
Filesize:N/A (installed in Discord)
Cloud Save: Yes (Automatic)
Always Online: Yes, Discord required
Gambling element: Yes (lootboxes and RNG based catching/spawning)

PokeMeow Quickstart Guide

You can also either add PokeMeow to your own server, or join the PokeMeow official server. The official server is very active (for better and worse) and has some FAQ channels with info on PokeMeow as well as official announcements. Adding it to your own server, or joining a smaller server with the bot already in it, can be a quieter way to enjoy PokeMeow  without the usual Big Discord Server Woes.

Once you’re in a server/channel that runs PokeMeow, type /pokemon to start playing. Your progress is saved across servers, it’s all tied to your discord account. Type /help for the basic ingame help.

Use /checklist often to check the daily tasks that will help you get free items like Pokeballs.

Unlike PokeCord you don’t talk and wait for spawns; spawns are forced with the /pokemon command. But it’s not quite as free as it sounds, since you instead need to use Pokeballs to catch pokemon. You can get more balls by buying them and/or by voting to get lootboxes which contain credits and Pokeballs.

A mistake I see new players make is ignoring almost all of their spawns, presumably trying to save up Pokeballs. Make sure to take your /quest, /hunt, and open your /lootboxes from /votes, and you’ll have plenty of Pokeballs. You’re actually missing out on the primary source of income if you don’t catch every pokemon you encounter.

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MewBot Guide & Commands List | Pokecord Alternative with more features

MewBot is a Pokecord alternative, especially as Pokecord itself bit the dust in June. So, here’s how to play this great and decently feature-rich Discord pokemon bot including all commands, strategy information, spawning information and more!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have questions or information to share! I read all comments on my guide, just like I do on my YouTube.

MewBot Updates

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Guide updates:

Use ;updates to see the latest official Mewbot updates. Most of them are minor/bugfixes and are accessible ingame, so I won’t list them here anymore.

Donation Scams

I’ve been alerted that high-dollar amount donators to Mewbot development have been targeted by a certain scam. Do not donate with any link except the one the Mewbot bot itself gives you in discord via the ;donate command.

If you use any other link, the money probably won’t go to Mewbot development and you may not get your ingame rewards! Use the official links only. Also, the above Patreon link is for Sir TapTap—I make this guide, not the bot. Mewbot donations do not go to me, and donations to me do not go to Mewbot. I have no official contact or sources with Mewbot staff (which is why player tips help out!).

Adding MewBot to Discord

Top.gg has an invite link, just let the bot in and then you can use the ;start command to begin playing and ;help to see various help topics and commands.

Playing MewBot

Spamming doesn’t spawn pokemon! Only real, back and forth conversations with multiple people reliably spawn pokemon. Talk like a normal person in populated channels to spawn mons.

You can play it in the official server, which is also the only place to get support for bugs etc. Please do not join my server for support or to ask questions about MewBot. I do not work for MewBot or have any inside information whatsoever and all Pokemon bots were removed due to them being a negative influence. You’re welcome to join the server, just don’t expect anything to be related to Pokemon bots.

MewBot vs Pokecord Differences

Mewbot is a bit less reliable and (until it shut down) was less popular than Pokecord. Mewbot somewhat often goes down for up to a few hours, and at one point lost save data for players.

Mewbot spawns don’t work quite like Pokecord; you don’t need a command, just type the Pokemon’s name. New spawns do not override existing spawns (hallelujah!), but they do despawn after about 40 minutes. Mewbot edits the spawn post to show if a Pokemon is caught or despawned.

Mewbot has minigames like fishing, game corner, and even NPC battles. Fishing is a Hangman style guessing game and NPC battles are instant 1v1 fights with a random opponent (usually a Starter or Legendary Pokemon). These activities give items or money that can be used to buy items or pokemon in the market.

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The Best Pokemon Discord Bots & Pokecord Alternatives of 2023

Pokemon is a well-loved and super popular series, and players are always looking for more information and more to do in the franchise. With this short list of the best Pokemon bots for Discord, you and your server members can play Pokemon games right from your Discord app or tab, or quickly look up information without having to open Bulbapedia!

Update: Well, Pokecord shut down. Obviously, that reduces it’s status as a best discord bot. Several alternatives have been added for people who want a similar experience.

Update 2: I now have a video review of Pokecord alternatives!

Pokecord Alternatives Reviewed! PokeTwo, PokeRealm, Pokemeow, MewBot, Who Wins?

Let me know about other great Pokemon Discord bots in the comments! There’s a whole bunch, so this isn’t meant to be exhaustive, just the easiest and most effective bots to toss on your server and immediately have a good time.

Best Gameplay Pokemon Discord Bots & Pokecord alternatives


WAS active in >1.3 Million discord servers!

Well, Pokecord shut down so you can’t play it anymore. I’ll leave it here for reference.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Pokecord so I won’t spend too much time talking about it. It’s the most popular bot that lets Pokemon spawn in your Discord server and lets players catch them, trade them, and grow them up. It features Shinies, IVs, and a limited battle system.

If you just want to sit back in Discord, chat, and catch Pokemon low-effort, Pokecord has you covered.

Pokecord Description

  • Most popular bot, many of your server members may already play
  • Decent support for things like Shinies, battles, a Pokedex
  • Catch Pokemon in several different languages, without changing the bot’s base language
  • Increase your Pokespelling skills by racing your friends to catch that Elgyem or whatever it’s called
  • Give Pokemon nicknames full of emoji to torture your friends
  • Helpful to boost engagement in your server by rewarding chatting & reading
  • Very behind on features compared to Mewbot and other more battle-focused Discord bots
    • Status moves, breeding, multi-pokemon fights, minigames are all absent
  • Special evolutions are annoying, requiring things like a dedicated channel named “#day” to evolve daytime only evolutions
  • Requires a moderate degree of setup if you don’t want it to spam your channels
    • I highly recommend making an exclusive channel for any of these game bots
  • Commands aren’t well documented; see my Pokecord Guide for help
  • Economy is wonky and basically requires constantly voting for the bot on the Discord Bots list
  • Pokemon spawn rate is heavily biased against legendaries, starters, and some other Pokemon
    • On top of that, certain Pokemon appear far more than other common, non-legendary/starter pokemon


Active in >60,000 servers.

Mewbot is Pokecord’s less popular (but still alive) cousin. It works largely the same, just having a lot more features and some minor differences here and there. It unfortunately has more than its fair share of bugs and save wipe issues.

I have a MewBot Guide here. Bot invite link.

Update 2021-06-21: After various updates, I don’t particularly recommend Mewbot. PokeMeow and PokeTwo are the pretty clear winners in 2021. Myuu if you want a much more traditional pokemon game.

Mewbot features
  • Basically does everything Pokecord does
  • Battles are much more in-depth than Pokecord with functional status moves
  • Pokemon spawns are more evenly distributed than Pokecord, meaning less duplicates and more excitement
  • Relevant minigames like game corner and fishing
    • Fishing gives evolution/etc items for free
  • Economy is a bit less bad than Pokecord
  • Far more buggy than Pokecord, has had two “everyone lost all/most pokemon” database incidents now.
  • More complicated than Pokecord
  • Nags for upvotes just like Pokecord
  • Not as popular as Pokecord
  • Can be harder to enjoy the more complete battle system due to less people that play it


You guessed it; a Discord bot game based entirely around the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series! No dungeon exploring, but it has complex battles featuring terrain coverage, stat boosts, and team mechanics. Focuses exclusively on Pokemon Battles rather than collection, unlike Pokecord and Mewbot.

Pokemon Mystery Discord explaination

  • Multi-player team based battles unlike most bots
  • PVE and PVP, even cross server PVP
  • Choose your pokemon instead of having to catch
  • A unique and balanced combat system based on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon—not many bots are based on PMD
  • Free and no vote-nagging unlike most Pokemon Bots! You can earn currency with a ‘novote’ mystery gift
  • Decent level of customization especially in sandbox mode
  • A little confusing to get started in
  • Can be spammy—variable challenge speeds are available, but it’s best put in it’s own channel
  • Seems to be no legendaries or shinies, since you simply hatch what you want instead of catching
  • Not as commonly played as Pokecord or Mewbot
  • Challenges are made for multiplayer, which can be frustrating if other players aren’t online


Active in >20,000 servers

PokeTwo is pretty much…literally just PokeCord again. For better or worse, if you liked Pokecord, that’s what this is. From the commands to the embeds it’s virtually identical, though the voting system seems more generous.


Active in >60,000 servers

PokeMeow Guide here

PokeMeow is a newer and pretty slick discord bot with lots of gameplay features that differentiate it from Pokecord. It has events, more of an economy, an auto-catching bot and lots of other unique things.

PokeMeow menus
From PokeMeow’s description


Another more fully featured discord bot, this one doesn’t make you remember commands other than .menu. It has full party teams, semi-graphical battles, regions and more.

Myuu Guide by me.

Myuu's menus
From Myuu’s description

Best Informative Pokemon Discord Bots

Let’s be real here. There’s 890 Pokemon, and about as many Moves, Items and Abilities. These bots will help you keep things straight and figure out how the heck you evolve that Inkay.


Easily the best quick-reference Pokedex I’ve come across, named after everyone’s least-favorite-to-spell Pokemon Beheeyem. Get quick mainline game info on Pokemon, Abilities, Items, or Moves. No extra set up or weird permissions required, great for any server with Pokemon discussions going on.

Beheeyem even has spelling suggestions, making it useful for Pokecord players trying to sneak in a sly one.

beheeyem showing it's features

Note: Images for this article are taken from official listings for these bots on their own homepage or top.gg Discord bot listing. Descriptions in images may be out of date and were written by the bots’ creators, not me.

  • Best bot I’ve seen to get a quick overview of a pokemon and a link to Bulbapedia (and Smogon and PokemonDB if you prefer)
  • Simple commands, all you need to remember is b.dex (pokemon) and b.help
  • Spelling suggestions help for for children who can’t read good
  • Website seems abandoned, though Gen 8 info is being added to the bot so it’s not dead yet
  • Oddly narrow and specific set of commands

Professor Bellis

The least-common bot on this list, Professor Bellis is a pretty new bot that uniquely (as far as I’ve seen) has Pokemon Masters Sync Pair information. It also has a whole Pokemon Masters style game built into it too, though I actually added it to my server just to look up Sync Pairs since Beheeyem doesn’t do that.

Professor Bellis information

  • Info most other Pokemon bots lack
  • Built in Pokemon Masters minigame you don’t have to whale for
  • Pretty picky syntax
    • For example @Professor Bellis help works instead of !help like the documentation suggests
  • Everyone seems to have stopped playing Pokemon Masters already

Best Pokemon GO Bots

Pokemon GO is by far the most popular Pokemon side game, and due to it’s real world nature there’s a lot of complexities that bots can help out with. Due to my limited Pokemon GO experience I haven’t used them myself, but asked experienced Pokemon GO players what they use.

None of these bots violate Pokemon GO terms of service via disallowed automation, cheating, location emulation, etc.


If you have a larger Pokemon GO server it can be a hassle to arrange meet ups, report raids/spawns in specific areas. Meowth can help you coordinate and plan raids and more:

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Pokecord Commands List & Guide – Discord Pokemon Game

Pokecord shut down very suddenly today on 2020-05-30. It sounds like it won’t be back, sorry. This guide will be left as it was for reference/history. This guide may or may not apply to off-brand Pokecord clones like Pokecord 2.0 that many people are using.

Try alternatives such as PokeTwo, MewBot, or PokeMeow.

This is the old Pokecord (this icon) Pokecord old logo

Not the new one (this icon) Pokecord Clone Logo


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Pokecord Basics

How Pokecord works is it pulls Pokemon data from Bulbapedia. Each pokemon has base stats, IVs, a Nature, Moves, and can potentially be Shiny (presumably at the standard astronomically low rate).

Pokemon can be traded and fought (1 v 1), and there’s no penalty for losing a fight and no reason not to catch or trade anything. There’s no winning or losing the game, so you can play as casually or intensely as you like.

Pokecord isn’t a perfect Pokemon clone however. Some important points to note: Pokemon do not have teams or abilities in Pokecord (right now). Your ability to earn money is limited to dueling (a pittance), voting for Pokecord daily on Discord Bots (kinda…icky), or selling pokemon on the ingame market (which is pretty weird).

Where To Play Pokecord

You can play on any Discord server that has Pokecord enabled. You can either invite the bot to your own server or join the official pokecord server (expect catching spawns to be incredibly competitive).

Spawns seem to be a combination function of time and how many messages posted, meaning a more active server means more pokemon—but also more competition to catch those pokemon. On fast, popular servers, mobile users have a pretty strong disadvantage compared to keyboard users.


Once the bot is in your server, pokemon will start to spawn based on time and number of posts. Type p!start to get started, then p!pick (starter name) to select a starter.

When a pokemon appears, the first to correctly p!catch it gets it. There’s no limit to how many pokemon you can get, so there’s no reason (other than politeness) to not catch a pokemon. In a server with friends, consider letting other players catch pokemon you already have (alternately, catch them and trade them to who wants them for free).

It helps to add all pokemon you’re planning to duel with to your favorites list, so you don’t have to go through the whole pokemon list every time. Pokemon are always referenced by number not name in commands, so this will help you find the numbers quickly.

Pokemon level just by chatting in a server with Pokecord active; only your active pokemon gets experience this way though, so be sure to p!select who you want to raise. Without an Everstone (in p!shop), Pokemon that can evolve via level will automatically evolve at that level with no cancel prompt.

Duels are very buggy but there is no harm in losing, so do them as much as you want. See the Duel Commands section below for pitfalls.

What’s Missing/Different In Pokecord

As far as I can tell these are the major differences/omissions from Pokecord

  • Teams/battles for more than 1v1 pokemon
  • Status/stat changing moves do not work at all
  • Pokemon gender, meaning some evolutions are presumably random? and some moves likely do not work
  • You can’t cancel evolutions manually, you must buy and hold an everstone
  • Held items only exist for evolving or preventing evolution
  • Abilities are also completely omitted
  • There is no breeding of pokemon
  • Mega Evolutions work differently and are semi-permanently activated out of battle. Use p!mega to toggle Mega Evolution state rather than having them hold the stone in battle.
  • Aside from selling pokemon (Team Rocket, anyone?) there’s no effective way to get money at a reasonable scale
  • Any pokemon can be a random spawn, including baby pokemon, legendary pokemon, starters, and evolved forms that aren’t usually available.

Competitive Gameplay

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